17 Best Sales Automation Tools 2022

In today’s competitive environment, sales reps have tremendous responsibilities. But 60% of their time and work are spent on non-revenue generating works. Only 22 % of people follow the time management methodology.

The adoption of sales automation tools in the business can speed up the sales process and boost accuracy. As a result, businesses can reduce their inefficient operations. In addition, these tools save time and improve your business' conversation rate.

Automation in the business offers incredible value. One of the advantages is that marketers can spend more time on high-priority tasks or production works to improve revenue. In addition, the sales automation software provides advanced personalization that will stand apart from your business from the competition.

So adopting the sales automation process makes business more profitable. This study indicates that automation software caused a 225% increase in the number of customers, and it boosts sales productivity by 14.5%. Therefore, sales automation software becomes an integral part of the sales and marketing of the business. 

Sales are more competitive today. The wide variety of automation tools for the business helps the team to attain the best results. In addition, these automation tools make the sales team's jobs easier. This article discusses how sales automation tools can help you improve your sales process and boost your sales.

What Is Sales Automation Software?

Sales automation tools are software solutions for the sales team to empower efficiency, consistency, and success.  Sales automation is a broad term that describes a set of related applications that automate a sales workflow. Most software vendors offer users a platform to create custom workflows that automate the selling process from start to finish. 

Once a particular workflow is shared, it can be reused by other team members. Sales enablement can be a great way for a company to increase its pipeline. When appropriately designed, a sales-oriented platform can boost revenue and increase a company’s overall pipeline.

These tools automate various tasks related to sales like lead nurturing, sales analytics research, hyper-personalization, email marketing, contact management software, and more. In addition, this automation software helps businesses manage the entire task by seamlessly integrating options with other applications. Therefore, consider using automation software to improve closer sales. 

Why Sales Automation Tools Are Key to Business Growth?

Salespeople often aren’t taught the best way to sell. Years ago, companies kept their sales process straightforward to track and manage. But the technology era startups and growing companies find themselves in today is creating a different selling and revenue management problem companies and salespeople need to solve: how to tackle the growing volume and variety of data and make more informed decisions. Sales automation software can help!

Every sales team wants to automate its sales processes. However, human effort is needed only during the initial stages of prospecting, which is why most sales teams would want to use software to automate prospecting tasks. 

However, there are automated sales process solutions that can perform the prospecting role for you. These solutions can automate prospecting activities to target prospects, qualify leads, send out personalized messages and other sellers to ensure a good response rate. 

Sales automation brings value to your business by performing time-consuming tasks, enabling you to focus on other important tasks and lay out a proper strategy for each customer.

The Best Sales Automation Software for 2022

Sales automation is more powerful. Here are some best statistics that indicate the automation in sales and marking will improve business success. Automation in sales increases productivity by 14.5% and reduces marketing expenses by 12.2%. In addition, it reduces sales administration time by 14%.

Implementation of sales automation will increase deal closures by 30%. According to the report, 60% of the users say that the marketing automation platform has improved the overall quantity and quality of the potential lead.

When it comes to implementing the automation tools for email marketing, it improves the open rate by 70.5%. In addition, it increases the click-through rate by 152%, which is higher than general email newsletters. So finding and implementing the sales automation tool for the business is more important. Here, we list out the top 17 best sales automation tools everyone should know and use in 2022.  

1. Smartwriter

SmartWriter is an AI software to generate personalised cold email templates in one click. It automates the most tedious yet highest ROI effort in an outreach process, which is, writing unique hyper-personalized emails for each lead.

Become an email and copywriting pro in seconds with Smartwriter AI. With this solution, you can optimize your personalized cold email outreach in no time. The AI engine will research the internet and develop a personalized intro for your emails.

Hyper personalization hooks the customer with real-time information to provide personalized cold email content, LinkedIn Personalization, product description, catchy blog intros, and a personalized subject line to match customers' preferences. 

