16 Best Cold Email Softwares To Automate Your Sales 2022

16 Best Cold Email Softwares To Automate Your Sales

Today, digital marketing strategy has evolved, and many people have a question: Is e-mail marketing still essential in 2022. The answer is yes, 100% yes.  Statistics say that the number of e-mail users in 2022 is estimated to be 4.1 billion. 

A solid e-mail marketing approach will help your business connect with your potential customers with personalized e-mails and improve your sales at an affordable price. 

E-mail marketing is the best tool to reach your targeted customer in the easiest way possible. Your brand has to engage your new customer and the returning customers only through e-mail campaigns. For example, if your brand provides a 25% save or any offers on purchase, it will automatically attract new consumers and existing consumers. Unlike battling with social media algorithms, you own your e-mail audience and campaign.

In this article, let’s have a look closer into the cold e-mail solutions that help your business grow faster. Many new-generation e-mail marketing solutions have automated follow-up and assure the best-in-class e-mail deliverability rate for your campaigns. Let’s dive into the list.

Cold Email Best Practices 

Reach the Right Person 

Take some time to discover the right person, like decision-makers whom you want to do business with, and then send your marketing pitch e-mails. Reaching the right individual will reduce the stormtrooper of your cold e-mail outreach. 

If you discover the decision maker's e-mail, ids will significantly have more chances of seeing your e-mail and getting more responses. 

Try Not to Send the Same Email to Everyone

People receive tons of emails from many businesses about the service or product they offer.  The individuals will not read all the emails that are received. The unique subject line makes you stand out in the crowd, and the emails should be valuable to the user and have to be interesting to the reader of your email. The personalized email demands more attention to the email receiver and provokes the reader to take a glance at your cold email.

Begin your email with custom content to make a good impression from the start. The irrelevant content will make the user drop reading your business emails. Smartwriter helps you create personalized icebreakers for your email content that engage your users and make the receiver start reading your email further. 

A personalized cold e-mail introduction indicates to the reader that you have genuinely researched their business before reaching them. Later section of the e-mail, you can start discussing your business offerings. 

Compose an Outstanding Subject Line

The subject line is the key factor that makes someone open the e-mail or send the e-mail to the trash.  The best subject line will have more chances of opening, and a good subject line will generate more open rates for cold e-mail outreach. The elements in the well-written subject line make the user notice your e-mail. Use your business name or the first name. Include the receiver's first name on the subject line to provide a personalized e-mail experience. Personalization is a secure way to decrease the unsubscribers for your e-mails. 

The personalized subject line and the content will increase the number of clicks and drive a more open rate. According to statistics, personalized e-mails have a 75% higher open rate. Start personalizing your business e-mails. 

Implement follow-up Automation

Suppose you planned for a pretty large e-mail list. Automating your follow-up is the best way to remind you about your business through a series of follow-up e-mails.  For best results for your sales e-mails, automate your follow-up with best intervals. Even if the first e-mail doesn't respond, the follow-up e-mail will create conversation and lead to the prospect's response. 

1. SmartReach

SmartReach Dashboard

Are you an advanced e-mail marketer and looking for an e-mail automation tool with rich features? SmartReach suits you for cold e-mailing. 

The solution has advanced scheduling and customization features. So there would be a better chance of response. You can easily add the lead from CSV and the CRM software. You can easily automate your e-mails and sync the e-mail outreach activity on your CRM software, and even you can share the e-mails in your prospect’s timezone.

SmartReach.io supports many e-mail providers and CRM tools. With the wide range of workflow automation, you can keep everything updated & synchronized and control your enterprise growth. SmartReach integrates with popular e-mail like Outlook, G Suite, Mailgun, Exchange, SMTP IMP and supports CRM software like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM, and Zapier.

You can send a personalized e-mail with the software, and you can add custom fields like first name, company, or business name and any other merge tags on the content of the e-mail. The software provides campaign warm-ups, spam test reports, and built e-mail validation to ensure maximum deliverability.

