Guaranteed Backlinks | 10 Blogger Outreach Email Templates

In content marketing, the email's targeted goal is to promote content and generate backlinks through emails. Simple.

Outreach can be either personal or impersonal. Personal email outreach is when you send an email directly to the person who owns the blog or company you’re reaching out to, you build a relationship with them and you actually read their blog (this can be time consuming). On the other hand, impersonal email outreach is when you send emails via a mailing list or use a popup outreach tool.

Email outreach requires a fair amount of patience, experience, and a lot of pre-planning. There are multiple methods for successful email outreach, but the most effective one includes an influencer list that is crafted, and the emails are sent to them to get them to share your content. With this strategy, there are several metrics you can use to track your success rate. A decrease in bounce rate, increase in social shares, or even a backlink can indicate the outreach is effective.

The worst part of the email outreach that could happen to you is to send an email to someone and hear nothing back. But what if there was a way to send a more compelling email that would get a response? This blog breaks down how blogging juggernauts like Adam Enfroy, Pat Flynn and more do their outreach which gets the millions in organic traffic

What is Blogger Outreach?

Content is king but distribution is the Queen, and the entire empire. Blogger outreach is all about getting your content in front of other bloggers. Or a process of reaching out to other bloggers, website owners, or publishers who could help you get your name before their blog audience. It is performed in the form of sharing your content on their social media platforms, accepting your article as a guest post, Backlinking to the relevant article of yours for specific keywords. It can even be a guest on the bloggers or website owners podcast, co-hosting on a webinar, conference speaker, and more. 

There’s no doubt that blog outreach is the top blogger marketing tactic for 2021. Blogger outreach is an excellent way for new and established bloggers to get their content in front of a much larger audience. It can lead to thousands of unique and new visitors to your blog, some of which may convert to paying customers. Every blogger I’ve met has said that “backlinks” are the single most important factor influencing their search engine rankings (SERP). Getting backlinks from other blogs is hard, so strategic and personalised blogger outreach makes it easy for you to improve your conversion rate. IIn this post, we’ll show you some examples of blogger outreach templates that’ll get you wins. And later on show you how you can ditch templates and create custom personalised and unique messages for each outreach you do, with no effort.

Importance Of Blogger Outreach For Business

The ultimate purpose of blogger outreach is to develop your audience, business, and reliability. There are solid benefits you can earn through outreach. It supports driving more traffic to your website/blogs, helps in generating direct revenues, new Leads (Email subscribers), and more. If you did a proper blogger outreach, it is a win-win relationship. 

One of the proven and efficacious methodologies to increase brand awareness and expanding reach is blogger outreach. Are you wondering how content outreach can help your business? Let's look into the advantages that the company will receive if you implement an effective blogger outreach.

Cost-Effective Solution

Are you having trouble getting your business exposure and getting the maximum traction from a large group of people? Then it’s the right time to move your business to blogger outreach. As both an online and offline marketing strategy, blogger outreach is a cost-effective solution that produces maximum results.

The blogger outreach is the only solution that makes both things possible. When compared with other kinds of marketing methodology, it is cost-effective and more efficient. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business more efficiently and less expensively. Begin your blogger outreach and start getting your brand noticed by your intended audience. 

Increase Brand’s Visibility 

It is a powerful tool for influencing your target market and reaching out to a larger audience. When your business is visible to a massive number of people, then the brand will ultimately grow, and people will know that you exist.  For example: In the digital age, before purchasing a product, people used to do a search on google search/search engines and perform research about the product before they buy.  Tons of products will be available on the market, but the top-ranked on the search will be more visible to online users. If you perform the blogger outreach, you can improve your rankings on the search engine and increase your brand visibility.  Many people will not check page two on the search engine. People only check the top 5 to 10 ranked pages on the search engine. 

Get Connected with Your Targeted Audience

The most significant benefit you can obtain from the blogger outreach is you connect with your targeted audience.  You can quickly drive the targeted audience to your business through the high authority website on particular niches.

