How To Use AIDA Marketing Like Apple Or Nike And Convert Strangers To Customers

What is AIDA Model in Marketing?

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. AIDA is a widely used model in both advertising and marketing groups. Here is the Use methodology to AI And AIDA Model Marketing To Triple Your Conversions.

The AIDA model illustrates the series of steps that happen when a user enters the marketing funnel's awareness stage when they ultimately make a Decision.

The model explains the required amount of tasks that the user wants to make from awareness level to action, which leads to conversion for your brands.

The AIDA Model Structure 

The AIDA model is widely used in both advertising and marketing circles. It illustrates the different steps when an individual enters the marketing funnel's awareness until the person makes a decision. AIDA model shows the business required number of stages has to move their target audience from the awareness stage to conversion.

AIDA model comprise of the following levels:


Attention is the first step on the AIDA model. It is entirely about brand awareness creation. Your brand has to perform audience research and create attention about your product or service among the target audience. In any marketing or advertising, attracting the targeted prospects to the business or brand is the first and foremost step. 

Attention is the first step on the AIDA model. It is entirely about brand awareness creation. Your brand has to perform audience research and create attention about your product or service among the target audience. This stage aims to identify the user's problems and desires. The brand or business has to wholly outline its buyer personas.

With the information about your buyer persona, you can build the content to attract your brand by focusing on consumers or user difficulties and desires through advertising messages. Creating content that grabs attention and engages your user will inspire them to discover more about the brand or product, or service. 


After the user is aware of your product or brand, it is time for the business to create and increase the potential audience's interest level. After attracting your prospects, holding them with your brand is the next stage in the marketing funnel. The success of the marketing or advertisement entirely rely on how you engage your visitors with your content 

For instance, The brand Disney boosts interest among the visitors by declaring stars who will perform on the holidays.


At the marketing funnel, desirer is the stage where you make the visitor mindsets from "I like it" to "I want it". The end goal of this stage is to make the audience want your product or service.

Your business will show how you solve their problems or needs at this stage through your product or service.  In this segment, you have to showcase all your product features and show how the end-user will benefit from your product or service and how they fulfill and resolve their problems.


For example: If you own a gym. The desire's techniques involve before and after photos, like a weight loss journey of your client. Show how your brand makes a positive change in lives. If you did the desired stage correctly, your ideal customer would be ready to purchase your product or service.


After succeeding in the desire, the next stage is your business has to make the audience take immediate action. For example, if you own an e-commerce website, the next stage of desire is making the visitors purchase your product online (They have to click the buy button without scrolling for other products). This can be achieved through advertisements by offering limited time offers or earn special bonuses etc. 

Call to action and placing them at the right place will increase the conversion.  It has to be simple for buyers to associate and where they might hope to discover it.  CTA can be used in different marketing channels, such as if your business is advertising through flyer templates, then the CTA will be visiting the store.  In the email "Visit the website for more details'',  On  landing pages, "Place your order." 

Action is the last stage in the AIDA model. WHere the prospects take necessary action to become customer/consumer, if your business successfully carries your audience through the above three steps will automatically make the action naturally.  If not, you may have to provoke a possibility to make your visitors act by utilizing shutting sales closing strategies.

Here are the tops strategies to use AI and AIDA model marketing to triple your conversions for your business.

AIDA Model Examples That Convert Strangers To Customers

1. AIDA marketing model of Apple 

Let's take Apple's smartwatch advertising to know more about the apple AIDA model marketing strategy. 

Attention: In the stage of attention, the business has to grab your consumer's attention to become customers. This stage's primary purpose is to create brand awareness about the product or service you are offering. 

You have to study and develop a strategy of capturing your consumers' minds towards your service or product offering.  Don't try to sell your product or service at this stage, and it will destroy your entire marketing strategy.

Apple came up with an ad and made the brand presences, and created curiosity among the people. The ad has not shared any product features, and they only used their tagline "watch is coming."

While doing the AIDA marketing model, this is most important to keep in mind at the attention stage.  Ensure that the images and graphic design elements have to be of rich quality.

AIDA model of Apple


After creating awareness about the product, Apple plans how the product makes the end-user stand out and how the product will solve their needs. They showed how the product would improve their customer lifestyle. 

While designing an advertisement, you have to highlight your product or service's advantages and benefits and why people want to use your product. 

At this stage, you have to come up with the content to hold your reader and have to make them read more about your product or service. 


At this stage, you have to communicate with your targeted audience why they must like your product or service that you offer. The interest and desire look to be the same but at this beyond your product benefits and advantage. You have to show your brand uniqueness and the specialty of your product like the apple watch. The end goal of this stage is to shift your consumer mindset from I like to  “I want it”.


