21 Best No Code Tools You Need To Try

The No Code revolution is here… and it’s only growing bigger each month!

The ability to build complex apps doesn’t require huge costs, multiple developers or huge wait times to build amazing applications. 

The movement is booming with many new applications coming out frequently whether it’s through Product Hunt or referred through Twitter! It’s seriously exciting. 

The No Code movement doesn’t just mean purely building new startups or businesses, it also includes building workflow automations with ease, improving business processes or anything you desire to help with operations and growth.. 

Let’s face it, learning to code is hard! Now, you don’t need to learn code to build great businesses. 

We curated the best 20 No Code tools we’ve used for Cenario and our other side projects + businesses. 

Exciting times ahead! Enjoy this list and let us know your experience with any of these No Code tools :)

1. Bubble

If coding has never been your strongest suit (or simply have never coded before in your life), then this is the app you have been waiting for. 

Bubble makes your life easier for you to create awesome applications hassle-free. It allows you to create your app without needing to understand any coding languages or having to learn to code at all. 

You can build complex applications with numerous features without needing a single line of code or scripting for that matter. 

The “drag-and-drop” user experience makes it easy to jump in right away and not just see instant results, but have the same feeling of the other drag and drop landing page and website builders (although it’s more advanced). 

It’s a great option if you’ve always wanted to build an app or a new startup, but can’t afford the cost of a developer or an outsourced app development team or wanting to wait months for something to be built. 

Why I personally love Bubble:

  • Very Powerful & intuitive tool
  • Numerous customisable options
  • Low cost option to build something and get paying customers/users
  • The template library is amazing

In fact, you can even build the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Quora & more with these Bubble Tutorials. Highly recommend checking this resource out!


2. Glide

Yes, you can now create apps in just 5 minutes directly from your google sheets!

Glide can help you make a mobile application in less than 5 minutes. How? Well it’s built primarily using google sheets & it’s free of charge (until you need more advanced features).

No experience in coding needed.

So if your business or you know of a business needing an app, then you can build an app really quickly using guide. 

They have some great templates and examples on their website. 


Why I live Glide:

  • It’s free to use (at first until you get higher volume!)
  • Saves a lot of time and money to build 
  • Very easy to use (even if you’re not technical). 
Glide templates

3. Adalo

Adalo is an incredible product you need to check out. 

You can create fully functional apps in no time without needing any programming languages!

Whilst it may seem similar to Glide above, Adalo is focused more on the visual “drag-and-drop” user experience so users can instantly see what they build in real-time. 

On their paid plan from $50 p/m, you can even publish to the App Store & Google Play Stores!

They’ve got some very good no code tutorials to check out to learn at first and understand the full potential of Adalo. 

  • Easy to use
  • Quick app development 
  • Tutorials = awesome
  • Pricing = affordable if wanting to publish onto the app stores!
Adalo signup


4. Voiceflow

If you wish to have voice applications for your application, you need to try out Voiceflow. Voiceflow allows you to develop voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which then makes them available to everyone. 

The product has an easy interface and allows you to simply drag-and-drop boxes, which help you build voice applications very quickly cost effectively - no complex coding required. 

The video tutorials are amazing! 

Why we like Voiceflow:

  • Advanced, yet easy to use
  • Simple Interface
  • Great for beginners wanting to build voice applications

5. Thunkable

Building an application needs a lot of planning and proper execution as we know. Generally, you are told that learning programming languages are the only way to create functional mobile apps. 

Well, with Thunkable, you can forget about this prerequisite.

You can now create your mobile applications easily using this tool. It allows you to simply drag and drop elements and develop intricate features for your application. If you have ideas you quickly want to test with potential users, you can use this tool to implement them easily.

It’s a cool application although it doesn’t have good tutorials to use the tool effectively and more importantly how to use it to build products fast. Having said that though, it has a lot of potential. 

Why we like Thunkable:

  • Drag and drop feature
  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful features
  • Premium features very affordable

6. Carrd

We’re big fans of Carrd here at Cenario. 

