SmartWriter's Credit System Explained Perfectly

Here's how the SmartWriter credit system works and why it's considered the best outreach product in the market

We built our credit system to help you get the max bang for your $. So I'll keep it short because I know you've got outreach to do

Smartwriter offers two formats of credits.

  • Outreach credits
  • Copy Credits

Outreach credits are used for any outreach personalisation section

Copy credits are used for any copy wiring section. Each copy credit is equal to 13.37 - 14 words, approx

Depending on the plan you're on, you can "swap" your credits. Maybe you're only doing outreach this month, so you can head over to Profile > Subscription and swap over your copy credits to outreach, if you scroll a little lower, you'll see a live view of what that swap will get you in terms of outputs

Refunding and Regeneration

With anything in the copywriting space, we have offered you the option to ask for refunds when the output is corrupt or "incomplete". Anything that has a generative AI model will require a little bit of massaging so if the output is a little off, try a different version of it

On the other hand with personalisation, if you're not happy with the output generated for your outreach, you can click the "Regenerate" button to get new copy that meets your satisfaction