25 Tricks To Generate More B2B sales Leads: 3x Your Close Rate

B2B sales prospects and the lead generation process are the most important parts of sales and marketing. The function of generating sales leads is integral in any business. The more you generate leads, the higher your success and revenue growth chances. 

In this highly competitive business environment, every business constantly seeks a new way to generate more quality leads. As per statistics nearly, 68% of companies agree that generating leads is challenging. Nearly 61% of B2B marketers convey that identifying the quality leads on the b2b lead generation is more challenging. 

If b2b lead generation is done correctly, you can gain more high quality B2B leads for the sales and marketing team. This task has been proven difficult if you increase your sales conversion volume by 20%. Finding quality b2b sales leads will be beneficial for overall business growth. 

In the highly demanding market of B2B marketers and sales reps, the need to be on top of emerging trends, technology, and tactics in lead generation has never been greater. If you seek a b2b sales strategy to boost your lead generation for your business, then this article is for you. We have covered 25 proven b2b sales tips to generate more b2b leads that will 3x your sales closing rate. 

What are a B2B Sales Lead?

B2B sales leads seems to be look simple but through effective b2b prospecting enable business to offer better b2b sales experience. These are the business-to-business leads. To have a successful business, you target your audience and potential clients. A B2B sales lead can be defined as someone/ business interested in purchasing one or more products from another company. This person or business might even be outside of the business locations. 

The B2B leads are broken into qualified and unqualified leads. The qualified sales lead are the leads who have shown interest in your product or services and have undergone some qualification process, whereas the unqualified lead could be a good fit, but still, they have not undergone lead qualification after the prospectings process. 

What is B2B Lead Generation?

Lead generation is attracting and converting the stranger into a customer. There are various lead generation processes, and b2b lead sourcing approaches. The best lead generation techniques for different industries are key for any marketing and sales process. 

Besides the b2b lead database, various sources are available to build the b2b leads. The most common approaches include social media, online ads, email marketing, networking, referrals, inbound marketing, etc. 

Stages Of B2B Sales Process 

B2B sales are selling products or services to other companies. There are 5 important stages of the B2B sales process as follows. 

  • Generating leads or Lead generation process 
  • Lead nurturing & qualifying leads 
  • Inditing conversation with potential customers 
  • Negotiation, overcoming the objection, and Sales closer 
  • Customer retention & referral programs

Tricks To Generate More B2B sales Leads: 3x Your Close Rate 

These 25 proven techniques to get more B2B sales leads will help you to boost lead generation and grow your company.

1. Include Chatbots On Communication Channels

In today's fast-paced environment, the new leads expect responses from the business within 5 minutes. Only 10% of B2B businesses can achieve 10% of the b2b. To gain new warm leads, your business needs to respond to the visitor's queries or requests faster. This can be achieved using artificial intelligence tools like chatbots. Chatbots interact with the ideal customer or targeted audience like humans and store the inbound leads data, which can be used further by the sales team. Using a chatbot, you can respond to website visitors 24/7.

With chatbots, you can automate your lead generation and prospecting efforts. You'll be able to gather data on each conversation with the leads, including their names, interests, or problems, from a list of potential customers to generate more leads. 

2. Personalize Cold Emails

Make personalized, targeted emails by using Smartwriter AI personalised outreach with the deep enrichment feature. Each email you send will look unique to the recipient because of this customization feature. Personalization will improve your email open rate and response rate. 

Still, emails are the most effective  b2b lead generation strategy and lead nurturing tool. Fact says nearly 59% of marketers consider email marketing the most effective channel for the b2b lead generation process, and using the cold email you can engage your potential leads. Statistics say that 75% of personalized emails are more likely to get clicked by the email recipients than cold emails without personalization. Personalization in the email will provoke a higher response and boost your lead generation efforts.

Smartwriter AI deep enrichment

3. Make Warm Calls

Cold calling is when you call someone that has never heard of your company before. Cold calling is a powerful sales tactic when it is done correctly. Warm calls are the sales team reaching to someone who has already heard of your product or service before reaching out to them. 