Apple AIDA Model for Watch

After successes in the above three-stage, the end focus is sale for the product. Apple follows the before sale concept on their marketing funnel. 

Any business can follow this similar AIDA marketing. The pre-booking concept will boost your sale after the launch of your product. 

Apple came with different apple watch designs and offered the end-user an opportunity to choose colors, designs, and more.  A similar theory you can implement on your product or service. 


Successful marketing doesn’t end when you sell your product or your service. You have to cherish the consumer again with your services and offers here.

The success of the marketing doesn't end after-sales. Your brand has to cherish your user repeatedly by offering excellent service. If your business provides excellent service, the user will become a regular customer for your product or service. 

Try to get 50 to 70% of your customers as your regular users for your business's success. This stage's primary goal is to move the consumer from an occasional consumer to a regular consumer.

2. Coca Cola  AIDA Marketing Formula


Coke company has used the AIDA model for many years. The brand attracts its uses through marketing mediums such as tv ads before movies and paid digital ads. According to statistics, Coca-cola Christmas spends nearly $4 Billion on its worldwide advertisement to attract its users. 

They develop an interest in the consumers by highlighting their product advantages and benefits. Let's take the diet coke and coke zero with no calories without comparing their taste. 

Coke marketed how great the beverages taste without all the calories. The brand creates desire through how soda satisfies their consumer. For example, they showed how consumers maintain their good shape while consuming delicious coke zero.

Coca-cola achieved its brand iteration by providing storage for the beverage. People can now notice their brand in movie theaters, grocery shops, and even on vending machines. To further keep the consumers interested in the product Coca-Cola incorporated a QR code with the brand logo on the Coke bottle to draw consumers closer to the brand and its associated content, enhancing the overall brand experience.

Coke made massive exposure and abundance availability at low cost made the action simple and became the top soda brand in the world.


3. AIDA Model of Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper in the Awareness phase attracts more people and gets attention; Mini Cooper adopted a guerilla marketing strategy. They placed a giant cardboard carton with torn gift wrapping on the Amsterdam streets for a Christmas gift-giving. The MINI Cooper guerilla marketing is outstanding. 

4. AIDA Model in Sales Emails 

AI personalized icebreaker generator

According to the Radicati research group report, the person receives 92 business emails in a day.  Let's look in detail at how the AIDA model can be used with email marketing ( would be helpful on the marketing funnel's awareness stage.  

To stand out among all the emails, the key is the subject line. If your email has very engaging and impressive content with a bad subject line, your email will change to get opened.  In the sales email, the subject line is the crucial factor for the attention of the email users. Lets 

A good subject line must be customized along with a human touch instead of auto-generated subject lines. The subject line has to fit both the mobile and desktop display. The long subject line will not be completed on the mobile views. So the subject line has to be short and has to be optimized for both mobile and laptop users. 

Mailshakes provide options to test your subject line and how it appears in Gmail with a mobile and desktop view. With, you can make personalized icebreakers for your emails and customize your subject lines and content that attract your prospects. With the help of tools, you can easily track the open email rates and perform A/B testing and identify the best engaging content for your target audience. 

Create desire for your sales mail by hooking your readers with your unique selling proposition (USP), explain your product or service how it will be the solution for their problems, and highlighting a short testimonial.

Checking their availability for a 10-minute call to resolve their pain point you’ve highlighted will make the prospects enter into the action state.  The targeted audience will tend to respond to your sales email. 

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5. Adidas AIDA Model

Adidas AIDA model

Adidas regularly creates attention with the highest-ranked athletes or celebrities to the audience with their promotion methodology on the website. 

Their home content is limited, and even they hook the users by allowing visitors to discover the legends, which attracts the user to view the website content further. The brand uses attractive headings like "save up to 50%" and " new" to capture the consumer's interest. 

Most fashion brands use a very clever tactic towards the checkout as the customer begins to desire this exclusivity.

They create interest by providing free delivery, benefits, optimizing delivery route management, and make customers happy. In A similar way, they use graphic images, including behind-the-scenes coverage about the famous launches.  

This makes the potential customers make the final purchase with the product. They use the most effective user attraction and engagement tactics and make the last action. 

6. AIDA Model Of Buffer

Buffer Home

Another best example for creating interest is the Buffer website. In the online world, the brand showcases their product with the feature highlight and shares the quality of their product with the information of 75,000+ businesses using Buffer. They show how many existing users they have for their service. This will build trust and interest and make the user purchase the product. They make the visitors into their customers by providing a free trial for 14 days with any time cancelation option. The users can redeem their free trial without credit cards; this makes the user try with the product, and the brand makes the trial user customer into their loyal customer through their service. 