If you are a bigger team, the software has the option for team-level settings, role-based permission and can easily manage various clients with the agency dashboards. 

SmartReach Advantages 

  • Can send e-mails for the prospect time. Have custom send time options.
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Many e-mail clients and CRM software integration available.
  • Detailed analytics reports to understand open rate, reply, click rates of the campaigns.
  • Allocate roles and permissions for your team members.
  • A/B split testing 
  • Spam tests are highly reliable on the application. 
  • There is no limit for the custom-merge tags. You can create any number of merge tags.
  • Bounce rates are reduced with the help of mail validation features.

SmartReach Disadvantages

  • Limited contact list filters
  • Spam reporting is limited. The software provides only four times a month.

SmartReach Pricing 

The SmartReach software comes in three different pricing plans standard, pro and ultimate, and the price plan starts from $24 to $59 per months 

2. SmartWriter

AI Cold email software Smartwriter

Personalized e-mail for the decision-makers will indicate that your business is not reaching out to everyone, and it shows the interest to do business with them. 

Smartwriter is the solution that provides verified e-mails of the decision-makers in no time. You can find the verified e-mail address of any individuals that your business wants to contact. You can see 95% deliverability and confidence with Smartwriter. 

But mainly, it provides hyper customized subject lines and personalized icebreakers that have shown 80% open rates and 40% reply rates.

Smartwriter uses a unique AI model that finds context in your prospects LinkedIn Profile whether it be through the recent activity, their bio, a recommendation they received or through the job description. It analyses and creates a unique personalised messaged that compliments the prospect. This looks like you’ve spent significant time researching them and confirms to them this is definitely not a templated email

SmartReach Advantages 

  • Hyper personalised messages using LinkedIn data
  • Creates unique emails for offline businesses using Google Reviews
  • Personalised intros using website data
  • Find emails of any prospect or lead
  • Create backlinking emails with contextual personalisation (looks like you’ve read the blog)
  • No templates, all emails are unique and tailored
  • Create personalised emails with instagram captions and content
  • Use AIDA, PAS and other classical marketing frameworks to hook your prospects
  • Write entire blogs

SmartReach Disadvantages

  • No native email dispatch software

SmartReach Pricing 

The SmartReach software comes in three different pricing plans standard, pro and ultimate, and the price plan starts from $49 to $129 per months 

SmartReach Pricing 

3. Woodpecker

Woodpecker Overview

Woodpecker is more suitable for the B2B business that wants to reach their clients via personalized e-mails. The unique algorithm of the Woodpecker provides maximum deliverability. They verify the e-mail addresses in real-time and ensure 100% of your message in the prospect's inbox. The solution is mainly designed for cold e-mails and follow-ups outreach. Your business can send e-mails directly from office 365 and Gmails, and more. You can create a trail-made unique message for each prospect with the advanced snippets. It has an A/B testing feature, and you can choose the best version that works for your e-mail campaigns. 

Woodpecker provides in-thread automated follows for your e-mails, and you can insert up to 7 follow e-mails. They also have automatic reply detection on the software. You can schedule the e-mails to send in your prospect's time zone. 

Thanks to native integrations at Woodpecker, therefore you can connect your Gmail, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange e-mail account with Woodpecker in seconds. Even the application permits for adding your custom e-mail address and aliases too. The software comes with a wide range of integrations, including Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Zoom, WordPress, InvoiceBerry, LeadFuze, Pipedrive, Mailgun, UpLead, Hunter, and more other business software.

It is one of the most secure e-mail marketing solutions for automated campaigns. You can easily collaborate and work efficiently with your team members on the software, and you can share the list of leads and/ or blacklist domains among the team. 

