Using Instagram Commenting To Gain 2435 Followers In A Week

Skyrocket your following for free in a few weeks. The $1.80 Instagram strategy to grow your following without spending a dollar on ads is so simple yet so hard to implement given the amount of work involved. We've fixed that for you.

Gary Vee is famous for is $1.80 strategy where he suggests you leave your 2 cents in an organic comment across multiple Instagram posts in your niche. This leads to building trust over a time span, also has more people eyeing your profile, which leads to more conversations, followers and therefore trust.

While I fully agree with this strategy, there's no way I have the time of my day to leave 90 comments, even if Insta is my full time business. So as all technie's I implemented the utility of AI to build a comment generator.

The process is simple:

  • Find the content posts you feel are in your niche using Instagrams search, tag and hashtag feature
  • Copy a list of all the posts you think you'd like to comment on or are part of your nice
  • Then you can paste these into SmartWriter and our AI will read the Top comments, The IG Caption and analyse the profile to generate a very constructive and relevant comment (vs the "Great content" and very botty posts). This will look as natural and organic as it can get and build you a fan base very fast
  • You will have to paste the comments your self as IG is very restrictive on the commenting API with bots etc. You can easily hire a VA to do this for you

Here's a step by step process on how to user SmartWriter to do this. Below is a post from Gary V where he's talking about predicting patterns and trends accurately

All you've got to do is click on the share button and copy the link of the post

Once you've done that theres not much else there, you just need to paste that link into the input field in the SmartWriter Instagram Comment generator and put in the tone you want to be used for the comment, Excited, Educational, Witty or the heaps of options we offer

And boom right after that you've got 2 outputs you can use to add to a CSV which you can then either post yourself or get a VA to post on your behalf to keep the comments feeling like they are organic and not robotic via the Instagram Algorithm