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Stop spending hours doing mindless, mundane outreach. Use AI to create tailored, unique outreach messages in seconds

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Don't spend 100s of hours prospecting customers and coming up with compelling angles. SmartWriter will do that in seconds

Eye Grabbing Personalise Cold Emails

Create Personalized Cold emails that'll make prospects mail you their credit card details

Supercharge Customer Outreach

No more generic, boring LinkedIn Intro Messages. Create unique, catchy intro messages with one click

4 Writers Worth Of Content In One App

Create more content in days than you have in weeks. Attack a multi-channel content strategy across social media, email and performance ads in minutes

No More Writers Block

Generate endless unique inspiration for your content with the click of a button. Our AI will generate scroll-stopping angles and content

Enhance Your Content And Convert

Put in a single sentence or a short description to get a full blown detailed paragraph specific to your content

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"Words cannot do justice"
""Really powerful wording
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""The tool was built specifically for copywriting"
"Personalised outreach is incredible"

Getting and actioning feedback can be dreadful...

Does this sound familiar?

Your client finds a bug
They scramble to share it with you, without following a process
The developer can't seem to replicate it
The Project manager's chasing the developer for updates
It so turns out that it was already fixed
But the client wasn't notified

SmartWriter Is For

Founders | Agencies | Developers | Indiehackers | Designers


You're tossing multiple hats. Your focus needs to be on creating great products. Use SmartWriter to get important sales and website copy in seconds

Marketing Agencies

Automate your entire outreach process.
Get more backlinks from personalisation.
Help your clients close 3x more deals


Your skill is building great products. But sales is the most important part of a business engine. Smartwriter AI will generate pro copy in seconds to help you close sales.

Simplify your product feedback process. Launch better, faster.

Get more product feedback, achieve product market fit faster.

Your team will save 100s of hours in lost conversations, launch higher quality products faster, and improve your client relationship. All without having to invest in complex QA processes that cost $1000s.

Leverage Network Effects

If your customer used a CallToValue button on another website, they don't need to put any details to buy from you.

Reap the benefits of someone else's hard work


CallToValue will be everywhere, don't miss out

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What Can SmartWriter Do?

Create Personalised Cold Emails In Seconds Not Hours

SmartWriter generates unique gripping emails that would have taken hours of research

Save time - Send more high converting emails in less time
Access LinkedIn Data, Verified Emails, News, Company Data and more in a click of a button

Enjoy Boosted Revenue

Sell anything you want on your website whilst you leverage the power of networks so you can skyrocket your conversions

See Which Offer Works

Easy to Use Dashboard gives you simple breakdowns on what offer is working, so you can focus on that

Find verified email addresses of any person you want to contact.

Save tons of time spent searching for email addresses
Verify the email addresses of the person you want to reach out to
Send emails with confidence of 95% deliverability

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Prospect And Generate 100s of Personalised Icebreakers In Seconds

LinkedIn or Cold Email, Smartwriter will generate high converting personalised icebreakers/intro messages in seconds and increase your outreach ROI

Create  tailed icebreakers in seconds so you can focus on building relationships with prospects.

Enjoy Boosted Revenue

Sell anything you want on your website whilst you leverage the power of networks so you can skyrocket your conversions

See Which Offer Works

Easy to Use Dashboard gives you simple breakdowns on what offer is working, so you can focus on that

No more writers block. Become a creative genius

The hardest part of copywriting used to be starting. But no more. Our smart writer will generate copy with only a few bullet points. All you need to do is tweak it.

Try SmartWriter
Takes < 30 seconds

Become a productive writer no matter where you're writing

Creative flow is vital for great copy. Use the extension to create personalised emails at a flick of a button. Our writer takes 2-3 bullet points and generates contextual/professional emails for you.

Best of all, our cold email engine will build a hyper personalised introduction without you having to do any research.

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Dominate Social Media Content Creation

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Use SmartWriter to answer Quora answers in deep detail that drive up your views
Create catchy Instagram captions that gets your comments section buzzing with engagement
Never run out of tweets or tweet ideas

What customers are saying

Rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.
Create Personalized Cold Emails in Seconds

I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved with your amazing product. After a month of using it I am capable of getting 3-4 net leads every day by sending cold emails that get responses. By using this tool all I do is create the message and SmartWriter does all the work for me.

Over the past few months I’ve already got a significant return on my investment. Not only has Smartwriter proven to be very effective for cold emailing, it’s also massively increased our conversion rates.

Before SmartWriter I was able to get 1 cold lead contact every 3 days from my email campaigns. Now it's only 30 minutes and I have 20 contacts in my mailing list and in 1-2 days they all become warm leads. I have been so stupid not to buy this earlier.

