Use AI And AIDA Model Marketing To Triple Your Conversions

What Is the AIDA Model?


AIDA Model practiced in marketing defines the steps that the customer goes through when purchasing a product. Since the late 19th century, this model has been underused. 


This model tracks the customer journey through awareness, interest, desire, and action. It is the best marketing model among the classic marketing models. 


Numerous marketers discover AIDA helpful since they apply this model every day, whether unconsciously or consciously while planning an effective marketing communication strategy.  


Who Created the AIDA Model?


American advertising and sales pioneer Elias coined the phrase AIDA in marketing communication. The model speaks about the different stages that the customer goes through before purchasing a product or service. This model is utilized to attract customers to use the application. It is one of the widely used models in the market today. 


The model's primary purpose is to optimize the sales interaction, especially the communication between the seller and the purchaser. AIDA  is the scientific way of approach for creating advertising processes and sales.


Why is AIDA Important?


Before applying the AIDA formula, it is essential to understand your potential customers or clients first.  It is not enough, as it is important to understand your prospect entirely, and their interest is necessary. Your marketing information will reach your audience directly, and the targeted persona will buy your product or service that you provide. 


Business needs to perfectly align the marketing information with your buyer persona to work any other marketing strategy or AIDA. 


The marketing information includes:

  • Demographics data.
  • Organization and role specifications.
  • Other significant data that further assist you in precision-target your marketing communications.


If you have not yet created the buyer persona, it is your liability to perform research and study to define every client's or prospect's demographic and psychographic.


The AIDA Model - Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action 

AIDA model


The AIDA model describes the four stages that the user or customer goes through before purchasing (decision-making process). The steps include Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA). At these four stages, your marketing content will create attractiveness and attention to your brand and generate interest among your targeted persona about your product or service that you provide them. Marketing content will stimulate a desire for the product and incite action to attempt or get the product/ service.


The brands use these AIDA models to discover how they can create and share their market communication to their targeted users at every stage of the customer journey or buyer journey. 


The AIDA model is observed as a hierarchy of effect model, which indicates that the user needs to pass through every stage of the model to achieve the desired action (Here, the user's desired action is to make a purchase). Similarly to the marketing funnel, each stage will have some new prospects than the earlier one. 




The first stage is the cognitive stage of the user. Creating brand awareness to the targeting user is the first stage. At this point, you will be creating awareness of the product to the customers in the buyer’s journey. 


The customer thinks about your product, and they will beware of the product or service, and they start to acquire some knowledge about your product such as properties,  advantages, and more. Usually, the attention stage of any brand is triggered through the mode of advertisement.



The user enters the affective step followed by the cognitive stage. Once targeted users are aware of your brand, the business has to work on increasing the targeted customer interest level. 


At this stage, the user will get an interest in and prefer the product or service you offer. The user becomes a part of your brand and is known to be a consideration state. It shows that the targeted user is seriously considering your brands for purchase. There are two more stages that the buyer will go through to achieve an action state.



After the potential customer has an interest in your brand, the next stage is the Desire stage.  Once the user is interested in your brand, the next goal is to make the user desire it, i.e. (Making the potential customer minds from "I like it" to "I want it". The desired stage of the AIDA framework is a portion of the cognitive stage of use. 



The final stage of the buyer journey is the behavioral stage. It is the final stage of the AIDA framework. Action is the stage where the potential prospects take a decision and become customers. This the state where your user decides to become a consumer of your brand. 


How to Apply the AIDA Model On Your Marketing

Apply AIDA model

Attract Attention


You can grab your user's attention with your content. It will attract them and engage them and create curiosity about your brand or business. They further research to understand what the organization does. 


At this affective stage, the prospects will ask for " What is it". You need to create content that attracts them. It will be an opportunity for your business to generate more brand awareness. 




Effective content marketing is the best way to attract targeted visitors to your website. The advertising message you create has to resolve user problems, their desire. This compelling content will draw more visitors to your site. SmartWriter makes your job simpler and more effective. 


You can create a fantastic meta title, mate description, and bog intro. With this tool, you can begin creating bog tile with targeted keywords in no time. It will help you to rank better on the search engine results (SERP). The tool uses AI, identifies the top-ranked blog keywords, and generates the title that suits your needs. The catchy title attracts more readers to your blogs, helping you to rank better on SERP. You can generate blog meta title, meta description, blog intro contents, and more with the tool's help. 


SmartWriter has an option for generating content for an e-commerce site. Where you can create a title and description for your products. Similarly, you can develop attractive ice-breaking personalized content into and subject line for your cold emails. 




According to Radicati Research Group's research, the average person will receive 92 business emails a day. So in any cold email, marketing your email’s subject line is a critical part that plays. If the email with an attractive subject line will make the reader open the email, a good subject line attracts, creates interest, makes desire, and makes the reader in action. 


Through, improve your sales email, and the attention stage of any brand is triggered through the mode of advertisement emails open rate and increase the business's revenue. Stand out from the crowd today on your sales emails with subject lines and get better conversions. The email subject line and the content will not look like an auto-generated one. It will provide you human touch and personalized with given websites, keywords etc.


AIDA description


AIDA  Framework template


With SmartWriter, you can create content for your cold email to achieve attention, interest, desire, and action to the targeted users. 


