Automated SEO Backlink Outreach

Skyrocket your organic traffic and rank number 1 for your niche across Google

An AI Engine that reads a blog, understands the context, and creates a hyper personalised backlink request email using the blog content to scale your link acquisition

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Reads & Understands Blogs To Create Blog Specific Context

SmartWriter reads entire blogs in seconds and understands deep context behind the blog
I have tried a couple of solutions for creating ice breakers for cold emails, and this product is very good. It has improved a lot in a short space of time, and the intros are much more comprehensive and relevant. It's going to be very helpful for creating personalised intros for emails going forward
Jamie Capaldi, Capaldi Marketing

Generate Personalised Messages Specific To Each Blog

Smartwriter creates a unique outreach message referencing key points from the blog to build trust with the author and a stand out from everyone else using templates
I got this mainly for the cold email outreach.If you struggle to get started with writing copy like I do, and spend way too much time staring at a blank page, then this is perfect for you. Some of the copy it turns out straight away is surprisingly good. If you are into cold emailing then this is a bargain!
Deon Bryan, Digital Marketing Analyst, Lucidx

Acquire Backlinks With Ease And Rank Fast On Google

Build links at rapid rates from previously unattainable high DA websites using personalised AI outreach
After having used other writing tools and content spinners before, I really didn't expect too much when purchasing SmartWriter. But I must say, I was quite impressed when I started using it
David Lee-Schneider, Digital Marketing

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The output is incredible

This is an amazing tool worth every penny. It writes amazingly well, and not only that it can verify the emails and finds Social profiles when you enter the "Cold email" section.

Just type a few words, identify your audience and BAM! You have an A.I. generated (or more) piece of content.

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Really Powerful wording

The product works like a charm. I'm in the recruiting space and it took a couple of inputs for me to generate the perfect output

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Personalised Outreach Is Game Changing

One of the key factors of cold email success is the icebreaker. The personalisation/research behind it, is a primary determinant on the success of the campaign

SmartWriter pretty much automates that entire process for you, in a click

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The tool was build specifically for copywriting

SmartWriter is great, as a copywriter of many years i can tell when a product is built by a team that has a background in this space

The product is designed around what a copywriter does. I am enjoying it, it has exceeded by expectations.

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