Carrd is a great option for entrepreneurs as it allows you to create one-page sites systematically and easily. It has an easy to use interface that allows users to customise and build one page sites in almost no time. 

There are numerous templates available on this tool that you can easily customise to fit your liking. 

You can use Carrd to create three sites for free, after which you can choose plans starting from $19/year.  

Why we like Carrd:

  • Cost-effective
  • Exciting templates
  • Fast and easy to build sites



7. Webflow

Okay, now onto our absolute favourite tool at Cenario - Webflow <3 (Our site even uses Webflow).

As we know creating really good, high quality websites usually takes up a lot of time. On top of that, in the past you may need to develop coding skills to make quality responsive sites for yourself - or let alone if you were like me, you buy a wordpress theme, then you’re unhappy with a few things, try to change some CSS and end up just breaking the theme all together! It’s been typically a frustrating process in the past. 

However, welcome Webflow!

Webflow allows you to create, test, and launch websites without entering any code (or simple HTML scripts if you choose to).

This powerful product allows you to create responsive and attractive looking websites with ease. You can design whatever comes to your mind. 

You can even do a design on Sketch or Figma can you can make it look exactly the same! Tutorial here

The possibilities are endless with Webflow + I’ve personally built a lot of complex resource sites just using Webflow :)

Why we like Weblow: 

  • Easy interface
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Very easy to use
  • Great tutorials
  • Extensive templates library to speed up the process of development

8. Bug Reporting

Bug Reporting is a fantastic product if you're looking to improve your customer feedback, bug reporting or QA feedback loop

Working with clients can be a pain when you've got a broken feedback process. We're all aware of the typical client conversation where they report a bug, the developer forgets about the bug, the project manager is lost on the status and its havoc - bug reporting have built a clean and innovative product that streamlines that process

In addition we've used best customer feedback tools to collect vital customer feedback, it acts as an asynchronous customer feedback engine our project managers use to improve the product every single day

And if that wasn't enough, they give you the ability to run session recordings like hotjar so you can track how customers have used your product to improve your conversions, track bugs and also find out where in your funnel customers are struggling.

Its a really powerful tool that has significantly helped improve our product and internal process

Why we like Bug Reporting:

  • Very Affordable
  • Helps collect vital product feedback (important in early days)
  • Automates bug reporting process
  • Significantly improves QA process
  • Full suite of tools from reporting, session recording and heaps of integrations

Bug Reporting

9. Landen

If you’re swamped with work and can’t give web development enough time, then Landen is perfect for you. Additionally, if you feel like you do not have the time to customise templates nor design a website from scratch, this tool can help you greatly.

All you will need to do is answer a few questions about your venture and idea. It’s a very interesting onboarding experience compared to other website builders out there. 

After you answer a few questions, landen will assess your needs and point you in the right direction to create a unique website for you. You can of course later make changes as you wish to create your own unique website. 

It’s without a doubt one of the best tools to get landing pages up fast!

Why we like Landen:

  • Quick website maker (very good if wanting to do quickly)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Cost effective
  • Really good add ons



10. Squarespace

Squarespace is another awesome alternative for small businesses and entrepreneurs!

Squarespace is a great website building option due to their library of beautifully designed templates which are then very simple to edit.

It’s a great cost effective solution to building really polished websites quickly. Elevate the online experience for your Lucrative Studio by harnessing Squarespace's design prowess and simplicity. For an extra touch of creativity, you may consider implementing captivating Squarespace animations to make your website even more engaging.

Why we like Squarespace:

  • Countless services/integrations
  • Affordable pricing
  • Beautiful library of templates
  • Very simple tp use



11. Universe

Yep, another website builder (there are many!) but I like what Universe has to offer!

If you are in a rush and need your website up and running soon, you may need a quick solution. Generally, web-development takes hours in not days if you do it from scratch. However, you do not need to worry about spending all that time on your website anymore with Universe.

