Top 40+ eCommerce Case Studies.

The best ecommerce case studies you need to read. Learn their growth strategies & tactics, and their journey's to achieve scalable growth. Some of these are seriously impressive.

How HiSmile dominated millennials, the most wanted persona on the planet

by King Kong

Aggressive testing using social media to find and confirm the right customer persona.

Worked with key influencers from micro to macro to penetrate their ideal customer persona

One of the best eCommerce case studies I've ever read!

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$20 Million Skin care business in 2 years with no beauty experience

by Daily Mail

Launched with 100s of nano/micro influencers in one go. Took over instagram with models posting photos

Strong distribution network of influencers with a warm + very engaged audience

Picked up on trends - then amplify via influencers

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Just one single instagram giveaway resulted in 41k emails + 37k new followers


With less than $1000 to run this campaign, Coconut Bowls generated LOTS of new emails + followers.

This case study breaks down the exact steps that Coconut Bowls used to explode this giveaway that resulted in $$$

One of the best giveaway case studies I've ever read!

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The growth story of Zara | how they turned into the iconic brand of today

by Contact Pigeon

We love this case study due to the story of where Zara originated from into the powerhouse brand of today

Highlights the key drives of growth that helped Zara turn into a Mulit-Million dollar brand

Really impressive stats!

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Bootstrapping one of Australia’s most popular shopping brands to $80M ARR

by Business Insider

Growth hacked through community building in early days of facebook, creating modelling competition getting friends to tag each other

A very strong personal brand on instagram and brand partnership deals with macro influencers on instagram

Obsessive focus on customers and customer support.

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The journey of 20k to $12M in one year | How Instagram exploded this Business' Growth

by Smart Company

Laser focus on customer persona allowed to double down on Instagram influencers, where they shipped the product to many influencers across the globe

Find and solve a pain point people are facing, the cost should be dwarfed by the value

“Sweet spot” between 200,000 &500,000 for influencers.

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AutoCreate personalised outreach messages that get 80% open rates using AI

Build a $200M ARR Mattress company in 5 years

by Brafton

Rapid testing between copy and video creatives to ensure their target audience is always entertained and the ads can drive conversation

Video marketing and entertaining story telling helped with product awareness and growth

Bringing tech & science to a very boring/old industry

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$0 to $13M in 12 months - Amazing Case Study on Koala

by Web Profits

Koala offered an excellent product that adds significant value, and topped with off with next-to-none customer experience with their 4 hour delivery

Every content piece should have scroll stoppers and be very entertaining - the shock factor video pieces

One of the best case study breakdowns you will read!

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$300M+ Valued company in 7 years | Top Case Study

by Beeketing

Amongst the first companies in the world to use influencer marketing truly at scale

Build long lasting relationships by being omnipresent on every social media channel where your customer is

Popup stores across the world a big success.

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$0 to $72M in funding | Innovation in Eating or Ingenious Marketing?


A strong story always sells, customers want to understand why this product was built + build a relationship

Packaging is everything, after they repackaged and branded their product the brand took off

Strong PR game, especially in food PR is everything

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$163,633.50 Sales In 30 Days | Blendjet using AppSumo for growth

by AppSumo

Disclaimer - more around Appsumo product as a case study for them but very interesting study + screenshots.

That revenue figure was from 3406 abandoned carts in 30 days. Incredible recovery!

3 Steps strategy section = powerful.

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$0 to $100M within 2 years | amazing Case Study on Allbirds

by Gallantway

A very strong email marketing campaign for cold outreach as well as a brand consistent email strategy for onboarding

Sell the vision and the guarantee, cruelty feel materials, 30 day return and 1 click ease to shop collection

Leveraged their reviews in all their marketing messaging.

