7 Tips to Crush Your Linkedin Outreach Campaign


Do you have a plan to start outreach on LinkedIn? Then definitely, this content piece will help you. LinkedIn is one of the powerful platforms for Entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers. It is used to build relationships with potential customers and partners and find new leads and opportunities. To potentially make the most of LinkedIn, it's important to know how to use it effectively. In this blog, let us discuss some tips for using LinkedIn outreach to grow your business sales process.

What is Outreach on LinkedIn?

Outreach on LinkedIn is a great way of connecting with people and getting them interested in what you have for them. It's also an excellent opportunity for connection networking and prospecting, especially if it leads to the formation or expansion of your business. If you want to achieve the best out of simple outreach efforts, then aim to connect with new people who add value to your network.

Let us have a glimpse of the processes involved in it. Set up an expert profile, complete with a professional headline, as a first step. Just as you would on any social network or forum, find people like-minded or in your niche that would be interested in interacting with your website and send them a personalized connection request. Be sure the LinkedIn connection message is not sounding creepy. It'll increase the connection request acceptance rate. And once the connection requests get accepted, The aggressive outreach starts. You can start approaching the potential prospect's profile for different purposes, including general LinkedIn connections, promoting your business or organization's page promotion!

How to get started with LinkedIn outreach?

Imagine you're just starting your outreach on LinkedIn, and it's time to get on the ladder! Here are some great tips for getting started with your campaign.

  1. Create an engaging profile that will gain attention from potential prospects - this includes having many qualities like education, skills, or certifications, job profile there so they can see how knowledgeable you are about their company culture.
  2. Share articles related to jobs, services or products, field trends posted by different companies.
  3. Identify the profile of your ideal prospect and find a valid email address manually or by using Smartwriter email finders.
  4. Each Connection matters: Make sure these people know who referred them before doing anything. And start messaging with a personalized direct message or email
  5. Informal messages also work, so don't hesitate to reach out via email or connection message.
  6. Casual follow-up messages to keep track of your prospects and have a successful sales outreach response rate.

These are the set of protocols we must follow to initiate the LinkedIn cold messaging for successful selling. The extraordinary features of LinkedIn helping people to connect with their contacts efficiently. All the emails you send or connection requests matter the most to achieve the sales goals. And personalization plays a major role in getting the recipient's interest. A study states that we can achieve a high response rate of 69% for every campaign with personalization.

To better understand, just sharing the step-by-step process involves crafting perfect emails or Linkedin connection requests in detail to benefit people.

Step-by-step instructions to write compelling messages for a connection request:

Writing a compelling message for a connection request is not always easy. But we have the perfect solution with our step-by-step instructions that will walk you through it!

To write a compelling message for your connection request, follow these steps.

  1. State who you are and what organization or company you are in. For example, "I am JS from Company ABC."
  2. Create a first line based on the qualified lead's recent post, the recommendation from mutual connection, or Profile bio. A personalized message on email works better than a generic message.
  3. Then, Introduce the Purpose of sending the request, the sales pitch for the product or services.
  4. Close it off nicely by saying something like, "We hope we were able to be helpful!" and click send to reach out to the potential leads.

For example, check out the sample LinkedIn cold message template.

Template 1:  Recent Post Based First lines

Hey First Name,

First Line [I loved your post about the sales process, It is amazing and informative. Thanks for sharing.]

I would like to [Matter],

Keen to hear back.



Template 2:  Recommendation Based First lines

Hey First Name,

First Line [ I saw Gaby's recommendation on your profile that you're an independent thinker and a brilliant communicator. I'm sure your employees appreciate having a founder who really understands the company.]

I would like to [Matter],

Keen to hear back.



Template 3:  Bio Based First lines

Hey First Name,

First Line [ Just saw on your bio that you started a company in May of 2017 that grew to 7 figures in 11 months, and built 42 production-grade apps. I bet you're an excellent, experienced programmer.]

