Each email is broken down into 4 attention / emotional layers. Each section's goal is to drive/intrigue the user enough to go to the next section and thats about it.

Before we jump into this, remember two main rules:

  • People buy with emotion and justify with logic
  • Always focus on WIIFT, Whats In It For Them

Okay back at it. We have 4 attention layers

The subject line needs to be strong / valuable enough to get the user to click into the email. So all  the effort needs to be putting into driving up intrigue so they click. You'd be surprised how simple this can be.

The first line / icebreaker needs to be personal enough or compliment focused so the reader knows you've done research about them. The icebreaker is also the preview the user reads before they open the email and if done right can significantly assist your open rates and reply rates. A good litmus test for personalisation should be the fact that you can't send this email to any one else.

The angle is how you pitch your product or service, what makes you different from the 100s of other emails. Remember you're not writing a life story, its a quick pitch about how you can help them achieve what they want to achieve in a faster/better/cheaper/easier way than they already are. You will be really pressing on their existing pain points and/or focusing on the amazing outcome they'll get if they work with you. The goal isn't to create a desire but to channel it to the CTA

The CTA is the last layer of action where we want to drive up FOMO or emotional calls to get the recipient to reply or click a link

So with that brief intro, lets kick off