Calling to the warm lead or Warm lead callings is an effective method to generate leads for your company and get people excited about what you have to offer. Calling can be an extremely effective approach for sales and marketers.

4. Optimize Content For Organic Search

Search says  94% of B2B buyers perform online research before making a purchase decision. As per google, study b2b buyer does an average of 12 online searches before interacting with the company. Organic search is essential for building B2B sales leads. 

Developing great content will increase your site's search engine rankings and attract more visitors to your website. Publishing long-form articles with relevant keywords will attract more customers and engage with them. 

You can also naturally incorporate these targeted keywords into the content while writing and ensure you are not keyword stuffing. Including external links from authoritative sources will help rank by search engines easily. 

Articles are the best way to gain more warm leads. Publishing your content and naturally using relevant keywords will help increase its visibility on search engines (SERPs) and generate leads for your company.

5. Use Software Automation To Nurture Leads

Marketing automation or B2B prospecting tools are a great way to target potential customers with personalized messages that get them into your sales funnel. You can also use these solutions for outbound lead generation, sending personalized emails at scale, and nurturing leads within the marketing channels until they're ready to convert. 

Using smartwriter LinkedIn scraping chrome extension, your company can collect thousands of qualified leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Free. Once you have collected the email address and other data using a marketing or sales automation tool, you can easily segment the leads and create a personalized message that gets more response and improves the convention rate. More sales qualified leads will increase the conversion rate and boost revenue. 

Personalized messages will increase the conversion rate. You can send outbound emails to bring in more leads automatically. These are perfect for converting potential sales-qualified leads (SQLs) into clients.

6. Include Signatures On Your Emails

Email is another best way to find unique opportunities to generate more b2b sales leads. If your business is looking to generate leads, emails are the perfect opportunity. One way is by adding signatures customized with a logo design, branding colors, or any other design you want to attract prospects while also turning them into customers.

An email with signatures is a great way to connect with our customers and turn them into leads. Signature is a great way to attract potential leads and convert them into customers. Emails are the most effective channel for communication with your potential buyers. 

You can increase your marketing efficiency by adding a banner to promote an offer, event, or webinar and including social media buttons on your email signature strong call-to-action.

7. Gain Customer Reviews

The B2B buyer's purchase decision completely depends on the customer review or feedback. Having customer reviews for your product or services is an incredible opportunity to generate B2B sales leads. On average, 67% of customers rely on online reviews from their peers to make a purchasing decision. B2B customers are saying reviews are extremely important.

92% of buyers are likely to purchase after reading the reviews from a trusted source. You can use video testimonials to show customers your gratitude for their purchase. They're a great way to build trust and maintain it throughout the customer journey, which is crucial if you want them to come back in future purchases.

8. Leverage Your Social Media Engagements

Social media is the most powerful platform for B2B sales and marketers to find leads. Businesses can achieve the best strategy for generating more B2B leads by joining social media prospects where your targeted audience engages. Avoid sales pitches with the targeted customer in the groups, and it is a place where your business can build rapport with your potential buyers.   

Using social media, you can achieve the following.

  • You can initiate a communication with the potential buyer on the group
  • Can easily engage the targeted audience and others
  • Can directly reply with the customer queries. 

The group is a great medium to showcase your product or service offerings. Once members get to know you, they will be interested in product or service offerings. 

9. Host Webinars

Statistics indicate that 73% of B2B marketers considered webinars are the most effective tool for generating high-quality leads. Webinars are a great opportunity for B2B companies to educate their target audiences and connect with them. It's also possible that you'll find new leads or other opportunities by interacting in webinar comments, which means the event could be very profitable. Today, companies turn webinars into a platform to reach prospects and engage with potential customers. 

10. Implement Customer Referrals

Nearly 82% of businesses gain quality leads from referral programs. The referrals from your satisfied clients are the most effective strategy to convert the potential leads into a customer. The power of referrals is undeniable. A satisfied customer will often be your best marketing tool, as they're more likely than others to recommend you and share their experience with friends or family members.

11. Social Listening

Social listening can help you to generate leads. Companies can enhance their visibility on social media for your business to address and respond to the negative response. Social media listening helps you improve your brand reputation. Companies that can respond positively and personally on social media will find more customers while also capturing interest from potential new leads.