Universe is a popular new tool platform that allows you to create new websites in absolutely no time. This tool works on mobile phones too, and now you can make sites simply by using your phone. 

I would say this is really good for influencers, bloggers and those who use social media as channels to share their story or products without needing to build a slow or big website. 

It’s really good to focus on what matters and keeping things minimalistic. 

Check out the examples of Universe sites → https://explore.onuniverse.com/ 

Examples of Universe sites

Why we like Universe

  • Fast development 
  • No experience in programming languages needed
  • Keeps things simple
  • Great for creators who use social media

12. Notion

Another on of our favourite tools we absolutely love here and use everyday at Cenario <3 

If you have trouble managing your documents and projects, Notion is a great tool that can help you with your notes, documents, and projects.

This no-code tool is great to help you get rid of several extra tools and make your workspace clutter-free and is typically used to help you with task management and documents.

However, it’s a great option for spreadsheets and databases as well as building projects like this one I came across the other day - UX Hunting Kit (an open source project). 

Why we love Notion:

  • All-in-one feature
  • Easy to use 
  • Can use for spreadsheets and databases for resource collection, etc
  • Literally anything!

🌱 Green – Notion Pages ⚡️

13. Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps is a no-code app builder that allows you to create custom apps that can be accessed from any device. You can store your important documents and forms securely in oneplace.

Their drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to find the widgets you need and add them to your app. Take advantage of over 600 app templates to get started easily. Thanks to Jotform's other products, you can manage your data easily with spreadsheets and create approval flows for others in your organization to hop on and collaborate with.

Jotform Apps gives you access to many features that you would need to use multiple apps for. You can sell products and collect payments, create a company portal for your employees, and collaborate with your team on yourapp in real time. When you create your app, just share it with a link or QR code. You can create custom URLs that include your company and app name for an extra dose of customization.

Jotform's free plan includes all the features for you to go and try out Jotform Apps. The paid plans start from $34/month and come with increased form limits and submissions.

Why we like Jotform Apps:

  • Many integrations
  • The free plan is great
  • E-sign documents
  • Payments on any device


14. Substack

If you’re a writer, then you must learn more about Substack. This online tool allows you to build paid newsletters with very minimal effort, so you can focus on doing what you do best!

Most writers want to send out quality content to their viewers but want to make sure they can somehow monetise it. Of course, you can already do this but it’s not that easy to subscribe to a newsletter subscription service which has very good UX. 

Substack allows you to build a paid email service through which you can send newsletters to your clients without any trouble. 

Substack is growing fast and have heard nothing but great things. So if you want to build a newsletter business, the Substack is one of the best platforms to use. 

Why we like Substack:

  • Easy to use
  • Safe pathway to make money
  • Only pay for the service when you start making money (otherwise it’s free). 



15. Memberspace

If you want to create a website that has membership options for your business, then using MemberSpace is your best option. 

This platform allows users to create features that are like that of a membership website, with the ability to do paid membership with absolute ease. 

The MemberSpace platform gives you complete control over your designs and allows you to customise it too. Additionally, it also offers free migration services for your platform.

  • No CMS lockdown
  • Integrate with your Webflow, Wordpress, Weebly or other CMS options
  • Pricing starts at $25/month
MemberSpace platform


16. Buy Me A Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is a great way to create your page code-free and get it up and running instantly and start making money.

It’s a wonderful platforms for creators to get support for anything they may be sharing with the community, such as valuable content, resources, etc or in fact offer to “Buy me a coffee” if offering free talks on essentially anything. 

For example, on my personal website (dansiepen dot io), I have “Buy Me a Coffee” button where I get visitors donating money through Paypal to say thanks for offering content and wanting to organise a call, in exchange for buying me a coffee. 

It’s a very cool concept and has taken off in the maker world. Rather than always just building an email list, this may be a good option to explore :)

Why we like Buy Me a Coffee

  • Great user-interface
  • Promotes creativity among users
  • Super simple setup
  • Clever way to make money without “asking” for it
  • Great for creators and consultants
Buy Me a Coffee

17. Scapic

Now, this is a very cool tool you need to check out, especially if you’re in eCommerce. 