Similarly, you can also generate your social media content for Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and even google ads. Attract the user from online and social media and drive them your brand. Best social media content will create attraction and interest your prospects, and the impression content on your website will convert the website visitor into your consumers. 


Generate Interest 


Once your target audience gets interested in your brand, they will begin to research to learn more about your product or service that you offer. Your product or service that you offer should benefit the target audience, and it has to be a potential fit for them. In this state, the businesses' goal is to make the user "what is it" to "i like it". Let's look into in detail with an E-commerce site or a blog website. 



At the AIDA first stage, you will be attracting your targeted user with social media posts, with a catchy good subject line on cold emails, and with a good Ads title and description, you will attract the target audience. At the AIDA framework at the first affective stages, you will be holding your audience, and at the interest stage, you have to hook your visitor with engaging your content. 


For instance, if you have an e-commerce website, and you will be creating attention through social media and cold emails, and more. Drive attraction with the targeted consumers, and once you make attention, the user gets interested, and they will start to research your brand and eventually land on your website. On the e-commerce website, you have to engage the visitors with great content. With your product title and description, you have to begin attracting your visitor, which will create an interest among the user, and they will have a chance to walk through the products, and the visitors will move to the stage of "I like the'' product or service state. 


Similarly for a blog page.  Once you attract potential consumers, they will start reading your articles. The content you provide has to be a solution to their problem, and it has to engage your visitors. Otherwise, the visitor will drop your website. Then it will be a chance to increase the bounce rate for your website. So make your content more engaging than ever before with SmartWriter. 


SmartWriter AI will provide the title with a top SERP result title and develop an auto-generated title to improve your click-through rate for your blog.  Along with the title, you can also generate the blog introduction. SmartWriter will help you hook your visitors and engage them with the content and increase page read time. It also creates an opportunity to reduce your blog bounce rates. 


To produce enough excitement among your targeted prospects and the content has to compel them to act, make sure your user connection with your brand hits a certain threshold. The adjustments on your site and improve your website quality with concern will help you succeed.


Product decription with Smartwriter


AIDA framework with Smartwriter




Suppose you provide the keyword on the product name section and the short description of the blog on the product description element on the SmartWriter tool. The software will automatically generate the contents to attract visitors. You can use the content on the relevant page elements, engaging content for your user, and increase the page read time. You can generate this engaging content in a few clicks.


Stimulate Desire

Users will begin to buy or purchase once they like and have trust in the product or brand.  The stage's objective is to convert the targeted users or visitors from "i like it" into "i want it" . The crucial primary part is the business need to create trust.


You can achieve the desire for your consumers only through content. The business has to ensure that the audience subscribes to your blogs or newsletters and ensure that they are following your social media and using your offers. The more prospects interact with your brand, they trust it will be a business opportunity, and there are more chances of prospect conversion into consumers. There will increase the more chances of purchasing the product or service by these prospects. 


Example :


Suppose you are an e-commerce website. The website content has to be optimized accordingly to create the user from liking your product to want the product.  It has to impress the visitor and make them purchase the product. If the user subscribes to your brand and follows on social media will have more likely chances to convert as potential customers for your brand. 



AIDA framework creation with Smartwriter



AIDA framework Output





Spur Into Action 


After creating the desire for your product or service, it's time to take action. The stage's object is to make your user " I'm getting it". You have to make your prospect decide to purchase your product. The call to action is the desired goal on this. 

Purchase funnel stages with AIDA


For example:

If you craft a cold email for your advertising and sales, the most open rates and click-throughs are the deciding factors that determine the success of your email marketing. 


Suppose your open rate or click-through rate is not met as expected. In that case, you have to implement the A/B testing on your promotional email to achieve the maximum impact and make successful advertisements.


To perform better, make the subject lines headlines more attractive so that you can stand out from the crowd on the cold email and make interest through the first paragraphs, email bodies, images, and have calls-to-action to navigate the user to your landing page. 


Once the user lands on your e-commerce site, the product title and description have to develop an "I'm getting it" impression to your visitors. Your brand can be achieved easily with the help of SmartWriter software. Craft impressive subject lines and content for emails and create unique titles and descriptions for your product in no time with few clicks.


SmartWriter AI provides the content that provides 100% success on email marketing and sales. 



The above article will give better insight into the AIDA framework and implement them to achieve better results on your brands. AIDA is the best-known marketing model in the classic marketing models. 



The AIDA model is generally used on sales strategies, digital marketing,  lead generation strategy, public relations campaigns, etc. Cohort analyses become primary for online marketing that helps the business to define user behavior & succeed. Research shows that You can boost 95% of the company’s profits with a 5% increase in customer retention.


There are numerous ways to increase the loyalty for signing up or subscribing to an email newsletter or adding to your mailing lists. Social platforms to share the latest news, offers, offer deals at limited time, discounts to the end-user based on the visits or number of purchases, events, offering discounts on different product ranges, etc.


SmartWrites also provides the AIDA formula to deliver more targeted prospects and customers through content. The best part is that SmartWriter offers a 14-day free trial. 


Meanwhile, you can check out the platform and choose the platform like social media, email content, website copywriting, paid AD copy, and more for significant marketing improvements and results.

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