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If you are looking for new clients who could use your products and services, cold messaging on LinkedIn is a better way to prospect for clients than networking using traditional marketing tactics like trade shows or advertising. Not only can you directly message decision-makers, but you can also see how healthy your prospect is and how much money they are likely to spend with your business.


Cold messaging on LinkedIn can be a great way to bring in new prospects, but the fact is that not everyone is excellent at creating a perfect cold message. Most cold messages fall flat and don't convert at all. Why? because most cold email messages are boring as hell and read a lot like a robotic mass email sent to all the contacts in the person's massive contact list. But it does not have to be that way.

LinkedIn Increases Overall Effectiveness

1. Increased Reach

A study states that 75% of B2B companies use social prospecting in their decision-making process, making it the perfect platform for B2B sales leads and connecting with B2B clients.

2. Increased Conversations

LinkedIn outreach is very manual and time-consuming, but using an AI-powered tool like SmartWriter will automate the cold outreach process and increase your chances of a positive response from potential clients.

3. Increased Conversions

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking site where you can connect with top professionals, business people, career experts and build strong relationships with prospects for business development.

What is LinkedIn prospecting?

LinkedIn prospecting is a process of targeting potential prospects for your business. It can help you reach out to decision-makers who are more likely to buy from you than social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

The LinkedIn prospecting technique is used to source new business opportunities. It's a systematic process of reaching out to other business owners and decision-makers. Prospecting is traditionally done by cold calling and cold emailing. LinkedIn makes this process easier since you already share a common connection, and there's an expectation that you will reach out to your contacts for business.

For the salesperson, LinkedIn prospecting is a method of generating new leads through personal connection requests. LinkedIn gives you a unique platform to contact people, and it is the most-used resource by professionals in sales. A prospect's LinkedIn profile is your next lead.

Who can use LinkedIn Prospecting?

LinkedIn prospecting can be a great way to reach a wide audience of decision-makers. Moreover, it's a powerful platform if approached correctly. This article teaches you how to craft LinkedIn messages that can help you land more clients, build your brand, and grow your business.

Job Seekers

As the digital age progresses, job seekers will only hire people they meet in person at least twice. If you really want to be successful, you must first become relevant to your target audience. To build relationships and get trust, LinkedIn is one of the fastest ways to meet new people. Prospecting on LinkedIn allows you to get to know prospects better than a cold call or email.

Sales Professionals

LinkedIn prospecting messages for salespeople are messages that you send via LinkedIn to potential customers. Prospecting messages are one of the most powerful LinkedIn tools for salespeople to use as they can be substantially more productive than cold calling or sending emails to prospects. 

It is because when you send a prospecting message, you are reaching out to someone who has expressed interest in your future work by connecting with you, viewing your profile, or following you.

Prospecting via LinkedIn for B2B sales

LinkedIn is the best resource for social prospecting. With over 450 million users in the world's largest professional network, LinkedIn is a great place to reach out to decision-makers of corporations, startups, and large organizations. LinkedIn users are more easily accessible than leads from other sources. Emails on LinkedIn are more likely to be read than emails that go to your personal inbox.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you an advanced search filter where you can filter profiles based on keywords, industry, and more. Simply, it has all the information on the prospects a sales pro is looking for. 

The Sales Navigator is best for sales professionals to generate potential leads and build a pipeline. If you're in the sales team, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth the cost.

LinkedIn Messages Vs. Cold Messages

A cold email is a one-way message that is sent to a person or business to request something. It is considered a cold message because you're reaching out to someone you don't know. Contrast that to a LinkedIn message. You can send a message to your first, second, third, or even fourth-level connections. 

You're reaching out to someone you do know (at least, you think you do). The interesting difference is that the recipient of a LinkedIn message is just as likely to connect with you as they are to ignore the message. It's a rare situation in which you can reach out to someone with the expectation of a response.

How to search for prospects on LinkedIn

Here is a list of tips and strategies where you can find potential prospects for email outreach by using a basic search, 

1. Use a LinkedIn group.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for connecting with potential business people, generating leads, and building a strong network. The powerful tool on LinkedIn is the LinkedIn Groups. Active and effective LinkedIn Groups are a reliable way to create valuable connections and generate leads. 

A study by Hubspot revealed that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for Lead Generation than Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn Groups is where you can connect with like-minded people who are more likely to show interest in your product or service. 


Prospects in a group share a common interest, and an amazing amount of useful information is available there. You can connect with them, build a strong relationship, position yourself as an expert around the subject, and pitch the sales once you're ready. The best thing about being a group member is that you can easily DM your fellow members in the network.

2. Use the "People also viewed" feature

Whenever you visit a profile of a potential prospect, LinkedIn displays a list of similar members based on a variety of factors.

These factors include LinkedIn profiles that viewers have also looked at besides the one you are currently on. They are similar in terms of profession, job titles, and connected industries.