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5 years to $700 Valuation | The rapid growth of Away

by Forbes

Take something boring, fix the boring problems and create a brand of fun and excitement around it

Their brand is around the obsession of travel not luggage, Aways marketing maven came in their branding, selling people the outcome of travel

Build something unique and identifiable

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Viral Video to $1Billion Acquisition | The story of Dollar Shave Club

by Web Profits

Customer centric brand that created relatability with their customers using humour

A beautiful and wholesome customer experience with branded boxing, custom unboxing and several personalised up-sell opportunities

Their entire website + UXis a pure sales funnel

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The $600M Story in 4 years | A brand case study masterpiece

by Reign 23

Initial growth with door to door sales, theres no bad sales call - spoke to every customer under the sun

Branded partnerships with influencers on instagram to skyrocket their growth

Found many of his original customers at CrossFit gyms

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Kickstarter to $300M Exit in 5 years | Growth Story of MVMT

by Alex Fedotoff

Crowd funded a real world problem people face with access to luxury products at reasonable prices

Leveraged small to medium influencers to create a “mvmt” online similar to how Daniel Wellington built their brand up

Used data and leveraged media that works for them - Pics!

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Self Funding and disrupting a stagnant market | Story of snow

by Shopify

Influencer marketing with the right influencers matching your target audience

Customer case studies and proof of work will be the biggest upsell

Multiple upselling systems setup during product checkout flows

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The story of spanx through using humour | PDF download

by Stanford

This article illustrates how humour played a big role in the launch of Spanx into the brand it is today

By using humour she managed to build a loyal and committed customer base and community

A quality case study which is different to others

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How FasionNova has become one of the most searched fashion brands on google

by WWD

Achieved amazing early traction success back in 2013 when they launched and sold out over a weekend

Relied heavily on working with influencers and growing their Instagram account which boasts over 18+ million

One of the best interviews-based case studies I've read

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Rebranding a very personal topic into a Multi-million business

by Fast Company

The medicines aren’t novel but the marketing is made to feel relatable, at home and comforting

Educational content around how men should take care of themselves, showing tutorials and ways for self care

Building subtle humour into sensitive topics = success

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$0 to $750M in 4 years | the journey of Casper serving 1 million customers

by Sleeknote

Transformed something as mundane as unboxing their product into a memorable, share-worthy experience

Curiosity reward gap, referral coefficient is high, each customer was a sales person

Such a good case study! One of the best I've read

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One tactic YouFoodz used to skyrocket growth by 3000%

by Referral Candy

A big focus on churn and reactivating existing customers a big factor for huge growth

Additional focus on social proof with reviews + social media big levers for growth over time

Whilst more SaaS based, use many ecommerce tactics

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$0 to $20 million by selling leftover coffee | amazing story or Frank Body

by Viral Loops

Big focus on growing Instagram organically and started Instagram marketing at the right time

Influencers actively using the product in photos = big social proof and created a referral engine

Beautiful UX of their product pages for CRO

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From a $30 investment into $100K per month | growth strategies by Beardbrand

by Sleeknote

A wonderful case study by Sleeknote which dives in 13 detailed strategies that contributed to Beardbrand's growth

Detailed and curated content specific to each stage of the funnel a big success - promote popular stuff via FB ads

Drip email course to nurture warm audiences

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From $0 to $1.2 Billion ecommerce powerhouse in just 5 years

by Growth Marketing Pro

In the early stages of growth they focused on generating "buzz" through PR and word of mouth strategies

Building a social mission as part of their strategy made helped them stand out to consumers

A big focus on PR helped them stand out

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$10K to $1Million in just one year | Case Study By Appsumo

by Appsumo

Had a unique brand story and products which stood out from competitors

Invested heavily into an ambassador and affiliate program to spur growth

Content + Email game was strong

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Thr growth journey of Supreme | Case study by Sumo

by Sumo

Majority of their traffic sources comes from organic and direct

Celebrity influencer marketing a big core to their success (like many other ecommerce successes)

Content + Email massive for their success

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How Mellow perfected a pre-launch strategy to achieve over $200k in orders

by Referral Candy

Reached out to reporters to get PR (doing things that don't scale) and a focus helped them a lot

They studied the most successful websites doing products and focused on what worked for them

