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Saw your recent post about the unfairness behind founders imposing a no side project rule for their employees. I couldn't agree more, it's hypocritical to do so, especially when most started their own company by doing just that.

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I just read an amazing recommendation you got from Daniel commending your leadership and technical skills. Your ability to use your interpersonal skills to lead a team is crucial for being a group CEO.

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Also, congrats on your 3 promotions in 4 years. It's a clear testament to the great work you do at Five2One.

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I just read your profile about your decorated 32 years of experience in the banking industry and your passion to help business owners capitalise. Your dedication to assisting leaders and founders grow their business is very commendable.

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I'm really impressed with how Stripe is allowing small business owners to offer subscription services and manage risk. Offering a secure and easy way to make online purchases is crucial for any business to increase revenue when eComm is booming.

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Just read on GeekWire that your startup has raised $12 million. Congrats! Excited to see how you continue to automate the process of manually creating data sets for machine learning

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I love how you helped ClassDojo establish amazing SEO and get them to Google's #1 ranking for more than 11,000 keywords. Cracking the top position for over 11,000 keywords in organic SEO is no easy feat.

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I loved your blog post about the 14 blog intros that emotionally hook readers and reduce bounce rate. Specially your point about how to begin with a question that the user faces every day. It's well known that in order to make something memorable it has to be based on a problem that people are able to relate to. The blog was a great read.

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I just read your blog post about link building, which I found really insightful. One of the points you make is that it helps to stand out as an authority voice and dominate the search engine rankings. I love that you mention this because it is something I care about a lot. You also mention how this improves your revenue, which has been something I have been thinking about for

I saw that you linked to another blog titled "What is a Backlink? How to Get More Backlinks" in your post. It has a few good points about how to get more backlinks when you want to. I wrote a blog post that's twice as long and has some strategies to get 1000s of backlinks in just a few days. Is it okay to swap out the link?

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I just read your blog post about the top web analytics tools for 2021. I found that Amplitude looked like a great tool. It seems to be focused on user experience and has advanced features like behavioral cohorting, persona and user profile data. There is also a 10 million actions free limit which is great for small businesses like mine.

I'm reaching out to you because we offer the cheapest web analytics tool in the market. There are no other tools that can compete with our pricing and it doesn't slow down your website at all. We've got a suite of features that would make any marketing professional smile

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I noticed you're a business leader in the B2B lead gen industry. Tell me, how is the lead gen industry demanding more of your time than ever before?

Do you feel like you're pulled in too many directions between other people's priorities and your company's goals? Then it’s time to switch over to writing hyper personalized messages to your customers. Fast.

Smartwriter pitches your message into the perfect email every time. It’s like having an email expert in-house, without the cost or commitment. Smartwriter currently saves our clients on average over 1 hour per day of time spent in research, drafting, and editing emails.

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It's great how your company offers an easy and scalable payment processing solution for small business owners in a quickly changing industry.

Currently, as online sales and marketing for companies grows, the need to research new marketing channels becomes more and more time-consuming. We feel that it's important to spend less time researching trends and more time closing deals. Smartwriter helps you do this by giving your team access to 100's of hyper personalised email templates that mean you always communicate in style.

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How Smartwriter Works

Automate Hours of Research

We automate your entire research and copywriting process in seconds so you can send emails that convert in 1 click

Send Personalised Emails in 1 click

We find and use your prospect's online data to create punchy personalised cold emails for sales or backlinks at scale

Hit industry-shattering reply rates

Our personalised messages are built with proven conversion systems that convince your prospects to take action

What is SmartWriter for?

B2B Sales

We'll search for Podcasts, Interviews, Articles, Medium blogs and 42 more data sources to create a unique contextual message that grabs their eyes

Social Personalization

We find unique points from your prospect's Job bio, job profile or posts & create a complimenting personalised message

Deep Researched Cold Emails

We use your prospects' case studies, awards, news articles or blogs to create wallet opening emails

Trusted and Used by 12,218+ Companies & Agencies


Simplify your product feedback process. Launch better, faster.

Get more product feedback, achieve product market fit faster.

Your team will save 100s of hours in lost conversations, launch higher quality products faster, and improve your client relationship. All without having to invest in complex QA processes that cost $1000s.

Leverage Network Effects

If your customer used a CallToValue button on another website, they don't need to put any details to buy from you.

