Close Your Next B2B Deal: 6 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools


Businesses have become increasingly reliant on digital marketing over the past decade. The rise of social media, blogging, and user-generated content has allowed marketing teams to reach customers where they're at and engage with them directly. LinkedIn is a popular social platform that marketing professionals can use to build a brand persona and promote your company.

B2B marketing is a challenge many marketers face. But if you use the right automation tools, you can stay one step ahead of your competition and close your next big deal. You have to implement LinkedIn automation messaging to grow and scale your business.

LinkedIn Scraper is one of the top contenders in the realm of LinkedIn automation tools, poised to play a pivotal role in the next B2B deal.

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This article will talk about the top LinkedIn prospecting tools that help you automate your marketing campaigns. 

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals. It has over 750 million members and more than 200 million business pages. If you consider that LinkedIn can make your business more visible and be helpful for engagement and lead generation, the platform might become the single most cost-effective marketing channel. 

It's clear that LinkedIn is a powerful and effective social network and that small and mid-size businesses tend to overlook it.

Why is LinkedIn a powerful platform?

Professional networking site LinkedIn is a phenomenal social media platform that allows you to connect with other business professionals and potential clients. And with so many different ways to use LinkedIn, you can reach more people than ever before. 

By using specialized tools, you can automate the way you use LinkedIn so you can approach, engage, and close more leads leading to more sales and better bottom-line growth. 

Should you use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation?

Simply, yes. LinkedIn, for many B2B businesses, is the go-to tool when it comes to prospecting. It gives you access to your target audience in one central location, making it easier to reach out to them even before you contact their company. 

There are many ways to utilize LinkedIn for effective B2B prospecting, but one of the most effective ways is to automate your prospecting process using LinkedIn tools. Try this three-step framework to succeed in your sales prospecting.

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Should you use a LinkedIn Automation Tool?

Simply, yes. LinkedIn has made the lives of B2B sales professionals significantly easier and their prospecting process more effective. Automating the LinkedIn prospecting process is the best way to optimize productivity and get closer to it by removing the time spent on repetitive tasks and allowing sales reps to focus on other important areas of the sales funnel.

Why do you need a LinkedIn Automation Tool?

One of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers is lead generation. You need LinkedIn to generate engagement, connect with decision-makers, and turn opportunities into sales when you're selling to corporations. Finding and contacting a relevant prospect is a challenge in itself. 

It's hard to know where to look, you'll waste a lot of time sifting through profiles, and you'll have to deal with a LinkedIn inbox that keeps getting filled up by spam. B2B sales are all about efficiency – you want to build relationships, convert leads, and close deals quickly. Automation will allow you to connect faster, scale faster, and close more deals, as well as give your sales team a well-deserved break from prospecting.

Top LinkedIn Automation Tools that help you close deals

LinkedIn automation tools are more than just productivity boosters – they are essential to optimizing your lead generation process on the world's largest professional network.

1. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is a popular LinkedIn automation tool on the market, making it easy to connect and engage with your prospects. And it is a Chrome extension making it a browser-based tool.

Meaning, it lives in your browser, and you will need to have LinkedIn open the whole time in the browser, in the background, to have the tool running. 

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Also, Dux-Soup is an extremely straightforward tool and has a lot of support for beginners who are just getting into LinkedIn.

Let us look at some of its best features to see if it is worth it.

Tool standout features

Dux-Soup primarily focuses on the main lead generation process and outreach process like,

  • Managing Prospects – Leave notes and directly tags on the profiles you want to target and reach out to them automatically.
  • Outreach, automation, and more – Auto-visit prospect's profiles, send personalized messages, endorse connections, and more.
  • Downloading Profile Details – You can easily find LinkedIn profiles, their information and upload them into your CRM for lead management.

Though most LinkedIn automation tools have these features, Dux-Soup comes with a highly responsive customer service team.

Who is the tool for?

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn lead generation tool launched in 2016. It is mainly for teams and individuals looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use LinkedIn automation tool that runs directly on their browser. To support their users, they regularly publish new guides to help them manage their automation even better. 

Unfortunately, Dux-Soup does not offer many advanced outreach and safety features.

Therefore, what you see is what you get. It's most suitable for beginners wanting to get started with automating their basic LinkedIn actions.

Tool pricing

Dux-Soup offers three pricing models,

  • Free.
  • Professional – $11.25 per user/month.
  • Turbo – $41.25 per user/month.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you have been using LinkedIn to generate leads for some time now, this question might probably come up at some point – Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth it?

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To know that, we need to talk about the features the tool offers.

Tool standout features

With Sales Navigator, you can do the following,

  • Advanced Lead and Company Search – Identify the right people and company with a search experience that delivers more relevant prospects.
  • Lead Recommendations – Discover the right customers with suggestions customized for you or the marketing team.
  • Advanced Filtering, CRM Integration, and more – Lets you save the leads and accounts you are reaching out to automatically, log sales activity, connect to your CRM, add custom notes, etc.

Who is the tool for?