Buffer engagement idea

7. Cadbury’s AIDA theory

Cadbury's AIDA Idea

Let's look into detail how Cadbury’s marketing campaign has followed the AIDA model:

Cadbury's marketing idea

Cadbury creates attention to the public with the Cadbury dominoes ad. The attention concept is fun and exciting and shows the consumer wants to do themselves within the advertisement. The idea of the ad is so unique, and it makes the people remember the ad and the product well.

They provide discount sales for their products on the grocery stores like Woolworths and Coles and create interest with the consumers to try their new products with the programs like discovering the Cadbury dairy milk flavor match. 

Online marketing ( advertising campaigns) and Social media campaigns make the customer want the product. They make the chocolate lover want the product through their graphical design and recipe of the chocolate making.  On the Cadbury dominoes ad, they offer customers to “join flavor conversation” on Facebook and Twitter and make the customer take action. 

8. Nike AIDA Marketing Formula

Nike AIDA marketing formula

Nike employs high-profile spokesperson and big stars from the music industry to market their product. The marketing strategy is by making celebrities with the outfit with a pair of their sneakers.  Nike employs celebrities to promote the sneaker. Let's look in detail at the Nike "Air Jordan III JTH collection" AIDA model.

Justin Timberlake (musician), on the celebration of his new album, worked with Nike designer Tinker Hatfield to promote the limited-edition Air Jordan III JTH collection.

The flashy white sneakers won by Justin Timberlake made more attraction to the views, and closeup shots of the Timberlake made more attraction among the people. In such a way, Nike creates attention from consumers for their every product. The viewers of the product have more chances to convert instantly into customers after viewing the product in real-time with a celebrity outlook. 

The Timberlake images wearing the white sneakers create interest to the consumers who use Nike’s SNKRS app. The images reach the targeted audience before the product is realized in the market. The users of the Nike app will get to know more about the new product design entirely before it reaches the market. 

Nike showed strategic shots of the shoes, again and again, to their ideal customer and created a desire to purchase the product. 

The brand sends push notifications to the app users and makes their loyal customers rapidly make a purchase. Nike also implemented the influencer marketing methodology on social media platforms. The brand pre-shows the product through celebrity.

Nike branding Idea

In this case, Timberlake shared his images wearing (Shot that highlights the new shoe) the limited-edition Air Jordan III JTH collection on Instagram. The social media post created buzz and curiosity among the Instagram followers of Timberlake.  Nike also reached a large audience through social media, and Timberlake had more than 2.6 million likes for the post after the halftime show.

9. AIDA model of Netflix

Netflix creates awareness to their targeted audience through marketing mediums like online ads, Youtube ads, print advertisements, partnership advertisements like Airtel service, etc. 

Once the user visits their landing page, they create interest in the user by offering one month's free trial and making them experience their portal and the shows and features in their product. 

With the seamless viewing experience to the user, the user can experience the Netflix supports the low-speed internet devices on the trial versions. It creates a desire among the users of Netflix. It provides extra features to make the end-user purchase for the exclusive movies, offline view options, and no ads while video streams and personalized recommendation on tv and movies. 

They hook the user with the offers and convert the trail users into their customers. Netflix was offering different subscription plans to the users along with the option to stop the subscription anytime.

10. KFC  AIDA model 

KFC creates awareness to the people that the product is healthy and making the environment clean. KFC creates awareness by showing the user that the KFC products are completely hygienic. They use cholesterol-free oils and serve the foods on the recycling paper products that indicate they care for the people and the environment.

To create interest among the people and to know about green KFC.  They came up with the concept of Unique id.  This made the people drive to visit their website.

The brand made desire among the people with the concepts of living healthy and clean environment.

The unique concept of green KFC will automatically attract consumers to go for KFCs products, and it shows the brand's commitment to people's health and nature.  And the final stage of the AIDA model happens naturally, and the people start placing orders by visiting the KFC store and online. 

Wrapping it up

AIDA Model is an effective model for marketing and makes advertising decisions for consumers in the different purchasing decision-making process. The above article shows more about the AIDA Model and its essential aspects in the consumer decision-making process. Aida model framework proves the stranger into customers for your brands.  Successful advertisements should always follow a specific formula to attract, interest, desire, and make the user act through marketing communication. From the above AIDA model example sales funnel for the top brand, you will get into an idea of how to frame an AIDA model for your brands and your sales emails. 

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