Smartwriter AI personalization aims to reach optimal customer experiences in real-time. Email Personalization is the secret to successful sales email outreach. Create effective sales emails with signup with the SmartWriter account or Sign up to create one. The software offers 12 levels of hyper-personalization for strong intent. 

The software automates the entire research and copywriter the email composing, LinkedIn and Instagram messages, etc. Thus, it is an omnichannel HubSpot content creator. 

Generate personalized messages on social media to generate unique content to build your brand presence. Skyrocket your Inbound leads by using Smartwriter AI without any research. Sending personalized emails built with proven conversion systems that convince your prospects to take action. SmartWriter Ai software to send personalized emails for backlink building, LinkedIn personalization, and Tailored Cold Emails. 

Sign up today for a 7-day free trial. The Basic Plan begins at 59$/per month, Popular Plan is 149$/month, and Pro Plan 359$/month. And the tool also offers native integration with multiple email senders. 

2. HubSpot

Hubspot CRM Platform used by more than 100,000 users from more than 120 countries. The  (Customer Relationship Management) platform of HubSpot is one of the best automation tools along with integrations for business marketing and sales.

HubSpot is different from other marketing automation software in the market. Unlike other software, the Marketing Hub software tool focuses on inbound marketing that includes search marketing and content. It also offers the added advantage of having a sales and service hub where the team can work together i.e., cross-department workflow. 

The HubSpot Marketing Hub tool is a  marketing automation platform. It comes with Free and premium plans. It helps to grow organic traffic and maximize the conversion rate. In addition, a business can easily manage inbound marketing campaigns.

The HubSpot sales hub software is another automated tool for customer service. It offers deeper actionable insight to customers and helps to automate the task more effectively. The software helps to track engagement, personalize outreach, and sales closer faster. Hubspot also has an operation software called Operations Hub and CMS Hub, a content management system.  

Hubspot offers numerous integration options with other applications like Gmail, Jira, Freshdesk, Databox, Cookiebot, Google calendar, and more.  The above products come with free and premium plans (Starter. Professional, Enterprise). The software also offers bundles. The Starter plan costs around $45 /per month.

3. Prospect.io

Prospect.io offers all-in-one automation for sales teams. Prospect.io comprises the products contacts management, deals & pipelines, workflows, productivity, and Reporting & Forecasting. 

The software permits the user to create email personalization for each email recipient with a personalization variable. Thus, you can easily add your prospects either manually or through an automation process.

With Prospect.io’s help, you can schedule the email campaign for a specific time and set up a trigger to stop the follow-up sequence once you receive a response from the prospects. They gain actionable insight on the analytics report that provides deeper data on open email rate, clicks, bounce, replies, conversions, and more.

4. Zapier

Zapier is an awesome tool to automate the workflow. You can connect to everyday apps like Gmail, Dropbox, and slack. The integration with web apps for a seamless workflow (Zaps). It offers quick integration with a few clicks that don’t need coding knowledge. It allows the sales manager to share the data with the sales team within a minute. Likewise, you can integrate other web apps and share data with your sales team in minutes. The software pricing starts at $19.99/ per month.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the all-in-one place to build brands and sell online. The MailChimp commerce and marketing tool work together to run the business online. Users can create a website, online stores, appointment scheduling, and custom domain. 

Mailchimp offers an email solution, and you can find engage your targeted audience with branded emails, Digital ads, Landing pages, and more. 

Mailchimp has free, premium, standard, essential, plans and the pricing starts at $9.99 / per month.

6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool made by salespeople for sales professionals. Over 95 thousand firms use the software. With the help of this software, your sales team can seamlessly send an email, calling. In addition, the scheduling tools help to close more deals regardless of the location where you are.

This web-based sales CRM software is more suitable for sales pipeline and management solutions.  It enables your team to plan and monitor your sales activities/ sales deals. This platform improves more than 28% of the deals closed in a year.  Pipedrive integration with 250+ tools and services. The platform offers effortless connections of the third-party tools with the one-click installation. The Pipedrive offers free and paid plans, and the paid plan pricing starts at 12.50 $/ per month. 

