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200% Increase In Backlink Reply Rates

In just 2 weeks we doubled our reply rates from 5% to 10% AND generated 10 backlinks in 3 weeks.
Eric Ang
Doubled our reply rates and scored 10 new backlinks in 3 weeks.

Hear it straight from them

Cold outreach emails can sometimes be just that, cold.

Hence in One Search Pro, we as a digital marketing agency wanted a more personable approach that would make our clients feel valued and that they were not just an email address on a random list.

Especially because research shows that potential clients respond better to personalized messaging that they can relate to.

That said, analyzing each client and creating personalized email content for each of them is time-consuming and would require lots of manpower to handle. It truly was not sustainable for us in the long run.

Enter SmartWriter. This no-code outreach tool completely transformed our reachout email setup for the better. Here are some of the functional benefits we have gained from using SmartWriter.

Finding and Verifying Emails

It's frustrating when you have solid leads on potential clients but have none of their contacts. This dilemma cost us lots of opportunities in the past. Fortunately, the email search option on SmartWriter has now bridged this gap for us. It enables us to find and reach more potential clients and grow our business prospects.

Through SmartWriter, we are now also able to verify the emails on our mailing list. This saves us time and allows us to only focus our efforts on real email addresses that could yield conversions.

Content Creation

Finding the right email addresses is one thing but creating content for each reach-out email is the proof of the pie.

SmartWriter, however, delivers a great solution for this too. It provides a platform where you can select the purpose of the e-mail and enter basic details about the message that you would like to relay to the recipient.

For example, in a marketing email, you would enter the name of the product you are selling, a product description, and possible links through which the potential customer can make a purchase.

The SmartWriter tool uses the data you provide to gather relevant data about your potential clients from the internet. It then generates personalized email content for them using AI. It is quick, convenient, and effective.

The icebreaker feature has also been a great resource for us. It generates an opening statement that is attention-grabbing and draws the receipt of the email to keep reading until the end. We mainly use it when drafting response or follow-up emails as we prefer to engage clients directly in such instances.

Personalized Backlink Outreach Emails

The AI capabilities of the SmartWriter tool make it efficient at reading through blogs and interpreting them. It picks up on the general tone, context, and keywords of the blog.

The SmartWriter tool then uses the data it collects to easily generate personalized outreach emails when we need to establish content partnerships with bloggers.

The personalized emails highlight key aspects of a blog. This proves to the author that we have done our due diligence, understand the objective of their blog, and are thus worth working with.

Through this feature, we have been able to reach out to authors and successfully:

  • Request guest posts opportunities to highlight our business
  • Request them to add personalized backlinks to our site in their content
  • Request them to replace competitor links with our personalized backlinks

These successful backlink outreaches have seen us post our content and backlinks far and wide.

In just two weeks, we had 29 replies out of the 272 emails we sent out containing snippets of the personalized text from SmartWriter - that’s almost 10% reply rate as compared to our previous outreach attempts of less than 5% reply rate.

On top of that, we managed to generate 10 backlinks within the first 3 weeks of using this tool. This is a great improvement from what we were able to achieve in previous campaigns.

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn is one of the main avenues through which we initiate B2B interactions or reach out to some clients.

Nevertheless, it is a professional platform where first impressions matter and determine whether the entities we reach out to will respond and engage us further.

SmartWriter has helped us improve our LinkedIn interactions and their outcomes. It scans the profiles of our prospects and their interests then generates outreach emails that resound with them.

The emails are concise and have a complimentary tone that elicits interest and positive emotion in the reader.

It also includes pertinent details in their professional profile that a human content creator could easily miss. These features add great value to our interactions and represent our brand well.

Why We Recommend SmartWriter

It's easy to say that the SmartWriter app works well but that is a blanket statement. When it comes down to it, would we recommend SmartWriter to friends and family?

We certainly would, and here is why.

1. You Maintain Control

Communication is a highly sensitive aspect of running any business because words can make or break deals. So, it is understandable that you would be apprehensive about delegating communication functions to an app, we were too.

However, with SmartWriter you have the final say. You choose how and when you would like to use it and whenever you do not like the generated content, you can always ask for a fresh take.

2. It Saves You Time

How long would it take you and your staff to analyze client information, come up with special ice breakers for each of them, personalize their email content, and also read through multiple blogs?

It's quite a ton of time-consuming admin work.

SmartWriter takes all of that off your plate and frees up your time and that of your staff for other crucial tasks.  Imagine we used to take nearly all day trying to come up with a unique message per prospect from scratch to sound personable but this tool creates without breaking a sweat.

You can upload 50 URLs at a time via .csv or Google Sheet function, and it takes 1-2 minutes to generate copies for that batch. So if you need to send emails in bulk for the day, say to 500 prospects, it only takes about 20 minutes or so!

3. It is Cost-effective

In our opinion, if content creation is not your strong point, it is best to have a dedicated content creator for your business. The challenge is, as your client base grows, how many content creators and admin personnel will you need to hire? How much would that cost you?

When we did the math, we found it way more affordable to invest in SmartWriter and keep our creative team small as it significantly reduces our lead time per outreach.

How Would We Rate SmartWriter?

We would give it 4.7 stars out of 5. While the platform is user-friendly, some of our staff had some challenges understanding some technical terms. However, after a few hours of reading through the resources provided by SmartWriter, it was smooth sailing all through.

Ultimately, subscribing to SmartWriter was a great step forward for our business.

We had long given up on automating outbound communication as all of the apps we had tried fell massively short.

Lucky for us, the unique and purposeful way that SmartWriter has harnessed AI was exactly the magic bullet our business communications system needed. All this very simply and cost-efficiently!

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