7 Tips To Personalise LinkedIn Cold Messages And Get 73% Reply Rates

 Many B2B businesses use LinkedIn to pitch their services to new customers and gain a lot of attention. It is a one-to-one connection, so there is no hindrance of the middleman, and your business can connect with the targeted leads easily. 

In 2021 LinkedIn had over 740 million active users from more than 200 countries. It is one of the largest professional networking platforms where your business can instantly reach potential customers in various industries irrespective of location. 80% of LinkedIn members recognize that networking plays a vital part in their professional success.

LinkedIn is one of the most successful platforms for B2B lead generation outreach.  You can do cold messaging to your potential prospects on LinkedIn. Even if your business uses Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Automation, you can easily track your positive results. Businesses can unlock pools of untapped leads who are open to making a connection irrespective of what your company sells and to whom your business is selling. 

The LinkedIn premium has the InMail features to perform cold email outreach to anyone on the platform. LinkedIn Inmail outreach is similar to cold outreach via email. You can have a friendly tone, and personalized context helps to establish interest and connection.  Here we will see the 7 tips for personalized Linkedin cold email messages for your business to consider. Let's get started!

What Is LinkedIn Outreach?

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for attracting qualified leads to your business. However, there are still some common questions that many business owners have about LinkedIn. One such topic is LinkedIn outreach. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for direct messages, but it can be confusing for those who are new to this concept to understand exactly how it works.

Your LinkedIn profile page of a sales professional shows top skills, education, work experience, etc., on his profile. It has enabled him to attract leads by having a systematic LinkedIn outreach strategy that uses LinkedIn as a central medium. This has added further credibility to the products/ service they offer. 

7 Tips To Get Response From Personalised Linkedin Cold Message 

While sending the cold message on LinkedIn, you need to follow the below tips to get replies. Getting replies from the cold LinkedIn message is an art. It would be best if you write a compelling, personalized content piece. Then, make the process efficient by using non-templated personalized messages to get your replies from individuals. As per the expandi study, they have achieved 80.2% acceptance rate on LinkedIn using the cold message outreach strategy.

1. Personalized Messages

The first thing you need to implement is the personalization of your message. You need not send the template or same automated message to the targeted customers. It is a complete waste of time. If your LinkedIn messaging wants to reply, you have to build context according to industry, domain, company size, etc. 

The personalization of your connection message can reduce declines. Here are the 5 tips for personalization.  

  1. Express that you have scanned the prospect's profile before you reach them- Include the information on the prospect profile. This gives the feel that you are not simply reaching for sales. Genuinely sharing the prospect's works, discussing their expertise in the context makes you stand out from others. 
  2. Spotlight the accomplishment or Projects - Check prospect's recent accomplishment and the recent project they worked for on the profile. You can correlate their brand/expertise with your product/services and will grab more attention.  
  3. Request for Insights - If you are connecting with the industry experts then you can ask for opinions, insights, their knowledge even you can discuss the specific topic to know their points of view, you can also address industry problems, valuable feedback, and more. 
  4. Appreciate content - People used to share different content on their LinkedIn profiles. While you send a connection request, you can share your thoughts on the content or appreciate and value the content.
  5. Mutual connection - Seek for a mutual contact if you have a vast network on LinkedIn and you can mention the mutual connection related to them and send a request; this will create a connection instantly. 

You can automate all of the above 5 steps using this connection request secret

2.  Begin With Killer Subject Line

In today’s digital age, you need all the advantages of social media to get noticed. Most successful companies are getting noticed and getting leads with LinkedIn InMail. It also shows that subject lines for LinkedIn InMail can have a positive impact on whether or not that connection will open the message. 

Why is the Subject Line of LinkedIn InMail so important? A killer subject line of InMail on LinkedIn will get your email read. Blanket emailing of InMail to strangers is not a good strategy. However, when you handwrite InMail with a compelling subject line, you stand out with no competition. It's a unique way to grab your reader's attention, bring them into the conversation, and start a relationship with your  target audience. 

Before crafting the message, make the answers to the following queries. 

  • Why do you need to reach the person? Have you heard of them before?
  • If anyone has shared their contact? 
  • Is this a stranger I want to connect with for the first time?

Once you uncover the answer, you can now utilize the specific information and craft the personalized subject line as possible.  Make an exciting subject line that inclined your ideal prospect to open your message.

3. Make the Message Concise 

LinkedIn messages are instant messaging and not an email. You can't send a paragraph of text. Your content has to be short and brief to the point. 

The ultimate goal of the cold LinkedIn message is to get a reply. Therefore, the length of the massage is more important, like cold emails. Craft your message short to the point so that the prospect can read and respond immediately. Making the prospect message short and impressive is challenging. Like I mentioned before, LinkedIn is a great social platform for business networking. However, many people make the biggest mistake by sending out long-winded messages about their business – their product, services, strategies, goals, daily activities, etc.

It is essential to keep in touch with customers or potential customers via LinkedIn. It’s an excellent tool to keep in touch with them. But there are a few things to keep in mind when using LinkedIn for business. First, LinkedIn messages can’t be too long or they’ll be rejected ( For InMail messages, you can have up to 200 characters on the subject line and can have up to 1900 characters in the body). That means the message should be clear, concise, and to the point.

Use the Smartwriter tool to create a short and personalized message that instantly gets a reply. The AI engine will analyze the prospect profile and make the context in no time. 