12. Guest Post on High Authoritative Website

Guest blogging is an excellent technique for generating high-quality B2B sales leads. Identifying high-level websites in your niche enables you to find guest post opportunities. Guest posts can enable you to gain a backlink to your website and drive traffic. When you gain a backlink to your website, you will create brand awareness. This helps your prospects who have not discovered the company yet. Guest blogging strategy helps you to generate B2B sales leads. Ensure that all content served on the website or via social media channels is high quality so people will continue coming back. 

13. Publish Blogs Articles

Content is the king of digital marketing for B2B. Create blog or article content that educates and informs your target audience to generate leads down your b2b sales funnel stages sales with search engine optimization (SEO). 94% of buyers conduct online research before making a purchase, increasing visibility on these engines makes it easy to find out more about what they are looking for. Ranking high will drive organic traffic straight onto the site, generating new customers who may eventually buy products/services offered by the business.

14. Press Releases

PRs or press releases are a great way to get your name out there and connect with people who may be interested in what you have going on. They're perfect for generating leads when shared by bloggers, media outlets, or social influencers. The press release is undeniable. A well-written press release can do wonders for your company's reputation, improve trust, and help to reach out to new audiences who may not have heard of you yet or be interested in what it has on offer. Both social media channels PRs on platforms like Twitter & Facebook and offline with traditional news publishers are a great way to create brand awareness. B2B marketers can reach potential clients through sharing PR’s by influencing bloggers and more. 

15. Improve Your Website’s Performance

Try to make your site fast and mobile-friendly. Business online presence determines how successful they would be in generating leads. Making sure your website has a quick load time for websites would likely become one of their top priorities.  

Speeding up your website unlocks your business to generate more warm leads who are more likely to convert. If visitors come to the website if they find it slow, they'll quickly exit and never return no matter what type of industry. To avoid this problem, make sure to work behind the scenes, so it loads as soon as possible without error, use responsive web design principles when building/designing pages to ensure mobile-friendliness. 

16. Create Email Campaigns

In B2B Marketing, email marketing is the right way to generate leads for marketers. To successfully generate leads, ensure you have an appealing lead magnet on your website. Create landing pages with visually-appealing designs and regularly clean up any outdated information on your email list from previous campaigns. 

To generate B2B leads email marketing is still at the top of digital channels. Marketers reach out and connect with prospects on behalf of their company or business partner offerings. Make sure you’re not missing any opportunities, have a lead magnet that will quickly attract new customers’ interest, and make landing pages attractive.

17. Automate Your Marketing Process

Marketing automation is an easy way to generate quality leads for your company. Using marketing automation helps you segment your email lists to reach potential buyers with relevant content based on their interests. Personalization and follow-up automation will enable human touch on the outreach and improve conversion.  Implementing marketing automation tools is a great way to generate quality leads. Marketing teams or sales teams can send emails based on each segmented audience for better results than ever before. 

18. Use SEO to Increase Your Organic Website Traffic

You can use SEO to get your website on the top of Google search result pages. Your potential customers/clients can easily reach your website by entering targeted keywords into a browser. This will increase sales leads from both organic searches and paid advertising campaigns. 

Trying to get your site ranked well by cracking Google's algorithms is not a smart decision. Since they are always improving, you need to create great content that will help build an audience and rank highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Build quality backlinks by guest blogging, email outreach for backlinks, or other SEO processes to increase SEO rank. Focus on the most keywords and target those keywords for content creation. Here is a list of software to optimize your website SEO that includes Serpstat, Ahrefs, Moz, Scrape Box, Google search console, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, and more. 

19. Guest-Speak Events

Guest speaking is a great way to stay on the minds of your audience and generate more b2b sales leads. People will start reaching out after hearing from you if you’re presenting or selling. If you want people to reach out for more, take advantage of the guest events. Guest speakers give sales pitches and highlight case studies that will interest all types of listeners.

Guest-speaking can be such powerful marketing that it doesn't feel like advertising at all when done right. Guest Speakers understand this art well: knowing the difference between generating potential customers vs. attraction. 

