Don’t you want to get more leads? We have all information you need to build a list and write the perfect email to increase your results. Most people that get discouraged with cold email have never worked out the actual process, they think its just a matter of finding random emails online and pumping those emails with a product.

There's a method and a process to this madness that can create a money printing system. We've scaled multiple products and won huge contracts using this very system/playbook that you can easily adopt and build into a massive company of your own

You will learn the best practices on how to get attention from prospect, how to write email copy in an engaging way, how to build relationship and connect with your prospect and how to craft sales emails. You will be able to increase your social proof, your authority and credibility.

Cold emailing can be the solution to the consistent problem of inconsistent deal flow you face as a company. If you get the engine right, your funnel will be set up with serious leads you can nurture and grow. Cold emailing is an excellent way to build up a solid pipeline of leads you can then convert into raving customers. Remember, cold emailing strategies explained here work best in a B2B sales cycle vs B2C where you're selling consumer products to customers.

Alright thats ALOT of hype, lets jump into it. This playbook is going to be broken down to reflect the exact system you can setup to help you dominate cold emails

We'll be discussing

  • How to craft a high converting email
  • How to follow up on leads to ensure you don't lose any warm contacts
  • Where to even find leads from?
  • How to hire the right staff for cheap to automate your process
  • How to effectively use LinkedIn for prospecting and inbound growth
  • Key strategies to get ridiculous reply rates consistently 70% or more
  • A tool list breakdown

Before we kick off, some shoutouts to Harry Dry from MarketingExamples, ColdEmailWizard's Twitter, Reply, and Lemlist for always sharing good value