Simply, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for people actively using LinkedIn and want access to advanced features. Sales Navigator might be worth it for marketers who want to tap into LinkedIns' network, increase their pipeline of potential prospects, and close more deals.

But, we would recommend this tool only if you already use LinkedIn for prospecting and want to take it to the next level. With a LinkedIn automation tool, you can achieve some exceptional results too.

Tool pricing

Sales Navigator offers three pricing plans,

  • Professional – $64.99 per month.
  • Team – $103.33 per month. 
  • Enterprise – Custom package.

The pricing plans are quite costly. But if you consistently gain new leads and close deals, the tool will pay for itself.

If you still have doubts, you may start with a 30-day free trial and can cancel at any time. Also, we only recommend it if you are already using LinkedIn growth-hacks as a lead generation source.

3. Expandi

Expandi is a cloud-based platform and is also considered the safest LinkedIn automation tool on the market. It is super convenient as it runs 24x7 on your computer or at specific times based on the settings, and it is quite easy to set up.

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Tool standout features

Here is how Expandi helps businesses automate their outreach and improves sales and revenue,

  • Webhooks – With webhooks, you may link Expandi to any other marketing tool. You can even add Zapier and create a powerful omnichannel growth hack with hyper-personalization.
  • Smart Inbox – Sometimes managing your inbox natively from LinkedIn could be a mess. Messages get lost, you are limited in filters, and even worse if you manage multiple accounts. Expandi provides a dedicated smart inbox to boost customer engagement and ensure you never miss out on a chat conversation again.
  • Dynamic Personalization – With dynamic personalization, send a custom message to people and improve your response rate.
  • Safety – With Expandi, you won't have safety concerns as they consider safety seriously. Unlike many other tools, you get a local and dedicated IP address with the tool. Because with most other LinkedIn tools, your IP is different each time you log in, and LinkedIn can tell if you are logging in from a different country every time. But with Expandi, your account is in safe hands. 

Who is the tool for?

Expandi is designed specifically for growth hackers, agency owners, and marketers managing multiple LinkedIn accounts.

The easy-to-use dashboard and its ability to switch between several accounts in a second make managing LinkedIn accounts much easier.

Tool pricing

Expandi, the best all-in-one sales automation software, starts at $99/seat per month. It also offers a free 7-day trial.

4. WeConnect

WeConnect is a cloud-based tool that helps you prospect, nurture, and close more deals on LinkedIn. It is more secure than some browser tools as it is cloud-based software.

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Now let's take a look at the main features the tool offers,

Tool standout features

WeConnect helps you automate your professional networking on LinkedIn with a personalized and convenient approach. It helps you build potential connections and grows your professional network. 

And here is how it works,

  • Powerful Campaign Manager – Lets you set up and run multiple campaigns based on a custom core audience.
  • Easy User Management – Add more users to your account, view your LinkedIn campaign reports, and monitor everything in one convenient dashboard.
  • Smart Reply Management – You can view and reply to the prospects all in one place. Create new connections, find new opportunities, endorse skills and more.

Who is the tool for?

WeConnect is also an efficient LinkedIn tool specifically designed for sales professionals, marketers, recruiters, and businesses. So, it is not for everyone. 

It comes with most of the basic features, a clean interface, and simple usability. But it lacks a lot of advanced features.

Tool pricing

The pricing plan starts from $49 for a user per month. And the pricing option varies based on the number of users you manage.

It offers a 14-day free trial, and you can cancel at any time.

5. Zopto

Zopto is a famous LinkedIn outreach automation tool that helps sales teams improve their lead generation efforts. You can filter your ideal clients and start searching using LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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Tool standout features

Here is how Zopto helps businesses find their potential customers on LinkedIn and increase their sales and conversion rate.

  • Customer Filtering – You can filter your ideal audience by location, company size, title, industry, seniority level, and more. 
  • Levels of Engagement – After you select a filter or your key audience, you may match the desired engagement level and turn on relevant features such as connection invites, free InMails, message sequences, and more.
  • Managing Leads – Also, you can track your leads on the live dashboard, which will give detailed insights and statistics related to your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Zopto offers all the vital LinkedIn automation features. It also offers some unique features like Twitter engagement, advanced reporting, InMail messages, and more.

Who is the tool for?

Zopto is mainly designed for startups and sales teams looking to improve lead generation and outreach marketing efforts. You must have a solid understanding of sales and LinkedIn automation to make the most out of this tool. 

Depending on your usage, you will probably need a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account. So, it could get quite expensive.

Tool pricing

Zopto offers three plans:

  • Personal – $215/month.
  • Grow – $395/month.
  • Agency – $895/month.

6. SmartWriter

SmartWriter is a LinkedIn outreach tool that helps you personalize your LinkedIn messages to get you a 70% to 80% acceptance rate. In a professional platform like LinkedIn, it is easy not to get noticed by your potential clients. So, to stand out, you need to create a hyper-personalized and high converting prospecting message that interests them.

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Also, it is highly suitable for large teams as it allows third-party tool integrations. It smoothly integrates with the top marketing platform like Reply, Outreach, Lemlist, Mailshake, Woodpecker. 