Gain Quality Backlinks For Your Business 

If you want your business ace on the game's online presence, it is essential to understand how Google works. Google ranks the page on the top of the search result with high-quality backlinks and high authority websites. If you are performing blogger outreach and gaining reliable backlinks for your business page will boost your ranking position on the search engine's result page. 

You Can Easily Build Your Brand from Scratch

If you are a new business and want potential customers and ensure your presence with the targeted audience, blogging is the best way to build the business from scratch. 

You can do it on your own and through blog acceptance websites and other blog site owners. 

The importance of blogger outreach in leveraging someone else’s prebuilt audience to grow yours. Ofcourse the tough part is the outreach and actually getting links

Grows Your Brand Credibility 

If your business doesn't have a solid online presence and it is not visible to the people who search about your brand. But if you perform blogger outreach will help you to gain trust in the brand even your business has not ranked on the top of the search engine result pages. 

Blogger Outreach for Viral Content 

As a business owner, you will want to engage more people in your business to gain profit from it. And this can be possible if you have content that attracts more visitors to your website. One of the best tactics to get more visitors is doing blogger outreach. This will help you improve and gain popularity from your target market and generate leads, resulting in sales.

Guest Posting vs. Blogger Outreach: What’s the Difference?

As you might understand, a Guest blogging opportunity is a method of generating content for a website that you don’t own. The content you create will represent your business, as it has your byline. Usually, you will receive a credit back to your brand social profiles or website in the Guest posting. 

Guest Posting

The websites will also offer you to include the link with your contents organically. So guest post pitch would be more helpful to businesses to generate the potential lead traffic and reputation.  You will get the do-follow links in some cases, and your business will benefit from the link juice, which helps you in Search engine optimization (SEO) and improve your rankings for your brand. Some sites will not offer to follow the link, and they prefer no-follow links. You need to be careful of that

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach offloads a portion of the work while giving you a more direct advantage. It is closer to press release marketing. Blogger outreach is a simple concept your business will reach out to the blogger to write about your business. They may cover you as a blogger or a business owner profile sections or in the new product or service launch content. They may also share the content on the industry top list. For example, they will have a top email outreach software the site will promise to have you on the top of the list. They will share the story or history of your business. Different types of blogger outreach are available.  In this kind of outreaches, your business will have many different types of coverage you can get.

Which Should You Prefer?

The two are mutually exclusive. They are both great for different reasons, but they can't be used with the other. Blogger outreach is excellent for getting some quick links and coverage. The pricing for the blogger outreach is reliable compared to the sponsored posts, this is another way of getting coverage and links for your business.

Guest posts are good for long-term coverage as they get your links indexed, and the backlinks in your site need to be relevant. The best way is to use both of them as guest posting can be used as an entry point for blogger outreach, and blogger outreach can be used as an entry point for guest posting. And it will boost up your link-building efforts in the long run.

You can choose your tactic for one link building, don't even bother with the other. If you want some quick results, then blogger outreach is your choice. But if you are looking for a long-term strategy, then go with Guest posting.

Tips To Achieve A Successful Blogger Outreach

If your brand wants to start on a blogger outreach campaign, you have to make an idea and what you’re doing before starting your outreach. 

  1. The first step is choosing the bloggers or the website you want to target.
  2.  Going for higher-tier sites is good. For example, blogger outreach on Forbes. Forbes is the higher tire site, but they don't publish the sponsor posts content unless it is a global brand. 
  3. You can also focus on the low-tier sites, and the expense for the blogger outreach is also decent, and the preference is based on the budget and the blogger outreach, and the coverage you receive for your business. 
  4. Once your business has the target sites, embark on influencer marketing methods.
  5. Figure out who the content creators or editors most likely to accept your brand and start engaging with them. 
  6.  Linkedin is the best way to connect, and you can utilize other social channels like Twitter to follow up and reach out to the editors following the business Facebook pages. 
  7. Follow and monitor the authors and editors. Genuinely engage with their content and share your high-quality comments. 
  8. Ensure that you are sending personalized messages to reach them out.

