20 Expert Recommended B2B Sales Enablement Strategies For 2022

To be successful in sales, We need to constantly learn and evolve our strategies. It's important to stay ahead of the curve and look at the latest trends. It's no secret that b2b sales enablement is crucial for all successful B2B companies. Let us know the process in detail.

Looking to outshine in B2B sales? Then this piece of content is surely going to help. Check out these 20 expert-recommended strategies for 2022. These tips will help us stay ahead of the competition and hit your targets from prospecting and lead generation to closing deals and expanding our customer base. So what are you waiting for? Start reading!

What is Sales enablement B2B?

It refers to the process of creating a sales or marketing initiative that ensures the office staff knows how to communicate effectively and has the resources necessary to do so. It is achieved by giving our sales managers the information and resources they need and helping them practice their skills and techniques so that everyone understands how each role plays a part in your overall strategy. 

Companies that have adopted effective B2B sales enablement strategies include IBM, MasterCard, and Microsoft. These initiatives allow these companies to help their b2b sales team be the best when interacting with clients. Also provides the sales reps with access to all the materials they need regardless of their location or time zone.

Why is B2B Sales Enablement a must for B2B agencies?

  • It provides the employees and contractors with the tools, knowledge, and resources to increase their closing capabilities. 
  • According to a study, 10% of people lose revenue each year due to a lack of communication and planning between teams. It acts as a bridge between both b2b sales and b2b marketing enablement teams and helps in generating more revenue.
  • The most common form of b2b enablement is adopting a content marketing strategy. And creating timely and up-to-date b2b sales enablements content, such as case studies, white papers, and ebooks will make the prospects interested in what we have to offer. It helps create a more stable stream of b2b leads into the conversion sales funnel and turn them into potential buyers.
  • If the sales team is focusing on deal closing, the effective b2b sales enablement team will come to action and determine why we should take action on any sales process. The purpose of enablement is to assist reps in closing business. 
  • It helps achieve more deal closing, b2b lead generation and guides our team to accomplish the goals.
  • It helps in targeting the potential buyers at the right time through email automation and ensuring that all our usage points are aligned and measurable so we can find out the email campaign performance like when we're connecting best with our audience, conversion rate, opening ratio, and far more.
  • The main goal of enablement strategy is to guide how we nurture leads and cultivate them, which is just as important as how many we convert, especially for long-term success.

It helps the b2b companies in many ways, from b2b lead generation to creating engaging content for b2b customers. So it is high time to check out some practical ways of using the experts' b2b sales enablement strategy to improve the pipeline.

20 Expert recommended B2B Sales Enablement strategies to get success in 2022

B2B enablement is the practice of educating the team on how a business works to sell to prospective clients by understanding the buyer persona more easily. It includes providing knowledge about both products and processes and market intelligence that might help the team better tailor their sales script to the ideal buyers. Check out the expert suggestion to understand in detail.

  1. Personalization: The Chief Evangelist at Mediafly suggests that personalization and providing an extraordinary buyer experience will play a major role in the modern way of the deal closing. First, we must understand the buyer's persona and then create an attacking pitch with personalization to improve the conversion rate.

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  1. Buyer Centric Approach: Expert advice focuses more on customers' needs than achieving targets, goals, and commissions. Try to gather as much information from the prospects as possible to create a buyer persona and serve with exact solutions. We have to update our b2b enablement to close the deal faster.
  2. Deep Analysis: One of the top sales leaders recommends deeply analyzing the customers' requirements and contexts. After that, create a standard strategy for enablement and outshine in the competitive environment.
  3. Content Marketing: A study states that 65% of b2b buyers prefer recommendations and review websites as a resource for solution research. So the marketing team needs to start marketing engaging content and attract the eyeballs of the potential customers. It helps establish a sales organization, new contacts, recommendations, and positive reviews from the buyers.
  4. Insights and Advice: The only way for us to be successful is by bringing insights and advice that can help the prospects solve problems. To do this, we must take an active role in helping customers understand business issues within the context of industries around them to lead towards better solutions.
  5. Availability: In a world where buyers expect more from sellers, Experts suggest, it is essential for them to get access to knowledge just-in-time online or offline. Sellers must also have the on-demand expertise that can help win over new customers in this environment of transparency and instant gratification when making purchases and selling at any point during the b2b sales process.
  6. Be Resource Ready: We live in a world where selling is no longer just about making an offer and hoping for the best. As more consumers turn to online shopping, we must have all of our customer-facing resources ready, so they can be helpful from the beginning to end of the purchase.
  7. Customer Support After deal: The rise of technology and buyers' changing preferences have made sellers need to be prepared excellent on all communication channels post-sale. It will make them feel special and help convert them into regular customers.
  8. Collaboration: The future of selling is all about collaboration. When companies can work together in harmony, they have greater success and more growth opportunities. It's no longer good enough just being knowledgeable, so we need skills like negotiating contracts and developing relationships with clients so that our business offers to stand out against competition from other businesses.
  9. B2b Sales enablement Tools: The Goal of enablement strategy is to equip the teams with skills,b2b sales enablement tools, and processes to make them reliable modern sellers for today's buyers. It takes trust on both sides. Sellers also need it because they're going up against the tough competition in this highly competitive market.
  10. Provide Tailored Solutions: The function of enablement is no longer just about providing random acts of support. It's more important to provide tailored solutions that meet the needs and expectations of every team member at any given time in their role, regardless of whether they are facing challenging circumstances or high successes like competing against bigger companies who may have deeper pockets.
  11. Events and Training Programs: The enablement has grown, and we are taking a more systematic approach to improving sales performance with the many disciplines that came before us, such as organizational change, training materials, and programs, or team-building exercises. It will guide the teams to have a wide knowledge of the selling process.
  12. Please use technology: As markets become more volatile and customer needs change, no individual seller knows how to manage it. But technology is available for sellers that want a competitive edge in today's market.
  13. Promotion and marketing communications: With the rise of social media, content creation and distribution have become easier than ever. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube allow you to create and distribute relevant content to reach your target audience. We can also find the buyers' behavior, which helps improve the buying process.
  14. Strategic management: A successful sales enablement program requires strategic planning, execution, and evaluation. We must ensure that our sales enablement program aligns with your company's goals and objectives.
  15. Marketing techniques: Marketing is about promoting products creating brand awareness, and ensuring customers know what your company stands for. So, sales enablement should include strategies to promote your brand through different mediums.
  16. Sales Management: Sales enablement helps salespeople improve their sales activities by giving them access to information and resources which help them sell better.
  17. Networks & References: An email from a contact whom we haven't spoken to in years or friends of friends, or a person met at a meeting, they're asking for a chat. Before jumping into a conversion, try to gather information about the prospects and approach with a personalized touch. It will help us to utilize the networks and references for sales opportunities.
  18. Business Terms: When we talk about sales, It is important to understand the different terms and concepts related to the business to market it effectively.
  19. Proper Interactions: To ensure a successful and engaging buying experience, commercial teams need to be mindful of their content copy. They should also take care of the design they use for it because this will make people want more interaction with what you're offering.


As we move into 2022 and beyond, it's important to ensure that the business is doing everything possible to stay ahead of the curve and provide a wonderful experience to the prospects in their buyer journey. It means ensuring that we have a well-defined b2b sales enablement strategy in place that supports our team's growth and success. And by utilizing the 20 strategies recommended by industry experts, we can empower the salespeople's performance with the tools and help them close more deals and drive growth. 

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