Email Intros So Good Your Clients Will Pay You Extra

With the evolution of the internet, business communication has dramatically evolved. While traditional formats such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and physical mailings are still used, businesses are increasingly utilizing email to communicate with each other. The email was developed in the 1960s and just in the last decade has seen widespread use. People prefer email because it is faster than physical mail and is cost-effective compared to telephone communication. Unfortunately, it is estimated that today nearly half of all email traffic is spam or unwanted messages. So the introduction email is tainted by this, and there is a tremendous need for cleaning up the email communications.

The first impression among your potential clients is very important. Therefore, your business email outreach has to pay more effort and attention in crafting the exceptional introductory email when you reach your target customer base. 

Today on living messaging error, your customer would connect through email or other text messaging and social media platforms. Due to technological advancement, it made it easy for the business to connect with their prospective client much easier and quicker. 

According to the report,  75% of individuals consider calls time-consuming. 75% of millennials avoid the calls and prefer to connect with the prospect through other platforms such as LinkedIn, Email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. 

The most desirable channels for introductions for business are LinkedIn and emails. This article will look into more detail about the Introduction Emails and  Do’s & Don’ts. 

What Is an Introduction in an Email?

The word introduction email is self-explanatory. This email communication initiated with someone who never met you before or other businesses to introduce yourself. The Intro emails are with the information about the business you do. The introduction email wants to attract the recipient's attention, engage and interest them. 

Some email etiquettes have to be followed on in the types of intro emails intro while sending to individuals or for more recipients. But it depends on the situation, either it is business-related or of personal reason.

The sales email introduction sent to the potential client has to follow a good follow-up strategy. It is excellent if you segment your email and personalize emails on your mailing list to establish a relationship with your product and improve your brand's trust. The hyper-personalization of the email will improve the brand credibility and increase response and sales for your business.

Overview of Introduction Emails

Introduction email messages are sent to begin a communication with your professional contacts. The introduction emails are a wide variety, and they are based on the situations such as 

  • Introduce yourself to your new customers or clients.
  • Introduction email of a new employee with your current clients. 
  • Starting the communication with the target prospective. 
  • Performing follow-up with the referrals from the mutual contacts. 
  • Launching a new product or service of your brand 

This introduction email is a bridge between two parties, a platform for making an impression, and an opportunity to make an impression on the first meeting. It is the first impression created by a person that is fostered by the content of the email. Unfortunately, this impression is either enhanced or made worse by the content of the email. Influential introduction emails and writings will drive more clients to your business. 

Despite the situation, These intro emails play a vital role in the business, and they set a time for most professional connections. Writing an introduction email is easy to do, but doing it well is more complex than it looks. Although several methods for crafting an effective introduction, the simplest and most common way is just to come out and say it. Some people, however, might find this to be too blunt. In this case, a gentle and personal approach is preferred.

Introduction Emails to New Clients: Do's and Don'ts

First, your business wants to find your audience and set a clear goal for the introduction email. Then, create a list with diverse kinds of introductory situations. 

For each prospect, the email context has to be unique and has to vary with others. They have to be personalized. Here is the sales email primarily elements that the email comprises of the following.

  • Start with a greeting
  • Provide your First Name 
  • Business or Company you work for 
  • Any affiliation to mention (It mostly suitable for the networking purpose emails)
  • Business services that you offer
  • The reason why you reached them out (Reason for the introduction email)
  • Include your professional email signature

In the changing business world, email becomes most common and becomes a significant part of our workday. According to the IDC (International Date corporation), research employees spend 28% of their work on reading and responding to the email they receive. While we work quickly and more effectively, we should not miss out on the basic email etiquette. As mentioned before, the email has some set of do's, and dont's on the introduction email.

