The Backlink Request Process To Crush SEO And Grow Domain Authority

The step by step process that will let you acquire backlinks on automation without doing any research, reaching articles or doing manual outreach. This process has helped scale multiple sites Domain Authority within a few weeks

There are various techniques to acquire backlinks without practicing black-hat techniques that make your website get penalized (white-hat link acquisition methods). One of the easiest methods to gain a backlink for your website is to ask for one (nicely)

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building plays a vital role in driving organic traffic through search engines like google.  Solid technical SEO, Good user experience, best on-page SEO, and good backlinks for your site will be an effective way to drive more organic traffic. 

Acquiring relevant, authentic, and high-quality backlinks is essential for Your business. Still, in 2021 link building is important for SEO strategy. Good quality backlink-building strategy will help to build a long-term organic search success. So let’s get started on how to backlinks for the website with compelling backlink request emails to crush SEO and grow domain authority.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the way of obtaining inbound links to your website. In other words, Link building is the process of acquiring other websites to link back to your site. Business owners are interested in building links to gain referral traffic and also helps to increase and improve their website authority, through link building community.

Search engines use links to crawl the web. They will crawl the links between the individual pages on your website and crawl the links between entire websites.

To help search engines with their crawling process, go ahead and ask sites you know for a link back to your page or webpage. Then, to increase your ranking in search engines, make sure you have a link back to your page.

When you decide to spend time and money on link building, you are taking extra steps to improve the chances of finding your website when they search for specific keywords using a search engine. In most cases, it is a good idea to have a mix of inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are links on other valuable resources or websites that point back to your website or webpage.

What Is Inbound Link Building?

Before we jump into the email templates, let's quickly look into the basis of the inbound link building. Inbound links are the links that are pointing towards your site from another site. These are also known as backlinks just because they refer back to your site. There are two elements on the inbound links. 

  • URL  of your page or the link to your page
  • anchor text to link is hyperlinked or attached 

Why Are Inbound Links Important?

Before we get into the email outreach for the backlinks, We shall look into some rules for the link-building process. There are some right and wrong methods of improving the SEO  strategy of the website. One of the techniques is inbound link building. Here are the best ways to gain backlinks through emails. 

Whether it is a start-up company or a SaaS business, you would be aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  As a business, you need to spend enough time on link building because apart from the content strategy, technical SEO still plays a significant role in off-page SEO. (i.e., A way to spot your site in the top position on the search). Suppose you are not doing it already, then it is time to put your link building as a core on your SEO marketing strategy. Inbound links drive traffic to your website.  

Here are some of the significant benefits of developing a quality link-building strategy.

1. Links Provide Credibility

Quality links to your site generate credibility, and it acts as an indicator of domain traditional strengths. Suppose your website has a higher quality of backlinks. In that case, it will get more credibility, and the site's authority will play an important role as Google provides the results to the user based on the authority of the sites. Five good links are better than 50 bad backlinks. The goal of building backlinks to the website is to build authority. Therefore, it is more desirable to accept 10 links from 10 different authoritative domains instead of getting 10 links to form the same website.

2. Google employs links to rank your website

Without link building, your business can even achieve half of the google ranking considerations. Search engines like Google links are most important. Even if your site has quality content and the site has no backlinks, it is impossible to rank the site on google. To rank higher than your competitors, then your site needs more backlinks than the competitor they have. Your site requires to build diverse links, trusted, and has to be relevant. You also need to create branded SEO reports to track and showcase the effectiveness of your link-building strategies and overall SEO performance.

3. Backlinks Boost Web Traffic

Link building strategy is the best way to attract the relevant audience to your site from the industry high authority site. Targeting relevant audiences and niches will boost traffic from external sources. Web traffic is an excellent indicator of your site’s health.

4. Link Building  Increases the Site Metrics & SEO Scores

If you are a marketer, your world is aware of the terms such as Domain Authority(DA), Page Authority (PA), Page Rank (PR), Domain Rating (DR), Referring Domains, and more.  By developing a backlink, you can increase their metrics for your sites and improve your site health. It will also help in improving your brand visibility and exposure.

