Lazy Person's Guide to Cold Email Outreach

Lazy Person's Guide to Cold Email Outreach

Cold emailing is an effective marketing tactic when it is done right. To execute effective cold emailing requires excellent skills. You need to know the most effective methods to prevent your email from marketing as spam from the uninterested email recipients. Cold emails will not go to spam when done correctly, if in fact lead you to new revenue streams.

When your businesses want to grow your customer base, you need to fund both inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is the traditional marketing method where the company begins to send messages to potential customers. The best examples of outbound marketings are cold callings, cold email outreaches, seminars, trade shows, and more.  

Cold email outreaches are effective outbound marketing techniques for businesses to grow their potential customer list. And also, they can easily target the huge client base at once through bulk cold outreach email campaigns. In addition, they can generate more B2B customers through cold outreach emails. This article helps you to stay on the top of the cold email outreach gamer. With this cold email guide, you can create and implement a compelling cold email campaign for your business to generate new leads and increase sales. 

What Is Cold Email Outreach?

Cold email outreach is the process of contacting someone through email, who you have never connected before for your business. Email outreaches are powerful and budget-friendly sales prospecting methods for the lead generation process. With a personalized message, you can kick start a conversation with your potential prospect with whom you had never connected before. 

Cold email campaigns help your business to form a relationship with the targeted audience. With email nurturing, Over a time you can convert the targeted audience into a customer. 

Why Cold Email Works For Enterprise

As per HubSpot study, through email nurturing, businesses can focus more on their targeted customer with engaging content and potentially increase their email database. To drive more engagement, marketers need to focus on their subscribers' contextual emails and personalized messages. This will improve the open or click of cold emails. 

On average, users receive around 147 emails per day, and it is no wonder nearly 24% of cold sales emails are not opened. Most of the emails are deleted without reading, but cold emailing is a powerful and most efficient tool for sales if the business does the email outreach in the right way. The cold email will help to boost your revenue and gain greater CTR response rates. In addition, it is a great way to develop long-lasting relationships with clients. There are many potential benefits of cold emailing for a business. However, here are the two most significant parts:


A business can reach out directly to their future customer who was unaware of their product through cold emailing. Therefore, emails are the best technique to create brand awareness among your targeted people. 

For example, if a person is looking for a weight loss program. At that time, the targeted audience receives an email about fitness apparel for weight loss. The receiver would be happy, and there would be more chances of sales. The cold email is a process of connecting individuals that might benefit both the business and customer needs. 

Lead Generation

The name itself says emails are an excellent method for the business to generate new leads. The beginning of any sale is creating a  qualified lead, and the next stage is making sales from the warm leads.

Cold Email Mistake To Be Avoided 

Creating Long Messages:

Everyone is busy today,  there isn’t much time for the receiver to read long content. So busy people may delete or skip the email. To make your email read by the cold email recipient, then craft your email message short and to the point. 

Miss To Capture the User's Attention:

The email subject line plays a vital role in the email openings. Even the email content is relevant and effective if your email subject line is not compelling and does not make the prospects click open. There is no point in writing exciting cold email outreach content. The first impression with the email receiver is completed in 7 seconds or even less, making your subject line catchy to grab the reader's attention. Here are the best cold email subject lines ideas that make 80% open rates on your cold email outreaches. Don't waste time with the unengaging and boring email copies with the targeted prospects. 

Non Personalized Subject & Email Content:

When it comes to email outreaches the email personalization plays a significant role. According to the study, personalized email has a 75% of higher email click-through rate. Still, many marketers miss using personalization; this makes people lose ALOT of golden opportunities. Instead, implement hyper-personalization with AI tools like Smartwriter AI and adopt your email marketing with cold emailing technology.

Avoid Multiple CTA In A Single Message:

If you have multiple calls to action, images and links in the email context will distract the users and prevent the user from taking action. So make it easy and friction-free. Have one call to action  (CTA) in a single message. 

Sending Outreach to the Wrong Audience:

While your business sends an email, the most important thing is to know your targeted audience.  If some business does not fit your niche, don’t send a B2B email to them. It will annoy them, and there would be more chances of marking as spam or blocking your emails. Instead, you need to identify your right targeted audience before you outreach.  With the Smartwriter tool, your business can connect with high-quality prospects to grow your business. 

Not Using Cold Email Templates:

Lots of people use email templates for their outreach. But sending the same templated message to all the lists of leads will make your email spam and  It will reduce the cold email response rate.

Making your email unique and personalized for each lead will increase the chances of response along with the cold email template.

Not Concentrating on the Call-To-Action (CTA):

If your email doesn't have any call to action, it will create confusion to your leads on what to do next. They need to find an email address, contact details, or website URL to take action. Includes CTA button for the receiver to get more information or to take action. 

The thoughtful placement of the call to action with bright colors attracts the readers. Some of the standard CTA's are Start my trial, Book a demo, Register now, Take 50% off, and more.

The eye-catching CTA button is a simple way to grow conversion; the recent study states that the email with the CTA's has increased the click-through rate by 28 percent. 

Not Experimenting With Email Campaigns:

Experimenting with the different email campaigns will help your business in the long run, and you can identify the emails that are effective with your  b2b audience. So don't be afraid to experiment with your email campaigns. You can start split tests on your campaigns with the email lists. 

