The CTAs job is to be simple and not too brash. Don't be too salesy especially when the whole email is focused on them and their outcome.

Be empathetic and ensure you're not here to waste their time. A line like "I know how busy sales can get, and I want to be very respectful of your time. I practiced for hours to bring down the demo to just 5 minutes to respect your time"

You're showing the effort you put into your pitch to protect their time. By doing that in advance, you're acting on one of Robert Cialdini's 7 principles of influence, "reciprocity". Since you've done that, they innately feel like they owe you by simply listening to their pitch.

Remember to not go for vanilla CTAs like "Click here, book a meeting, find out more, try now", these are not enticing and come off very demanding.

Instead try focus on a CTV, call to value. Let them feel safe when replying back to you, booking a sales demo or even a link to try out your product.

Don't be insensitive and offer a calendly link, instead set up an automated process where you ask them to reply if they're keen and respond to "keen" with a calendly link.

If your pitch isn't about booking a meeting but more so a product demo for them to try, minimise their resistance by offering an incentive.

"If you're keen to try, I can load up your account with 20,000 credits"