40 Best Follow-Up Email Subject Lines That Prospects Can't Ignore


Trying hard to reach out to prospects through emails? I know it isn't easy because there are many factors to consider before launching our email campaigns, from collecting email lists, creating attractive email templates, email sequences, and far more. It needs so much effort. And it doesn't stop there. Getting replies back from recipients or prospects, following up on time and closing sales plays a major role.

Follow-up emails are as important as outbound emails, especially when closing deals and making some money out of our cold campaigns.

What do you label a follow-up email?

A follow-up email is an important way of keeping in touch with the customers or prospects. It is always not enough to provide your customers with relevant products/services in today's society. It would be best to share what they get from us to help them. It will help us create a great relationship between both parties to continue smoothly into perpetuity!

A good follow-up email can accomplish the goal by stimulating prospects in the decision-making process when choosing paid plans over trial versions or leaving feedback about what you have provided them; furthermore, these follow up emails may prompt someone who has been considering buying one more item online at all but isn't sure which site would suit them better.

In response to the prospects' actions, such as signing up for premium services after reading reviews posted, companies often send out additional information via emails alerting users that there will soon be!

It is especially useful when you want your potential customers to convert from one product/service option into another and keep coming back because they have found it useful so far. Every sales and marketing person can relate to these situations, And how hard sales prospecting is. Keeping that in mind, we have to craft perfect follow-up emails with great subject lines to attract customers. According to the study, we can improve the click-through rate by 65.8% by sending customers follow-ups. So better not too late to start creating follow-up email sales with great content to improve your click-through rate massively.

How do you write a follow-up email?

Follow-ups are the best way to keep your email recipients on board and interested in what you have going for them. But how do we write this mail content?

There's a lot that goes into writing effective sales follow up email, but there are a few mandatory questions one must ask before creating any email content: Like

  • What tone should my cold follow-up be?
  • What is the best practice to send follow up and Its limitations?
  • How to write a follow-up email body?

In this blog, let us find the solutions for your questions about sales follow-up emails and how we can do better prospecting with the great email subject lines. Let's check the solution.

Recommended Follow up email tone:

The ideal tone should be friendly, simple, and clear to avoid confusing what you're reminding them. The perfect email message should be polite in a way that needs not be overly formal or abrasive. And we have to approach it like informal communication to create a trustworthy bond between sender and recipient. Also, try to send shorter emails rather than longer ones. The prompt sales message is pretty attractive and easier to digest because there's less information overall, making them more effective in following up.

Best practice to send follow-ups and Its Limitation:

Why do we usually send follow-ups? Not every cold email we send needs to get a reply. The chances of getting no response after an email is the most common thing in email marketing. It may be for some reason, like customers might be busy, get frustrated with a bunch of promotional emails received, or be in a dilemma about purchasing. In this scenario, prefer to send follow-ups to get in touch with the potential buyers. Because the reminder emails we send as a follow-up help us keep track of our previous messages with buyers. It sends a gentle reminder to the customers and creates a chance for conversion.

A business owner can send follow-up emails to keep their customers in the loop about what's happening and when to take action. For example, Businesses can send a follow-up email to customers about their important upcoming events or product updates and much more. Follow-up sequences need to be similar to a reminder message on important appointments, meeting timing, pre-planned events, etc

Ideally, sending two to three follow-ups after no response is appreciated. And the default reminder time for emails is 18 hours in advance. Sending more early notifications may increase your chances of getting people's attention and making sure they don't forget any important events or deadlines, so it might be worth extending this deadline by at least 24 hrs if possible.

How to write a perfect follow up email:

In email writing, subject lines and tone play an important role. While crafting an email, it is necessary to consider these two key factors. 

  • The tone of voice you use in your subject line will help determine whether or not a prospective client receives it.
  • We have to make sure that the sales message is professional, polite, and organized so they can easily understand what's being said!

If you want your cold sales email to be opened by the customers, make sure the subject line is clear. Use a professional tone and avoid sending messages that are urgent or not relevant anymore because they'll gather digital dust on someone's inbox.

In this blog, we share the best 40 follow-up email subject Lines that helped us reach our potential prospects. These proven follow-up email subject lines craft your sales email and achieve massive success.

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Best Follow-Up Email Subject Lines & Samples for a successful email campaign:

Try these email follow-up subject lines based on the needs and situations. Here are some best subject line examples that will make your prospects curious enough to open up and read. Top sales professionals used these samples as part of their follow-up emails to get high reply rates, and it shows intriguing creativity when it comes down to writing these types of emails.

1. Follow up email subject line examples after no response:

Suppose you didn't get any response after your initial mail; no need to worry. Just send the prospects the follow-ups and improve your sales. Here are the top 10 email opening lines that guarantee response.