Reap the benefits of someone else's hard work


CallToValue will be everywhere, don't miss out

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What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

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Create Personalised Cold Emails That Get Replies At Scale

Floor your CRM with leads by communicating with each prospect on a personal level
Create tailored emails based on your prospects recent online activity
Personalise your entire campaign. From the first email to all your follow ups
Compliment them on their Social Posts automatically with AI
Book meetings with decision makers in seconds using emotion-conversion copy

Find Unlimited Leads For Any Niche

Search Social Profiles and connect with them with verified emails
Build large, verified lead lists in your desired niche
Automatically schedule personalised outreach messages

Unique & Tailored Copy For Offline Businesses

Target Salons, Cafes or any business with a low online presence
Generate personalised emails based on Google and Facebook Reviews
Connect with the decision makers using data scattered across the internet
Book meetings with decision makers in seconds using emotion-conversion copy

No More Writers Block

We'll give you the momentum. No more staring at a blank screen. Click a button and get inspired with 100s of ideas

Fast, Original Copy

Save yourself time and money with out rewriting your copy again and again.

Skyrocket Conversions

We've put our AI engine to the test to generate high converting copy for you. Don't miss out on sales that were yours

Make More Money. Save Your Time. Grow Your Business.

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Personalisation specific to your business

Flood your calendar consistently with leads

Never worry about your next sale again with SmartWriter's complete outreach engine
Create unique personalised messages for your entire campaign, from the first email to follow ups, in 1 click.
Find verified emails of any decision maker of person in the world
Create enriched, tailored outreach emails in seconds that would take an entire team
Generate eye-grabbing copy for your blogs and websites and convert readers to customers
Holy Cow! An Awesome Addition To My Toolbox
Just used SmartWriter to generate some cold email templates using AI. Holy cow! I did a cold outreach test email to an attorney using his website URL to personalize the content, and he wrote me back 5 minutes later! This is an excellent addition to your toolbox! Don't miss this one.
David Eyler, CEO Call To Action Media

Get 10 hours back each week

Automate 98% of your entire outreach and sales pipeline process
Create highly custom and personalised cold emails in seconds
Generate punchy social media content that is publish ready in 1 click
Let AI read full blogs in 2 seconds and write tailored backlink outreach messages
First off the block and it works, its easy to use, very affordable, and most of all a real game changer for what I do -- account based sales opportunity generation for my B2B clients.
Raj Nadar, CEO

No more writers block. Become a creative genius

Staring at a blank screen has cost people millions, well, that's no more
Get inspiration to create copy for just about any thing, from blogs, newsletters
Generate SEO friendly articles that let you cruise up the Google ranking
Type in 2-3 bullet points and watch it magically expand into a full blown paragraph
Content creation on steroids
This tool accelerated content creation for our startup exponentially!
Andrius Petrošius, CEO

Go Viral On Social Media Using AI and Science

Dominate social media using our AI omni-channel content creator
Find Instagram Posts and generate empathetic/unique comments to build a brand presence
Skyrocket your Inbound leads by using AI to answer questions on Quora in your niche
Create Facebook copy that hooks readers with marketing models like AIDA and PAS
The new way to write emails
It is really difficult to do cold emails. It is a boring process where you need to grab several templates and test different variations to achieve your goals. Smart Writer just keeps it simple, helping you to create personalized cold
Igor Pereira, Co-founder

The output is incredible

This is an amazing tool worth every penny. It writes amazingly well, and not only that it can verify the emails and finds Social profiles when you enter the "Cold email" section.

Just type a few words, identify your audience and BAM! You have an A.I. generated (or more) piece of content.

Watch the Video

Really Powerful wording

The product works like a charm. I'm in the recruiting space and it took a couple of inputs for me to generate the perfect output

Watch the Video

Personalised Outreach Is Game Changing

One of the key factors of cold email success is the icebreaker. The personalisation/research behind it, is a primary determinant on the success of the campaign

SmartWriter pretty much automates that entire process for you, in a click

Watch the Video

The tool was build specifically for copywriting

SmartWriter is great, as a copywriter of many years i can tell when a product is built by a team that has a background in this space

The product is designed around what a copywriter does. I am enjoying it, it has exceeded by expectations.

