67 Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Guarantee 80% Open rates


Try these battle tested and proven subject lines which have brought people 2x increase in open rates and perfect for cold email outreach

Cold emails are known as an effective lead generation tool by sales leaders all over the world. A study by Salesforce found that 52% of all sales are generated from cold emails. 

The subject lines are the first thing a prospect sees when they open their inbox. If you are new to email marketing and want to get started, here is an essential guide to writing an effective email subject line that grabs the attention of the readers. On the other hand, if you've been practicing already, here are a few tips to help you improve your email marketing campaigns.


What is a cold email subject line?

It is an email headline that grabs the attention of your email recipient to the extent that they feel compelled to read your entire email.

Cold email subject lines are essential pieces of an email campaign, yet most marketers don't take the time to craft the perfect subject line. It's challenging to get people's attention from the sea of information on social media, and most people just do not have time to read long-form content anymore. That is why subject lines are so crucial in getting the right people to open a cold email.

Why are cold email subject lines important?

A good subject line is the first step to a successful cold email. It can make or break your email series and determine if the recipient is interested in your offer. 

A good sales email subject line can mean the difference between instant open and instant delete. Open rates are used to judge the effectiveness of a given email campaign, even though most email recipients are at least partially aware of this fact. Marketers are constantly seeking the next best subject line, so what is the best subject line to use?


The subject lines also decide if the email goes into the prospect’s inbox or spam folder. So, make sure to follow the tips and strategies below to craft an attractive subject line.

Tips for writing a perfect cold email subject line

If you want to craft a perfect sales email subject line, keep the following strategies in mind while you write them,

  • Address the right person 

Identify the right person to contact about your product or services. For example, purchasing agents and buyers may be the right person to contact if you're selling production materials or supplies in large organizations.

  • Research your prospects 

Identify your target audience. Include geographic, age, profession, and other demographic information to make your subject lines look more relatable and compelling.

  • Understand your prospects' needs. 

Find out your prospects' business needs, what problems they have, and show how your company's offerings could help them resolve their issues. You can try using LinkedIn Sales Navigator in order to better research your prospects, understand their pain points, and create the ultimate cold email.


  • Use the prospect's name. 

Make sure to use the prospect's name if you have that information.

  • Personalize an offer. 

Create offers personal to your prospects. For example, if you reach out to a new geographic location, create offers specific to this demographic.

  • Create a call to action. 

It is essential to include a call-to-action (CTA) for turning your prospects into customers. Your CTA needs to be short in a subject line, so use action words right away to integrate your CTA.

  • Ask a question. 

Make your prospects think about your cold email with open-ended questions. These questions in a subject line can attract readers and prompt them to open your email and respond.

  • Mention a mutual acquaintance. 

Social Networking is one of the most efficient ways to reach new potential customers and prospective clients. If you're an acquaintance or business friend in common with your prospects, include it in the subject line.

  • Highlight your expertise. 

Show prospects your company is an expert in the field by sharing your company's reviews, customer feedback.


The Best Cold email subject line examples

Here is a list of 67 effective cold email subject lines that will guarantee the recipient opens your email. These email subject lines will help you boost your email open rate to as high as 80%.

Establishing a connection

You can make your cold emails more personal by creating a meaningful connection. For example, if your prospects share a mutual connection with you, mention the connection's name in the subject line. You can also include a common interest, shared event, or similarity between your organization and the prospect. 

Here are several examples,

  • Hi, Dan, Amanda said I should connect with you.
  • We met at the (Event name).
  • We love organic tea, too!
  • Derick from Green Line Marketing mentioned you would be interested in some new strategies.
  • Mark, we have a quick question about your favorite restaurants.
  • Hi, Ken, I found you through your web referral.
  • It is great to meet a fellow Standford University alumni.
  • Our product team swears by these collaboration tools, too!
  • We're looking forward to meeting you at the (Event name).
  • Connor Tech loves our support and mentioned you might, too.

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Asking a question

Another efficient way to generate a cold email subject line is to ask a question that interests the client and prompts them to think about an answer. For example, you can try asking a thought-provoking question about the prospect's business needs, goals, and activities. 

Here are several example subject lines that ask a question,

  • How efficient are your marketing strategies at boosting sales?
  • What is your yearly sales target?
  • Do you know why your competitor's content always ranks higher on Google?
  • What does your revenue say about your profits?
  • Have you ever tried automating your SaaS sales?
  • May I ask for your valuable input on this?
  • May I suggest something that would help your business boost its reach?
  • What is your current SEO strategy doing for your business?
  • Do you know where your buyers are?
  • May I have 5 minutes of your valuable time?
  • What is the best time to call you about this business development?

Proposing an idea

Describing your prospects about an idea you have or inspiring them to share their ideas creates mutual interest, collaboration, and ongoing conversation. Sharing and proposing ideas with potential prospects are effective for increasing the chances they'll respond. 

Take a look at the following examples,

  • Have you thought about using automation tools for streamlining your recruiting process?
  • Let us meet for coffee and discuss your idea on the new product.
  • We've got a profit-boosting idea we think you would like to get in on.
  • Here is a training and development strategy that your team will love.
  • Here are some marketing ideas I came up with since we spoke last.
  • Use this planning strategy for building on your ideas.
  • We would love your take on our latest program update.
  • Here's how (Competitor company name) solved (Pain Point)
  • (Prospect name), want to know more about (Product name)?