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Amazing AI writer, cold email writer and LinkedIn profile finder, all in one (and much more)

This is an amazing tool worth every penny. It writes amazingly well, and not only that it can verify the emails and finds LinkedIn profiles when you enter the "Cold email" section.
Just type a few words, identify your audience and BAM! You have an A.I. generated (or more) piece of content, ready to go that requires minimal changes - and it gives you the LinkedIn profiles and their verified emails too!

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I’d like to get more clients and sales faster.

To be honest, I don’t have time to write email outreach.

If you hate copywriting that doesn't wow or sales emails that dont sell

Simple to set up, highly effective.

SmartWriterAI uses AI to create your sales and marketing emails in seconds. We save time and increase our outreach ROI.

You’re probably asking yourself right now: how can this be possible?

SmartWriterAI automates the entire process for you - so energy is focused on what truly matters - growing your business.



do you know what’s the best part is?

You won’t believe me if I say

My previous script that you read above just now WAS ALL GENERATED BY SMART WRITER~!

Thats crazy~!

Word cant do justice and you need to try and experience it yourself~!

SmartWriterAI will help you write better, and I challenge you to give

Last but not least ,You really need to get SMARTWRITER to help you WRITE SMARTER.

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Excellent Writing Tool

Packed with lots of cool features this is an excellent product. I haven't yet fully explored it but whatever I did I like it. I own other similar products like Writesonic and Nichesss this well complements all of them. Especially in writing cool email, this is superb. Well worth the price.

Smart Writer is indeed is very smart helping me write what I need. There are many features one that particularly grabs my attention is its AIDA Framework feature. It’s quite straightforward to work with it. Basically what it requires are 3 simple inputs. And Smartwriter does the rest. Creates content according to AIDA Framework (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action).

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Amazing email content generator features!

What sets Smartwriter really apart is its ability to write cold emails. It is a huge time saver if you write a lot of emails to a lot of people. You just need to input your prospect's URL and Smartwriter does the research work and generate highly relevant copy for that particular prospect. The other feature that differentiates it is the Personalized Ice Breaker Genertor. You can upload a csv file of all your prospects and it generates personalized content. This is amazing feature I haven't seen in other AI content generators. The other positives are the user interface and nice design, support is good and the founder seems to be very serious and passionate about his product. What I don't like about the product is that it uses a credit limit system.

The other thing I would have like to see is a content editor to facilitate speed up the content creation workflow. So you will need to copy from the software and paste in your editor. Work back and forth if you need to expand the content. All in all, Smartwriter is a very good content generator and I would recommend.

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So far, I'm very impressed

I've used a few different AI writers, but this one seems to have one of the simplest layouts. So far, I'm very impressed.

I haven't been very interested in the cold email marketing. I haven't had much luck with that before, but looking at the blog options, I was very happy.

Not sure yet if I like the limit to the monthly word limits, but I think it should be more than sufficient.

The first time I used it, I put in a description and it came up with a few good titles right away. And I was happy with how it generated the opening paragraph and content structure.

I wouldn't rate it as good as a good writer, but it's certainly better than some of the writers that I've paid. I'm very happy with it for generating a solid start to articles for me to proof and improve.a

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Content creation on steroids

This tool accelerated content creation for our startup exponentially!

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I’m very happy with this purchase

I’m very happy with this purchase. I've tried a lot of AI writing tools… but none of them offer the personalization that's so important in outreach efforts for my business. I'm really surprised by how well this works. I hope they will add more features to it like blog posts (not just intros) that would make this a very strong contender. I wish there are more credits and have ability to stack more. The interface is much much better than some of the other products featured here lately with the same domain extension. Creating bulk A.I. generated sales emails is a dream for many of us and Smartwriter does it wonderfully. I thought after purchasing Nichesss I was finished with GPT3 tools but not after I witnessed how good of a job Smartwriter does

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Just what i was looking for!

I find myself to be a pretty decent writer, but when it comes to emails, I have a hard time. One of the main reasons I purchased, Smart writer, was for this purpose. The outputs that the software generated for me sometimes were usable without any changes at all or gave me a great starting point. Yes, there are lots of other software around, but they either don't offer email output or can't even come close to the quality of content generated by smart writer. I don't think I've even scratched the surface with Smart Writers' potential yet, I can't wait to dive in and see what other amazing content I can generate! Pick this up and you won't regret it!

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Smartwriter truly writes super smart

Your content is the first impression your prospects or customers have of you and your product. What better way to make a great first impression than by conversing with an Artificial Intelligence capable of reading your thoughts and capturing your exact thoughts. That’s exactly what you get with the SmartWriter tool. It makes writing content easy and removes the need to manually come up with content ideas and write your own copy.

I like smartwriter because it's a revolutionary tool that will revolutionize the way you write. It provides advice and content strategies for every individual point of your own copy.

It lets you turn eCommerce products into viral video content. It helps you acquire new customers by providing personalized cold emails tailored to your prospects or customers.

