This is by far THE most important part of this entire series. It won't matter how personal or unique your email is if it doesn't even show up in your prospects email inbox. There's some quick steps to follow before you start sending out cold emails and some steps to continuously follow if you always want a high deliverability rate (i.e emails always end up in prospect inboxes and not spam or promotion tabs)

Buy multiple secondary domains

If your primary website is called then purchase,,, etc

The point is to keep it pretty similar to the primary domain. The reason why we're buying multiple domains is because cold emailing will inevitably lead to email deterioration, even if you send the highest quality emails. So inorder to protect your primary domain you should be using secondary emails to send cold emails from. Once you've got the domains, make sure you have a 301 redirect on your domain provider's dashboard to point to the main website i.e, so in a situation a customer copies the secondary email url and tries to visit it, it goes straight to the original domain

Warm up your domain

Lemlist has an inbuilt feature called lemwarm, that sends out emails across lemlists' users network and emulates a fake email usage process. This lets the domain servers and AI algos thing the usage is real and you didn't just buy a domain to spam people. Lemwarm is great and it's something you should keep running for the entirety of your domains existence.

Ensure to warm up your domain for atleast 3-5 days before you start sending out emails and then ramp up the warm up process to send 10 more emails each day than the last so when you start sending out 40-90 emails a day it doesn't think you're spamming.

Lastly make sure you integrate with your Google/Outlook or custom SMTP server. Preference for this is to buy a google workplace account and leverage Googles SMTP authority vs going for a random service.

Send to targeted lists

Don't just buy random lists off the internet. Make sure when you do buy lists or create lists they are targeted to the niche you want.This way when your prospects receive your email they atleast open it and don't just shoot it to spam which then ends up affecting your domain health.

Don't attach too many links

Some common practices include not attaching too many links in your email body. If you have a website or a CTA keep it maximum to 2 links, however for the first few days of your secondary email's existence I would try keep it to 1 link.

Have a footer with your details

Remember a cold email is just like a normal email. If your normal email has intent and trust so should your cold email. For that reason, make sure you've got a signature with your face (you can use a fake face from to send out your email. This builds trust on the recipient side and also keeps you on the good side of Google.

Personalise your email

Email engines are extremely smart these days, emails that don't contain any layer of personalisation and look generic/spammy are automatically flagged. So reference the prospects first name, their company, create a hyper personalised ice breaker pitch (you can use smartwriter's AI engine to automate that)

Verify your email list

If your email service has a 3% failure rate your deliverability score starts getting effected, this means you need to make sure the emails you collected from your source are clean and verified. For this you can use LeadMine or Snov to verify all your emails are valid and the bounce rate for the emails you send out are minimal