 7. Leadiro

Leadiro is one of the B2B marketing data intelligence software. This platform will enable us to find active clients and improve the sales pipeline and revenues. In addition, Leadiro software helps to find the perfect active customer contact details from the 60+ million contacts. 

With accurate contact details, you can fuel your marketing campaigns

globally. In addition, the platform offers a solution based on roles such as sales, marketing, recruitment, and Enterprise. 

8. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is software for web traffic conversion.  Leadfeeder marketing software helps businesses generate more potential leads by showing the companies that visit your website. You can also easily identify which they are interested in. 

Usually, website visitors leave the site without sharing their information to convert these inbound leads or warm leads to your customer. However, businesses can utilize the web intelligence tool Leadfeeder to discover the firm that visited your website. The solution provides the visited company details in email alerts. 

Leadfeeder helps your business automate your sales process with accurate inbound lead contact information and the exact behavior of the companies. In addition, it will improve your outreach faster and allow instant lead generation in 5 minutes by adding the new lead automatically to the lead list. Start a free trial and create more sales leads with  Leadfeeder software. The premium plan is US 63$ /per month. The premium feature of the tool gives the company details; custom feeds, contacts database, visit details, CRM integrations, imported lists, powerful filtering options, and Collaboration tool. 

9. Freshworks

Freshworks is created especially for the sales &  marketing team to automate Email campaigns and lead scoring. Over 50,000 companies across the globe use the software. In addition, many large, small, and medium businesses use the Freshworks CRM to maximize their sales. With the solution, you can automate sales activities like emails, SMS. Calls and personalize interactions. 

The software offers AI-based lead sourcing and gives leads email, contact details, and acquiring leads behaviors. In addition, the Freshworks CRM gives a 360° view of the customer by capturing their customer experiences all in one place.

Sales &  marketing teams can build lifecycle stages based on the business process, and they can build custom activities, track customer interaction, check meetings, call logs, attach notes, and more. It is one of the easy-to-use SaaS software and drives clear business results to clients. 

10. UpLead

UpLead is the best automation solution for building prospecting lists. The software enables searching B2B Prospects and provides data with 95% accuracy.  Build prospecting lists free from unreliable information, poor-quality leads, and appropriate clients. 

UpLead’s #1 priority is to offer a data accuracy solution that assures a 95 percent or greater accuracy guarantee. They help the business to develop clear prospecting lists. The solution provides access to millions of B2B verified contacts with an accurate direct email address. Your business can also utilize plugins to integrate with sales software to generate new leads. UpLead is the real-time email verification that ensures qualified leads. 

UpLead offers a free trial and three different premium plans Essential, Plus, and professional. The price starts from 99$ Per month. The Professional plan cast around 399 $/month with monthly 1000 credits, and additional credits cost $0.40. 

11. Calendly

Calendly is a hub for scheduling your meeting in a more effective professional way. In addition, it eliminates the inconvenience of checking emails back and forth.  

It eliminates the reps' work to check availability and schedule meetings for prospects or managers. Now the email receiver can automatically check the availability. The key purpose of the  Calendly automation and allows integration with Outlook, Zoom, Slack, Salesforce,  Zapier, Intercom, Google, Office 365, Stripe, and more. 


It provides a 14-day trial and also comes with three different paid plans Premium, Pro and Enterprise. The Premium plan costs around 

$8/month. The Pro plan is 12$ per month. 

12. Yesware

Yesware is a tool for the sales professional who spends most of their time in the demo, meetings with potential customers. It is the all-in-one solution for the sales professionals that help to track and automate the sales that improve their performance.

All-in-one toolkit for sales professionals with multiple integration options. It is more powerful to manage the workflow along with seamless integrations like Gmail and Outlook add-ons. In addition, Yesware offers different affordable price plans like Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. The pricing starts from $15/ user per month. 