3. Skills and Endorsements

LinkedIn members are most likely to endorse other LinkedIn members in their network. Among those members are some of your leads. You can use this to find a new prospect or two. Not much scalable, but one can take advantage of it to connect with potential leads for free.

LinkedIn prospecting

4. Check LinkedIn events

There are hundreds of events on LinkedIn. Find the events that are relevant to your business and that people from your audience attend. Then, make sure to attend the event, and you will have access to the list of all the attendees.

It is typically a list of people interested in the same relevant topic as you. And, there is a little bonus here! It is a great ice breaker for your cold emails or follow-up emails when you attend the same event.

LinkedIn prospect list for your prospection

5. Look for people in your alumni network

Going to the same business school brings people together, don't you think? So don't forget to check your business school's alumni network with LinkedIn search filters.

Now you have got a common background to talk about and can mention that in your first approach.

Filter your LinkedIn prospecting

6. Search for people who liked your comment

Someone who has liked your post is someone who has already shown interest in your work.

Moreover, this is someone who already knows you, has seen your face, and heard your name. So the connection is much easier to make.


How to send a perfect connection request message?

When you look for prospects, the next step is to connect with them. Make sure to send a personalized connection request message to ensure they accept your LinkedIn request. Do research their LinkedIn profile, know about their industry, job title, accomplishments, and include it in your request message.

Do not sales pitch in your connection message, as the prospects will ignore it as spam messages. Instead, after establishing a successful connection, send them a cold outreach message where you talk about providing value, discussing the pain points, and your solution for it. 

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How to automate your cold email outreach?

SmartWriter is a game-changing AI Automation tool where you can automate the cold outreach process and improve your response rate. It sends automated outreach emails to the list of prospects you're reaching out to. 

Also, you can find their valid email address and check its verification in the tool. Just so you can reach out to the right person who is capable of making a decision. 

SmartWriter offers various premium plans to its users. Also, you can avail of a 7-day free trial on signing up. 

The Best AI Automation Tool for cold email outreach

SmartWriter is a powerful AI tool that can automate your personalized LinkedIn outreach with just a few clicks. Write and send unique prospecting messaging with just one click and in no time. With SmartWriter, you can achieve an 88% acceptance rate for your LinkedIn cold messages. 

The Personalized LinkedIn Outreach is the most powerful feature in this tool amongst many others. 

How does SmartWriter do this?

SmartWriter collects unique data points from your prospect's LinkedIn profile to create highly personalized and highly detailed prospecting messages that help you create one-to-one relationships with your prospects. 

SmartWriter uses LinkedIn cookie tokens to find the prospect's LinkedIn profile data to create personalized messages. Also, you can create the messages based on the options available in the tool that includes,

  • Prospect Bio
  • Job Bio
  • Recommendation
  • Recent Activity
  • Skills

The tool helps create highly personalized messages, unique and hybrid, leading to a high response rate, conversion rate, and engagement. 

The tool allows users to upload their Prospects' Profiles via LinkedIn URL, CSV, or Google Sheets to make it easy and quick to generate multiple custom messages.

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach with SmartWriter

Step 1 - Sign in to your account or Sign up to create a SmartWriter account.

Step 2 - Create a new project using the create project available on the tool or pick an existing project.

Step 3 - Select Compose Copy or Create Copy and choose the category as Personalised LinkedIn Outreach.

Step 4 - Enter the details of the prospect with who you want to connect. Then, find the LI_AT cookie token from the LinkedIn website and upload their respective CSV file or the Linked URL. 

To know more about the LI_AT token, click here.

Step 5 - Now, click on the Generate Custom Message to get the desired cold message output.

Step 6 - Select the output generated to send a LinkedIn connection request that shows acceptance rates over 80% and above.

Step 7 - You can edit the details and generate a new set of outreach messages by clicking on the Edit Prompt & Try Again or Regenerate Compliment for the same.

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Now that you know how effectively you can use SmartWriter to create prospecting messages for outreach let's discuss the cold message templates generated from the tool and why it is effective in your cold message strategy.

Based on the Prospect’s Bio

The cold message generated is well personalized and includes details about the prospect's company, achievements, job responsibilities, job title, and more.

Based on the prospect's Top Received Recommendation

In this, the personalized message is detailed and includes details such as the mutual connection who recommended him, the work experience, the company they worked for, top skills, why they recommend, and more.

Based on the LinkedIn Post or Recent Activity

The cold message generated is based on the recent activity or a Post that the prospect shared on their profile, the topic, what they talked about, why you agree, and such information.

If their LinkedIn Post is about an event they participated in, you can make use of that in your follow-up messages in case you've been to the event. It is always good to look for a common ground when you want to connect with potential buyers.

Based on the Most Upvoted Skillset

This outreach message generated includes their top skills, technical experience, achievements, and more.


Create attractive and engaging personalized emails that get you a response and build a one-to-one relationship with your prospects. SmartWriter does more than just sending outreach emails to your prospects. Sign up for SmartWriter to explore more about our tool.

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