Best Practices to Generate More Sales Leads For Business

One of the keys to a successful business is investing in your customer base. To do this, you need an active stream of sales leads that will keep coming back for more goods and services as long as they are being offered at competitive prices.

Many business’s primary goals are to expand their customer base to grow the business. Achieving business growth is a long-term process. One of the foundational elements in growing a company includes having access to a steady stream sales database and expanding your customer base further by providing what they need through your business offerings. 

A lead maybe someone or a business who's interested in buying products/services. It could also be a person who has contacted your business through other channels (like generation ads, social media channels) without being intentional about reaching out themselves first, or either way, this makes up some good opportunities for the business. 

Lead generation is an integral part of modern business. Without it, there would be no way for a company to survive in this day and age where competition can be fierce at times. Similarly, for freelancers involved in lead generation, having a well-structured freelance agreement template is crucial to ensure clear terms and successful collaborations. Lead generation spans across multiple touch points. Are you a sales and marketer who wants to generate sales for your business? Then this article is for you; we covered some of the best ways to generate sales leads for your business.

The Importance of Sales Leads

The best way to discover new customers for your B2B company is through advertising and marketing. You can also use different methods, including cold calling or social media outreach campaigns, networking, offering free trials, referral programs, advertisement, SEO, and more that will make you seem more professional to attract qualified prospects looking for your business offerings on their search engine results pages (SERPs). 

A successful sales lead is the individual or a business that has already shown interest. After identifying the quality leads, it is more essential to identify how well-fit they'll be as consumers of our goods/services!

Sales leads are individuals or businesses that purchase your product or service. After identifying their level of interest, they become potential prospects. Through inbound marketing strategies, your business can create a steady stream of sales leads for your business. 

Whether you're a small or large business, looking for new customers or an established firm seeking to grow is essential. Here's how it works: 

Cold calling - When salespeople call people without their permission and ask if they'll buy something from your business offerings. 

Social media marketing - The marketers use popular websites like Facebook ads by setting up campaigns to target certain demographics with specific content meant as promotion (or advertising). 

Networking- Networking relevant groups can be really helpful because sometimes one person will introduce another who knows someone else. This networking strategy has been proven effective time after time. 

Sales leads are people who might be interested to buy your products or services. Cold calling, social media, referral, networking, and outreach are great ways to get sales leads. Instead of cold outreach and asking questions about your products or services. Buy offering the free product/service trials will help the business to gain new customers, the client will take advantage of it.

Importance of Lead Generation For Sales

All leads of the business can be grouped into two major categories Marketing qualified leads & 

Sales qualified leads. 

Marketing Qualified Leads - These types refer to people who are interested in your services and are likely to be receptive to marketing. 

Sales Qualified Leads - Are the people who want to buy your products or services right away.

Qualified leads are more likely to convert quickly into customers than unqualified ones. It has a higher chance of becoming customers because they're already aware of your business and may even know what they need. Unqualified ones are less likely to become customers.

The B2B Lead Generation Process

Lead Generation is an important part of sales because it helps you identify potential customers. You need to know what kind of people you want to sell to. In this case, if you are looking for people who are interested in buying a product. This means that you should be able to identify them before they even contact you. You need to reach them easily. When someone contacts you, you need to send them information that will help them decide whether or not they want to purchase your product.

Lead generation is the process where your business will be targeting your ideal prospects by highlighting the benefits of the product/services. Many of the lead generation processes involve multiple stages and touchpoints. Businesses need to learn about the potential business pain points and understand whether they are ready to buy. 

Lead generation is commonly categorized into inbound and outbound lead generation. The lead generation process includes tactics like cold calling, email marketing, search engine optimization, and leveraging social media channels like LinkedIn outreaches, social media ads, and more.

Businesses utilize various lead generation techniques and different platforms and channels to gain new leads. The survey says that nearly 73% of B2B marketers use email and 70% say that search engines are the most popular lead generation sources.

The day-to-day marketing challenge is to get a little more complicated than just finding the right strategy and repeating it. If you ask the marketers, their number one challenge is generating traffic or prospects to make sales more effective in this competitive market. 

Finding B2B leads 

The first step of lead generation is finding the B2B sales leads (Potential buyers) contact information, also known as sales prospecting. The B2B marketers can find their potential buyers (Inbound leads) information by utilizing the B2b prospecting tools to find the information. Using Smartwriter, you can verify the leads' information, qualify them, and start a conversation with them about your product or service offerings to make the sale. 