13. TAM (Total Addressable Market ) Calculator by Cognism

Knowing the targeted audience or the market size is the top priority in the business decision. Cognism developed an amazing tool called TAM Calculator that helps the business identify the size of the prospective market. Business owners can find just by adding the target criteria comprising the location, job title, seniority, company, etc. 

This calculator provides the total market size and helps you in better business decisions.  With the software, you can build the qualified B2B database by finding and verifying the emails, phone numbers, location, and more. The chrome extension of the software will power up your social selling. You can easily extract the B2B leads data from LinkedIn and export it as CSV. 

14. Autoklose

Autoklose is a robust machine learning application. It is an all-in-one sales solution to produce more quality b2b leads for the business. It helps to monitor all the email outreach and automate sales tasks more effectively and efficiently. 

The purpose of automation software (Autoklose) is to prevent the sales teams' repetitive and tedious tasks. In addition, Autoklose helps marketers to send a  personalized message to large subscribers through email. You can easily create a huge database of clean, verified B2B leads from various industries with powerful filtering features. Autoklose Pricing plans (Starter $59.99 month/user, Small Business 249.95 $ month/5 users, and Enterprise).

15. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a powerful omnichannel chatbot that helps the business connect instantly with the customer or targeted prospect, B2B lead with live chats. Reach the customers through Facebook messenger, SMS, Instagram, Web chats, etc.  MobileMonkey is an all-in-one solution to stay connected with clients using the omnichannel marketing automation software for Facebook Messenger, SMS, Web chat, and Instagram. 

This solution enables the sales team to use chats as the marketing automation software to track the targeted prospects' social media platforms, website, and other marketing channels. Live chat for the support team is the game-changer for many businesses. It also offers automation for email drip campaigns, chats, Messenger ads, and more. 

16. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a powerful AI tool for lead generation. The solution enables the user to get verified contact information, including email address, phone number, and social media accounts. In addition, you can discover the leads based on the position and industry niche. 

The LeadFuze AI matches and gives you verified real b2b contact information from 500+ million profiles and 12+ million businesses. It is integrated with the popular CRM solutions and ATS's. So your business does not require you to add the data manually. Instead, the leads will be added automatically. The tool connects with the outreach software and social automation system to trigger the workflow. LeadFuze connects with more than 1000+ including Zapier. From LeadFuze, you can download your lead information any time in google or CSV files. 

LeadFuze's starter package offers 500 leads credits per month, and the scaling package offers 2500 leads per month. The solution also offers custom pricing.

17. Jotform Sign

Jotform Sign is an electronic signature platform designed to streamline and elevate your sales automation efforts. Seamlessly integrating into your sales workflow, Jotform Sign empowers businesses to accelerate the contract and agreement process.

The platform offers a secure and efficient solution for obtaining legally binding electronic signatures from clients and partners, enabling sales teams to close deals faster.With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and advanced security features, Jotform Sign simplifies the document signing process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

Jotform has a free plan you can try out that includes all of its features with some limitations. The paid plans start from $34 / per month. They also offer an enterprise plan that includes custom domains, real-time support, and for unlimited use for bigger companies.

Final Thoughts 

Today every business has not automated its operations, but the automation software will take the sales to a new height and help to create a solid marketing strategy. Would you like to turn your sales cycle more effective in an automatic way? The sales automation software can give you more time to focus on strategic aspects of the business. However, finding sales automation software is difficult, so we generated a list of the top 17 best sales automation software implemented for your business. 


Automation helps manage tedious administrative work and remove the bad leads in the sales and marketing cycle. The above list provides the help to choose the right automation software to improve your sales and efficiency. 

Smartwriter tool to generate more personalized email outreach that will help to generate 8X response rates. You can generate email personalization with 1-Click using AI. Smartwriter offers deeper insight into your customers to create a hyper-personalized email. You can easily find and verify the b2b leads data and increase your marketing ROI.

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