5. More sales and revenue opportunity

Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed in search engines like google to answer a user query. The better links will improve the Seo metrics that increase the visibility on search and better chances for more traffic, resulting in more revenue generation. Quality backlinks will improve and help your business to a better ranking position on SERP. 

Higher the ranking on the search results will direct more potential customers to your business. This eventually results in more chances of sales in product or service. 

6. Cultivated Relationships Among Your Niche Audience

Search engines like Google, Bing suggest focusing on building links within your industry niche. For example, if you’re a developer, focus on linking to other valuable resources software development websites within your niche area. 

Not only will this increase the relevance of your website through building valuable links, but it will also enable you to network with that targeted audience and have better chances to work closely with potential customers.  

To succeed in your industry niche, focus on developing relevant links rather than building links on everything over a wide range of topics.

7. It helps to stand out as an authority voice

There are many ways brands can improve their relationships with the target audience of the niche. But one of the best methodologies is link building. 

If your brand wants to be at the forefront of your business, continuous link-building helps your business achieve on top of the search engine. Consistantant search engine rankings for your business pages will improve your sales and revenue and build trust. 

Brands interested in achieving better relationships with members of their niche can take a few steps to ensure that they have a significant and lasting effect on how people perceive them. 

8. Consistent  Referral Traffics

Once you build permanent links from authoritative sites, that would be regular traffic to your business.  Even it is better than the paid marketing as they generate only traffic until the ad runs. If your company creates high-quality links, it will obtain long-term referral traffic to your business from external sources. 

9. Improves Brand Visibility

Practicing link building will improve and increase the search rankings and can help in lead generation. For example,  If your brand wants to reach out to the audience in a  new geographical location, the building process will help you raise awareness of your brand in the specific area. 

Links building will positively impact your business and help you establish a trusted brand quickly.

10. Lower Your Bounce Rates

According to Google, the single-page session is known as bounce rate.  In other words, it is the number of individuals who visited one page on your website and left without seeing the rest of your sites that are also known to be bounce rate. 

While you’re link building, think of the inbound links for the business. You need to include some internal links. Your website needs to have a mixture of internal and outbound links so that your site looks backlinking organically. 

Internal links help Google navigate your website, and also make use to navigate among your content easily. The internal link helps discover content for the readers and makes them persist with the website for a longer duration. These links would enable them to reduce the bounce rate of your site.

Link Building Email Outreach Guidelines

Email outreach is the most powerful and common mode to get link building for the website. It is a very simple way to perform mass emailing on requesting to publish or share your piece of content on third-party sites. Keep the following key points in mind before starting sending email outreach.

Efforts Will Not Work Unless You Are Sharing High-Quality Content

For instance, let's reach a well-known blogger with your content or Consider leveraging professional SEO content writing services to amplify your brand's online presence, if they are stumbled upon with your article content, they would decide to automatically provide links to your site before you ask for a link back. This is rule one. If your content should meet the blogger's expectations, your brand can quickly gain quality links from good authoritative sites. 

Request Link Only When Your Content Is Relevant  

Your brand can send email outreach to the relevant niche website owner, bloggers, online publication, and more. While your business is doing mass email outreach, you must know that your email should not reach the spam folder. Instead of targeting all the websites, you have to choose the relevant audience interested in your content. 

Take close attention to the trending keywords that will make the content more engaging so that your offering content will be a great fit. for the bloggers and publishers.

Send Personalized outreach pitches

Instead of sending the same emails to all the sites, take some time and do research on the websites, and start sending personalized outreaches. It will increase your open rate of email outreaches. Before outreach, find the relevant person for email outreach lists and verify the emails to reduce hard bounces. 

Advantages of Backlinking for Business 

Backlinks for the business will have more incredible benefits. Let's look into the top benefits the business can attain through the link-building process. 

  1. Backlinking helps in driving referral traffic from the external authoritative sites to your business website. 
  2. It will speed up the indexing of your web pages on the search engine bots. 
  3. You can improve the SEO metrics such as Domain authority and page authority. 
  4. Readers or visitors of the site can get a better experience, and they can follow the internal and external links to view further relevant and valuable information. 
  5. Enhance your brand's online visibility and improve authority and trust for your brand among the targeted users. 

