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YouTube is the second largest search engine with over 2 billion active users. It is the most popular video-sharing platform owned by Google. YouTube provides its users with the opportunity to view and upload videos or watch and share them.

YouTube is the world's biggest video repository. With millions of hours of content uploaded at any one time, it's no wonder that so many people stumble across awesome videos every day. 

Youtube SEO

In fact, with more than 800 million unique users visiting YouTube each month, it's safe to say there are lots of great titles on YouTube to pick from if you're looking to stand out in the crowd. If you choose a descriptive title for your video, you'll instantly grab your viewers' attention and convince them to check out your content first before they move on to other videos on the site.

What is a YouTube Video Title?

The Video Title is a piece of short and sweet information about your video. So, YouTube can understand what kind of video you are producing and who your target audience is. The title is the first part where your audience sees before the video. Here the viewer decides whether to play the video or not.

Create Youtube Video Title
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Why are YouTube titles important?

The YouTube video title is a critical part of watched content. It is what is shown in the search engine results and on the actual video. The title of the video should be brief and descriptive. When looking at the results, you want the title of the video to catch your attention. 

You can also make use of the title to persuade viewers to watch your video. For example, if you have a funny video, you can use the headline to convince people to watch it instead of a serious one.

Video title Importance
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An important note is that the title must be very long to meet the search engines' standards, which means you need to pay attention to each character when writing the video's title. It means that you need to have a very clear idea of what you're about to do for it to have a title that is so long.

The YouTube video titles are an essential part of your video's performance on YouTube for two main reasons:

1. Click-Through-Rate - When a person sees your video in the search results, they will use the thumbnail and title to decide whether or not to watch.

2. Video SEO - Your title summarizes what your entire video is about. That's why YouTube and other search engines like Google put so much weight on the keywords that you use in your title.

How to create a YouTube title?

Developing a YouTube video title is not as simple as it may sound. First, you must begin to understand how viewers think. Next, you must craft a title that doesn't just work but ranks well on YouTube search results and related searches.

When it comes to creating and editing a video, it's important to ensure that your content is engaging and visually appealing. Make your video titles stand out from the crowd by making them more attractive than your competition. Nowadays, most people browse YouTube through its search bar, which means that a good video name could create the difference between thousands of views and hundreds. To give your videos an even more professional touch, consider using a  YouTube intro maker to captivate your audience right from the start, or utilize an AI voice generator to add compelling narration.

There are some tips and tricks that can increase the chances for your video to be viewed and shared, and if you want to go for the top spot on Google's search engine results page, then you need to have an excellent video description as well.

Tips for Writing A Great Video Title

  • Use SmartWriter video title generator for your videos.
  • Use Simple yet strong and powerful words.
  • Use keywords with high search volume but less competitive
  • Make a bold statement or solve a true problem
  • Include numbers in your video headline
  • Do market research to understand what your audience is looking for.
  • Ask a funny or strange question to your audience.
  • Write catchy video titles that draws video watchers
  • Try to use some of the commonly used words yet exciting. For example, try using some of the popular keywords like (Top 10, Top 5, ways to do something, urgent news, urgency, and more)
  • Add interesting adjectives in your title. 
  • Add Emotional words in your headlines to evoke emotion.

What Does a Good YouTube Video Title Have?

An excellent video title contains several elements, including keywords, power words, and the right length. You may check your titles for all of these components by using Headline Analyzer.


Perfect video titles include the SEO keywords that you are trying to rank for. You can use a keyword research tool to find relevant keywords that are easy to rank. Since Google owns YouTube, the ranking algorithms for YouTube are relatively similar to Google search.

Power Words

Using Power words is a great way to grab users' attention and increase click-through and conversion rates. Including more power words in your video titles might lead to better SEO performance.

Video Title Length

The best YouTube video titles are less than 70 characters long. Though YouTube will allow video titles to be up to 100 characters, most search engines like Google will truncate your title after 70 characters.

How to Create Great YouTube Video Titles

1. Use SEO Keywords in the Video Title

YouTube video results rely heavily on SEO, so make sure that your video title is written to incorporate key SEO ranking factors. Also, it is best to include highly searched keywords with low competition. And, you should make sure that it includes a hook. You can also use a headline analyzer to see how you can improve your video title's SEO potential.

Add Keywords in video title
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2. Don't use clickbait video titles.

Your video title should convey what your video is about. The title is how customers will choose your video over your competition. A customer must know what they are going to watch, and the title must pique their interest. Do not use clickbait headlines as it may mislead the viewers as well as YouTube.

Avoid Clickbait titles
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3. Keep the title under 70 characters.

As the length is limited to 100 characters, create a clear and brief title. Do not include unnecessary information like episode number or channel name in the title unless you have sufficient space.

4. Include a power word to grab attention

The video titles that convey emotion tend to convert better. Emotional titles are those that have words or phrases that trigger certain emotions and feelings. Emotional words in a title can create compelling headlines that influence people to take a specific action. 

When you use words such as guaranteed, free, easy, simple, and more in your headlines, they entice readers to click on your article. It is usually noticed that happy and positive emotional headlines drive more clicks and shares.

YouTube Video Headline Ideas

Here is a list of ideas for headlines that you can use for making viral video titles that drive traffic, shares and improves search results.

YouTube Channel Name

Business Name Generator tool is a YouTube channel name generator where people can create name ideas that stand out in the market.

Keyword Generator Tool

Keyword Tool is a keyword generator tool that is quick and easy to use. You can find the keywords using this tool.

You can also use Google AdWords as an alternative, but you need to have a Google Ads account. It is the perfect keyword tool for creating effective video ads. Having the keywords on the titles may improve the discoverability of video and, thereby, video views.

YouTube Video Title Generator

  1. Weshare is a popular YouTube Video Title Generator where you can enter keywords related to your YouTube video content to get SEO-friendly title ideas.
  2. Capitalize My Title is another tool to create video topic ideas. You can use this tool by simply entering a topic in the text box and click Generate Video Ideas, which will give you ten new video titles every time you click Generate Video Ideas.
  3. TunePocket is a tool to generate titles and get unlimited music for videos with unlimited access to it. Also, it is a free tool that produces various catchy and SEO-friendly video titles based on your keyword or topic.
  4. Content Row is a Headline Generator where you can get compelling headline ideas for blog titles, YouTube titles, and more.
  5. The other popular title generators include Social Video Plaza and to make intriguing video ideas for your brand.

SmartWriter - Best YouTube Title Generator

SmartWriter is a solid AI tool to generate title ideas that garb users' attention and improve click-through rate. With SmartWriter, you can create various headlines for a specific topic. 

As the name suggests, it is quick and easy to use. Also, you can make compelling and excellent descriptions using this tool.

Create your titles in a few simple steps,

Step 1 - Sign in to your SmartWriter account or Sign up to create one.

Step 2 - Create a project using the create project available on the tool.

Step 3 - In the choose category, select YouTube Title Generator from the social media content section.

Create YouTube Title with Smartwriter

Step 4 - Enter the blog details and the SEO keywords and click on generate copy to create titles.

YouTube Title generator

Step 5 - You will get various titles, as shown below. Pick your favorite headline for the video.

Best YouTube Title Generator | Smartwriter

Step 6 - If you want a new set of titles, you need to edit the blog details using the Edit Prompt & Try Again feature.


The title of your videos plays an important role in search engine ranking as the YouTube algorithm works on Keywords to rank the videos. You need to keep the tips in mind while writing your titles, as they can improve your search rankings and traffic. Make use of the tools to create perfect titles for your videos. 

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