Top Blogger Outreach software You Should Try Today

The tools help you to find the most suitable influencers for your business and assist to track the number of leads generated in no time. With the below software, you can easily streamline your outreach efforts effectively.



Buzzsumo is a business tool that allows users to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website. Suppose you want to know why content marketing is the most effective way to grow your business and want to know what content has been popular in the past. In that case, Buzzsumo is one of the best tools on the market that enables the user to discover popular content by topics or by the website. 

To provide the content that interests the people, you need to know what is popular. To learn how to write a popular blog post and the most popular blogs on the web, you need to know a reliable way to check your results. BuzzSumo can also be used as a blogger outreach tool. With the help of this software, you can find the top-performing content on a specific niche and research the better-performing content on the search engine and social media.


Automate Outreach Email

Sending outreach emails to potential customers is challenging. You have to think of a subject that is interesting to them, keep the email personal, and make sure you don't need an additional introduction. Even the best marketers feel this problematic task is time-consuming and inefficient. Fortunately, there is a way to create hyper personalised emails that have shown 80% open and 40% reply rates with 0 extra effort using AI.

SmartWriteAI Cold email outreach feature in the software helps you to generate the contents automatically. Just by filling in the intention (Book a meeting, demo, etc.), product name, and product description, you can generate the cold email content with zero effort. Similarly, the software has an inbuilt feature to create the email content for backlink email outreach and podcast interview email outreaches. 

SmartWriterAI is the first of its kind AI that personalizes outreach and generates your emails automatically. All you need to do is open your Gmail, choose which emails you want to send, and sit back while SmartWriterAI does all the work.



Sometimes, your business wants to reach out to the top influencers in your niche, then Tomoson software plays a vital role in it.  This is not a traditional blogger outreach tool. It helps your brand to reach and communicate with the influencers you want. 

After entering your keywords required, such as ‘tech’, you are offered various opportunities. Just by clicking on Find Influencers, you can obtain influencers from the influencer database. Tomoson has more than 90,000+ Influencers. 

Many bloggers have built up strong lists of influential bloggers and brands that they regularly pitch their content to. These lists are very long, and they take a lot of time to audit.

Say you’ve got a fantastic new product to launch through influencer marketing. It will help if you find influencers. No matter what that product is, it needs the right kind of exposure in front of the right influencers. Those influencers will make or break your launch, so why not find them and start interacting with them a year or more before your launch? That’s the power of social media. That’s the power of Tomoson.

10 Outreach Email Templates That Get Replies


Email Templates For Brand Outreach 

Brand pitching is the most common method to build new business relationships with brands in your niche and start mutually beneficial partnerships.  Brand pitching is broadly used by influencers and individuals who want to monetize and have a large audience base. The below template helps you in developing trusted partnerships.

Usually, brand pitching is the process of sending cold emails or cold messages to potential brands with the intention of starting a mutually beneficial business relationship. Brands will respond back if they are interested in your services or products and will want you to create content on their behalf. For example, if you write content for a brand, they might want to sponsor your blog posts, social media posts, and/or YouTube videos.

Template #1: Want to market your products or services online?

Subject line: {{First Name}} Wants any further help with your products?

Dear {{First Name}}, 

I am {{Name}} and I am helping businesses such as [a], [b], and [c] to sell more products or services online. 

I have been blogging for more than {{Years}} and have a website on a {{specific niches}} niche that has average monthly visits of {{Visitors}}. 

I came across the {{business name}} on social channels and other {{sources}}. Your product/ service is so exciting, and I would be highly grateful if you agree to collaborate with us.

Here’s is how the collaboration with us will benefits your brand: 

Share your product samples, and we will choose the product that fits our audience. We are happy to promote your product as a sponsored post or Instagram giveaway. 

To know more, feel free to book a call on my calendar this week. 