Pros of Woodpecker

  • Effortless e-mail tracking options.
  • Woodpecker is the fast and convenient way of adding contact lists and setting up e-mail campaigns.
  • E-mail automation is simple with effective Follow-ups.
  • The user interface makes the automation process much more accessible than ever.
  • Permits to send customized follow-ups on each type of reply that you receive on outreach.
  • You can generate weekly, monthly, and even daily campaign reports.
  • A/B testing are fully automated, along with significant insights
  • Customer support is available
  • You  can include manual e-mails address in the campaign
  • Robust security cold e-mail marketing software
  • Have access for unlimited team members/multiple team members adding options 

Cons of Woodpecker

  • The software will be expensive for small businesses. The price is comparatively high when compared to other e-mail marketing software. 
  • The software limits the number of follow-ups. They permit only seven follow-ups.
  • There are no e-mail attachment features.

Woodpecker Pricing Overview

Woodpecker Pricing Overview

The Woodpecker comes with a 14 days Free Trial. The pricing starts from $59 /month

4. UpLead

UpLead Overview

UpLead is also one of the B2B e-mail marketing tools with 95% accuracy on data. B2B is an intelligence platform. You can start to build free prospecting lists from dodgy data, low-qualified leads. and bad-fit buyers using UpLeads 

UpLead’s database comprises more than 54 million B2B contacts. You have instant access to over 54 million B2B contacts. You can browse through qualified leads. The software provides 95% data accuracy for +54 million leads. Other software produces an average of 50% accuracy on their leads. They provide a credit back option if not accurate, which shows how UpLead guarantees 95% correctness on the lead generation. 

Many top sales-orientated brands grow with UpLead data, including Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc. It is the most preferred lead generation software for businesses that are selling across the globe.

You can update your existing leads database, and the contacts on the UpLead’s are discovered through CRM software that the prospects use. The contact information on the database is in real-time and updated. 

You can also use the data to update and enrich an existing lead database, find leads according to the CRM they use, and verify their contact information in real-time. That way, you can spend more time selling to prospects and less time looking for them. UpLead provides 95% accuracy, so you aren't required to reach out with the old information. 

UpLeads Advantage:

  • UpLead is easy to use and faster.
  • UpLead provides leads per cost, and the software provides the most accurate valid e-mails.
  • UpLead consistently adds new leads and removes terrible leads.
  • You need to sort or filter the leads very carefully; otherwise, they will be threatening e-mails or leads.
  • The software guarantees 95% data accuracy. 
  • Bulk contact information search options available.
  • It will save time as the e-mail outreach information is directly updated in the CRM.
  • Real-time e-mail verification feature.

 UpLeads  Disadvantage:

  • It's not ideal for the user to find one or two emails for a month.
  • The software doesn't have a mobile app version.

UpLeads Pricing  Overview 

UpLeads Pricing  Overview

UpLead comes with 3 different pricing and plans. Price starts from 99$ to $399 / month. The UpLead has a free trial with five credits.

5. Snov.io

Snov.io is a popular cold e-mailing software and has an easy user interface with powerful features. The software helps you to generate more leads, drive more sales and revenue. 

Snov.io is the all-in-one SaaS automation e-mail automation software that fits both individual usage and business. It helps the user to discover, collect and validate the e-mails. The software supports the business to reduce bounce rate. You can also create drip campaigns using Snov.io and eventually boost your conversion rates.

Sending sales e-mails consumes more time, but it won't if you have Snov.io. With the e-mail drip campaigns, you create a personalized drip e-mail sequence that gives you more control over your workflow. 

You can quickly scale your automated e-mail sequences, lead tracking, campaign process, and real-time notification. Snov.io helps in effective e-mail marketing planning. Users can download the software and use the chrome extension to find prospect's e-mails on the website. 

The software provides notifications when the prospects open the e-mail. You can easily automate the e-mail follow-up with two different sequences if the user opens the e-mail and doesn't open the e-mails. The tool also allows the user to find the domain that is connected with the e-mail address.