I would like to [Matter],

Keen to hear back.



With this outreach strategy, we can massively improve the lead generation process. And the marketing efforts will be paid off if we implement the best strategy for the warm leads. But to improve social selling, we have to be creative and more fierce than others. Here are the tips to crush your LinkedIn Outreach to scale up your performance.

7 Best Tips to Crush Your LinkedIn Outreach

Some people think that LinkedIn is for recruiting and sales only, but there are several other benefits to using this platform. One of the most important benefits is reaching out to potential prospective clients and connecting with your target audience through personalized outreach messages. Check out the value-added tips for the sales reps to improve the prospecting efforts.

1) Personalization to Skyrocket your Acceptance rate

The key to connecting with an individual on LinkedIn is not simply clicking "connect" and sending them a generic request. So create profile-centric first lines for every prospect. For example, try to write first lines based on a recent post of the prospect, recommendation from a common connection, or bio. It'll impress the audience by showcasing our research efforts.

Likewise, creating personalized connection messages for large no of customers is difficult. But no need to worry anymore. We can automate this personalization process with the help of an AI-powered LinkedIn outreach tool. After collecting the warm leads lists, feed the data to the automation tool. It'll scrap the prospect's profile links and generate personalized messages within a few seconds.

2) Networking Follow-Ups

Networking can be an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs, but it's not enough to show up and expect that people will know who you are. It takes follow-up on your part to get noticed by other attendees or, even better - makes a lasting impression!

3) LinkedIn Group Activity

LinkedIn Groups are the best way to build your professional network and connect with other professionals in your industry. These groups provide excellent opportunities to meet new people who work on similar projects as yourself, share information about jobs that interest us all, and even get tips on how to use technology more efficiently at home. Also, make sure that all the guidelines of a particular group are followed before doing anything to avoid violations set by the group admins.

4) LinkedIn Company Page

If you're interested in expanding your reach beyond your network, consider setting up a company page on LinkedIn. It gives you a great opportunity to access a larger pool of users and allows you to share content such as articles, videos, blog posts, etc. You can also invite your employees to join your company page to share relevant content with their networks.

5) LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn InMail is a great way to stay in contact with your network. It's quick, simple, and easy to use! It can be intimidating at first because you're trying something new, but it really couldn't be easier once the basics are mastered: we have to type up what message YOU want and copy into their box - then send right away.

6) Publish Trending Contents & LinkedIn Answers

Linkedin is a great platform to publish content that is interesting to others in your network. Share articles, videos, pictures, podcasts, etc. It's the best way to keep current on trending topics in your industry.

The benefit of native content is that your network will receive a notification when you create and publish an article. It increases engagement with the brand and awareness for new followers who may be interested in what we have to say!

And Linkedin Answers are another great way to engage with your network. They're short answers to questions posted by people in your network. When answering questions, include a link back to your profile or website. The best thing about these questions is that they allow you to practice your writing skills while providing value to your contacts.

7) Automate the LinkedIn Outreach process

LinkedIn is a great platform that allows us to connect with people and grow your business, but it can be time-consuming. You might have a hectic day! That's why we recommend automating some of this process like automation for target profile collection, LinkedIn connection message first line creation, LinkedIn auto connection Requests, Follow up messages, cold outreach messages, Lead scraping in LinkedIn using chrome extensions, and far more. So you're never too busy or stressed out again. Connecting on LinkedIn allows an opportunity for personal branding as well business growth by building networks that could potentially open up new sales opportunities. It will reduce the time-consuming task for the sales team.


A solid LinkedIn outreach strategy can help you find new opportunities and contacts. Outreach is a powerful way to generate b2b leads by cold messaging, but it's not as simple as sending out all of your connection requests in one day. This article will provide step-by-step instructions for writing compelling messages that show the value of connecting with someone else on Linkedin, as well as the 7 best tips to crush your LinkedIn outreach campaign. Create and automate your personalized linkedin outreach to skyrocket your acceptance rate. 

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