How to generate 1000 Personalised Cold Email Ice Breakers in minutes

Heres how to create personalised icebreakers for your email outreach that will guarantee high open rates and reply rates using AI personalisation

A personalised icebreaker first paragraph has shown to increase reply rates by almost 70% in cold emails. Only thing is the process of creating personalised ice breakers when you're sending out 100s of emails can be really time consuming.

You might spend hours doing it yourself or you might hire a VA to do it for you (which might take weeks or months to get the right person). On top of that you want to be creative with each personalisation to make it punchy so your email customer stays hooked

We've automated that entire process and used our AI engine to create a punchy personalised first liner for you to keep your reader engaged and interested in what you have to tell them

You kick off my selecting which websites you want to reach out to

Once you paste them, our engine will get to work finding all sorts of effective angles to create a high converting personalised ice breaker using news, company data, linkedin information, awards, crunchbase data and other meta data we can find

And just like that you've now got 2 personalised icebreakers with all the research done for you