Watch the Video

212+ 5 ⭐️ ratings and 16200+ businesses

Caleb Cook
Cold Email and SaaS enthusiast
Absolutely amazing product and they continuously keep updating and adding new features. Almost like having a full time copywriter on staff!
Wright Flip
Growth Marketer ||
This product simply puts me in the right mindset whenever I need help with writing. Great product!
Brian Grider
Love SaaS
Absolutely loving SmartWriter! Fantastic outputs with a great use case. Like others have said, most GPT3 tools kind of do the same thing but SmartWriter has put their own spin on it.
Chris Makara 👽
When I came across this product and what it can do, I knew it was something I needed to try out. I've been using this product for a few weeks now and it's up there in my "must have" tools I consistently turn to. The backlink personalization outreach is a real game changer. Using it allows me to create custom/individual/personalized intros for my cold email outreach. Not only is it a great product, but the customer service is very responsive. They are always quick to respond should I have a question, and they make sure my questions are completely answered.
Chief Creative Officer at BrandMojo
One of the best tool ever if you want to write ice breakers! Loving this tool day by day
Nkem Awachie
SEO + Content Marketing + Websites
I haven't tried all the features of this tool, but the Instagram comments generator alone was enough reason for me to sign up. Great tool with lots of potential.
Justin Kelsey
Video ads for e-comm brands
I've been using SmartWriter for almost 4 months now to help with my cold email outreach, and I've gotta say, I had no idea that AI had come so far! Vaibhav is one of the most responsive people I know, very quick to add new features that I've requested (e.g., podcast outreach templates) and give updates on where everything is. Highly recommend that EVERYONE give this a try and see how far AI has come!
Alex Hylton
Smartwriter is incredible copy, period. Not to mention the cold techniques included, it's a great product.
Zee Zuniga
Im a voiceover artist
THis product is so good, its creepy haha. It creates custom and deeply personalized messages, as if you actually too the time to get to know the prospects haahha.
Bob T
Growth Hacker
One of the best AI writing tools that we tried and most human like writing. Better than most VAs :)
Eric Baudouin
Founder of a new garden tool
Every time i need to write an email, I use this incredible software. I now never lack of idea and the content generated is amazing. I now never run out of idea when i need to create my email templates thanks to SmartWriter.
Sreyosi Dey
Social Media Freelancer
This groundbreaking tool accelerated my content creation by 10x. Absolutely cannot live without this tool anymore!
Thomas Kanze
This is a superb product and is different to all the GPT-3 tools out there. Really great for SEO purposes :-)
Yvens Ulysse Jr.
Digital marketing strategist.
smartwriter is smarter than i thought it was lol. I almost cannot believe how good it is. Solved a major problem i had with acquiring new clients.... personalizing messages/ emails. took me way too much time and often didnt know what to say. Smart writer does all the work for me.
Software Developer
Been using smartwriter since their launch and am always wowed by the quality of their features. The teams is super amazing, responsive and always giving a bang for the buck. Awesome cold email creator that has no rival.
Brandon Scivolette
Developer of the interwebs
A solid AI copywriter. I subscribe to 10 AI writing applications, mostly for content marketing, and SmartWriter has the most diversity in terms of the AI options. From social media to emails to website copy and blog articles, it's a very robust application.
Eric Ang
Highly recommended personalization tool! Been using this for the past 1 month and already seen 200% increased reply rate on our outreach campaign! I have shared the detail process here:
Avinash Katta
Solopreneur, YouTuber & DM Trainer.
This tool is a gem. It has helped me in taking my cold outreach game up. It's perfect tool for marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who struggle with copywriting or don't have time to write it themselves. The AI uses current data on your audience to create high-quality content that converts more sales prospects into customers.
One of the best tool for personalized outreach, congrats on the launch team
Bernard Piette
Revenue Acceleration Specialist.
The is by far the most highly specialized Outreach tool I've ever worked with. Increase your open and response rates by multiples. Brilliant developers and roadmap is very promising. This is the real deal. If you have an opportunity. Don't wait, incorporate SmartWriter into your stack TODAY! This is one of my best MarTech investments in 2021!
Damon Malkiewicz
SmartWriter is the first AI content tool I've seen that breaks the mold. Rather than being another "me too" product that does a little bit of everything, it hones in on cold outreach. They've developed models I've seen nowhere else - and they work quite well. On top of that, its founder, Vaibhav Namburi, is passionate about his product and actively releasing innovative updates. If you haven't check this out, I highly recommended it!
Marcus Wong
Kinda busy atm, will get back to this.