Link Building Outreach Email Templates to Build Solid Backlinks

Email Outreach For Broken Link Building

Building backlinks to your website through broken links is a link-building strategy and is a 100 percent safe and white hat method to improve quality links.  This kind of link-building outreach has a higher success rate as the site owners have already reached and achieved backlinks, and it is easy to reach out and request backlinks. 

To achieve the broken link building, execute the following steps. 

  • Discover the website from where you would like to get backlinks 
  • Use tools such as Semrush, broken link checker, and more. 
  • Find the broken external links on the particular website that points to 404 errors or broken pages using tools. 
  • Once identifying the broken links, identify or create a source to replace that broken link. 
  • Once you figured the source to replace on your website, ensure that the website owner is aware of the broken links and mention how your source will be a perfect replacement for that specific broken links 

Broken link-building email outreach is not as tricky as you think. Unlike guest blogging or the roundup links, the site owner will not have significant benefits. However, two important things to offer:

  1. Explain why a 404 page is bad for SEO and share the reason why they need to link to your site and Explain what they benefit if they link to your website. 
  2. Instead of finding the appropriate link to replace them, you offer the relevant source that exactly fits to replace it. There would be more chances of success. 

Therefore broken link building is the most effective method if you are planning a link-building campaign outreach. It will be a win-win for both businesses. 

Here’s a broken link outreach email template that provides you with more success. 

Hello {{First Name}}, 

 I was reading your blog post {{Topics}} and noticed a link that was broken {{Spot the broken link / 404 error links }} and saw that the anchor text {{Anchortext}} that leads to a page error or deleted page. I wondered whether it would be possible to replace the broken link with a working link to my article. 

I have done some research on {{subject}} and found out that {{article summary}}. You can find the blog article here {{Your article URL}}. 

I thought it would be a good fit and make your reader engaging. Let me know what you think. 

Thanks & Regards,


Outreach For Link Round-Up 

The link roundup is an excellent way to build links for your business websites manually. For the best example, let's take a roundup article from the website Let's look more intense at the 55 experts in an SEO trends roundup blog post on this site. It is an excellent way to build links from various sites. 

Roundup posts are the best method to build links for high-domain authority sites and gain contextual linkbacks. If you have not done it before, start the roundup links for the business today. Here is the process for roundup post links building 

  • It would help if you found the websites that do roundup articles. You can use the search keyword [Industry Name + "Roundup"] / Example: [App development +"roundup" ]on the search and find the best Page authority and Domain authority sites. 
  • Another way to be on the around-up article is to reach the editors directly and ask for the links to include in their next roundup article. 

Here’s a simple link-building outreach email template for roundup posts. 

Hey {{First Name}}

I am {{Name}} From {{Company}}. I found your blog through {{google/ social media post /other }} and followed your blog {{Blog Name}} for a while. I admire the blog post you share, especially on the round-up articles {{Round up blog post topic}}. 

Your round-up articles are more informative for the readers, and I wrote on the topic {{Topics}} Hope it will be an excellent fit for your audience. I reached out to see if you would include it in your next feature round-up article?

I regularly write on the {{Topics/niche}}. Here is my blog {{Blog URL}} for reference. If you notice anything that might be a fit, feel free to include it.



Guest Posting Outreach

Guest posting builds relationships. Bloggers want good outstanding content, and by doing good guest blogging, you can add value to another blogger's websites with your unique piece of content. It will help your business to develop a relationship with other bloggers. 

The blog owner usually includes your link on the body of the content or at the end of the blog, and it also gains value for search engine rankings. Over time your blogs can be ranked on the search engine for user queries, and your brand will have visibility from the other trusted sites. 

Guest posting is the best way to introduce your business to new people. Guest article submission will allow you to enter the community or the niche audience that is already established. 

Writing an incredible piece of the article's contents is an excellent way to build a backlink by sharing the guest post. 

Your business needs to do the following before email outreach for guest blogging. 

  • Discover some good websites that accept guest articles. You can also find the website on google using the search keyword Industry + "Guest post " or Industry + "Write for us"
  • Pitch your article ideas with the blog editors
  • Write an excellent article and include a link back to your site
  • Start building links to the article once it is published. 

