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Find verified emails and get deeply enriched LinkedIn data (personal and
company), which you can use  to personalise your emails

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Scrape real time  LinkedIn search results

Get updated lead data directly from lInkedIn with  full confidence that the information is fresh. Never worry about quoting an old job or old information.
I was going to hire a salesperson and then I discovered SmartWriter. SmartWriter starts more conversations with the right people than actual people. It's set and forget business development and a no brainer for people who want to reach a specific target market in a highly personalised, yet automated way.
Jonathan Sankey, Founder - CuThru Branding

Connect at Scale

Generate hyper personalised messages and connect with 100s of decision makers in 2 steps with Auto-Connection service
SmartWriter is a brilliant AI app! Truly amazeballs! It's simple to use to generate outreach/outbound messages that are completely tailored to each individual recipient - whether it scours LinkedIn, their website, map listing, etc. I'd give it 10-stars if I could!! And the founder's communication via the Facebook Group and individual video meetings to get feedback for upcoming features is second to none!
Sherman Hu, Head of Growth

Validated and Verified Lead Data

6-step SMTP check ensures only valid emails are found, protecting your domain authority and ensuring your emails and in the decision maker’s inbox.
Without a doubt, Smartwriter is the best cold email AI tool out there. I run a cold email agency and it is very helpful to be able to use a tool that is so accurate and fast. They also have AMAZING customer support and are constantly adding new features and making their product better.

Coming from hiring in the Philippines, this is: Cheaper, More Accurate and More Efficient
Thomas Morgan, B2B Lead Gen Expert

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The output is incredible

This is an amazing tool worth every penny. It writes amazingly well, and not only that it can verify the emails and finds LinkedIn profiles when you enter the "Cold email" section.

Just type a few words, identify your audience and BAM! You have an A.I. generated (or more) piece of content.

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Really Powerful wording

The product works like a charm. I'm in the recruiting space and it took a couple of inputs for me to generate the perfect output

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Personalised Outreach Is Game Changing

One of the key factors of cold email success is the icebreaker. The personalisation/research behind it, is a primary determinant on the success of the campaign

SmartWriter pretty much automates that entire process for you, in a click

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The tool was build specifically for copywriting

SmartWriter is great, as a copywriter of many years i can tell when a product is built by a team that has a background in this space

The product is designed around what a copywriter does. I am enjoying it, it has exceeded by expectations.

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