How To Double Conversion Rate Using Shopify Description Generator

Save hours of work writing product descriptions and get more back-end sales.

How To Double Conversion Rate Using Shopify Product Description Generator

The one really easy persuasion technique everyone should know is that people buy with emotion and justify with logic. This is why you need to sell the outcome and emotional benefit people will get from using your product and not the features your product has to offer. Imagine coming up with Apples iconic "1000 songs in your pocket" vs "1GB memory" without the advertising budget of apple. Well you can now with SmartWriter in a couple steps. Here's how:

We're directly integrated with Shopify and pull in your product description and product data to help expedite the entire process. Or you can simply start using our product without the integration

Add in your product title (which you can also generate using our tool) and the features of your product.

Be focused on the features here and add the top 4-5 features you know are brining you revenue and sales for your product.

Our engine will categorise and use a combination of AIDA, PAS and other conversion based marketing frameworks to create compelling and high converting product description copy you can use to get more sales!