Are you interested in boosting your marketing efforts and getting more visibility for your brand in the digital world? Then you have to invest in influencer marketing!

According to statistics, the ROI from influencer marketing is 11X greater than the ROI of traditional marketing. The fact states that the 65% influencer marketing budget will increase in 2021 because the past influencer campaigns are more successful. And reach also says that average influencers are accepting 25% of the collaboration request.  Influencers are getting more emails daily for brand collaboration. To stand out from the crowd, you have to create personalized and effective emails. Influencer marketing provides you an incredible opportunity for your brand exposure, and it would be a good idea to collaborate with influencers who can present your brand in the most favorable light.

Below are the two templates that help you to begin influencer marketing for your business. These templates are handy if you are seeking influencers to promote your products/services. There are many influencers out there who perform marketing. Choosing the influencer that works for your niche is a vital part of the success of your marketing. 

Template #2:Influencer Outreach - General Collaboration Email Template 

Subject line: {{FirstName}} + {{Company}} Collaboration?

Hey {First Name},

I am {{Name}}, the {{Job title}} from {{Company}}. We are an organization that [Share a short description about your business and how it is related to him/her].

We have been following your profile for a while. You are doing great work, and we love your posts on {{Topic of interest }} and interest your audience and helps in growing the online audience faster. 

You could be a super fit for collaboration [address how your brand will benefit him/her and their audience from it]  and help us spread the word about [Company]. 

We have some ideas that benefit both sides. We shall jump on a call for further discussion.

Thanks in anticipation


Nowadays, many businesses promote their product or services through brand ambassadors. The brand ambassador programs are an excellent step to drive the new company or start-ups in the right direction. When your business executes the brand ambassador program, there would be chances of more success rates. This template design helps you to reach the desired influencers for your brand ambassador program.

Template #3: Influencer Outreach - Brand Ambassador Program Email Template 

Let’s look into another influencer outstanding Influencer outreach Email Templates

Hey {{FirstName}},

My name is {{Name}} from {{Company}}. I enjoyed your thoughts on the {{relavent Topic}}. We are a business [Insert how the product/service relates to them].

We are happy to invite you to become a part of our brand ambassador team!  You would be a great fit for {{Company}} as a brand ambassador!

If it interests you, we shall connect on call to discuss our brand ambassador program and what we have to offer!



Template #4 - Email Templates for Easy Broken Link Building Claim 

Subject Line:  {{Blog post Title}}

Hey {{Name}},

We have shared an informative article on {{Topic}} earlier, and today we came across your post: {{link of the post}} and found some broken links there. Here is the anchor text {{Keyword}} and the broken links and links to replace them.

{{Broken Link URL}} + {{Replacement URL}}

I just wrote an article about {{topic}}: {{Doc URL}}. I thought it would be a great addition to your page. 

Keep up the great work!

Thanks in Advance,


[ Email Signature ]

Template #5 - Blogger Outreach or  Content Collaboration Email Template

Subject Line: Interested in collaboration with {Blog Name}

Hey {FirstName}

I am {{Name}} blog owner of {Website}. I've been following your blog for some time now and needed to say that I love your blog composing style, especially I enjoyed {Insert article that interest you} 

Since we’re both interested in creating and publishing content online, I thought it would be lovely to connect, and content collaboration with you. 

What do you think? Let me know, and we can work something out.



Template #6 - Link Building Collaboration Request Template

Before getting into the email template for the link-building outreach, let's look into what link building is and how it helps your business before reaching out.  Link building strategy is a process to increase the quality and quantity of the inbound links to your business websites to attain referral traffic. Link building will boost the domain authority and improve your site on the search engine rankings (SERP) or google search. 

Link outreach is essential, and your business has to focus and find ways to build high-quality links in more agile and scalable methods. Here are some templates to get you started.

Subject line:  We help you build links interested in collaboration?

Hey {FirstName},

I am {{Name}} from {{Company}}. We are impressed with the work you do for link building. We are into link building as well.

The links [relevant topic link] might make an excellent addition to your page and provide a lot of value to your visitors.

