The 11 Science-Backed B2B Cold Email Templates That Just Work

Generating valuable responses on the B2B cold emailing will be challenging until your business has an effective email marketing strategy. Approximately employees receive more than 120 emails a day, and among them, 59% of email recipients say that the sales emails they receive are inappropriate.

Just sending the usual sales email to the list of emails will result in a poor reply rate where for best results, your business needs to include personalization on the B2B cold emails to make your email stand out. 

Marketers can generate more new leads and grow their business with an effective cold email strategy. Every customer researches before they purchase. Nearly 71% of buyers want to hear from the marketers while exploring a new product or success. 8 in 10 buyers prefer to have calls or emails to learn about a new product. 

To get your cold email opened that generates more new clients, you need to focus on the email length, subject lines, email body, and more. Brian Dean of Backlinko suggests shorter subject lines get more open. These shorter email subject lines prevent the subject line from truncation on mobile devices. If your emails are opened well on mobile devices, it is a good indication of your email marketing success. 

A perfect sales email needs to balance the friendly tone and focus on the important points and thoughtful CTA. So cold emailing is robust if it is performed in the correct method. That’s why we compiled a list of B2B cold email templates that increase your sales. 

5 Basic Principles For Cold B2B Emails Outreach 

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the core of Europe's digital privacy law. GDPR's primary purpose is to protect individuals’ privacy and personal data, not limiting your cold email. So your business can perform cold emails, but you need to be more cautious about the individual's data collection, managing, and storage. That your company uses for the cold email outreaches.   

Businesses need to follow the guideline of the GDPR while performing cold email outreaches. Along with the cold email, best practices, you can avoid spamming with irrelevant content.  Here are the five principles you need to follow on cold emailing to prevent disclaimers.

  • Consistently find the right targeted leads and prospects data.
  • It is good to explain the reason why you have contacted them.
  • Always Provide an easy unsubscribe option in the emails.
  • Regularly keep your email list or customer database updated.
  • Provide an answer to complaints and questions for your customer. 

By following these five principles, businesses comply with the general data protection regulation and send effective cold B2B emails.

3 Principles of Writing Great B2B Marketing Emails

Before you begin your B2B cold email campaign, you must implement the following three principles while writing a compelling email context. 

  1. Create your email more relevant to your targeted audience.
  2. Keep your email content short and ensure that your email does not exceed the word count of more than 100 words. 
  3. Make it simple and easy. The email has to be relevant and to the point. 

Well-written email context has to answer the following four queries of the targeted audience. 

  1. Why is your brand Unique?
  2. Why is the business reaching out to them?
  3. What is your industry, or who you are?
  4. Why do you want to connect or message them?

The 11 Science-Backed B2B Cold Email Templates That Just Work

1. AIDA Formula B2B Cold Email Template

The AIDA  formula email illustrates the four stages where customers go through before making the buying decision. The AIDA marketing framework comprises these four stages: attention, interest, desire, and action. 

Your cold email content has to grab the attention, interest, desire and induce the reader to take action.  of the receiver. 

Attention:  In the attention stage, you need to hook your reader with a catchy subject line. The email subject line has to grab their attention and make them open your business email.

Interest: At this phase, your business needs to make your user relate, and the content has to engage them. With the cold email introduction, you need to cultivate interest among the receiver and make them read your email further. 

Desire: In this section, your business needs to show the benefits that the customer can gain from your offerings, and it has to stimulate the reader to desire for your product or service that you offer. 

Action: At this stage, your business needs to spur your targeted audience to make an action to try or buy it. It would be best to have a CTA button to execute the reader's click, respond, or purchase in the email.

Here is the best example of the AIDA framework email (Email of Vimeo)


The above example Vimeo email is short, but it has focused all the four elements of the AIDA framework on the email. So let's look into more detail. 

The email subject line hits with an exciting offer with the beta testing invitation. This will grab the receiver and make them click and read the email.

The first paragraph in the email, i.e., email intro, gives the reader why the brand has reached out to them, what they will offer, and why it is relevant and valuable.

Vimeo has made a desire on the email by saying the exclusive offer is only for a small group of Vimeo members. This shows the brand recognizes its loyal customer and provides beta tests for the major updates. 

A thoughtful CTA "Join our beta testing" button with bright colors makes the reader take action by clicking and signing up for the beta testing.

Your business also can try to draft an email copy with the AIDA formula email model. This will be a more robust email campaign that gives you more conversion rate.

2. BAB (Before-After-Bridge) Formula On B2B Cold Email 

Before-After-Bridge(BAB) copywriting technique is a fundamental concept of taking someone from the wrong place to a better place through your product or service help. 

This email is intended to create a desire for the product/ service that you are offering. However, the email context has compelled your readers to take the necessary action. 

These email copies mainly focus on the advantages of the product/ services. Therefore, the BAB formula emails are the best way to portray the benefits of the products to your targeted customers. The Before-After-Bridge comprises three parts: Before, After, and Bridge. 