4. Give Valuable Messages

In any kind of cold outreaches, avoid making a sales pitch on the initial communications. Instead, save the sale for later parts of the discussion. Instead, build a successful message that draws customers and build a relationship. The goal is to connect and begin a conversation with the ideal prospect, not to push them to buy the product. 

Your message has to offer value to the customer instead of concentrating much on your business information or sales content. Sharing valuable videos, blog content with a personalizing message will get more chances of a response. Make your outreach content as much as value for your lead. So the business needs to find and focus on valuable content to the prospect. 

5. Create Personalized Video Message

Prospects are receiving lots of templated or spammy messages every day, and there will be chances of ignoring them. However, if the prospect receives a video message in the inbox, there will be a higher chance of viewing them. 

According to experts, video messages to prospects will work better, and the key success relies on personalization. The best outreach method is creating a recorded video, particularly for the recipient. You can make use of screen recording software like Loom, Screencastify, etc.  LinkedIn video messages show the prospects it's not a spammy message, and it is custom made for them. 

If you are sending a LinkedIn connection request, record yourself with the receiver profile in the background and include wh they need to connect with your business. Then, your homework is to make the video messages personalized and make how your offering fits the prospect's wants. This will increase the chances of prospect replies.

Making a soft approach to video messaging is a great way to introduce yourself to the targeted buyer and include CTAs (book a call/book a demo ). Create the video with your audio or written messages. 

6. Discover The Common Interest With Your Prospects 

The significant advantage of making outreach through the LinkedIn channel is that you can quickly find sufficient data about the potential customer before reaching them.   

You can find the relevant information such as interest, education, job role, etc. Then, scan your prospect's profile and discover the common ground. For example, if your targeted audience is more active on LinkedIn, then read their recent sharings and interest, find interesting information on their profile.

After discovering the common ground, start crafting your initial message with a personal touch with relevant information having a common interest in mind. Avoid copy-pasting the same context to all the leads. Instead, make the messages tailor-made for every individual.  It will be a great way to begin the conversation with the prospect by discussing the common interest in the niche product or services. For instance, if your prospect has a similar passion, mention the common interest in the InMail, and it will be a great ice breaker. 

You can give connection request messages to the people who were on the same LinkedIn group as yours.  It is an excellent method to connect. You can mention the mutual connection and mutual interest to begin the conversation. 

7.  Do Follow Up And Keep Track Your Prospects 

You can automate the LinkedIn outreaches using automation tools. However, you still need to follow the rules. Otherwise, too many connection requests or messages may flag your profiles. In addition, you need to ensure the level of personalization in mind. Unless there might be chances of marking as spam, keep the messages personalized to your prospects using Smartwriter AI. 

You need to track the prospect outreach and follow up if you don't respond. You can utilize the CRM tools to track each prospect's outreaches, and it will be a great way to schedule the follow-up at the right time intervals. Your business wants to focus on the follow-up. You will have more chances for the conversion of prospects into your customer. 

LinkedIn automation tools have gained more popularity with B2B marketers. For example, when coming to B2B sales, you can easily send LinkedIn messages to a massive list of leads using automation tools. It saves time, and your business can focus more on your client interaction. 

Many user-friendly automation tools like Salesintel, We-connect, Leadleaper, and more are available along with the Chrome extension. This software automates your time-consuming activities. 

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn offers you top-level B2B networking opportunities. There are many LinkedIn automation tools available on the market that have browser extensions/ plugins. You can make a  mass message. Your business needs not to waste much time in sending out individual messages. Create a massive list of prospects with high-converting LinkedIn prospecting messages and then automate using automation tools for efficient initial outreach messages.

Choose the right tool like Smartwriter for the automatic message that gives you a solid ROI. After selecting the right automation software, it is essential to follow the proper LinkedIn automation practices for a better response rate. 

LinkedIn messaging takes some time to work, but you can create solid cold messages that get replies from the above guidelines and tips. Try different things constantly so that your business can figure out which works the best for you. If you are automating and want to try some of the best performing templates for linkedIn you can find 14 of those templates here

If you're looking for more LinkedIn strategies, check out our articles about Secrets To a LinkedIn Connection Request That Guarantee Meetings


Here are the essential ingredients needed for a great cold-messaging campaign on LinkedIn: Focus on your prospect Use a compelling subject line five words and under Highlight common interests (this nifty Phantom can help you out) Keep your content short, to the point and mistake-free Keep the tone warm and complimentary Have a clear CTA Optional step (Share relevant, niche content) Keep in mind that having a clear strategy, target, message, and CTA will ensure that you are not aimlessly sending cold messages for connection's sake alone.

What are the benefits of automated messages?

The perfect automated message comprises: the prospect is the main focus, common interests are highlighted, brief in length, well written, warm in tone, and clear CTA.

What is a cold message?

Cold messages are email introductions you send to people you do not have any connection with. Normally, they are sent through LinkedIn or another professional website. The main purpose is to start a conversation, build relationships, and ultimately land your dream job / connect with cold prospects.

How do I get positive responses to cold outreach messages on LinkedIn?

Cold outreach involves contacting someone you have never spoken with, it isn't easy to get responses and requires a specific type of strategy to succeed. When you find a potential customer on LinkedIn and you want to connect with them, the first you need to do is scan through their profile to find some common ground between yourself and the person you're messaging. The key factor for getting responses  is making  cold messaging brief and simple along with customization and personalization helps you get more responses.. 

What is Social Selling?

Among the many powerful tools used in modern social selling, LinkedIn can be particularly powerful because it allows you to connect one-on-one with potential customers in a way that you couldn't before.

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