Don’t Do it in Your Introduction Email

  • Avoid sending emails without an irrelevant subject line. Emails without the subject lines probably end up in the spam or deleted by the receiver. 
  • Use the email tool to send mass emails and customize the email contents otherwise your email will seem like spam. 
  • Avoid the long email message. Ensure that you’re concisely covered all the important points
  • Including the emoticons in the first email for business is not a good idea. Make the email content more professional.
  • Don't forget your signature. Set your signature automatic that would appear at the end of each email. Ensure the email signature comprises email or contact number to reach further.
  • Avoid using humor in your business communication.
  • Do proofread your message. Ensure that you have not made any errors or misspellings, grammatical errors on the contents before hitting the send. 
  • Don't expect the receiver to know what you are talking about. To stand alone, make your email short with clear and essential information. 

Guide To Write an Effective Introduction Business Emails  

To compose a powerful email introduction, it would help if your business were more careful when crafting the email elements. The introduction email comprises the following factors. 

  • Email Subject 
  • Greeting
  • Body
  • Closing
  • Sign Off
  • Email Signature

1. Subject Lines

The first step to crafting your introduction email is to create an effective email subject line. The  introduction email subject line can make or break your intro email. To craft a solid subject line, you need to understand the reader and the context of the email. First, make sure you know what stage your business is in. Is this a cold email? Is it a warm email? Is it a follow-up email? Second, try to understand where the email is being sent from. Was it sent from an email address directly to the recipient’s email? Was it sent from a source such as LinkedIn or Facebook?

Like the subject lines of any other email, the subject line of an introduction email needs to have elements of a good hook. The subject line serves to capture the reader's attention and, if the email is received during a busy time, gets that reader to open the email.

The email subjects are the most crucial aspect of an introduction email because it influences the email receiver to open the message you sent. Therefore, the email subject line has to provide a short summary of your message. This subject line has to be more catchy to attract and get your receiver's attention. In numerous ways, the subject is more the essential element in the email introduction. It needs to convince your receiver to open and reach your email. 

 Subject Line Example

According to the statistics, 47% of the emails are opened or discarded purely based on the subject line. Here is the subject line example for your Email Introduction that will convince your clients to open the emails to read your email. Personalized email is mandatory for any business. Similarly, personalization emails subject line also now a necessity in your business marketing. Personalizing email subjects will increase 50% of open rates.

  • {{First Name}}, Can you spare 5 minutes?
  • {{First name}} Suggested I Reach Out
  • Getting started with {{Company name}}
  • {{Product Name}} Live Demo: Getting Started with {{Product Name}}
  • {{First Name}}, See what's TRENDING this week!
  • Limited time offer on {{ product name}}!
  • Tomorrow is the last day. UnLock your {{ Price Plan subscription / Upgrade plan}} today 

Having the subject line short offers the contents more conversational and less sales-driven. 66% of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices. Smartwriter is a helpful tool with a great feature that offers you a clear subject line with more personalization. This tool helps to keep your subject line short and conversational. According to the study if the Experian subject lines containing symbols have a unique open rate. 

2. Email Greetings 

Greetings in the email are important. The greetings will impact your recipients. If you had a prior connection with the person, it is essential to get the right tone, and it has to remain formal. Here are the best email greeting examples based on the situations. 

When it comes to emails, building a relationship with your contacts requires trust and respect, and an initial email without a greeting will stand out like a loud buzzer on an otherwise silent stage.

  • Hello {{Name}}
  • Dear {{First Name}}
  • Greetings 
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening
  • To Name
  • HI, {{First Name}}
  • To Whom It May Concern
  • Dear Mr/Ms

Whether in business or personal emails, greetings are important. A friendly greeting is better than no greeting because it can reduce the initial impression of your email. The friendly tone of the greeting and a pleasant email subject helps the recipient focus on the content of the email. A greeting is an important business email element that should be used even in professional situations.

3. Email Body Section

The body of the email tells the receiver who you are and why you are connecting with them.  Include information such as your name and your business and the position of your company. Write the best email subject lines and message bodies that will get opened, clicked, and read by your prospects.