BAB technique works for cold emailing because it will eliminate all the common pitfalls. These BAB emails speak about the benefits instead of features. In addition, the BAB technique puts the targeted prospects in front. Instead of promoting yourself, it will focus on the prospect's pain points and how your product helps to resolve them from the problems. 

It is more impactful as it shows the prospects' advantages and the email content in the prospects' words instead of the advertising writing technique. So BAB formula is perfect for B2B cold emails.

Compose a Cold Email With BAB Technique:

We shall look into deep dive into how your business can implement the BAB frameworks on cold email marketing. 

Before: Your email context has to explain the current conditions of the client. Then, focus on the customer problem and pain points that affect them. This part aims to remind the reader's pain points. Finally, ensure your content can relate to the prospect's accurately.

After: in this part of the email, you need to share the flourishing future where the prospects can get rid of their current pain/problems. The purpose of the after part is to build a desire among the targeted audience. 

Bridge: Describing both the before and after scenario with your targeted audience, now it's time to discuss the bridge element. You have to share how your product/service will bridge the audience's pain points and explain how your business supports them to overcome their difficulties.

Here is an example of an excellent sales email template sample with the BAB advertising technique. 


3. Sales Email Template With the PAS Formula

The term PAS stands for Problem-Agitate-Solve. This PAS framework is simple and highly effective.  The PAS framework divides as follows:

Problem: Identify the problem

Your email has to hook the readers by finding the problems where they can relate with. If your email reader doesn't find a reason to say, they will be more likely to ignore your email, which will affect the reply rate. Whereas if your email describes the pain/problem initially, the target will find value immediately. It helps you retain the reader and continue reading your email. 

Try to avoid more information, make the pain points accurate and simple, and relate to the audience in real-time. 

Agitate: Agitate that problem

After describing the prospect's problem, the agitate segment will explain the pain/problems. If your email receiver is hooked with the problem and the agitation part, help your receiver reflectively look at themself. This will impact the readers and prove to them to come out of the problem quickly. Moreover, it will provoke the reader to move towards the solution for their problems. 

Solve: Find and present the solution

Solve, or solution is the best part of the email copy. In this part, your business needs to share the valuable solution (Highlight how your product/service solves) for their complex problems. Your best solution to their problem has to convince your prospects and have to take action. 

The BAB framework is a  positive approach, whereas the PAS formula is a  reverse approach to the BAB. However, both the formulas motivate the response. 

Example PAS formula  cold outreach email by Salesfolk


4. B2B Cold Email Template If Someone Visits Your Website

These cold email templates help you to convert your website visitors into your business customer.  The website visitor tracking software such as Crazy Egg, Mixpanel, VWO Insights, UserTesting, FullStory, and more. With the help of this software, businesses easily track the visitor and their behavior. You can identify the visitors' click, demographic, time duration spent on the specific page, etc. 

Many of the above software don't give individual data. Still, you can quickly identify the business names, visitor's business email addresses, regions, industry, location, company size, employee headcount, and other important information for B2B marketing.

Your business can perform a cold email outreach with your visitor data. As a result, there would be more chances of converting the visitor to your site into customers. By utilizing this cold email template, you can target the people interested in your business and enhance your email response.

Cold sales email template sample for the lead who’s visited your site

Hi {{FirstName}},

You have recently visited our website {{website name}} and {{Specify the user-made action}}. 

If you’re interested in {{blog/ content topic/ specific products}}, then I would suggest the following additional resources that would help you. 

{{Resource 1}}

{{Resource 2}}

Our {{company name}} also offers [ share your product/service], which could help you [ Include the specific result that customer can accomplish the specific result with your product/service].

Do you have time on {{Date and Time}} for a 15-minute Hangout or Skype call? I have a lot more ideas that may be useful for you. 

Best regards


5. Right Contact / Right Person of Contact (POC) Approach

The most popular cold email strategy is to find the right person of contact. Many sales professionals/sales reps for several years have followed this approach. The right person approach is an excellent strategy for connecting with senior executives or decision-makers instead of sending random cold emails to the wrong person.

Finding the more appropriate contact for cold email is made easy with Smartwriter software. For Instance, With the Smartwriter tool, you can find and verify the email address of the CEO, Head of Sales, Account Manager, VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Business Owner, Founder, Director, etc. And also helps your business create an email piece of highly specific and relevant content for the receivers with personalized icebreaker features. 

Reaching the right persons like senior team members will help drive the sales deal ahead and speed up your sales process/ sales cycle.

Cold sales email template for Finding the Decision-Maker in the Company

The below email template will clearly state the purpose of outreach to the receiver and explains how your product or service helped your clients. This demonstration will improve your brand credibility. Ensure your email concludes with a call-to-action to drive the reader into the next steps.

Hi {{Name}},

Greetings, I’m looking for the person at {{ Prospect Company Name}} who handles [particular area of focus].

We’ve worked with other businesses like {{Company Name 1}}and {{Company Name 2}}. For example, we helped {{Your Client Name}} resolve their problems [explain how your product or service offering resolves their business problem] and almost triple their monthly run rate.

{{Product / Service}} could help your team hit success and enhance your ROI. If you’re the right person to connect with further, let me know. I would love to schedule a discussion about [Product/ Service]. 