Snov.io has numerous software integration options that include HubSpot, Salesforce, Asana, Zapier, Adapt, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, Trello, Calendly, and more.

Snov.io Advantage:

  • You can find e-mails from the website using the chrome extension.
  • Snov.io has an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Having drip campaigns option 
  • You can quickly validate all e-mail addresses.
  • Multiple integration options with the software
  • It is all-in-one software to improve productivity. 
  • No technical knowledge is required to use the software. 
  • Easy access to the online knowledge base 
  • The software provides e-mail, direct communication, and live chat supports. 
  • Application support formats include CSV, TXT, XLSX, and XLS. 
  • Can perform domain search and e-mail verification

Snov.io  Disadvantage:

  • The tool doesn't have the unsubscribe links.
  • The monthly plan price is higher than other competitors.

Snov.io Pricing Details 

Snov.io Pricing Details 

The software has an unlimited premium plan, and the paid plans come on four different plans and prices. The small plan is $33 month, Medium Plan: $141 month, the Large Plan: $241 month, and the Extra-Large Plan: $482 month. 

6. Reply.io

Take your sales e-mail to the next level with the help of software Reply. In the dashboard of the Reply.io you can create and set follows for the outreach. You can also perform split A/B testing and improve your conversion rate for sales e-mails.

One of the best things about Reply.io is its robust reporting system. This system shows you all the data and indicators for your e-mail campaigns, including delivery, open rates, link clicks, bounced e-mails, and more.

Reply.io is a sales engagement software that supports the user to automate & scale multichannel outreach. This application can now generate more leads, acquire new customers, and increase revenue quicker.

You can reach and engage your prospects over multiple channels, including e-mails, LinkedIn, calls, SMS and WhatsApp messages, etc. Based on the response of the receiver, you can filter certain users and automate your campaigns. It also provides personalized e-mail outreach features. 

Pros of Reply.io:

  • Software is more user-friendly and easy to set up. 
  • Reply.io has many features along with powerful automation features.
  • The tool is the best value for the mong with a free trial option.
  • You can easily set the campaign and can make efficient collaboration tools for e-mail marketing teams.
  • The automated e-mail process and learning are fantastic.
  • The tech support of Reply.io is incredible.

Cons of Reply.io:

  • The price per lead is on the higher side when compared to other software.
  • It is challenging to organize the list on the App.
  • The software is mainly targeted at the advanced users who want to contact the advanced e-mail marketing world.

Reply.io Pricing Overview:

The Reply software comes in three different pricing plans for Individuals, Business, and Agency. 

Reply.io Pricing Overview

The individual plan starts from the price of $70 to 120$. The business plan starts from the price of $70- 50$.

Reply.io Pricing

7. Hunter.io

Hunter.io is a web app with a chrome extension. The tool is used to research e-mails and verify them. The professional business e-mails can be easily collected and verified from the website with the extension (Domain search). 

The platform has added cold e-mail campaigning features. The user can compose and schedule the follow-ups with the Gmail account. It is free for the user to use the simple cold e-mail campaigns of  Hunter.io. It is not much suitable for a business that does strong e-mail marketing campaigns. 

Suppose you are looking for an all-in-one solution with simple cold e-mail outreach. Then Hunter.io suits the best. With the help of this tool, you can discover the target e-mail address within a second. You can personalize your campaigns with contact data and grow your results on outreach campaigns. If you focus on the B2B e-mail marketing, Hunter.io can try the next cold outreach campaign to find e-mail and verify e-mails. 

Hunter.io Advantages 

  • The software provides 90% accuracy on emails. 
  • Team account option, and there is no additional cost for a team subscription.
  • Simple to use UI with integration.
  • Hunter.io has features including bulk domain search, Domain search, social network search (Twitter), etc.
  • You can perform email verifier, email campaign sending, and also has email drip campaigns.

