Alright we've spoken heaps about how to send cold emails and the content, but where do you actually get these mails from? Lucky for us in 2021 there's heaps of places we can get emails.


Arguably LinkedIn is the ultimate hotbed for finding hyper targeted leads. You can use Wiza, Lusha or Snov as great tools and alternatives for finding leads using LinkedIn. My personal preference here is Wiza as its accuracy is pretty good. Here you'll depend upon LinkedIn's Sales Navigator UI to search for people on their role or Industry whatever it may be:




Senior Engineer

As well as per industry for the niche you're targeting



Personal Finance

Wealth Management

Software Development

If you don't want to waste your cash on the above, you can use Simple Scraper (I'll be mentioning this a lot) to scrape through LinkedIn and then use the first name, last name and domain combination to get verified emails with SmartWriter itself, we're noted to have the highest accuracy amongst all the above.

Simple scraper is incredible because it lets you execute "recipes", this is particularly useful when you're scraping through listicles or directories and you need to "click" into each persons details to get further information like the website URL. Take for example emailing all the founders at YCombinator, you would use Simple Scraper to target the company information, logo and link.

Then create a second recipe to get the dedicated founders full names, Linkedin profiles and website data.

Name and Domain

Now take a situation you're about to scrape a directory or Linkedin profiles using tools like SimpleScraper or websites like Clutch, you can use SmartWriter's native email finder and verification system as well as Anymailfinder to get verified emails of these lists of users.

Smartwriter will give you the emails as well as a personalised AI cold email along with icebreakers. Pretty much automating the entire process for you with the click of a button.


If you're after a more enterprise angle you can use tools like Zoominfo and Clearbit both of which only have annual plans than go in the line of $20,000. Its a crazy amount but at the same time the data and information these tools have is unmatched so if you can afford it, why not.

However you won't see me ever purchase these two purely because, there's significantly much better ways to collect high quality leads.

Scraping Directories

Now apart from LinkedIn being a primary source of finding targeted leads you can also use other incredible strategies to get emails.

If you're looking for services industry leads you can scrape leads from: Clutch, Upcity, Upfirms

The process here would be to use a webscraper like SimpleScraper to scrape through all the pages of these sites as shown above for SimpleScraper. Collect the domain names as well as website metadata.

Then you would use Kleanleads / Leadmine, Hunter. Within Kleanleads in the b2b companies section, upload a list of all the domains you've collected from Clutch, Upcity or Upfirms. Define the roles of people you're looking for, weather that be CEO, CMO, Founder and then let it run. This will find all the emails of the dedicated people which you can then created personalised ice breakers using Smartwriter and send emails to at scale

I came across Kleanleads on Twitter, and realised its a great tool to do niche based data extraction. You can put in a targeted niche you want to reach out to and this software will pull out the leads out of there for you!

SaaS Business Scraping

Directories are a great way for you to get domains and emails of people that fit a search criteria. You can target people who've left poor reviews on your competitors pages to ask them to try your product out. You can pick up recent funding news about them and congratulate them about them.

There are three primary directories you can use if you're trying to find emails for SaaS businesses.

The YCombinator Directory which comes with the founders LinkedIn profile URLs.

The Crunchbase directory and API. You can search based on employee size, recent funding, tech stack and much more. This is important because if a company has recently raised capital you know they'll be looking to scale up sales, engineering and more giving people in services industries, team management and more a great reason to reach out to them.


Creator Outreach

Podcasts are one of the best ways to get your brand out there in 2021. You're leveraging a persons audience who they have cultivated trust over months or years to then talk about your story and product.

However podcast outreach can be super manual and difficult given their contact details aren't in plain site. Thats not true though.

You can use listicle directors like chartable that have 100,000s of podcasts categorised by niche and country. You will again use a tool like SimpleScraper to collect all the targeted podcasts and then use the "RSS feed" to find the "itunes:email" field, which will contain the email of the podcast host.

This can be easily outsourced to Upwork if you're not willing to do it to then collect 10000s of emails of potential people to reach out to to either jump on a podcast to be interviewed or sell your podcast production services or podcast software.

Technology Based Scraping

Imagine you're selling software and you're looking to find a single place which lists all the companies that use your competitors. You can hyper target just those people, call out your core benefits in comparison to your competitor and woo some customers over!

You can achieve that level of targeting using BuiltWith or StackShare

If you've built a Klaviyo competitor, BuiltWith will let you know all the shopify stores that have Klaviyo or use any competitive software. You can then use the domains you've collected from BuiltWith or StackShare and then enrich the data using Kleanleads, LeadMine, Hunter to get specific emails of decision makers.

We used this exact process to acquire our first 57 customers for Bugreporting by targeting emails of all the companies using our competitors. We built a dedicated comparison page, I recorded a loom video and attached it to the email along with the personalised icebreaker I generated using SmartWriter to acquire those paying customers.

Here's an example of what you can get with BuiltWith and Shopify. If you're selling services and you're specific about not targeting low volume stores, you can even filter by revenue, location or how much they spend on apps.

Purchasing pre-scraped lists

You can use FindEmails to buy pre-scraped packs of emails for a set price for a certain industry or audience. This way you don't need to worry about the process behind scraping, its pretty much done and delivered for you.


Now given you don't have time to play around with tools and email people or scrape contacts. You can easily hire someone on Upwork with the exact job description, the niche and the type of people you're after and Upwork will always deliver