Reaching out to the B2B leads

It's important to be creative while reaching out to potential prospects. A good way is to collect an email list of high-quality prospects and approach them to seal a deal. Usually sales reps and marketers reach these people through cold outreach or social media messages for prospecting. And by using personalised emails, we can improve the business email response rate by 8X, and the personalization in the outreach will build rapport with the prospects. The AI of the Smartwriter analyses your prospective prospect’s website, blogs, Linkedin profile, news, and case studies and creates a customized outreach message in a minute that gets more responses.  Smartwriter LinkedIn auto-connection your business can generate the leads using our free chrome extension. Using the Sales Navigator you can scrape unlimited LinkedIn profiles. Using email verifications, your business can qualify the customer and improve accuracy in finding potential buyers. 

 Smartwriter LinkedIn customized outreach

Qualifying & prospecting high-quality leads

The prospecting and the qualifying stages in the buying process include the following steps:

1. Research & awareness stage: The customer is aware of a solution they need or problem and begins to learn more about it by consuming content like blogs, whitepapers, case studies.

2. Consideration - The lead will detail their specific needs before researching service providers that can provide what’s needed for those requirements in order from most significant the position.

3. Decision-making stage: Where filtering the potential prospects takes place (with meetings between different decision-makers) until the sales complete

Lead closer and make a sale

After too many meetings, the potential buyer agrees to close the details. In this stage, the client agrees to make a purchase. After lots of hard work, the customer will be onboarded by the sales and marketing team. 

Best Practices to Generate More Sales Leads For Business

I know it's hard to generate more sales leads for sales, but don't worry - we've got different strategies for you to generate more leads for your business.  Test them out and see which one works best. The next time you're looking to boost your sales, think outside the box. This B2B lead generation strategy best approach works well enough to generate new customers. 

Ask Customers for Referral

Your current customer is your business's best source of lead-generating. They've already purchased from you, so they know how your products and services work. It's important to make sure that these satisfied clients become integral members in any strategy for attracting additional referral customers.

Referrals are more powerful than marketing, cold emailing, and outreaches. Businesses take time to find the ideal customer and reach them, but reaching the current client after-sale is simple and easy. The customer referral programs can benefit both the current customer and business, and your business can gain loyal customers through referrals. 

Ask your account manager to ensure that customers are satisfied with your products or services and customer support. Have them reach out to find ways to make the situation better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) for your website will help your business appear on the top page of search engines like google for the targeted keywords. Through the SEO process, your business can rank your website for the targeted keywords and improve the organic traffic for your website. This will increase your inbound sales leads automatically. 

Improving your website's SEO will make you more visible on search engines like Google, but it can also help drive more traffic and new prospects to all of the valuable information or relevant content available on website pages.

Website Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages visitors land from various marketing channels, search engines, etc. Sometimes it is used to capture new prospects with forms, offers, and more. Capturing the inbound prospects is the best strategy to generate more leads than capturing potential prospects through outbound campaigns.  

Landing pages are the most effective technique to generate sales leads. Through SEO ranking, your business can capture more potential customers. The best landing page design can simultaneously benefit your business and increase your target audience base.

Utilize Email Newsletter To Build Relationship

An email newsletter is a great way to create consistent communication with your prospects.  Once your business identifies the lead’s contact details, it’s time for the next step to cultivating relationships and moving the prospects to all stages of the sales process until they convert as target audience and make sales. CAN-SPAM Act regulations should be considered when crafting your marketing campaign.

Make sure you include unsubscribe instructions at various places throughout every message. Start sharing valuable information or relevant content to potential customers in the form of newsletters, e-books, etc.

Leverage Your Social Media 

Social media provides several opportunities for businesses to create conversations with prospective clients and generate sales. You can easily set up your Facebook page, Twitter profile, or LinkedIn company page to engage the people interested in your brands. 

The key thing about social media engagement. You can also utilize social media to reach potential buyers directly and enable you to find out more about what they need and want. Social media platforms will offer you positive touchpoints with the customer over time, building trust in your brand and eventually making them purchase from you.

Lead gen is a long-term and continuous process. Get an efficient strategy in place. It helps you to streamline your efforts to find more leads for business growth. Meanwhile, your business can maintain customer engagement over time with social media conversations or email campaigns and engage them with their needs and wants. 


With the increased competition in today's market, it's more important than ever to find ways to generate quality sales leads. Here are some tips for lead generation to improve your businesses.  Create a successful personalized campaign using AI (Artificial intelligence) automation tool that will enable the business to drive more traffic and increase conversions using Smartwriter.

Any business needs to have a good amount of quality leads, it will be easy and effective for the company's growth.  In this blog post, we've discussed how important lead generation is for businesses and the importance of understanding the potential customers on their buying journey through marketing efforts with a tailored message to drive them forward towards conversion.

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