40% Increase in Response Rate With SmartWriter | Case Study

The best way to improve your business success is to get your message out there and connect with prospective clients and potential suppliers through cold emailing. This is easier said than done because cold emailing requires special attention to detail. You have to learn about their business and come up with an opener that would make it seem authentic rather than using a general template — something that can be time-consuming and difficult without the help of a copywriter. That's why we decided to use the SmartWriter icebreaker tool to help us with our process. That way, we were able to spend more time focusing on leads and moving closer to closing deals.

EcomHype is an E-commerce growth agency that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs grow their brands by leveraging digital marketing for omnichannel presence and helping them accelerate their revenue. We have been using the SmartWriter Outreach Tool for several months now to help us with our prospecting efforts to reach more eCommerce businesses. This has resulted in a more personalized approach to our emails and more leads being generated.

The SmartWriter platform allows you to craft a personalized message to a prospect using the domain provided and scraping the data from the website.  Using data-driven insights you can transform your message by diving deeper into your prospects. You can even use the tool to find the emails of the decision-maker.

It allowed us to increase our response rates by more than 40%, which has generated us more booked appointments than ever allowing us to have more closing opportunities. 

If you are still on the fence about getting SmartWriter, I highly recommend that you take action and start closing more deals today by leveraging Icebreaker!

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