Giving suggestions and recommendations

Identify the digital tools, events, platforms, and other resources your prospects favor. Also, you can give recommendations based on shared interests, like food, movies, or music. These kinds of cold email subject lines can help you build a strong relationship with prospects, as you are providing a recommendation or suggestion from first-hand experience. 

These examples here would give you an idea of how to craft a cold email subject line using a recommendation,

  • We have put together a list of marketing strategies just for you.
  • Show your customers an appreciation with these unique gifts.
  • Here is how we helped our sales and marketing team make more sales.
  • Get more valuable leads with this innovative approach.
  • Try this application for streamlining your productivity and performance tracking.
  • Check out this recent research on your favorite vitamins and supplements.
  • We have 15 great website hosting plans to show you.
  • Find out how (Competitor Company Name) grew its customer base by 20% in a month.
  • We love this tool for staying in touch with our clients.
  • 20 tips your sales department needs for improving customer retention.
  • Drive quality traffic to your website with our favorite blog tools.

Providing an offer

Provide your prospects a unique and beneficial offer right away so they can learn about and try your company's products and services. Create a mix of offerings include coupons, discounts, two-for-one deals, free items, and members-only gifts. 

These subject lines are examples of enticing readers with offers,

  • We have 15 engaging events for your next team-building experience.
  • Take advantage of our 10% off deals for members.
  • We have what you are looking for.
  • Enjoy this coupon for 20% off anything in our store.
  • Check out the recent addition to our line of software products.
  • Manage your business data securely with Cyberex's unique services.
  • Redeem this code for 20% off your premium membership when you sign up for our support services.
  • Hi, Kevin! First-time customers enjoy 20% off their entire purchase.

Creating a sense of urgency

According to a study by Invesp, Subject lines that create a sense of urgency and exclusivity could give you a 22% higher email open rate. When customers feel as if they will miss out on an opportunity or special offer, they are more likely to respond and take action. Build a sense of urgency in your subject lines so your customers feel interested in taking action and responding right away. 

Here are the best examples of urgency in a cold email subject line,

  • Get a free copy of our secrets to business success before midnight.
  • Hurry and secure your spot for my business strategy workshop before seats fill up.
  • You do not want to miss this offer.
  • We can not keep our prices this low much longer.
  • Do not wait until it's too late. Get in touch with us now.
  • There are only 20 spots left. Hurry!
  • We are holding your items for two days only.
  • Do not forget to claim your gift before Sunday.

Solving a problem

The subject line is the perfect way to show prospects how your product or service can help solve their problem or overcome a challenge. Identify the challenges of your potential customers and make them aware of how your offer can solve their pain points right away. 

Here are some examples of a problem-and-solution cold email subject line,

  • Keep your networks secure with Cyberex Security Suite.
  • Let our strategy experts help improve your sales funnel."
  • Try this simple trick to increase your customer engagement."
  • Cut costs by integrating our robust CRM.
  • Enhance your employee retention rate with our comprehensive guide.
  • Five ways Cyberex can help you make your place more energy-efficient.
  • Find out why your website is not ranking.
  • (Prospect's Name), want to know more about (solution)?
  • Use my five-step formula to enhance your blog and boost your search rankings.
  • Ken Financial Consulting can help you pay off your debt.

SmartWriter - Generate subject lines that guarantee 80% open rates

SmartWriter is a game-changing AI tool where you can generate compelling subject lines that guarantees your open rates by 80%. From cold email template to cold email subject line, you can generate several highly converting marketing copies to improve your response rate and conversion rates. 

Furthermore, you can find and verify the professional email address of the prospective customers to know if you are reaching out to the best person in the company.

How to generate converting subjecting lines?

You can create an attention-grabbing subject line in seconds using SmartWriter. To do so, follow the steps below,

Step 1 - You need to sign in or sign up to SmarWriter.

Step 2 - Create a new project or select an existing project using the create project available in the tool.

Step 3 - Select Compose Copy or Create Copy and choose the category as Email Content. Now, select Converting subject lines among the options available.

Step 4 - Enter the target audience of the cold email campaigns to create professional and relevant subject lines. For example, the audience could be Marketing Managers, Startup Founders, CEOs, or any decision-maker in a company. Further, type in a brief email message to create subject lines that are relevant and catchy.

Step 5 - Click on "Generate Copy" to get outputs.

Step 6 - ALo, you can regenerate the subject lines if you want a new set of outputs. Just click on the "Edit Prompt & Try Again" to do so.


One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers and sales teams face is getting people to read their emails. The easiest way to increase your email open rate is to send a subject line that is relevant, informative, and unique. It's an opportunity to connect with a potential customer and position your product or service as the answer to their problem. It's your chance to break through the clutter and grab a potential customer's attention.

In this blog post, you learned 67 different ways and the perfect tool to craft cold email subject lines for your sales emails. These are simple yet effective. Try them out for yourself and master your cold email open rates.

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