11 Biggest Email Trends In 2022

Email is the pillar of the online market. Email marketing is the best strategy for converting customers. Even when the year was challenging for the business. Email was the forefront and most important tool in digital marketing. It is an essential tool for customer engagement.

There are Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and other social media channels for marketing; however, email marketing has enormous marketing potential. According to the Statista report, they are expecting 4.4 billion email users worldwide by 2024. With a massive user base, emails become a powerful platform for businesses to reach their target audiences directly.

Email marketing is an excellent way to connect and engage with the customer. Combining both personalized and automation will improve your customer and increase your return on investment (ROI). 

Emails newsletters are the best way to vocalize your brand values and promote products or services. Your business can reach thousands of targeted prospects with a single click, and it even provides an option for personalization. The list of subscribers for your brand will boost your organic traffic, and the analytics of the email will help to track the customer engagements and improve future email campaigns. After 2021 it reveals that the majority of the business is going to focus on email marketing. So why are you waiting to start your email marketing today and improve your return on investment with Smartwriter. 

Create a marketing strategy with emails, and you can view the increase in customer engagement and conversion. This article will provide you with the latest trends of email marketing that would be a game-changer in your 2022 business marketing strategy.

1.Personalization of Email is Essential 

Personalization in email is an important tactic that many marketers implement today. So yes, personalization is suitable for your business marketing practice. 

Personalizing your email content has become mandatory, and standard email templates for all the targeted leads will not work anymore. Spam filters will search for specific flagged words and language and then score your emails based on it. If your email content has less spam score, there would be more chances of landing into your receiver's inbox. 

Many emails provide the analytics data of the open rate and replies of your email campaigns. Some marketers use these factors to identify if the email is going to the inbox or not. But this can be done after your first email outreach, and you can improve based on the data on future campaigns. More than relying on these factors, today, marketers can check their content spam scores before sending them out using tools such as  GlockApps. Smartwriter software helps your business write and send 1000s of personalized emails in seconds..

Here are some significant reasons why you need personalization in email 

  • First-line email personalization will boost 40% of reply rate.
  • Personalizations and trailer-made contents make an email stand out within the inbox.
  • It helps strengthen the customer experience by sending the email to the right person and right time with the right content. 
  • Personalized contents on the emails are more inclined to be opened and have more chances of clicking.  

Ways to personalize your email campaign

Personalization will incline to open the emails. Using the SmartWriter AI software, your business can create personalization for email content, tailor-made for the individuals, and bypass spam. 

Thanks to email marketing tools for providing the personalization tags. With the help of these variables, you can quickly personalize email for each email list segment.

Personalization with subscriber's data will work, and subscribers of the brands want personal shoutouts. The subject line with personalization has 26% open rates. Your business can also increase click-through rates and conversions by sending a personalized offering to your customers.

Artificial intelligence makes the marketer's job easy, and it assures personalization by collecting more information about your customers. This trend is scorching, and the importance of the personalization of each email will strengthen your customer relationship every day. 

So that many businesses started to move towards hyper-personalization emails in 2022 using AI software. It helps the company to create a trailer-made message with their audience segments. Businesses can recommend products or content per individual using AI tools. Brands can recommend products based on their customer buyer’s journeys. You can also trigger emails with the help of users, visitors, and shopping behaviors or purchase behaviors. 

2. Multi-touch reference Points 

Multi-touch attribution is the most effective measurement technique for your marketing. Taking all the customer journey touchpoints will help the marketer identify the different marketing channels that influence and lead to more sales. Therefore, the Multi touchpoint is the best alternative to the traditional marketing approaches. 

Social selling is primary for any business. Social selling is more popular, and today the open sales are dying out. Most of the industry focuses on marketing for the specific age, location, interests, and more through many social media platforms such as Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 

The idea of social selling is growing in a couple of years. In 2022 social selling is the most important trend to adopt to your business to stay successful. Instead of selling products straightaway, your business has to induce the idea on your targeted audience and develop an interest in the product or services. 

Your business has to invest all the online resources to showcase and promote your brand, and the audience has to get all the answers for their queries online. If the end-user wants to buy a product or service, your business has to come to their mind. Social selling will improve your brand visibility, increase your targeted audience's trust and provoke them to make a sale with your brands. 

More and more businesses are getting in on the trend of selling socially on target and effortlessly improving their sales. The most popular social selling methods of 2022 are 

  • Group activity on the Linkedin 
  • Sharing relevant content to the prospects 
  • Social listening via posts

3. Opt-In Freebies Will Grow Email List

Freebies and offers are the right way to hook your audience. Opt-in a "subscribe for more" will help your business to the email list. Through your email marketing techniques, you can drive the audience for more sales. 

With the best opt-in freebies, you can grow an email list instantly. Let's look into the ways to build. 