Ecommerce websites thrive on providing their customers with the best quality photos of their products. 

If a potential customer is not convinced with the photos and descriptions available online, they might not end up buying your products.

To provide a competitive edge for your website and give your customers a new experience, you must take a look into Scapic. 

Scapic allows you to feature 360-degree views of all your products for the convenience of your customers… all with no code at all!

I’ve heard very good things about Scapic. They even say conversions for some of their clients have increased by 29% when the customer has an AR experience of the product in the comfort of their own home or on mobile. 

Why we like the look of Scapic:

  • AR Designs grab your customers attention 
  • Creative templates 
  • No code at all 
  • Better CX for users and great way to increase conversions



18. Mailchimp

We all know Mailchimp so these guys need no introduction. 

We know Mailchimp is a great email marketing platform but did you know that they now offer a lot more?

They now also do landing pages! This is definitely handy if you’re wanting to test a new product and seamlessly integrate a reliable email marketing platform. A very good offering if wanting to spin out something very quickly.

Mailchimp also comes with additional software integrations like LiveChat and Square. All this is done free of charge at first and then increases once you have more than 2,000 subscribers (or send out more than 12,000 emails per month if less than 2,000 subscribers). 

  • No-code integration
  • Faster processes

19. Parabola

This is a tool I only discovered not long ago and in love already! 

One of the most difficult tasks faced by developers, marketers or anyone who isn’t super technical is integrating data between different integrations or sources. 

Connecting one app to another, and making sure it’s the right data you want to pass, is a difficult and time-consuming task. 

This is where Parabola comes in! Parabola is a drag and drop builder to improve workflows. You can create automated processes with ease such as CRM workflows, eCommerce tasks, send metrics reports, automate email marketing + a lot more. The possibilities are endless! 

There are lots of integrations to choose from! 

Make sure to check out the ‘recipes’ section to explore what’s possible. 

Parabola tool

Why we like Parabola:

  • Works on most platforms
  • Convenient to use 
  • Awesome ‘recipes’ to choose from
Parabola Home

20. Zapier

Most of you would have heard of Zapier before and it’s personally in my top 5 tools :)

If you are looking for a tool that can automate your work function without needing complex code, then Zapier is a great choice for you. 

Zapier can connect your apps and integrate your data to create a more systematic workflow and help you feel more organised without writing one line of code, where as before you needed to.

There are a large number of “Zaps” to choose from! 

  • Great for automating tedious workflow tasks
  • Easy to set up (most of the time ;)
  • Great list of free options and cheap monthly fees for more advanced automations 
Zapier tool


21. Airtable

Another tool easily in my top 5 is Airtable!

You can use Airtable for essentially anything. It's like a spreadsheet but a lot more powerful features (can even use as backends for websites/use as a CMS too :).

There are hundreds of use cases for Airtable and many templates they have on their site including using Airtables for Personal custom CRM's, content management, design asset management, content calendars, user research collection, editorial calendar and plenty more!

Airtable tool

Why we love Airtable:

  • Very easy to use
  • Great freemium option + affordable premium option
  • Customisable - can use for essentially anything you desire
  • Can use a database for a custom website or app you build :)

22.СMW Platform

A new kid on the market and definitely worth trying. CMW Platform gives you the power to automate processes, create web forms, build business applications and desing business architecture with drag and drop simplicity. More than 20 pre-built solutions provide for quick start, including document tracking, approval process, customer management, etc.

Why we like CMW Platform:

  • Comprehensive visual process builder
  • Open API for building a single digital environment with any app you are using
  • Flexible pricing

Are you building anything in No Code yet?

We’re very excited about the future of No Code and we’re currently building more ‘side projects’ and assets as we speak. That’s why I wrote this article to determine the right suite of tools for us to build these projects :)

What do you want to build? 

Let us know and get in touch as I’m very happy to answer any questions you may have :)

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