It also offers a unique feature called the "Smart Script" that lets you automate the outreach process on all platforms. Also, it lets you decide the direction, the order, and the priority of the platforms you would like to start with.

Let's dive into the demo of how this feature automates the sales outreach. This video will help you learn more about how Smart Script will help automate the workflow, improve sales and revenue.

What is so special about this feature,

  • Smart Script helps you to automate AI personalization across multiple channels and 60 data points in one go.
  • Automate routine actions, so you can get back to the kind of work only humans can do. Create your own flow now.

What does the tool do?

Hyper-personalization - This lets you personalize your connection messages, InMail messages, and outreach messages in just a click.

AI Automation - An AI Engine that analyses your prospects' LinkedIn Profile to create unique, non-templated personalized messages that get you replies.

Personalize based on user activity - Highly prospecting tool that lets you create a personalized message based on your prospects' recent comments or posts on LinkedIn. This way, you can stand out from everyone else by looking like you've done the research.

Smart Script - This lets you automate the workflow. Thereby you don't have to do repetitive tasks, and it saves you from the daunting task of researching every prospect on your contact list.

Email Validation - It lets you verify and validate the business email address before your sales outreach.

Who is the tool for?

SmartWriter is perfect for marketers who are looking to scale up businesses, agencies, and large marketing teams. It lets you send bulk messages with no daily limits. So, you can scale your business quickly.

So, it could get quite expensive.

Tool pricing

SmartWriter offers three plans:

  • Basic Plan – $59/month.
  • Grow – $149/month.
  • Agency – $359/month.

It offers a 7-day free trial on all the plans. 

How does SmartWriter help personalize your LinkedIn outreach?

With SmartWriter, you can craft your prospecting messages based on the following,

  • Prospect Bio
  • Company details
  • Job Bio
  • Recent Activity
  • Mutual connections
  • Skills
  • Recommendation

To create hyper-personalized connection requests, follow the steps as follow, 

Step 1 - Sign in to SmartWriter, and create a new project or select an existing project using the create project on the tool. 

Step 2 - Select Compose Copy or Create Copy and look for - Personalised LinkedIn Outreach under Personalized outreach.

Step 3 - Configure your LinkedIn Personalisation settings and upload your email list via Google Sheets, CSV file, or enter the LinkedIn URL manually.

Step 4 - Click on the Generate Custom Message to get the desired outreach message output.

Step 5 - Select the best from the output generated to send a LinkedIn connection message that has an acceptance rate of over 80% and above.

Step 6 - But, if you want a new set of templates, you can edit the details and create a new set of LinkedIn messages with the Edit Prompt & Try Again on the tool.

Let's take a look at the LinkedIn Personalized messages generated from SmartWriter and why it is effective in outreach,

Based on the Prospect's Bio

A connection message generated by SmartWriter based on the person's bio,

The LinkedIn message looks well personalized and has details about the prospect's job role, responsibilities, company, achievements, business goals, and more. This will assure a guaranteed reply from your prospect.

Based on the Top Received Recommendation

Here the personalized message is highly detailed and has important details such as the mutual connection who recommended him, work experience, company they previously worked for, top skills, and more.

Based on the LinkedIn Post or Recent Activity

Here the connection request message is based on the recent activity or a recent post the prospect shared on their profile, the blog topic, why you agree, and more.

When their LinkedIn Post is about a Networking event they participated in, make use of that in your follow-up email if you have been to the event. It is always good to look for a common ground when you want to connect with potential prospects.


LinkedIn might be a B2B social network, but it's a powerful platform for lead generation. If your company wants a high-converting lead generation strategy, it needs to move beyond LinkedIn and look towards LinkedIn automation. It's a fast way to generate a constant stream of B2B leads. In fact, my team is using this exact automation strategy to generate 10X more leads than we did just a few months ago. Soon, you'll have the chance to do the same.

The list of tools above will help you overcome the common friction typically associated with lead generation in B2B sales. Start by creating nurture streams with offers, posting content based on buyer personas, and sending regular follow-up messages that aren't sales-y. 

Learn what works by tracking your analytics, seeing what content resonates with target audiences, and using the data to steer the ship in the right direction. Over time, you'll develop buyer personas, nurture streams, and social media tactics that work for your business. 

Eventually, you won't rely on automation tools to do the job for you. You'll use them in addition to your in-house lead generation efforts to evolve your campaign, behavior, and marketing efforts in different ways you never thought possible.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation is the practice of using marketing tools to automate activities you would otherwise have to perform manually.

What are LinkedIn Automation Tools?

LinkedIn automation tools are tools designed to mimic human behavior as they carry out activities for you on LinkedIn.

How do I send professional messages on LinkedIn?

If done right, and with the right LinkedIn automation tool, you can send professional, personalized messages on LinkedIn on autopilot.

What if I'm using third-party tools?

Bulk messaging will make it evident that you're using third-party tools, resulting in your LinkedIn account being suspended.

Is LinkedIn Automation Illegal?

It really depends on what you use automation tools for.

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