For content upgrade, you can share at the end of the blog post by providing an opt-in like download pdf for further reading, grab ten bonus tips. In addition, you can give such as - check out a case study about "Topic". 

Offer some free checklist of recipes, shopping lists, to-do list, great information on how to do postings, seasonal essentials and more.

Worksheets are another excellent way for a business to keep its audience engaged a little longer than merely reading additional content. You can create worksheet ideas for any niche. For example, fashion bloggers could make a “Purge Your Closet & Cherish Your Wardrobe Again” . For fitness bloggers, you can create a weekly food journal, etc. 

Suppose you have some affiliate partnership or if your business wants to offer your products or services on the blogs. You can provide discounts in exchange for the email address they share with you or give some special discussion for your brand subscribers. It is an excellent way to generate warm leads for the business.  

If someone is interested and wants to grab the discounts you offer, there would be more probability of converting them as subscribers. Your business can also provide some free sample products that you are selling. It will be valuable to your customer and build credibility for your business. Offerings can work for any niche. 

4. Educational Elements in Email marketing 

After getting a subscriber for your brand, the next phase is educating your prospects through webinars, mini-courses, live calls or coaching, podcasts, self-video courses, etc. Education marketing works as they create awareness about your brands or products with your interested audience. 

Email sequences with educational materials will engage and nurture your targeted prospects. This educational marketing leads to acquired trust and a much higher chance of sales. Email sequences are a great way to engage and nurture your prospects of knowledge over time.

A webinar is a great way to connect with your customers after-sales. Your business can also offer some video courses, video tutorials or screen share, or youtube or lecture kind of education that helps to connect with the audience directly. They can also know about new trends in the industry and up to date with your product features and future updates. 

Resource library sharing on the email follow-ups on specific topics and sharing the Podcasts of your brand. Today podcasts are more prevalent among people. They can listen to your podcast while driving, workout, etc., so they don't require you to spend time separately for it.

Creating audio content will attract tons of people to your business.  The podcast can be of any kind, such as inspirational, motivational, and a success story for your audience. 


Offering one-on-one interactions with customers will strengthen your connection among the users. For example, you can perform an assessment or quality assurance or provide tips to the subscribers with 10 min calls. 

5. Value-Based Selling

Value-based sales are popular these days. Many major companies begin to implement these kinds of services to their customers. Value-based Selling will engage more customers and build buying situations. At this kind of sales, the customer will see the values and benefits they receive, and there would be less focus on the pricing factors. This marketing strategy will allow the business to close sales more often with better profit and save time. So the company can then dedicate this time to more other customers.

Value-Based sales is how we increase the likelihood of a transaction and the price the customer is willing to pay. This process separates selling from talking, closing from trying, and you from everyone else. With Value-Based Selling, customers won’t find themself asking “why should I do this?” Instead, the reasons why a customer should offer your product or service are all in your value proposition and make up an easy-to-understand statement about the value the business offers. 

Before you begin this marketing, you need to do your homework and understand the needs and pain points of the prospect first. Then, build a common connection with the target prospects and build trust. Finally, connect your audience on social media like Facebook and Twitter, identify what kind of content the prospects expect, and engage them on how your product is important. 

Don’t jump into your sales pitch too early with your prospects. Your business has to demonstrate how a product that you offer value to them. Have to focus on teaching instead of selling. You have to educate them on the topic and enter the buying process instead of direct sales. Prioritize your customer's requirements over your profit. Learn about your prospect's needs and wants by researching their social platforms. You can utilize software such as Smartwriter to automate your email sequences with the value-based pitch. 

6. Using Social Media & Email’s Omnichannel Outreach

To connect with new leads, email marketing is one of the best ways. However, reaching the right people will not mean your business will generate a response. Therefore, your business needs to put the efforts into social selling techniques before sending first email outreach.

Nurturing leads can't be performed on email, so the Omnichannel strategy is vital for any outreach campaign. Businesses need to share relevant marketing messages on all the marketing channels to engage their target audience. 

Adopting the Omnichannel marketing aim is to engage the customers on the channels they're active to improve the customer engagements on multiple channel communication. It is a process of getting in front of your active audience via social media, community or groups, email outreaches, etc. For example, the customers of the brand don't view the website and make a purchase decision. Instead, before they purchase, they will visit various sources to know more about the product and then decide to buy. 

Omnichannel marketing plays a vital role in brand engagement and ensures all the target audience's questions are answered and all their needs are met through cross-channel engagement. In addition, it is the best way to remove roadblocks to a purchase. Omnichannel marketing encompasses Social media, organic searches, Youtube videos, podcasts, online economic platforms, email cold callings, reviews, and other inbound and outbound marketing techniques. 