It could be mutually beneficial for each other. We are already building links and growing a list of partners, and they’re doing the same. It could be a win-win situation. 

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. 



[ Email Signature ]

The most simplistic approach to promoting your brand infographic is by submitting the infographic on the directories or the website with a massive infographic database. Submitting the infographic will not earn a link all the time. It would help your brand expand visibility and have the opportunity to reach a new set of audiences. While performing infographic submission, ensure that you choose the directories and websites relevant with high domain authority and credibility. Here is the template that helps to kick start your infographic submission to the directories & websites.

Template #7 - Infographic Promotion Outreach Template

Hi {{Name}},

Happy Friday! I am {{Name}}, I'm an avid reader of your work on the blog  {{Blog website}}. I enjoyed your latest piece of content on the {{Topic}}.

And I have been following you on Twitter for a while, and I saw you've been tweeting about the {{ Latest tweet on the Topic that intrest}}. 

I am working at {{Company}}. We conduct market research and collect data on {{Topic}}. We generated a detailed infographic on the above {{Topic}} and the changes that people can expect over the next year. 

I hope this infographic interest your audience and would be an excellent fit for your website blog. I'd like to hear what you think. 

Let me know if you're interested. We are glad to share the infographic for your kind perusal.

Best regards,


[ Email Signature ]

Template #8:  Infographic Submission Request Template

Subject Line: A Killer Exclusive Infographic for {{Website}} Blog

Hi Guys,

I love your blogs and following the {{Website}} for a while.  I have recently written a post on {{Topic}} with some ingenious tactics and growth hacks. 

We're working on turning this post {{URL}} into a professional killer infographic that will value your blog readers.

I want to offer this infographic to {{Webiste}} blog to publish it exclusively. The infographic will contain the {{Webiste}}} logo. 

If it interested you? Please let me know. We are glad to show you the infographic.



Template #9 - Use This Template to Landing a Podcast, Guest Spot, or Interview?


Hey {{Name}},

I’m a big fan of your podcast. I especially love the episode {{episode name}} because [share the takeaway from the podcast].

You are consistently sharing the best podcasts that I have ever heard; that is why I am reaching out to you. I like to be a guest on your show.  [Share a quick intro about you and explain why you are a good fit for their podcasts as a guest. Share the link about your product/ business]

To give you a better idea, here I am sharing a few of my podcast episodes that I have done [Link of Podcast]

I can’t wait for your next episodes. Keep up the great work!



[Email Signature ]

Template #10 - Land on Any Guest Post Site With the Below Email Template

Subject Line: Here are a couple of topics you’ve missed {{Website}} Blog

Hey, {{First Name}}

I’m a big fan of your blog {{website}}. We are interested in contributing to the leading {Niche 1}, {Niche 2} {Niche 3}  blogs by writing a guest article. 

I am writing on this for the following trending subjects.

{{Title 1}}

{{Title 2}}

{{Title 3}}

Here is some of my writing style for your refinance.  

{{Your post with the most shares}}

{{Your best-written post}}

Thanks for your time and consideration! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


{{Your name}}

With you can begin the cold email campaign with personalised AI-generated email in no time with the tailored and convincing content that get replies. Here is the sales email template to get a response for book a meeting,  Demo a product,  and share a link to the product. Similarly, you also can generate an email outreach category for backlink and podcast interviews. Improve the conversion rate of your emails today with Here is some of the customized email outreach generated on

Ironically these templates are good, and they’ll get you some good open rates. However in 2021, no one wants a templated messaged, people can smell them from a mile away. So what’s the fix?

AI personalisation, that is the fix. You can use AI to look like you’ve done a deep dive into a blog, creating a contextual message agreeing/disagreeing with the author all without ever reading the blog. This will make you stand out like a purple cow in their email list.

One such tool is SmartWriter, which can automate the entire personalization process that will get you 80% open rates and sometimes over 60% acceptance rates for link building or guest posting.

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