Create Personalised Outreach Messages Using LinkedIn In Seconds

Create Personalised Outreach Messages & email icebreakers that is so gripping & influence the decision maker, all with the power of AI email writer.

Create Personalised Outreach Messages Using LinkedIn In Seconds

Before we kick off this article, make sure you read our article on how to find your LinkedIn cookie and why it's important for this process

Alright, assuming you've done that, here's how you can easily and quickly generate, hyper personalised outreach messages using LinkedIn data.

We'll talk about two ways, one is personalisation using just the person's LinkedIn profile, the second is using their LinkedIn profile and well as the company they're working at right now

1) Using LinkedIn Personalisation

You can use this approach when you're trying to reach out to them and compliment them about their achievements and who they are. This works best for people who aren't the Founders or Executive Management of the team. This can be any one else from junior staff to VP.

The process is simple, find the person's LinkedIn profile Url or their Sales Navigator Profile Url, our system automatically identifies them both. And paste in the url along with your Linkedin cookie

Linkedin Personalisation with Smartwriter

And after a few seconds you'll have magical output like this! (its duplicated for demo purposes)

You can download that as a CSV and you're off to the races doing outreach

Linkedin credits are accessible in a day refresh vs a monthly refresh. This is purely to make sure your account is protected and you can keep making $ with outreach. So if your daily limit is 30 p/d it means 900 outreaches per month.

In addition, as mentioned in the above video, you've now got "unlimited" (for the moment) regenerations per intro section, whether that is on the prospect's bio, their job, their recent post on LinkedIn or recommendation. This is very powerful and you can do outreach at scale by yourself or with your VA

Lastly, using the "select favourite" feature, you can select which one of the outputs is your favourite which will show up as a dedicated column saving you time in deciding which output to go with!

2) Using LinkedIn + Website Personalisation

This follows a pretty similar flow to the above, however you'd usually use it when you're trying to reach out to senior decision makers like Founders, Chief Executives as the compliment will be made for both the person itself as well as the company they are part of and the success the company has achieved!

What you'll notice a slight difference. Here we ask you to provide the URL of the company you want to include in the compliment. This can be their current company or a past company they worked at.

Website Personalizaton with Smartwriter

All you've got to do is click "Generate Custom Message" and you're off to the races

We've very excited to see all the leads and revenue you're going to generate!

Feel free to reach out to us in the chat if you need any help