7. Video email Marketing 

Both the video and email together are more effective. Businesses need compelling and captivating videos in their marketing tactics. According to Hubspot, 87% of the company utilizes videos as one of the marketing tools. In addition, video content helps you limit the content on the landing pages and social media.

Video marketing is a great way to convey a lot of information to your customer without heavy text on emails and websites. Tutorials and how-to videos are the best fit for any brand to create knowledge about your product among the targeted audience.  91% of consumers said that viewing the tutorial or explainer video helps discover more about a service or product. However, the long email will be more challenging, and email has to be concise for better reach, so an email with a video will be great for business. 

Using video in the email is more effective. On average, a person receives 121 business emails per day. A better way to stand out from the crowd is by implementing videos on emails. As per Wistia, finding emails that have video leads to a 300% increase in email click-through rates than emails without video. Even applying the word “video” in email subject lines increase open rates by 19% and reduced unsubscribes by nearly 25%.  

The above research data indicates that email with video is more effective for business. Start combining more video content inside your marketing emails today. Employ software such as synthesia to add personalized onboarding videos and messages to your customer. You can also integrate video manually into your business emails. 

8. Conversational Email

In 2022 businesses are improving their way of communicating with their customers. Rather than cold calling, today, companies are improving their sales with the help of live chats and chatbots. Direct connection through cold calling is getting old. AI is rising in popularity in sales as they provide a more conversational experience to the customers, which is better than a personalized communication. It helps your business provide a quick solution to the customer if it is a conversation with the customer. 

Suppose a business knows the customer history. Your brand can quickly provide a better solution for your customer. According to the research, 52% of the customers willing to repeat the purchase in the business offer better support through live chats. And 79% of the company feel that the live chat option for their business has a positive result on their sales and revenues. In addition, 47% of the customers are open to making a purchase entirely from a chatbot.

As per Finances Online and McKinsey report, 76% of the B2B buyers communicate before purchasing a new product or service. In addition, 52% of the purchasers want to speak with experts before they want to buy different specifications. Therefore, people prefer to communicate digitally before they make a purchase decision. 

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Email 

Avoid email templates for your business and the usual cold email approach to the targeted customers. It will not work anymore.  Emails with AI software, you can send unique content that attracts the receiver. You can dive more value into your business with artificial intelligence AI in Email Marketing.  Email is the most profitable marketing channel. If the emails are not sent correctly, then there would be less chance of opening emails.

Improve your subject line with AI. AI ability to analyze a  brand’s history before you send out emails.  It automatically generates a top-performing subject line.  Smartwriter tool, with the AI data it automatically suggests the compelling subject lines with suggestions of your type. You can easily reach your audience with the best subject lines that avoid clutter.

The analysis says that the AI integrated email outreach makes the marketing more effortless, more accurate, and less time-consuming. You can improve some of the sales work with the help of AI implementation.

  • Can effortlessly understand the Customer buying trends
  • The brand can make suggestions for customers based on a recent purchase
  • Business can forecast buyer and sales trends easily and plan them
  • Simple data collection & interpretation. 

Suppose you're looking to build 1-1 relationships with your customer. Include the AI in email marketing today. 

10. Image Personalization on Email Marketing

Dive Deeper into image personalization on your email marketings. Here are the great ways and how to create personalized images for leads. Personalization became the hottest marketing trend today. It has a more positive effect on customer relations, engagement, and conversion rate. 

Marketers who apply personalization in their marketing strategy almost agree that it positively affects improving customer relations. Based on an Evergage survey, 74% of marketers believe that personalization has an extreme impact.

Along with text personalization, image personalization has become a robust tool for keeping email campaigns strong. Businesses can implement image personalization in discount emails, promotional emails, and cold emails. Companies can also implement landing page personalization. Landing page personalization grows conversions. Softwares like sirv help you to create personalized images for newsletters and landing pages.

11. Sales intelligence software for proactive emails 

As a salesperson, you might find it hard to schedule meetings with key decision-makers at your target companies. In this situation, sales intelligence tools will be helpful. They collect information on companies and help you find prospects who are easily accessible.   

Sales intelligence is a set of web-based technologies that allow individuals who are attempting to sell a specific product or service to provide sales intelligence through a process that makes it possible to manage, digest and interpret data to support the needs of the sales process.

These technologies help sales professionals to discover, monitor and understand data on prospects’ and existing business customers. Sales intelligence software allows salespeople to conduct pointed searches for companies with specific real-time data that can be showcased to prospective buyers to best serve a company’s needs in all stages of the sales cycle.

Sales intelligence technology collects information from millions of data sources. There are two types of data in sales. 

  1. Contact or prospects data 
  2. Business data 

Both data are vital to building a successful email outreach. Here are the best sales intelligence tools your business can incorporate in 2022 Smartwriter, HG Insights, Vainu, Crunchbase, Adapt, Clearbit, builtwith, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Owler, and more. 

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