LinkedIn is a hotbed for lead acquisition. Although LinkedIns got quite restrictive with automation and scraping there are still great ways to use this tool for prospecting and finding new customers without breaking your head.

There's two tools we're going to explore that'll help you scale your LinkedIn outreach effectively.

Tool 1: Wiza

Wiza is a fantastic tool that uses Sales Navigator to help you extract leads. The process is extremely simple. If you've got the chrome extension installed, once you go to your sales navigator you will see a "Export emails with Wiza" button

This will take you to Wiza's UI where you can decide to scrape emails or "enrich" your. If you want to get the users phone numbers, social media details, you can go with enrich but for now we're just going to scrape the emails.

Set up the name of the list you just scraped. In this case i'm just scraping 50 for the demo and i'm collecting the work email.

The final result will look like a CSV with verified emails for those that match which you can then download into a csv, create a google sheet and use smartwriter's personalised icebreaker to generate icebreakers for you in seconds or go with the VA approach as well.

Tool 2: Findymail

Findymail is an email finder/verifer tool helping you building lead lists fast. 

Like Wiza, you will have a Chrome Extension available to scrape emails directly from Sales Navigator. The main difference is the pricing (more affordable) and that it doesn’t limit itself to Sales Navigator. You can also use Findymail as a standalone email finder to enrich your files, verify your email list and even scrape other websites like Apollo. 

The data quality is unmatched and you don’t even have to verify the emails after scraping

Tool 3: MeetAlfred/Skylead

These tools are incredibly powerful to automate your entire linkedin sales outreach process and can be a serious weapon when you're trying to build your prospecting game

Unlike other products in the market that are chrome extensions, these products are not browser based and create their own entity within your laptop to do sales outreach and automation for you.

MeetAlfred lets you set up full blow automation campaigns across LinkedIn and you Email.

The reason this is powerful is because you don't risk being banned, and secondly the connection will look and feel extremely natural.

We use a 4 step LinkedIn power process that has taken our prospecting game to a know new level

With MeetAlfred you should set up an interaction campaign, where you periodically visit the persons profile and on the second visit upvote one of their skills.

Once done, wait a day and then send a connection / intro message to the person expressing your interest or why there might be a good reason to connect.

PS SmartWriter has a LinkedIn Connector Tool that auto-generates personalised Intro messages that have shown 80% acceptance rates due to how unique they are.

As soon as the user accepts send through a follow up message to stay on top of their inbox, thanking them for accepting. Your first message should not be a pitch, people are tired of that on LinkedIn, the first follow up message should be to thank the prospect and share immediate value with them. This can be industry insights, tips from a blog for a problem you're solving.

Once you've done that, wait for a day and follow up with a PDF eBook or a blog you've written about the problem you're about to solve for them. The goal is to build up as much value and trust as possible before you go for the ask. At the same time, mention you're running a group on Linkedin for the problem you're fixing.

In my case that would be (Increasing SDR Prospecting Efficiency Using AI). In that group i'll fill it with content, value and strategies. Continuously keep pushing value in that group and it will compound as more people will join more people will see all the past work you've shared.

Once you've finally done that, you should follow up a few days later with a pitch and angle about what you do and how you can solve their problems, using similar strategies to pitch i've mentioned above.