Hunter.io  Disadvantages

  • The mobile app functionality is not available.
  • The tool has limited cold outreach.
  • The software doesn't work for LinkedIn.
  • The tool will detect the credits for generating emails, but it also separately deducts credits for verifying the produced emails.

Hunter.io Pricing Overview:

Hunter.io Pricing Overview

The pricing of the Hunter.io comes with four different pricing options. The price starts from 49$ to $399 per month.  The free plan permits the user to search 25 emails and 50 email verification.

8. MailShake

Mailshake is a sales engagement platform that offers email outreach and sales engagements.  It helps your brand to gather leads and to grow sales volumes eventually.

Mailshake is mainly developed for sales and marketing outreach. The software comes with native and 3rd party integrations options.  It allows you to integrate with the CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. It also integrates with the email providers that include G suits, Outlook, and SMTP. Mailshake integrates with software like Calendly, Call Loop, LinkedIn, Voila Norbert, ScheduleOnce, Nimble,  Twilio, Zoho, and many more. 

Mailshake's integrations empower your business sales automation process. With Simple, integrate, you can quickly incorporate your existing wok software with Mailshake to streamline outreach.

The software saves your time and executes your complete workflow by connecting with the top CRM tools with Mailshake; your CRM and email service will make your entire workflow faster. In 2022 a new version of Mailshake was introduced.

MailShake allows you for A/B tests, provides the track link activity in the emails you send, and tracks conversions. Users can categories their sales email, link building, or PR emails based on the goals.  The MailShake software has both the Android and iOS app versions for the business professional who uses the mobile application

The software has a happy existing customer base of around 46,266+ that includes the most popular brands such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Getonboard, FundRocket, The Huffington Post, Sleeknote, HubSpot, etc.

MailShake Pros:

  • MailShake has features like A/B testing, drip Campaigns.
  • You can perform event trigger emails.
  • Pre-made email templates are available on the software.
  • You can send mobile-optimized emails, and the software has an app for android and iOS. 
  • Mailshake has a WYSIWYG email editor and has simple email automation.
  • User can connect the accounts of multiple providers
  • Many integration options were available. 

MailShake Pricing Overview:

MailShake comes with a 30-Day full refund guarantee if the user is not 100% satisfied. The pricing plans $59 to 99$

MailShake Pricing Overview

9. AutoKlose

AutoKlose automates the email task with this tool. Users can discover, nurture the prospects in a hassle-free method. The software comes with fantastic features that include lead generation, drip email campaigns. With AutoKlose software, you can send a massive number of emails at once.

Close more deals faster with the AutoKlose application, and it is a sales engagement platform. It will be a B2B data all-in-one solution for your business.  With a series of follow-ups, you can convert the cold emails into warm communication. The software can sort the contacts into warm and cold folders based on your transmission.

The software provides real-time reporting and email tracking, which helps users monitor their open rates and support sensible decision-making. The software has contact management, and the users can effectively manage all their contacts.  With AutoKlose, you can send a highly personalized email and send automated follow and easily engage your prospects through cold emails.

The software has the default email sequences and templates to achieve better results. You can search the prospect details from the extensive database and select from millions of contacts. Team management is simple, and you can create a team and track their workflow. The AutoVerify feature helps the user to validate the emails before they send them.  AutoKlose connects with various email platforms such as email, Gmail, Office365, and other software like  Mailchimp, ScheduleOnce, Salesflare, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Act-on, Calendly, and more. 

AutoKlose Advantages


  • You can quickly import and export contacts.
  • perform contact find
  • Has lead database integration options 
  • Ease of use with A/B testing and with multiple emails in a sequence
  • Provide reports on data tracking and Analytics.
  • Have a great integration option that includes much top working software and CRM.

AutoKlose Disadvantage 

  • Not very user-friendly.