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A Must Have For Cold Prospecting!

Truly an amazing tool for your cold outreach, lets you hyper personalise the content to an extent which makes the prospects feel that they have been thoroughly researched which will make conversions easier. The Ice Breakers are a cool touch and will get open rates soaring. I have Frase and Nichesss also but this does something else as it is mainly aimed at cold email. I would love to see more integrations, especially with SalesRocks, I think that would be amazing and I see that Carsten is already a fan so maybe that could be explored. Looking forward to the refund feature also.

All in all an excellent tool with a very bright future.

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Already an important part of my sales routine

I wish that mailing cold prospects wasn't an essential part of the job. But as a solo freelancer, I've got to find ways to reach out to potential customers and clients.

I've always found writing cold call emails to be tough. On my own, I could spend hours perfecting my message. But with SmartWriter, I can spend minutes.

SmartWriter generates unique emails with just a little information about my industry and target recipient. I feel like these are tailored to getting potential clients to pay attention.

I have a hard time writing cold call emails, but SmartWriter has already proven that it is going to be an important part of my sales workflow.

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first off the block and it works

easy to use, very affordable, and most of all a real game changer for what I do -- account based sales opportunity generation for my B2B clients.

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[Warning] To all biz owner, copywriters, blogger etc, DONT MESS WITH SMART WRITER

Personally i do have few copywriting (AI-based) software , and im using them quite often.
When i got to know smartwriter software , i was a bit skeptical at first time.

Then i signed up for free trial account to try it out. A few days later , im ALL IN :)

There are several major features in smart writer, among them, what im amazed with is its AIDA Framework feature.

Basically you just need to give 3 simple and precise input, and smartwriter will create the content according to AIDA Framework (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action).

this appeared to be essential for me to explain about my future product which is an e-book for HR communites.

Plus you are able to edit prompt and try again for different outputs. And whats more important is you are able to choose up to 5 outputs for more of copy varieties.

Plus, very easy to use UI UX and user friendly. nothing is complex and learning curve is smoooothhhh

i recommend to all business owner, founder, marketers and copy writers to try SMART WRITER out~!

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The new way to write emails

It is really difficult to do cold emails. It is a boring process where you need to grab several templates and test different variations to achieve your goals. Smart Writer just keeps it simple, helping you to create personalized cold emails, simplifying the prospecting and research process. I really like the deal, and it is a no-brainer for me because I will start to apply to new job positions on Linkedin. Thank you, Smart Writer.

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Great start

Great start. The tool is not perfect, but helps you with great frameworks that will improve your productivity

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SmartWriter, a complete tool for sending personalized cold emails

SmartWriter is a completely automated personalization platform that creates engaging, personalized cold emails. It makes it easier to cold email, make it possible for you to catch the attention of a potential client, increase your email engagement metrics and also increase your reply rate.

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One of the best AI copywriter for agencies

We use to fullfill services for our digital marketing agency. it really does help to pass the writer's block and get inspiration on many different use cases, including shopify product title and description for e-commerce, google and facebook ads headlines, it even helps with content creation for blogs. It is truely powerful because the ideas that are generated are actually good. It's kind of magic to be honest. Of course, we still need to edit the results because AI cannot completely replace the human touch, but it does save us a lot of time. Definitely recommand it for agencies that want to add new upselling services quite easily.

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The founder seems extremely passionate…

The founder seems extremely passionate about smartwriter, and it is the passion which I have invested in. I also look forward to their cold email for outreach links feature which, in and of itself sounds pretty awesome!
With the wave of AI generators (and in particular GPT-3 powered models), there is a lot of potential to automate several areas of the business - without sounding like the T-100.
I love how SW has taken the AI content generator and put it into a tool involving the most used communication on the net (besides IM).. Email + GPT-3 (done well) is a sure fire recipe for ultimate success!

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Best A.I. writer!!

Have used a lot of these A.I. writing tools and Smartwriter is on the one and is the Real Deal. Five Star Company super support team for sure don't miss this one..

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Great Product! excels well in writing cold emails which is the primary reason I bought it. I find the copy output to be of high quality. But here's the thing, for Smartwriter to output good results you must supply it with good inputs. In other words garbage in garbage out. After that you still have to edit but Smartwriter already have done the heavy lifting for you. So Yes I highly recommend this product.

Here are some room for improvements.

1) More integrations (only has Shopify at the moment)
2) Multilingual capabilities (only English now)
3) More credits (Nichesss gives us unlimited)

In any case it's a great product!

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What can the Smart Writer create for you?

Our AI Smartwriter can create content and copy across multiple platforms. It can generate ideas for you. Whether you have an in-house copywriter or not, our platform will help you create high converting copy in seconds

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Product feature to benefit

Paid Ad Copy

Facebook Ads
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Social Copy

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Blog Copy

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