4. Email Closing 

After explaining your purpose, essential information is conveyed to clients. Next, it's time to share an appreciation to your receiver for taking the time to read your email. Finally, ensure the closing of your email ends with a positive note and a solid welcome feeling to your clients. 

It is also necessary for strengthening the relationship with your brands.  It has to convey that your business is happy to connect with the recipient. Include the contact details so that your clients can reach out to you with any questions or concerns.

5. Sign Off

Like greetings, the sign-off has to be maintained with professionals that meet the content of the email. The best sign-off option is Best regards, Yours faithfully and sincerely. In addition, include relevant information, name, email address, phone number, and business website. Here is some of the email closing for formal business communication. 

  • Regards
  • Best wishes
  • Sincerely

Friendly Business Sign-Off

  • Cheers
  • As ever

Email Closings for Gratitude and Requests

  • Thanks in advance
  • Thanks
  • I appreciate your [input, help, feedback, more]
  1. Business Email Signature

The email signature is the most important element that can't be neglected in your marketing. It is simply the opportunity of a lifetime to tell customers everything you want them to know about you and your business and then drive them to click through to your website or social media channels.

The email signature is a great way to share your professionalism with your client and provide the information to your targeted audience to contact you.  Email signatures are placed at the bottom of each email, which gives a great impression to your potential client. In addition, a signature makes you stand out from your peers.

There is a lot of email communication that happens daily, and it’s easy to be overlooked with so many emails going out to the same group of people. Your email signature is a direct reflection of your business, your professionalism, and your self-confidence.  And also easy to update your social media information, employee contact information, and more. It’s time to add that professional touch to your email communications.

Most Effective Business Email Introduction Templates

The purpose of the introduction email is to send a message to your targeted customer to provoke a particular action, such as booking a demo, scheduling a meeting, or call.

In this article, we shall look into the effective business template that makes your business communication more effective and improves the possibility of a response. These business introduction email templates help you to introduce yourself through email in various situations. 

Cold Email Outreach Introduction 

Cold emails are a great way to begin and maintain a business relationship. Cold leads are the targeted prospect at the beginning of the sales cycle. Cold lead email outreach is the process of connecting with prospects whom you never met or connected with before. Over a while, these cold leads are converted as customers. 

These emails are sent to make an initial connection with the targeted audiences of your business to initiate a sales conversation to schedule a meeting in person or call.  Before reaching out to the targeted prospect, it is essential to research and find the recent things you can mention on email, such as Awards or recognition, recent articles, Events etc. The personalized email outreach makes communication more natural, and changes of response will be high. 

Performing the personalization aspect for cold email outreach manually is difficult and consumes time. But with the Smartwriter AI tool, you can generate personalized cold emails that can get 8x responses. With a single click, you can generate a personalized Email intro. Thus, you can minimize the time in researching for personalization. The AI automatically produces personalized content that gives more response. 

Business Introduction Email Template

Subject Line:  {{First Name}}, Can you spare 5 minutes?

Hi {{First Name}}

Greetings, My {{name}} is and I am working as {{Designation}} in {{Company name}}. We work with businesses like [Other clients name] to [insert one-sentence pitch]. 

We are [Provide a brief detail of why your product or service is credible] and [ Share your business understand the prospects pain point]. 

We have worked with companies like [Share your previous works done for a client] and [Explain how your business helps them and share the key benefit they gained from your business]  

We might help your {{Company Name}} as well. I would like to schedule a 10-minute call to learn more about your needs. Which times work best for you?

I appreciate you taking the time to read my message.


[Name and Contact Information]

 Email Follow-up Introduction

The study says that the email drip series with 4-7 follows receives 3x more responses, and even a single follow-up email can convert 22% more replies. This is because the follow-up emails are having more responses than the initial email.

 Another study states that the first or initial email has an 18% response rate, and 4th follow-up sequence has 13% response and the 6th follow-up sequence has a 27% response rate.