1.    Me Again, Just following up

2.    Me again, checking in on the [matter/Event]

3.    Did you get the chance to go through the last email

4.    Not sure if you had a chance to check my email

5.    Checking back to see if you've had a chance to see my last email?

6.    I'd be happy to do a [Task]

7.    I wanted to know if you're

8.    Are you open to doing a

9.    Would you still be keen to

10.    Thanks, heaps!


2. General follow up email subject lines:

The great way to reach your potential target customers is genuine and personalized content that they want! A study states that 47% of emails get opened because of the subject lines. We have suggested the general subject line templates to make that happen for you.

1.    I can help you with [Matter/business details]

2.    Would you mind sharing the

3.    Are you currently using [Product/tools]

4.    As a quick reminder, I read [blog post/ article]

5.    In short, I'd love to chat about

3. Sales follow up email subject lines samples:

Selling online can be a challenge. Not only do prospects have the option of purchasing your product elsewhere, but they've also already decided whether or not they want it in their possession! The real challenge is getting these people to open an email from you and respond accordingly by either accepting/denying their request for information. To achieve this, we have to be creative with the subject lines. Try the top quotes which helped us to improve the sales.


1.    Just had someone close [sales details]

2.    You think this is something that interests

3.    Thought to share about [event]

4.    Would love to connect with you [Matter]

5.    I wanted to see if you'd still be interested

6.    Following up regarding [Matter]

7.    I'd love your feedback [Product/Services]

8.    Hope you can help me with [Matter]

9.    Have you tried the [Matter]

10.    Loved your post about [event]


4. Follow up email after the Meeting or Event samples:

When you need a reminder, there's no one better than us! Whether for an event or meeting, sending out these emails can come in handy if they've confirmed their attendance. These are the prompt subject lines for a gentle reminder.


1.    Nice to meet you

2.    I'm glad that we met [event]

3.    Who is in charge of

4.    Your weekly target is [task]

5.    Hope these ideas would


5. Recommendation follow up subject line Sample:

It's always a good idea to send follow-up emails if your initial ones go unanswered. Make sure the content of these messages is appropriate and professional, but don't be too pushy in trying out again! If they were busy when you first contacted them (and there are other reasons as well), then one thing you can do is provide polite follow-up for effective communication. Try the subject lines we usually prefer to use for our customers.


1.    I found you through the common

2.    I wish to connect with you

3.    I was reading about you and saw that you're the most

4.    Just read a recommendation on your profile

5.    Wow, noticed that you've worked for [Brand]

6.    Just read a pretty amazing recommendation about

7.    I saw a recommendation about you being a

8.    I saw [Name] recommendation on your LinkedIn

9.    I'm sure you have a lot of great

10.   I'm sure your employees and clients must [Job Role]


Hope these follow-up subject lines will do some magic on your email campaign and help you get more replies from potential clients. If you want to create your personalized subject lines and send bulk emails, you can try the email automation tools available in the market. The tools lists are Smartwriter for creating personalized emails, Woodpecker, Hunter, Lyne, reply.io, and far more.


Automation is the future, so it is the right time to choose the best business. Let me share how to create personalized emails with the Ai writer for a better response rate.

How to use Smartwriter, an AI email writer for follow-up subject lines?


SmartWriter is an AI-powered email marketing tool that allows you to create personalized and compelling emails with just one click. With Smartwriter, your outreach process will be 40x faster than before, making it easier for people to reply quickly!


Let us go and create the magical subject lines for follow-up with the AI tool:


Step 1: Log in to your account or sign up with SmartWriter.


Step 2: You can create a new project or edit the existing one.


Step 3: Choose the Create Copy and click Email Content.


create follow up email subject lines with Smartwriter

Step 4: You'll get a screen with First lines and Subject line options. Then Click converting subject lines.

Step 5: Add your preferred audience and describe the purpose of the email.

Converting subject lines with Smartwriter


Step 6: Finally, Click Generate Copy and wait for the magic to happen. Your converting subject lines are campaign-ready.

Follow up email subject line generation




Step 7: You can also regenerate the Ai-generated subject lines for better options.


Note: The Pricing starts at $59 to $359/Month. Smartwriter offers a 7-day free trial on all premium plans. Do check out the tool to improve your marketing campaign performance. You can download the Google Chrome extension and use it quickly.



To close the more sale deals, you need to follow up with your prospects. The best way is through an email campaign that includes a series of follow ups with hyper personalized email messages. We compiled 40 subject lines for you so that your prospects can't ignore them! If none of these seem like they're right for you just yet, we've also provided some more general tips on how to write and send successful follow-ups in our blog post. Try and improve your sales. Happy selling!

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