Spam Filter:

Avoid using the spam trigger words on the email copy. If your email contains the words may trigger the spam filter of your prospects. So avoid having spammy words, all caps content, excessive space than the texts, poor grammar, unnecessary punctuation, exclamation, and attachments frequently flag on the spam filters. The best practice of email outreach is to avoid getting into the spam folder and being blacklisted. 

Not focusing on Follow-up Emails:

The majority of the leads will not open the initial email. So the business needs to send more than one email. Sending 4-6 follow-up cold email outreach sequence will be good.  It would be best if you maximize the effort of follow-up. You can include other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook messages, etc., for follow-ups. 

Based on your particular situation, you can send your follow-up. Ensure the message you send is relevant to your receiver, and this will have a more significant chance of being opened.

For example: After 24 hours of meeting sales with your client, you can send a thank you email as a follow-up.  Or you can share the guide, tutorials, and videos to the customer on how to make the most out of your products.  

Necessary Steps To Build An Perfect Email Campaigns 

Never skip these below fundamental steps to create and implement an email campaign that actually works!

  • Create a goal for the email outreach campaign goals and ensure you measure the results of the campaigns. 
  • Discover who is the targeted customer for your business and collect the necessary information.
  • Write a personalized email copy that attracts, interest, and desire on your product/ service among the targeted leads. 
  • Before outreach, double-check that everything is in place and have a CTA and links on the content to move your customer to the desired action. 
  • Don't forget to have a  follow-up email sequence.
  • While performing cold email, always do split or A/B testing, analyze the result, and ensure which works better. 

We shall dive deeper into creating high-quality B2B sales email marketing content. B2B email marketing is the best way to connect with the targeted audience. The email body has to answer all the questions on the targeted leads.  

Creating a Cold Email List

Finding the right person for the and reaching the exact person is more important. Discovering the ideal customer profile who are interested in your brands and sending out a reach with your brand’s offer to them will be more likely to convert and they will be a long-term loyal customer for your business. 

On B2B emails first, you have to identify the decision-makers such as business development Managers, Directors, CEO, Sales VP, and more through their social media profiles, websites. Instead of a general company email address for outreaches.We’ve written a full guide to help you find leads.. Email verification increases your success rate of email outreach, and it will improve your email deliverability. Use verification tools provided by Smartwriter to verify the email address. This will help your business to land the right person with the correct information.  It also reduces the hard bounce rates and unsubscription. 

Have An Accurate Email List (CSV File)  

Once identifying the right person, have a valid email list for the campaign. Unfortunately, many of the businesses may have outdated and invalid email addresses. This may affect your email deliverability and increase the email bounces. To avoid this, ensure the email list is up to date with valid email addresses and remove the non-responsive prospects and people who are not interested in your brand. 

Master Your Cold Email Subject Lines

Email subjects are the key factor. Based on the subject line, people decide to open the email. So never create tricky subject lines. This may disappoint your receiver and result in a lower positive response. 

Emails with well-personalized subject lines are more likely to be opened, so implement personalization on your subject line relevant to the target prospect or the industry. For example, create a converting subject line, catchy intro lines that are high converting, and increase your open rates.

Context Value For the Customer

It is time to share the values you can bring to the end-user with your product or service.  You need to focus on the customer's pain points and how the product/ service will resolve their problems. It is the opportunity for your business to share why your product is different from competitors and why your targeted customers have to go for it. Addressing your potential prospect pain points will show how your brand cares for them, gaining trust and credibility. 

Effective Email Personalization 

Study your buyer persona and understand your target prospect and develop better communication. The personalization in the email will give a feel to the receiver that the messages are like emails are custom made by a real person and by an automated tool, and it will help you stand out from the crowd. 96% of the marker agrees that personalization supports better customer relationships. Utilize personalization tools like Smartwriter and create hyper-personalization on your emails. 

Make the email content interactive. The email design itself has to impact the receiver on how valuable information they get. One of the most reliable methods of lead generation is having interactive content. Personalized video at the email is the future of email marketing, and it will improve your click-through rate by 8X.

When to Send Follow-Up Email If No Response?

There is no exact answer for how long your business needs to wait before sending a follow-up. Generally, 2-3 days is a reasonable time for the delay between emails to start sending your first follow-up. After that, your business needs to wait a few days for each subsequent email. So here is suggesting follow-up emails sequences. 

Then the total number of follow-ups depends on the type of email campaign. Usually, you can send a minimum of 4 emails for a sales-related campaign, and if an email campaign is for partnership, you can do two email follow-ups. Because your email sequences should not be too pushy, the follow-up aims to build a relationship with the customer. Here are some perfect follow-up Email templates that have got great results.

Automate your follow-up sequence with cold email tools like Mailshake, Lemlist, Woodpecker. Because performing follow-up manually is challenging, and with the help of tools, you can effectively create and scale your follow-up sequence.

Sending Bulk Cold Emails 

Perfect prospects cold calling and cold email outreach strategies are a great way to generate a business and earn new revenue. First of all, your business should not send emails as a blast. Too many daily or weekly messages will be hazardous. Google and other email providers have protective algorithms. 70- 80 new emails per day, and 100to 120 old emails are agreeable. At the same time, using email marketing software sets your limit accordingly. 

It is more important to optimize your cold email outreach campaign date and time, which will increase the conversion. The ideal time to send your email is 8 AM and 10 AM. Tuesday is the best day to send emails 

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