Everyone is busy, so just because they don't respond to your first email it does not mean they aren't interested. If you' don't have an effective follow up sequence you might as well take your money and burn it, at least that'll keep you warm.

Try keep your follow ups to a maximum of 4 emails each containing content specific to the sequence they're in.

Send your first email 2 days after the last

Some flavours you can take that have worked.

Hey {{FirstName}},

Thought i'd quickly bump this knowing how busy you are.

I came across a pretty great <problem you're solving> article. Thought you might like it given you're in <target industry>

Send your second email 2 days after the last

Hey {{FirstName}},

Wanted to reach out with a massive win we saw <relevant name> have with <problem>. They just told me they had a <success or outcome > after giving smartwriter a shot.

I'd love to see you and your team hit the same results! Let me know if you'd like to give us a try I'll keep the

Over here, what you should do is pretend to forward a customers email to you about success they've had with your product. Don't use the customers actual email, but you can either attach an  image or for a much more authentic effect forward yourself an email, change the customers name, blur out their email

Note, for this to be double the impact, use an already existing testimonial on your website. So when the new prospect checks out your product and they see the same testimonial, they know you're not lying and will cement the trust and encourage them to try your product out.

Send your break up email 3 days after the last

Hey {{FirstName}},

Thought i'll send a quick message on how you're solving <problem you're solving>. Not sure you've tried these, but some quick ways you can <metric success=""> is by doing <express ideas>

<insert gif of cat or meme>

That was our look when we read about these too!

I don't mean to pester of course, as i personally wouldn't like that. I genuinely want you to win more so I thought i'd reach out one last time.

People talk in gifs, memes and images. Remember to stay human in all of this. Read your email outloud to make sure there's a conversational aspect to it. And the easiest way to express tone beyond words is by using images or gifs. This tactic has worked really well for us in the past and we've been able to capture leads at the very last break up email