How To Create 11 Insanely High Quality Blog Posts In 1 Week With No Extra Effort

Content creation is the basis of any company's long term and sustained growth. In fact 82% of Startup founders Interviewed on Indiehackers attribute content marketing and SEO to be one of the core reasons for success

However creating content can be a tedious task, especially good content that ranks well, has strong value and also leads to converting readers to customers. The alternatives we have right now are to

1) Hire a content writer using upwork, freelancer or other sites

2) Hire an in house marketers and content writer

3) Write the content end to end yourself

Each of these come with some great benefits and serious downfalls at the same time. They all involve heavy time and cost investment, with possibilities of the content being really poor, as well as hours and hours spend on filtering through 100s of applications to find the right content writer for you Incorporating the best online proofing software into your content creation process can mitigate the risks of poor quality content and streamline the review process, saving valuable time and resources spent on filtering through numerous applications to find the right content writer.

So for that reason we built out a process to help expedite your entire blog writing process, i.e either you can do this all by yourself, pumping out excellent high ranking content in minutes or you can hire a freelancer, except this time around your freelancer has the power of AI supporting them which will lead to 5x increase in productivity and at least a 2x increase in quality.

So how does this exactly start? Well here you go!

Let's start with a niche topic I want to write content about, I'm using AHREFS for this, "Youtube Description"

Keyword research with Ahref

So i'm going to be writing about A Youtube Description Generator. I'm okay with this, 34 KD is hard, but we've got a bit of a DA to battle it so we're going to give this a go!

So step one would be find a punchy title, after all 80% of people read only the title only 20% actually read the rest of the content

Create Viral content with Smartwriter

We've set up a quick description about what the blog is "This is a blog about how you can use AI to generate catchy youtube descriptions and how important youtube descriptions are for ranking your videos with the youtube algorithm"

Blog Description with Smartwriter

Alright so we got some outputs that are pretty neat

Blog Titles from Smartwriter

I like the the last one, so with that we're going to go ahead and create our blog intro. The goal of the intro is to convince the reader they made a good choice that they clicked on to the heading, i.e it needs to be punchy, and needs to tease readers on what the rest of the blog is going to be about

I tweaked the title to bit to a little bit of a pop and added the blog description again to generate the blog intro

Extend content with Smartwriter

So we got two outputs from this, and they both seem pretty dark good, the first one definitely got me pretty hooked, so I think I'm going to select this to be the intro of my blog

Blog Introduction generated by Smartwriter

Sweet so we've got the punchy title, the catchy intro now lets setup the architecture of the blog with an outline that'll flow in a way that gets your users excited about what they're about to read and ensure we're pushing as much value as we possibly can at them. So the next thing we're going to do is set up the blog outline

Create blog layout with Smartwriter

So now all you've got to do is select the title of the blog add it to the outline and it'll generate some fancy outlines for you to build your blog on. Out of the two that got generated liked the second one

Blog Outline Output

So one that we've got that, all i'm going to do next is use one of the sections headings, along with the blog title to generate content for that section. In this case its going to be for "Section 2: Importance of having YouTube descriptions that rank well"

So with that i've popped in my title and sub topic and let our AI engine create content for me

Blog Topic Extension

And straight off the bat we've got incredible content we can lead with and extend onto if we want.

Extented Blog topic Output

In a matter of minutes i've got nearly 300 words written. Repeat the last step a few more times and you've got a high value and high volume content piece ready to rank and bring you traffic!

All the best

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