AutoKlose Pricing  Overview

AutoKlose provides 14 days free trial on the starter and small business plans and has three different prices and plans. The pricing starts  from $49.99 and $149.95 

AutoKlose Pricing  Overview

10. Lemlist

Lemlist Home

Lemlist is an all-in-one cold email solution for sales professionals. With Lemlist software, start communicating with the targeted prospects that get replies, send personalized emails, automate your follow-ups and engage your prospects through all channels. Lemlist is the combination of both cold email and sales automation software. 

You can easily add a follow-up stage and schedule personalized email campaigns that can directly land your prospect's inbox. You can start sending personalized emails that are salable and improve your reply rate by interacting 1-1 level with each prospect. Users can address custom introduction lines and integrate a call to action on the email contents.

You can easily add any screenshot, business log, and custom text into your emails in the image formats in an email. The software permits to add embed videos and dynamic landing pages on the emails. It is one of the best sales engagement platforms, and you can engage your prospects in multiple channels on autopilot. With a single click, you can join cold calls and dial prospects.

Lemlist provides you custom responsibilities assigning and social selling features. You can seamlessly sync with your team and instantly see the lead's stage in email campaigns. You can begin an email campaign with any customized cold email template.

Connect Lemlist with your favorite work tools. It supports various integrations that include Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Axonaut CRM tools, and lead generation software like Dropcontact UpLead, LeadFuze, Bouncer. Other software like Zapier, Slack, webhooks, DeBounce, Phantombuster, Albacross, Aircall, Droyd, Pabbly Connect, Asana, Slack, Trello and more 

Lemlist Pros 

  • Quickly can set the email automation triggers.
  • Can include the personalized images and videos into the email content. 
  • Automatic email and follow-ups scheduling and have advanced campaign reports.
  • A/B test for email is available, and discover the most effective email from it, and the user can use any customized cold email template.
  • Has multiple integration in to maintain the workflows

Lemlist Cons 

  • Don't permit any types of attachments. 
  • Setting up the drip campaigns is quite challenging.

Lemlist Pricing Overview

Lemlist also provides free access and doesn't require any credit cards to use. It has three pricing plans: Email warm-up $29/month. Email outreach: $59/month per user and Sales engagement: $99/month per user.

Lemlist Pricing Overview

11. Prospect.io

Prospect.io is a sales email automation software that helps in productivity improvement. With the help of this software, you can find emails of the targeted prospects, Mail tracking, and email verification, etc. This lead generation and email automation are suitable for the business and freelancers who want to discover the leads and perform email outreach. 

Prospect.io doesn't limit the number of emails that you can outreach from the account. But G Suite accounts allow 2,000 emails/ day from a GSuite account and  500 emails/ day from a standard Gmail account. So the application provides 400 emails/day per sending address.  From the Business plan, you can send emails up to  1,500 emails/day per sending address.

Finding the lead's email address works on the credit-based practices. Find the potential user's email addresses via social media or websites. Every time software will take one credit if you use the email finder feature. The platform helps you increase outbound sales and team productivity by offering our multichannel sales automation. 

You can track open, reply, click, bounce, conversion tracking using Prospect.io analytics. UI of the software that saves time by providing analytics reports in web applications. It also permits the team to collaborate and work on the marketing.

Prospect.io Advantages

  • You can easily search and verify the leads. 
  • Can build personalized drip campaigns using the software.
  • Users can customize and distribute email templates with their sales team members.
  • With the software, you can now track the out-of-office responses, email replies, and bounce rate.
  • The software works on both Gmail and Outlook.
  • Have native integrations with CRM tools like  Salesforce HubSpot etc.
  • It has chrome extension features to discover the targeted leads information from websites.

Prospect.io Disadvantage 

  • There is no free trial options 
  • Drip campaigns creating is somewhat complex.

Prospect.io Pricing Overview:

Prospect.io has no free trial. But it offers 30 days money-back guarantees. .The tool is available in two different pricing and plans: The essential plan is $89/month, and the Business plan is  $149/month.

