10 Things You Should Give Up If you Want To Succeed At Cold Emailing

Succeeding at cold email comes down to setting up a few key steps and you're off to the races. So many people do it completely wrong hence why they never actually get good results out of it. I've highlighted those horrible things people do when starting out in cold emailing that gets them demotivated

If you stop doing the below and implement what is shown, I can guarantee you'll see a night and day change

1) Sending cold emails from your primary domain

You want to get complimentary domains for your cold email process. Cold emails can land in spam, people can flag you and you don't want that affecting your primary domain. The easiest way to do is is get slight changes to your core domain. If your website is called abc.com buy domain names such as getabc.com, useabc.com, tryabc.com and so on and so forth

Remember to go to your domain host provider and do a 301 redirect to your primary domain (in this case abc.com) so if someone goes to getabc.com (for example) they'll get taken to your actual website

2) Sending emails from a cold domain

Cardinal sin and it hurts seeing people do this. Don't buy a domain and then start sending 100s of emails, its the perfect way to get blocked. Email engines are getting smarter each day in picking up spam so your goal is to look as natural and organic as possible. A great way to do is is by using mail warming services, lemlist and mailwarmer both offer this service, sengrid also offers IP warm ups, but I tend to stick to lemlist because it leverages your gmail account (which you would have brought a business plan for e.g jamie@getabc.com) which already gives you a headstart vs a plain dead email domain.

Let your domain warm up for a week ateast and send around 40-50 emails using these warm up tools, after which you can start scheduling a send

3) Not cleaning your email list

Whenever you acquire leads using tools like snov, wiza, hunter prospect or anymailfinder you need to clean your email list. You can use tools like voilanorbert, lusha or mailerlite to do a deeper verification of the email list you've got

You do this to prevent bounce rates that trigger email engines to think this person is just spamming emails across the internet, also because (as you'll see in the below points) you want to create custom messages with your VA so you don't want to spend their time on unverfied emails

4) Not having a high converting subject line

The simpler the better, the goal is to intrigue them enough to click. You can use smartwriter.ai to generate really high converting subject lines or you can also use simple formulas like:

Thought this might help with this weeks growth {{firstName}}
Quick question for you {{firstName}}
Just helped your competitor hit {{xyz}} in additional revenue, I can help you too
Saw your comment on LinkedIn

You get the vibe, this is very important, don't underestimate it, if you're after unique punchy emails then smartwriter will handle that for you in seconds

5) Not customising your email per user

Can you send this cold email to someone else? If so its not custom enough. The first line will determine if your email is going to the trash or if its going to lead to a customer. Most likely whenever you scrape emails in B2B you'll be collecting their linkedin urls too. In case you do or don't you can use smartwriter.ai that automates hours of prospecting for you to build a highly personalised email using their news, linkedin data, website information to make it look like you've spend hours researching them and therefore leading to a better response rate

Another approach would be to hire a VA to go ahead and write down your first liners for you which you can then inject into a mail merge tool like lemlist. Keep the first line complimentary and keep it short

6) Not testing your angles (WIIFM)

Whats the angle your sending your cold email with? Always remember the golden rule, Whats In It For Me (customer). The goal is to get their attention, show them what life could be if they used your service or tool, give a quick industry relevant example of someone else achieving success (trigger FOMO) and ask them to jump on a call

Here's a quick example for smartwriter itself:

Hey Elana,

We've just had {{nameDrop any competitor}} report 16 new High DA backlinks in the past 5 days since they signed up. I can help you automate generating 10 High Authority backlinks each week using hyper personalised AI Cold emailing.

Here's the link if you'd like to give it a try, no CC required ofc


You've shown proof with competition, you've grabbed their attention with a want and offered a clear call to action

7) Not having a clear CTA

Your email needs to be short and to the point. Don't be shy about your intention to reach out. Make sure you alleviate any resistance, don't just tell them to "click here", offer the value proposition in the CTA.

e.g Check us out if want to automate your cold email and get 80% open rates

Make sure to not make it too over salesly

8) Not having a email sequencing campaign

People are busy, just because they don't reply to your first email does NOT mean they're not interested. You need to set up an automated sequencing campaign that will follow up with users who haven't perfomed certain actions such as click a link or reply to you. You need to be tasteful about this, I would recommend 2 maybe 3 max follow up emails in gaps of 2-3 days.

Nothing too salesly here, just tell them you're nudging them about your product and give a quick reminder of the outcome your offering (Don't pitch your product, just remind them of your outcome)

9) Not having a warm outreach process

You can use tools liketo automate your linkedin outreach and add the email addresses of the people that accepted you. You can scrape profiles of people on instagram or twitter. All this does is it gives you a key into how you found them removing any layer of animosity. You especially need to do this in B2C as you don't have linkedin profiles there

Something as simple as "Hey I saw you on Instagram" or "I saw you follow {{xyz}} too"

The familarity will improve your chances of getting replies from people

10) Getting untargeted email lists

Don't buy lists online from random people, hire someone to scrape targeted sites for you (read the top of this guide). If you want to target companies based on a tool they're using, you can use builtwith (an excellent tool) to find out all the companies that use your competitors tool for e.g and email the business owner about why your product is better. Not only that, but assume you're selling a eCommerce app you've built in woocommerce, builtwith will get you a list of all the companies using woocommerce so you can message them

If you target random people you'll be thrown to spam and your campaign will never show any success

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