Close Deals With Offline Businesses (Cafes, Salons) With Personalisation

How you can create hyper personalised outreach messages you can send to offline businesses like cafes, restaurants, salons and more using Google Reviews

Looking to scale your outreach but your target audience isn't exactly "online" ?

You know Dentists, Car Sales Staff, Salon Owners, Restaurant Owners and more

We're got the perfect solution that will get you that meeting you want at a scale that'll flood your calendar with meetings

You can use our personalised google review outreach that combines the best Google reviews of a business along with their description to create a unique and tailored output!

Click on the "Personalised Google Review Icebreaker Generator"

Add the url of your prospect along with the city they belong to

Wham bham, personalisation!

Next you can export the CSV, upload to your favourite outreach software and you're good to go

PS Depending on when you read this, we've probably got native integrations ready with outreach softwares along with the ability to push directly to GSheets (so you can use zapier)