Prospect.io Pricing Overview

12. MailChimp 

The very renowned email marketing software is MailChimp. It doesn't require much introduction; many sales professionals use MailChimp for their business. It is the best source to send email newsletters, and it comprises 100+ email templates to start your sales game. Newsletters can be sent in bulk and quickly analyze the campaign's success rate with the inbuilt features of the software. 

MailChimp has award-winning 24/7 support. The software offers 250+ app integrations options where users can connect many tools with Mailchimp and unlock more enhanced features.

MailChimp Pros 

  • You can import your email templates in MailChimp. 
  • The number of effective templates is available once the user creates the account.
  • The software permits you to modify or edit the existing templates based on your preference. 
  • You have multiple integration choices even you can connect with a Facebook page and MailChimp. 
  • Access to scheduling and testing features. This helps you to increase your open rates. 
  • Users can add unlimited images. 
  • With access to comparative metrics, you can discover the best-performing email campaigns. 
  • MailChimp is free up to 2,000 contacts, but it includes a logo under your campaign and subscription form. 
  • To remove the logo, you have to upgrade your account.

MailChimp Cons 

  • MailChimp holds to suspend or cancel your account.
  • Templates in MailChimp are basic. You have to customize based on your preference.
  • The interface of MailChimp is clumsy and clunky to some users.

MailChimp Pricing Details 

MailChimp Pricing Details 

The MailChimp comes in free and has three paid plans. The paid plans start from an essential 15$ to a maximum of a premium of $420. The plans vary based on the features and access to the software. 

13. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is the best solution to increase your sales growth and to improve your sales team productivity. SalesHandy turns your emails into a sales growth engine. SalesHandy helps you to track the email outreaches and automate your email marketing. Over 100,000 businesses using SalesHandy. It is a simple and easy-to-use application. 

In SalesHandy, you can also perform Link trackings, email tracking, and many more.  It is a powerful email marketing tool; the user doesn't require to switch on various software. SalesHandy software comprises email tracking, email campaign, auto follow-up email scheduling, email template, etc. Everything for sales email marketing is available in one place. 

It helps you create data-driven decisions with the help of analytics, identify the number of opens, email notification features, and more. 

Constant follow-up will create a relationship with your prospect. You can set up 9 stages follow-ups with the various trigger conditions such as being sent, not opened, and not replied. Mail merge fields are available to make personalized emails by uploading CSV. 

It supports email other than Gmail, non-Gmail, outlook, and SMTP. You can create and send campaigns from any email address. Sending emails from the SalesHandy software is pretending to be human, so it safeguards your emails from spam filters. 

SalesHandy provides detailed reporting. You can generate stage-wise reports. You can know better; the relevant recipient has opened or replied to your email. You can track how many times the receiver has clicked a specific link on the link tracker. SalesHandy offers the team campaign report where the admin can generate all email campaign reports done by the team members. 

SalesHandy Advantages 

  • Have Mail Merge with Auto Follow Up.
  • SalesHandy is an all-in-one outbound sales automation tool.
  • SalesHandy offers a personalized email outreach for 5000 contacts in a day. 
  • Personalizing the subject line feature will increase your open rate by 16% and improve 3% reply rate chances.
  • Have Automated Follow-up and Custom Email Templates, which help you to save time.
  • You can get detailed analytic reports. 
  • Great customer support  

SalesHandy Pricing Overview

SalesHandy has a Free Plan and 14 Days Trial For All Plans. They have 3 different prices and plans: the regular is $9 /user/month, Plus is $22/user/month, and Enterprise $49/user/month. 

SalesHandy Pricing Overview

14. ContactMonkey

ContactMonkey is mainly acknowledged for its smooth sales for integrations and email tracking system. You can build a responsive email with drag and drop features in template building. 

You can launch the cold email in no time with the mail merge feature. Users can easily schedule emails in ContactMonkey. You can engage your prospects with two-way communications in real-time. With ContactMonkey, you can reach out to the entire organization via Outlook and Gmail email providers. Your business emails are automatically Bccd within Salesforce to create email and link tracking effortlessly.