20. Use Quora To Generate More B2B leads

Quora is the best B2B lead generation platform. With over 300 million active users, it’s an excellent way for marketers in any industry to interact and connect with their customers by posting questions on various topics such as product reviews.

By joining Quora B2B marketers can easily engage their followers by answering questions specifically related to what they might be interested in or asking about your industry. This will generate sales leads. Optimize profile picture, so it stands out among other users’ answers and also engages them with specific topics/questions you want feedback on before making any decisions yourself. 

21. Utilize E-Books For More B2B Sales Leads

E-Book downloads are on the rise, and it's time to up your game. Ensuring you're providing valuable content with every download and email address included will help ensure that prospects know how they can get in touch for more information or a free consultation.

You can't build a successful B2B business without generating quality leads. Electronic sources like eBooks and webinars are a great way to gain more b2b quality leads. On the other hand, businesses can utilize direct marketing campaigns such as cold calls or email outreach with personalized prospect lists.  

22. Build Your Network

Networking is not just about getting new contacts or leads. It's also important to think of how you might be able to help others so they'll want help back. Networking is a two-way street. It's important to be creative when meeting new people and show that you care about their goals so they'll want help with yours. 

In the networking process, you need to be willing and able to offer help when needed and take the initiative in getting new contacts or referrals for your company if that's what interests you most about networking. Connecting with the decision-makers is a great way to get your brand name out there. You can do this by connecting with them for blog posts, eBooks, or guest articles and asking short questions so they can share knowledge with you.

23. Use Google Adwords  &  Affiliate Programs 

Google is always changing, so keep tweaking your campaign and trying new strategies. There are many ways to increase traffic on the internet from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. That will lead to gaining new leads. Adding an affiliate link in someone’s blog post/website or influencer social media pages refers to their visitors to click to it and enable them to land on your website (these links can be placed anywhere online, including social media platforms).

The more you tweak your Ad campaigns, the higher chance that leads will convert into customers. Optimizing the landing page and ad optimization for conversion rates and traffic generation through SEO strategies like keyword research or content marketing increase website visibility on search engines. Improve your landing pages and ad campaigns to increase site traffic. Your ads need to be easy to find with professional design elements that appeal directly to prospects. 

24. Publish & Promote More Case Studies 

Case study marketing is all about knowing what sells. Decision-makers, before making purchase decisions which make these cases study actual sales enablement content for middle to end stages in the lead generation process. Creating case studies is ideal sales enablement content for the middle to end stages of the lead generation process. It helps build credibility with the clients by showcasing the insights and knowledge about your product or service to understand what is important in their buying decision.

25. Create a Visual B2B Audience 

Visual B2B content marketing has been more important. Keep your audience engaged and informed with in-depth YouTube videos tailored for them. You can either make a new video from scratch using a video maker tool or use one of the many pre-built templates. If you want to reach a visual B2B audience with in-depth YouTube videos, here are reasons why: 

90% of marketers agree that video is the best way to repurpose content. Furthermore, according to Google’s ranking algorithm, it's also an easy and appealing option for businesses looking at how they can get their name out there online without spending too much money on costly advertising campaigns or PPC ads which often don't work well if done incorrectly. You'll have more success using this medium than any other. 


The most important part of any successful business is generating quality leads. Without them, you can't make sales or grow revenue. To maximize your chances for success, remember these three things: 


  1. Identify which techniques work best with what type and size company this will help pinpoint where resources like time should go.
  2. Invest heavily into testing new strategies so that no one technique becomes too stale over multiple years.
  3. Always remain flexible by looking at different ways marketing campaigns may be run without feeling restricted.

If you’re a B2B business and looking for more sales leads, the above ways enable your business to generate more quality leads.  The key to generating high-quality leads for your business is strategic targeting and qualification. The more targeted you are in choosing prospects, the higher the chance that person will buy from or recommend a product.

Ensure customer satisfaction at every step of the B2B sales cycle. Build great relationships with clients by providing them excellent service creating a way to acquire new potential buyers through referral programs. 

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