They used referral candy as a tool to build referrals

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Growing a Multi-million brand by building a content and community machine

by Veeqo

Fomo-based marketing and authenticity major factors for growth success

Quality content though socials and leveraging influencers across all platforms

Influencers are more exclusive to the brand

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from a vintage shop on ebay to an ecommerce site with $100 million in sales

by Growth Hackers

An amazing story on the journey of NastyGal using an existing platform to build brand to then going on their own

Leveraged social networks and eBay to reach their audience

Fostered word of mouth strategies and customer loyalty

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The growth journey of building the world's Top Hot sauce brand

by Shopify

In the early stages focused on pop-up stores to get face to face with customers but had scaling issues

Leveraged the Shopify Fufillment network program in order to scale

Another fantastic interview styled case study

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Built their brand over 3 years to 50,000 unique visits per month

by A Better Lemonade Stand

Large focus on social media and chatting to existing customers and photographers to generate WOM

Leveraged Creative Market and their audience to generate sales and reviews of Filtergrade

Focus on building a community, not just an online shop

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Reverse Engineering a $400 million startup | harry's growth case study

by Sleeknote

This case study outlines 5 key growth strategies that you can steal and implement

Replicable Word-of-mouth engine & White Hat links sections are very impressive

Sleeknote case studies are always very good!

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From $1000 investment to $10+ million | the growth journey of Man Crates

by Sleeknote

Focus on storytelling and content big factors for initial growth and referrals

"Tease the unboxing experience to reduce cart abandonment" (strategy #3) - very clever!

Product Reviews helped convert more customers

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$0 to $800 million | Growth journey of rent the runway

by Jilt

A large focus on data and obsession on being more efficient with the customer experience

Collecting data also meant they could create really personable experiences to convert more customers

Stayed on trend when it came to trying new experiences

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7 strong growth case studies for ecommerce | Bellroy success

by Sleeknote

Taking notes of the strategy of their Black Friday approach is fantastic - lots to take away!

One of the best when it comes to comverting traffic into sales from Display ads

One of the best study breakdown of strategy

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Growth Study of Bonobos | The rise of an ecommerce contender

by Referral Candy

Pride themselves on their customer service which helped spur their word of mouth

Andy Dunn says making sure Bonobos got one thing right, then the rest can follow

A nice overview of their growth

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Overview of a successful content marketing engine in a competitive market

by Beeketing

"Customers are also the website builders" - big focus on UGC (User Generated Content) = social proof

Leveraging of social media to skyrocket content amplification - big followings on FB, Pinterest & IG

One of the Pinterest accounts for ecommerce I've seen

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From $0 to $100+ million in revenue | Growth Study

by Growth Marketing Pro

Everlane sniffed out potential channels for acquisition - not applicable now but they used Tumblr with great success

They did some clever guerilla marketing tactics - Type in "Everlane and Postmates". Quite clever!

Focused on nailing an effective affiliate marketing strategy

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$87k with a single email which then helped spur continuous growth

by Rejoiner

Provide value rather than going for the hard sell on the first touchpoint - focused on 3 points on joining the community

Multiple CTA's to content & quality & engaging explanations of new products helped conversions

Learn from their email marketing approach = very good!

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$87k with a single email which then helped spur continuous growth

by Marketing Strategy

A quality case study that breaks down strategies across digital and offline - with a deep dive into metrics

Spent a lot of budget on Podcast and YouTube sponsorships and saw great success

Direct Mail also played a big role for acquisition

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Review of the Iconic's online marketing strategy

by Web Profits

This case study was done back in 2014 but still has some amazing growth marketing strategies & tactics

Goes into great detail about the website, product pages and overall UX with heatmaps, etc = really good detail!

Despite date written, one of the best case studies I've read

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The Growth strategy of UK's ecommerce Juggernaut

by Contact Pigeon

Great case study which goes into detail the key factors for ASOS' growth success

ASOS automated their international expansion strategy. Amazing section to read and research more into.

Tailored, personalised content key driver for conversions

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From $24 in her bank account to 16 millions followers for her businesses | Gretta Van Riel

by Single Grain

Influencer marketing and Instagram a wonderful combination for her success with her brands

Used messenger bots as part of her growth engine to engage customers differently than just purely email

Read more into Gretta - she's very impressive!

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