Is this something that might interest you right now? If so, can you point me in the direction of the person that handles this?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



6. B2B Email Template With SAS (Star-Story-Solution) Formula 

The SAS formula represents Star-Arch-Success. We shall look into the three stages in detail. 

Star -  At this point, your email context has to introduce the star of the story. It can be a customer, another business, an individual, or yourself. 

Arch - Brief your star journey, Explain who you are, or describe the similar problem your targeted prospects face. 

Success- Explain how the star succeeded at the email footer or end of the email. People like stories, and it is an excellent opportunity for the business to guide, teach, think, and create caution.

Making your email with stories will provide more readability and understanding of your product/service offerings. In addition, it makes the reader much involved. 

SAS formula strengthens your cold email, and it mainly works better with success stories, case studies, experience, etc. 

SAS Formula  Cold Outreach Email Template:


7. B2B Email Template to Share a Valuable Resource

Cold emails are not just to schedule sales meetings with future customers. It is often utilized to break the ice and initiate a conversation with the targeted audience. In addition, cold emails help your business generate trust. 

Once the business identifies the ideal prospects, you have to begin a non-sales email to establish a relationship with your targeted prospects before hitting the sales conversation.  At this point, the valuable resource via email plays a significant role. 

These proven B2B cold email templates are more effective for cold emails sales, when it is sent to the accurate receiver at the right time. Sharing relevant blog articles with the prospects will help to open communication.  Email context has to give a clear view of why you are reaching them and explain why the blog post for them. Include the CTA for the blog.

An excellent cold email has to begin connecting with the targeted customer and creating a response.

Take a Glance at the Below of an Effective Sales Email Sample for a Valuable Resource.

Hi {{First Name}}

I have been following your blog post for the past two years, and you are offering many great insights. I really enjoyed your recent blog post on {{post title/topic}}. It resonated with me, and I followed it step by step and {{brief how the blog article was helpful for you}}.

In return, I thought of sharing something helpful for you. I found this article on {{article topic }} that may be beneficial to you and your team. 

Here’s the link to check it out [URL Link].

Hope you find it helpful. If you'd like to learn more, let’s set up a  quick 10-minute call. How does {{ day and time}} look on your calendar?



8.B2B Email Template to Build Rapport

Your business can utilize this email template for reaching prospects and helping you to build rapport opportunities. 

Here is the email sample that helps to build an opportunity with their targeted audience. The email below relates to the new role with the targeted person and the co-worker's names. In the email, they also include other attempts to help the business.


9. B2B  Cold Outreach Template Using Praise-Picture-Push (PPP)

A truthful flattery message will never hurt significantly if you reinforce how much email recipients accomplish with your product/solution. 

To begin a Praise-Picture-Push (PPP) B2B email. First, you have to start your email context with a genuine appreciation of their recent achievement or success prospects and then focus on the user's pain points. Finally, write content that encourages and compels them to take action. The below email template is an excellent example of a Praise-Picture-Push (PPP) cold email. 


10. Boolean Customer Feedback Free Trial Offer Template

The free trial offer is one of the most popular SaaS marketing strategies to get more potential clients. As a result, many businesses rely on this marketing strategy. However, for any business, customer feedback is more important. Therefore, the customer experience is the most compelling business opportunity in 2021. 

Today, Millennials are ready to pay if they receive a great user experience and even talk/refer to the product. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing that builds more credibility about the brands. 

The free trial will convince clients for conversion and improve your business conversion rate even though your business has to implement the best marketing strategy to retain the customers once the free trial is over.

Best email template for Boolean Customer Feedback Free Trial Offer Template

Subject: Free trial for customer feedback?

Hey {{First Name}},

I saw your business [Company Name] on Crunchbase.  You are offering an excellent service to [include their primary function]. 

I have developed a survey tool that will give you plenty of customer feedback. Would you like to try it? Also, let me know if you think this might be useful?

I’d like to give you a  quick call tomorrow to show you the results. Let me know your thoughts.

Hope to hear from you!



11. Cold Outreach - 10x Personalization Approach

Today, many marketers believe that traditional personalization is not true and that adding the [first name] does not make their email stand out. Therefore, I share some of the amazing cold email hacks that one utilizes today to speed their personalization approaches.

As a result, many executives begin to utilize AI tools like Smartwriter to create an automated personalization for every cold email that hits their inbox and helps your email stand out. For example, it's more important to build individual sales email templates for every customer segment on a marketing email.

The 10x personalization strategy is a great way to make the process feel that your business has truly reached before reaching them out. However, it is not easy to implement such an approach. For enterprise email, your business has to invest at least 10-20 min of research to remove clusters and sales closer with the game-changing customer.


The template below is the business to business hyper-personalized email templates using the Smartwriter tool:

With the Smartwriter tool, you can make 10X personalized emails for initial emails and email follow-ups. If your previous cold email outreach doesn't respond, Wait for 2-3 days and begin your follow-up email. Yours follow-up emails have to be more personalized and make the follow-up email sequences focus less on the email template. If your emails are more personalized, then there would be more chances for building a relationship. 

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