I feel it's always a little tricky trying to automate cold outreach — results are usually really poor since there's a lack of personalisation. But, using SmartWriter in my process helps allay this problem and make my emails sound more genuine. Although I'll never stop with the manual way of researching and reaching out to someone, I can see how SmartWriter can reduce many missed opportunities by using this tool on a larger amount of contacts that I will never have the time to handle myself manually. I would recommend anyone to give this a try if you're exploring the idea of automated outreach.
Nishanth A
I was convinced the outputs of these intro line generator apps would suck after trying a couple of them initially and didn't bother with Smartwriter initially, but I was pleasantly surprised at how SmartWriter has performed and with the new improvements on a weekly basis, this is turning into a very solid tool.
Savian Boroancă
Community Builder
I’ll use it for my day to day business. It’s a great idea and a powerful product. Keep up the good work! 👏
Guru Muscle
It's great tool. Especially a copy for cold emails. That was the main reason we have purchased it. Wish them all the best and grow to the moon :)
Love smartwriter! Its extremely simple to use. One of the best in its class. The future roadmap is very promising too. Highly recommended
Wilson Ip
Videographer, digital marketing
Incredible tool to accelerate approaching potential clients. AI does the research and writes it for you. Blue ocean usage of ai writing! Love it!
I'm a Local SEO specialist.
This is by far the best AI writing tool that I have used for my business and for my clients. Love the ease of use and the extensive number of features available to expand content and do outreach.
Philip Home
I hope my competitors don't discover SmartWriter! Game changer for organisations that utilise outreach. 10/10 for the product, team and leadership. Kudos for a really smart application of Ai tech.
Jonathan Baillie Strong
Community builder, podcasting geek
Having used a couple of AI writing tools, Smartwriter stands out with some particularly advanced templates - Instagram replies, quora replies and personalized outreach for example. The video documentation for the new features is also extremely well done.
Ron Beaubien
I'm an online marketer.
I have been using SmartWriter for the last two months or so. I now use SmartWriter exclusively to personalize cold outreach. It has saved me countless hours during the laborious task of researching and writing. Within hours of leaving feedback on the product, I not only received a reply from Vaibhav Nanburi but the software was also immediately updated resolving the problem I had raised. I have been nothing but impressed by SmartWriter for cold outreach and have been using almost daily.
JM&Co. Recruitment
Recruitment Professionals
If you are looking for a way to dominate marketing, email generation and social posts, then is a tool you need to have in your briefcase! I thought that I would test out by creating a sales email for a prospect client that has been difficult to connect with. What collated for me was just genius, and the narrative / tone of voice was so in tune with our brand... it blew me away and I have now created this content as a template for all of our outreach emails! So, in conclusion... it’s easy to use and set up, it has powerful automation tools, and it saves time so you can get back to focusing on what’s important – running your business. In my opinion, is the perfect marketing tool for all levels of expertise and works seamlessly with your existing marketing strategies. Go!
Henry Hoe Yong Zhi
Ecommerce Marketer
Been using this for the past 2 months. Awesome tool to help me generate cold outreach emails at scale.
jeff morton
Leadgen using AI to enhance3 outbound.
Smartwriter changes the leadgen game 100%. CTR rate increases of 50% PLUS as a result of personalization.
Greg Channer
Ive been a paying user of SmartWriter for a wee bit now and have been optimising my cold outreach communication, write FB/Google Ads, create backlink personalization and a lot more. I'm really impressed with this
Callie c
Loving it! it's different from the myriad of AI tools out there cos it does one thing well: outreach. If you are into cold outreach but want to turn up the heat meter, this is the tool to use
Teslim Adigun
I run a marketing agency
I highly recommend this tool. It's the Swiss army knife of cold outreach, and helps you open door to new opportunities. Enjoying the product!
Amtoj Sethi
Project Engineer in Oil&Gas
This product is handsdown the best thing I've used to personalize my cold outreach messages! I'd be copying and pasting templates editing each line to make my message stand out and this just does it for you soo effortlessly. Literally getting hours in my day back, highly recommended!
Tang Huynh Tuan
Growth Maketer
I am absolutely in love with Smartwriter. All other AI writing apps that I have tried felt cluttered& overwhelming. Smartwriter on the other hand offers a seamless interface and generates the best quality of content! Good luck for the launch
Raju PP
Founder-Editor, TechPP
In a world full of "me too" GPT-3 tools, SmartWriter stands out with its unique personalized outreach tools. I've been following its progress since the beginning and the pace at which Vaibhav ships new features and updates is unparallel. Excited to see what's next for SmartWriter!
Sasidhar C
I love how easy it is to personalize my cold outreach messages with Smartwriter. The automatic personalization of the first line when I send an email is irreplaceable and that's why I highly recommend it to everyone. If you do any kind of outreach, this is the tool one can’t miss. Thanks for the great service and best wishes for your success!