A guest blog builds the relationship. You can create a piece of content that benefits both. A great way to get begun with guest blogging outreach.

Hey {{First Name}} 

I came across your blog through {{Google/social media post}} and saw your recently shared article {{Blog title}} and also noticed you are publishing a lot of content on the {{Industry Niche }}.  

I want to contribute some amazing content to your website. I was writing articles on the following topics. 

[Article idea 1 ]

[Article Idea 2]

[Article Idea 3]

Our written articles are SEO-friendly and rank for server search terms. Here is the article list we have published on the top niche blog site for your kind references. 

{Published article 1}

{Published article 2}

{Published article 3}

Please let me know if you are interested in publishing one of these articles.  I will write and share the unique content that interests your audience as per your guest blog guidelines.



Influencer Email Outreach

Influencers are an excellent opportunity for backlinks. Because the influencer has a reputation and the search ending like google to prefer, it would be a great chance for the business to rank faster because of highly authoritative links from influencer blogs, YouTube channels, and social media posts. 

Influencer marketing is expensive, but it would be beneficial for your business. Sometimes influencers may want something like a return for brand promotion. It can be a Discount on your product or service for their audience or followers etc. But influencer marketing is a proven method, and it has an excellent return on investments. Here are some essential tips to start your influencer marketing for your business. 

  1. Identify the influencer in your niche. For example, if your product is fitness-related or service, find an influencer in the fitness industry. You can find the influencer on social media like Instagram and others or by searching on google using "Industry + influencer/ vlogger/ blogger." 
  2. Send an invite for collaboration with your brand and share your offers in return. 
  3. Get backlinks from the influencers while they share about you on blogs or mention your brand on their social media channels. 

Why influencer backlinks will work:

  • You're saying the influencer where you discovered them, assisting them with seeing which spaces of their promoting procedure are performing well.
  • You will be sharing how your brand will connect and be valuable for their audience and why they need to promote your brands. 
  • You will be offering some benefit for them or their followers.  

Here’s an influencer pitch outreach template that helps your business to utilize influencer collaboration. 

Hey, {{Name}}

I am {{Name}} and from {{company}}. We are {{ Explain your product or service in brief}}.  {{Explain why they are a great fit to promote your product}}. We think our {{Product/service}} would be a great fit for your blog audience or social media audience base.  We would like to have a collaboration with you to promote our brand {{Brand name}}.

If you find it will work. Feel free to reach us {{phone number}} for further discussion. 

Best Regards,


Outreach on Press Release 

Press releases are the trust-building factors for your brand that drive sales to your business. You can combine both the press release and marketing strategy to acquire backlinks from email outreach.

You can gain the press release backlink by writing and sharing press releases. 

Hey, [name]!

I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to send a note to your inbox. I hope that everything is going well. 

I have a company called [business name] which recently announced some news {{details about the press releases}}. I’ve attached the press release covering the announcement.

If you have any questions or would like to cover this on your site, let me know. We are happy to clarify for you.



Best Practices for Link Building Email Campaigns

Infinite digital marketers across the globe say content is the king in marketing. Producing valuable and meaningful content for your business will be necessary for SEO success.

Gaining valuable backlinks will rank your business in search engine result pages (SERPs). Many digital marketers gain valuable backlinks by conducting link-building outreach campaigns for improving their ranking positions. 

Statista reports that around 281 billion emails were received and sent. To stand out in the marketplace, you want to know how to stand out from the crowd. Here is the guide that helps your business on email outreach practices for link building.

Get the Right Person

Before you begin contacting the person to share your valuable content or outreach for broken link building, you have to ensure you are reaching the right person for your pitch. This makes your life easier, and also it will reduce the hard bounce rate of your email mail outreaches.  Make sure your pitch is relevant and avoid irrelevant information on the email content. Ensure your pitch is relevant and valuable to the blogger target audience before reaching the right targets. 

Utilize the right tools to reach the right person. The business needs to find the best and accurate email address. There are several software's that are available to find the prospect’s email address. SmartWriter AI is one of the best tools for email outreach especially when it comes to backlink outreaches.