Follow Up emails are more essential when your business hasn't heard back about your previous email. It is vital to do a follow-up for a response. Utilize the same Subject for the  Follow up to the last email. 

Automate your follow-up email sequence. Utilize the email marketing tools like Mailshake, Lemlist, and more to create an effective automated email follow-up sequence that you can send on the prospect time zones. In addition, your business can set the best time interval for the follow-ups.

With Smartwiter, you can ultra personalize your email list in bulk. In addition, with the powerful email verification feature, you can ensure and identify the correct individual (decision-makers) for your email outreach.  

Email Intro Follow-up Template

Subject Line: [First Name], I am glad to meet you at {Event}

Hi {{First Name}}

It was great meeting you at [share the occasion you met the prospect]. I am glad to learn more about [Share the topic that you have discussed]

I know from [Share the source and define the pain points] abs In the past year, Similarly, we work for other companies like [Share some clients] and [Explain in short how your business has helped them out in resolving their pain points].

I thought it would help your business {{company names}} as well. I would like to connect with you for a 10 min call to explain you in brief. Let me know the time that works best for you?

Looking forward to keeping in touch!


Mutual Connection Intro Email

The referral introduction is an email you send to someone with a mutual connection referred to you. 

According to Forbes, Word Of Mouth Marketing is more important for the business, and 92% of customers are more likely to trust because of word of mouth about your product from the current consumer. In addition, these loyal customers recommend your brand to their friends and family.

Here, you will look into the email template that helps you introduce the new business referrals or someone you have met on a mutual connection. The sample template helps you to connect with a referral introduced to you at a business convention. With this template, you can even make the initial connection more effectively.

Mutual Connection Intro Email Template

Subject line: Hi [Name], We have met on the [Event] 

Hello {{First Name}}

[Mutual Connection Person Name]  have introduced us at the [Event].  [mutual contact name] share that [you’re looking to explain the service he needs]. As he may have told you, my business {{Company name}}  offers {{Service}}.

I was thinking of helping your business {{Company name}}. Similarly, we have worked for the {{Client Business names}} and resolved {{pain point and explain to them how your clients benefited from it}}. 

You can reach me during business hours at [Contact Number], and we can discuss in detail {{Service}}.

I am looking forward to connecting, [Name]!

All the best,


New Product/Service Introduction Email

Emails are a great way to launch your new product and spread more about the features. In addition, it helps your business to generate more revenue. You can also share with your email subscribers about the upcoming product release. It will create excitement among your customers.  

You can send emails in various ways about the Product announcements. 

  • New product launch.
  • Features updates on the Product.
  • New policies and terms.
  • Upcoming event or Webinars. 

Here is the email template for a new product customer onboarding

New Product Intro Email Template

Subject Line: Let's get started with {{Product Name}}

Welcome to {{Product Name}}, {{First Name}}!


Thank you for joining our growing community of {{numbers}} companies that use {{Product Name}} and we transform {{Explain the features of the product and how it benefits your client to achieve their business goal}}. 


The best way to get started is to {{Product Intro}}.  It takes about 11 seconds.


Check out our {{Share video tutorials}} or register for our weekly webinar (It's free!)



{{Product name}} Team

Use AI Software for Email to Boost Conversion Rates

Sending the correct  email to the right person at the right time is a powerful conversion tactic. With Smartwriter you can connect with your prospective client through Linkedin to connect with the decision-makers like sales leader, Founder, VP of Sales to get meetings. With the one-click, the AI engine of the Smartwriter will thoroughly analyze your prospect's LinkedIn profile and their activity and provide you a non-templated message that helps you to get a response. 

Perfecting the business emails is critical to improving the open rates. But with automated software like Smartwriter you can ensure the prospect emails before outreach, and it helps your business decrease the hard bounce rates. You can also produce personalized icebreakers for your email introduction that hooks the reader of email. The tool comes with 7 days of free trials. Boost your email marketing conversion and achieve your business goal with Smartwriter AI today. 

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