SmartWriter vs Lyne

Firstly, our credits to Lyne who've put in a commendable effort. However, if you're looking to actually get a 45% increase in reply rate, read through our Lyne review & claim free trial credits.
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Why do people consistently choose Smartwriter?

Due diligence is critical before investing into an AI email writer, so we've done the research & collected feedback comparing all the good and bad of Lyne





LinkedIn Recent Activity


Recommendations, Bio, JD


Familiarity & Common points


15 Different personalisations
generated/1 credit


Run Parallel Personalisations


SmartScripts (Select order & priority of personalisation across all options)

Advanced Customisation of First Lines (over 126 combinations for Max ROI)

✅ In Depth

✅ Basic

In App Editing & Saving


Price Per Line On Base Plan



Data Sources Used

8 + Live Data

6 + Stale Data

Native Email Integrations

GSheets Automation


High Volume & Low Volume Sending

High + Low

Only Low

Free Prospect Data




LinkedIn Personalisation

✅ In Depth

✅ Basic

Company News

✅ < 6 Months

✅ Old News

Company Case Studies

Company Blogs

Company Google Reviews


Medium Blogs




News Mentions

✅ Latest News

✅ Stale News


Find + Verify Emails

✅ 6 Step SMTP

✅ Basic

AI Copywriting Services


Chrome Extension


LinkedIn Lead Gen


Unlimited LinkedIn Scraping

500 verified emails/m free forever


Built to help you scale.

Built my sales engineers and agency experts to help you scale your fulfilment so you can focus on sales. Your life becomes easier with Smartwriter

AI In-Depth Research

We use contextual search engines to find data your normal BA or Sales person would take hours to find, in seconds.

Automate. Everything

Automate your entire outreach process with Ready To Go Ice breakers. No need to review the output.

Real Time Data

100s of scrapers find real-time data about your prospect. Never worry about referencing old data & wow your lead.

Individual Data Research

We'll find Podcasts, Interviews, Articles, Medium blogs and 42 more data sources to create wallet opening intro lines.

LinkedIn Personalization

Only product in the market to find recent activity, commonality with leads, and generate >25 first lines.

Deep Researched Emails

We use your prospects' case studies, awards, news articles or blogs to eye grabbing emails.

Trusted and Used by 12,218+ Companies & Agencies


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where did you find the data to do this comparison?

This data is collected from users of Lyne that have provided direct feedback about their experience using their application.


What is a credit

A credit is equal to 1 lead of yours. If you add 1 person's LinkedIn profile, thats considered 1 credit.
Similarly the same if you add 1 website, 1 backlink url etc etc.

For LinkedIn alone we generate upto 21 first lines you can use across an entire email sequence, for just 1 credit.

The output is auto-organised to personalise your entire followup email sequence. i.e All of the below is just 1 credit.

For all other options + Smart Scripts we generate 2 outputs.

For Smart Scripts you have multi-select, which means you can dynamically personalise your entire email sequence.

Email 1: LinkedIn Personalisation, Email 2: Company News Personalisation, Email 3: Medium blog

This output is also organised for easy sequencing.

1 credit = 1 Lead = 1 Person = 1 Company = 1 LinkedIn Profile = Upto 21 first lines
Billing Questions

Can I add / topup my credits?

You can get topup credits as a pro plan user

Will I be charged the full amount/the difference when I upgrade

You will only be charged the difference if you upgrade. Base Plan to Popular plan would mean you are charged $90 not $149