Creating Hyper Personalised Emails That Generate 85% Open Rate

Use Smartwriter to generate a hyper personalised emails that will dramatically increase your cold email open rates and your sales.

If you want to receive a high response rate from your email marketing campaigns, you need to connect with your leads emotionally. But to do this you need tools that create more than just another email. You need something personal and unique to each customer that will make them want to not only read your email, but immediately take action.

Thats where SmartWriter comes in, a tool that can help you create your own persuasion language by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has never existed before.

A tool that can easily let you persuade your customers, convert leads into sales and save hours of work for every member of your team… It’s not only convenient and ready-to-use, it’s also an investment in your future.

Cold email outreach personalization

Based on your intention you can decide which category you want to go with. At this time we offer Sales Personalised outreach, Personalised Backlinks and SEO outreach and Podcast Interviews outreach to build your social influence. Depending on what you want to do for your cold outreach, our AI engine will curate a personalised cold email specific to your intention

Cold email outreach with AI tool

In this case we've selected Sales, and then you've got to work out your intention, are you trying to book a meeting, share a product link or jump on a call with them. Based on on that our AI engine will engineer the right emotional angles to get your email recipient to open your email and respond or click into the link you share

The next bit, you need to add a quick description about what your product is and then simply paste in the URL or Website domain of the prospect you're reaching out to.

Our AI and system will curate personalised information about your prospect from Google, Google News, Linkedin, their Website, Crunchbase and other data sources and create various permutation combinations to generate the most gripping and personalised cold emails that will convert for you.

Personalized messages with AI Tool Smartwriter

In addition we share LinkedIn data, Verified emails, News, and Crunchbase data all in our dashboard so you can do any additional editing that you'd like to do before you send out the email and generate those amazing open rates and revenue!