With the help of the SmartWriter, you can find and ensure the accuracy of the email address before email campaigns. You can verify emails in bulk using CSV files. Email marketing tools make your link-building campaigns more organized. You can quickly analyze the data for the analytics on the software and plan the future campaign to maximize success. 

Great Subject Lines

Subject lines are the crucial element that makes or breaks your link-building efforts. You need to grab the attention of the email recipients. In the subject line, you need to give a solid reason why they need to open your email. The subject line will be the deciding factor even if you have relevant and extremely slim content. To get an email opened, here are some quick tips for writing a compelling subject line.

  • Omit the unwanted information. Make your email boy crisp and clean. 
  • Try to use different subject lines and do a test out and ensure which works best.
  • Have some exciting questions or quick questions that create interest. It offers solutions to their problems. 

You can also generate a compelling subject line for each outreach using the  Smartwriter AI tool


Personalizing your email outreach makes a feel to the receiver you have researched before reaching them and giving a human touch to the emails. Personalized emails have more reply rate. Backlinko recent study that personalized subject lines increase 30.5% response rate and follow-up email for the leads gives 2x more responses. Personalization is the game-changer in email outreach. You can easily personalize using the variables in the email marketing tools. You can also personalize the content using the catchy intro line feature on the Smartwriter tool. 

Quickly Get to Point 

Many editors and influencers will receive hundreds of emails daily. So here are some tips to make your email content concise. 

  • Get to the point as quickly as possible. 
  • Have a clear call-to-action on the email and avoid confusion for further communication. 
  • Use some bullet points on the email content, which helps the reader to skim your content.

If your email is about promoting the product or service, then make sure you have added the link in the signature or on the contents.  

Follow-Up Email

According to the Backlinko research, reaching out to the same person or leads multiple times will lead to a 2x  reply rate. The editors, bloggers, and reporters will receive thousands of emails every day. They may have missed your email if a series of follow-up email make the receiver open your email pitches. Follow emails have to be short and to the point. Follow-ups make more values and create trust about the brand, and provide non-spamminess to the email. 

Best Link Building Email Outreach Tools for 2021

This article section will see more profound into the Backlink Personalisation feature on Apart from the personalized icebreaker pitch, the tool comes up with the next level of personalization to achieve more successful backlink email pitches. 

Follow the steps to create unique and more personalized emails for Backlink outreach. 

Step 1: In the project, select the button to create a copy and select the backlink personalization.

Step 2: In this window, you can select the number of results you need. The software proved three different results. 

Step 3: The tool has the default selection option for "Ask For A Guest Post", "Ask To Add Your Link To Their Post" and "Ask To Replace Competitor Link (SkyScrapper Technique)"

Step 4: Select the "Link Replacement". You need to provide the URL of the website where you want to share your guest blog article. You can provide some published blog article samples 

Step 5: In the manual section you need to add the website URL and you have to select the blog type (Comparison blogs (e.g notion vs Trello)

Best of blogs (e.g 15 Best xyz, Top 10 reasons), Alternatives to blogs (e.g 7 alternatives to x), How to blogs (e.g How to build your), All other types of blogs. If you are not sure about the blog type, you can select all other types 

Step 6: Add the Website URL and the type of the blog and click generate copy.

Personalised Message 1


Step 7: You can also provide a Website URL using CSV sheet uploading 

Similarly, you can generate personalized content for doing a guest post

Step1: Select the number of the results you want to generate

Step 2: You need to add the relevant link on the selection “Ask For a Guest Post” 

Step 4: After adding the Blog URL click generate copy and the software will proceed with the completing content for your link-building email. 

Personalised Message 1

Personalised Message 2

Similarly, you can create email content for the broken link building by entering the relevant page URLs on the selection and you can easily generate high-quality content in no time. It makes more relevant and compelling content. It makes you stand out on the receiver inbox and there would be chances of more success. 


We hope this post has inspired you to start with the link-building process or improve your backlinking strategy. To achieve real success on link building, implement automated tools, and creating high-quality content and relevant. Links are the best to gain a long-term result on the search rankings. Backlink aims to get referrals from high-authority websites. So start implementing your link-building strategy and get benefited today. 

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