You can perform engagement surveys with your email and enable anonymous feedback from your user in real-time through your newsletters. ContactMonkey includes internal communications, real-time email, email templates, link tracking,  analytics dashboard, centralized billing, and has Salesforce integration. It is available for Office 365, Outlook, Gmail for Windows and  Mac. 

ContactMonkey  Pros

  • ContactMonkey provides information on the email openings
  • You can classify emails that are opened and shared with the tool
  • Software provided the information like shared, opened or not, and location. 
  • Integrates perfectly with HTML emails
  • The analytic provides the information about the clicked links and most effective emails. 
  • ContactMonkey has excellent search functionality.
  • ContactMonkey offers 14 days free trial.
  • Support is available through phone, email, and online help desk.

ContactMonkey Pricing  Overview

ContactMonkey pricing starts from $15.00/month. ContactMonkey has a 14 days free trial option, and there is no free version available. Check out the pricing and plans details.

ContactMonkey Pricing Overview

15. Rebump

Rebump is an email sequence software.  With the help of software, you can start sending follow-up messages to your email recipients. Rebump enables you to automate your cold emails.  Rebump account, you can easily monitor and analyze your email follow-ups. 

Rebump has automated follow-ups, email trackings, analytics, custom merge fields to share personalized emails. Rebump is available as a chrome extension. Rebump integrates with CRM with BCC sync.  Installing a Rebump extension to your browser is simple, and then you can enable Rebump before sending emails. Now the Rebump will control all your email threads. If an email doesn't have received any response, then the software itself automatically sends follow-up emails. Rebump will stop the custom follow-up once the receiver starts to respond to your business emails. 

Rebump Pros: 

  • Rebump is a simple but powerful solution.
  • Rebump will continue to send custom follow-up emails in the set specific time intervals and stops once the receiver responds.
  • Rebump is an excellent email follow-up automation.

Rebump Cons: 

  • Great application, but it supports only Gmail or GSuite. It doesn't support other email providers.

Rebump Pricing Overview:

The Rebump two plans and price Unlimited plan costs $5/month, and the unlimited plus plan costs12$/month. The software provides a 30-day free trial, including all the Unlimited Plus plan features, and they offer team accounts for business.

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16. Outreach.io

Are you looking for more cold emailing features, then choose Outreach.io. The software is a combination of email, voice, and social media. Outreach.io excellent combination that is useful for both your sales and marketing teams.

The platform comes with web, cloud, and Saas deployment. It has automation, A/B testing, custom scheduling, reply detection, email sequence, and custom messaging features. 

The platform is helpful for the cold calling for the business. You can reach out to your target prospect with the correct contact details. They have many integration options that include salesforce, LinkedIn sales navigator, Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook,  gong.io, dial-pad, and more. 

 Outreach.io Advantages

  • It is a powerful tool for effective lead management. With the software, you can perform both lead generation and marketing activities. 
  • Easily you can engage in prospects through automatic response. 
  • Outreach.io is a handy customer relationship management solution.
  • Less time is spent in organizing prospects.
  • Analytics report includes open rate, bounce rate, and email deliverability rate. It helps you to create an efficient campaign.

 Outreach.io Drawbacks 

  • Some users feel the user interface is complicated.
  • The user has to spend time learning to understand the ins and outs of the software.
  • The software doesn't connect with Google Sheets.

 Outreach.io Pricing Overview

The software has a free trial that would be helpful for the business to test out the application. There is not much pricing detail available on the website. You have to inquire about a price & plans with the Outreach.io team.


E-mail marketing is the most effective channel for sales and lead generation. The expertise and the above list of cold e-mail marketing software help your business to succeed in sales. Tools make your cold e-mail marketing simple and faster. Pick the software that suits your business needs. 

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