AI Instagram Captions Generator That'll Make You Go Viral

AI Instagram Captions Generator That'll Make You Go Viral

Introduction to Instagram Captions

Captions are the short headlines over the cutlines. A user can add a caption to a photo to explain and contextualize the subject of the image. 

Instagram captions describe the photo or the video a user uploads and may include hashtags and tags. 

Be unique and Viral with Instagram caption
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What makes a great Instagram caption?

A good Instagram caption will add intent, express your brand's personality, entertain the target audience, and in return help you get real Instagram followers. Captions can be of 2,200 characters in length, including emoji and up to 30 hashtags.

And, that doesn't mean your captions should be stuffed with hashtags and cryptic emoji messages. Your Instagram caption should be attractive and easy to read and follow.

What is an Instagram Caption Generator?

You need to have an Instagram account where you post your photos with cheeky and lively captions. If not, you should create one as it is a great social space. 

Although Instagram is excellent for raising your social presence and involvement, choosing captions every time you post a picture can be challenging. So, we decided to develop a tool called Instagram Caption Generator.

The Instagram caption generator is an online tool where you can create different funny, epic, and cool captions for your Instagram posts in just one click. They provide thousands of captions to choose from them.

Why do you need a Caption Generator?

Instagram is a large photo-sharing site. It is growing popular day by day. A lot of photos are being posted on Instagram.

A perfect picture needs a perfect caption. If you run out of Instagram caption ideas, you are in the right place.

What types of captions does it generate?

Captions generator app generates all type of captions, including Cool captions, sassy captions, epic captions, savage and badass captions, travel captions, captions for friends, captions for girlfriends, boyfriend, selfie captions, captions for couples, love captions, inspirational and motivational captions, short captions, morning captions, etc.

Why do you need a Random Caption Generator?

It is also known as Random Caption Generator because of the randomness of the captions generated. You might have gotten bored and wanted to choose some unique and stylish captions for your photo. So the app provides some random captions from hundreds of captions to make your experience even better.

Device and Browser Support

You can access the Instagram caption generator online tool from any device with the internet. Since it is an online caption tool, you can access the app from a mobile phone, windows, mac, and any browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc. So long as the browser and device have no issues, such as too much cache, and if you have a reliable internet connection.

Why Your Instagram Caption Matters?

The Instagram caption allows brands to express their personality in ways that a photo can not do alone. You can share your stories, tell jokes, and personify your company by speaking directly to your followers. 

You may achieve this with a video, but that means your followers have to view the video. But someone quickly scrolling through their feed can skim a caption.

Attractive captions give you the ability to engage with your target audience. Also, you can ask questions, spark debates, and offer chances to win prizes if they like and follow your social media page.

Why is engagement so critical?

According to statistics, users no longer see posts on their social media feed in chronological order. Instead, the content is prioritized based on engagement, interest, and the actual time when the content is posted. Also, more engagement means your current and upcoming posts are more likely to be seen.

With so many prominent brands using Instagram, your business needs to stand out. A great way to do this is to personalize your business through interesting, relevant content and engaging captions.

How to Write a Better Instagram Captions

You need to create a caption that will promote your post, increase engagement and reach while still representing your brand.

To help you achieve this, we looked through the latest research and picked Instagram posts from the best companies to determine what makes a high-performing Instagram caption.

We found the eight best tips you can use in your content creation strategy. You can use them to increase your post reach and engagement, ensuring that your brand has more visibility and, therefore, more potential customers.

  1. Keep the essential information first on the caption.
  2. Tell a story about your brand
  3. Ask questions to encourage engagement
  4. Use emojis to show your brand personality
  5. Consider the structure of your captions
  6. Use @ mentions to increase reach
  7. Include relevant hashtags
  8. Always include a call to action

What does a well-crafted caption look like?

Nike Post

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SmartWriter is one of the best Instagram Caption Generators where you can generate captions in quick steps. SmartWriter is an AI writer that lets you write copy that converts your readers to customers in seconds. Good content helps you to increase your ROI. 

The AI writer makes writing punchy Cold Email, ecommerce, and Landing page copy faster and easier. With SmartWriter, create catchy IG captions that get your comments section buzzing with engagement.

SmartWriter Is For

SmartWriter is most used by,

  • Founders 
  • Marketing Agencies 
  • Developers 
  • Indiehackers 
  • Designers
  • Business Owners (Online shops like Jewelry brands, Clothing brands and more)

Pricing Plan

The premium plan starts at $39 per month. SmartWriter offers a 14-day free trial where users can,

  • Full access to all AI tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • AI Email generator
  • Export AI content
  • Chrome Extension Access
  • 1000 Email Verification
  • 1500 credits per month (20,000 words)

How To Use Instagram Caption Generator?

The Instagram caption generator is easy to use and quick. The following steps describe how the tool is used for IG captions,

Step 1 - Sign in or Sign up for the SmartWriter.

Create Instagram Caption with Smartwriter

Step 2 - Create Project by selecting Create Project from the dashboard. Enter your project name in the text box. 

Create IG Caption with Smartwriter

Step 3 - From the list of options available, look for the Instagram Caption generator.

Generate IG caption

Step 4 - Enter the short description of what the post is about for the tool to generate captions.

Instagram Caption Generator

Step 5 - Click Generate Copy to get the Instagram Caption of the description you provided.

Generate IG Caption copy

Step 6 - You can use the caption generated if it's relevant to your content. If not, you can iterate this process to get captions suitable for your image. To do so, click Edit Prompt & Try Again to generate a new caption.

Generate Viral IG Caption

Step 7 - Enter the description changes needed and proceed further to get your desired caption.

Create Viral IG Caption

Step 8 - The tool then generates a caption based on the changes made. You can use the caption or iterate the above steps to create a new caption.

IG Caption with Smartwriter

Step 9 - Also, you can manage the Project in the dashboard. You can edit it or delete the projects.

Instagram Captions

Step 10 - You can edit or modify the file name in the dashboard.

IG Caption creation


If you want to upload a photo or a video on Instagram or other social media, make sure to use the most out of the online tool to create great captions that gain more likes and engagement. Create captions that interact with the audience to drive traffic to your page.

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