The Easy 7 Steps Cold Email Strategy For Your Next 1000 Sales [Guaranteed 2022]

B2B cold email is not easy. However, it is the more important element in the marketing funnel of your business. On average, individuals get 147 new emails every day. For instance: On average, people receive 147 emails a day; among them, only 12 emails are read by the receiver, and the rest of the emails are deleted within a second. 

Therefore, if your company wants to grow its business via cold emailing, it is essential to adopt the best cold email strategy and email templates to stand out from the crowd. This article gives you the seven steps of a cold email strategy for more sales and that you can implement for your next 1000 cold leads.

What is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold email marketing is the primary mode of communicating with the list of targeted prospects through cold emails. In other words, Cold email marketing is a sales tool that utilizes email to reach out to people or businesses that you are trying to sell to. A successful cold email strategy will help your business read your email and respond to the email campaigns. 

  • B2B emails are a great way to connect and start conversations with your B2B target audience. 
  • Emails are the easiest and direct way to start a conversation.
  • Many b2b marketers use email to communicate and use strategy to achieve their marketing goals. 
  • Cold emailing is mainly practiced by sales teams to establish relationships with targeted prospects. 

The 7 Steps Of  Cold Emailing Strategy You Need to Know 

Writing a powerful cold email is an art. The primary parts of  cold emailing are finding real person data, adding them to the email list, writing a compelling subject line, and the right thoughtful calls to action (CTA) button. You can succeed on the cold email campaign with our countless tips and email guidelines. 

1. Determine Your Target Audience & Identifying The Potential Customer Data

The first and foremost thing is determining your targeted audience and creating the email with ideal prospect data. According to the Backlinko research, the states that 8.5% of the cold email never receives the reply indicate that most cold emails are ignored. These show that businesses need to perform more homework to identify their ideal customer to improve the response rate of the cold emailing and reduce the unresponsiveness. 

  • One of the best methods to improve the email response is connecting with the targeted people on social media channels like LinkedIn before reaching out. 
  • Building the list of prospects and optimising the email list is a more important part of email campaigns. 
  • Identifying the correct audience email address and ignoring the non-response audience from the list will boost your  email deliverability. 
  • Smatwriter tool helps you find the email address of the decision-makers in the firm, and you also can perform mass email verifying by uploading the CSV files. 

There are many ways to find prospect's emails using things like hunter chrome extensions, Smartwriter, Lead Catcher etc., The basic rule on the building email list. 

  1. Avoid scraping personal email (GDPR ⚖️ -It is good to have professional email addresses).
  2. Utilize trustful sources to find the targeted prospect's email addresses. 👍
  3. Always store the results of your lead (email List) in a CSV file ✅. It would help you send bulk emails using  cold email marketing software like Mailshake, Lemlist, Woodpecker, and more. 

2. Crafting Great Cold Email Subject Lines 

The next phase in email marketing is writing a catchy subject line. There’s a common saying in sales: you will get a second chance to make a first impression. Cold email subject line is the first impression of sorts.  Personalized subject lines increase response rate to 30.5% and quick questions in the subject line get 50% open rates. Your words grab the attention of the receiver. Even if you create a compelling  email message, but the email subject is irrelevant, there would be less chance of the email getting opened by the receiver. 

Crafting a powerful subject line has to be short, Appealing, and descriptive. In addition, the subject line has to attract the user to open the email. For example, take a look at the best cold email subject line for a business that guarantees 80% open rates on your email campaigns. The effective formula of writing a catchy subject line has to be concise, descriptive along with personalization. 

3. Implementing  Personalized Email Techniques

Personalization is a more crucial factor when it comes to  email marketing campaigns. Fact says there is a 21.8% increase in  cold email response rate if the subject line and email message are personalized. And there is only a 16.7 percent response rate when emails are without personalization. 

However, including the prospect's name in the subject or email context is not personalization. Instead, your company provides a feel to the cold lead that you have researched, doing homework before reaching them. While personalization keep in mind that cold emailing have different personalization for example

  • Content Promotion Cold Emails - You have to make personalization accordingly by sharing why the specific blog post published is valuable and how it would help their business. 
  • Media Cold Emails - The personalization of media cold email campaigns is done by mentioning an expert podcast or podcast/webinars on the latest trending topics to your  cold prospect. 
  • Sales Cold Emails - You could achieve hyper-personalization in the email context by using the Smartwriter tool and mentioning your  cold prospect recently achieved in a professional way.

So the personalization in the email takes different forms based on the type of email. This tactic is beneficial and effective for any b2b cold email outreaches and also enhances your email marketing success rate. 

4. Using Sales Email Templates with Personalization To Close More Deals

It is good to stay away from email templates on cold emailing. Sharing the same predesigned templates will not work, but adding your personal touch on the email templates will have more chances of a positive response. Many cold email marketing tools like Mailshake, Respona, Woodpecker have a library of email templates.

25% or more is considered an excellent open rate for your email marketing campaign. If your business hits More than 37%, your email campaign is considered a very successful one.  As per stats, the best time to send B2B cold emails is between 5-6 am or between 7-9 pm. Whereas the GetResponse states 8am - 3pm are the best time to send emails. MailChimp's study discovered the best time of day to email, 10am in the email recipient’s time zones. Each company has its own suggestions on the best time to send emails to cold prospects to identify your ideal time of outreach and do A/B testing with different templates to identify which email campaign works better for your business. The best days to achieve the highest open rates are Monday and Wednesday.

From the mass email software, choose one of the cold email templates you want and make customization to make more personalization. Essential aspects of cold email outreach success rely on your personalization. For instance, no template will get you the open or response rate without researching and personalization along with different variables in the email context. Some research shows that the email template has a 45.5% open rate. Therefore, I recommend you to use email templates; however personalization wisely with a template saves your time and improves your email opens.

5. Do Follow-Up Email With Your Prospects


Many b2b marketers miss doing email follow-up on their sales pipeline emails, but an email outreach study of the backlinko shows that the follow-up sequences for the same audience will lead to 2x more responses. So sending follow-up email sequences will increase your chances of getting a reply. For example, include 2-3 follow-up emails in your  sales funnel and a two-day delay between your initial email and the 2nd email, a 3-day delay between the  2nd and 3rd  emails etc. 

Sales follow-up emails can be done in a situation such as after a meeting, networking events, after a voicemail, after a first discussion, and more.  Sending an automatic sales follow-up email sway to close the sales deals. Implementing tailor-made follow-ups to the prospective clients with a thoughtful message will influence the recipient to take action. The Smartwriter tool has various features to help you throughout your cold email process. So start to send sales emails to follow-ups to your prospective clients to increase conversions and boost sales.

6. Have a Clear Purpose for Your Cold Email 


Ensure that your email has a clear purpose. An email with no purpose will not get opened, and it will waste everyone’s time. Avoid this email mistake and have a clear purpose of outreach.  For instance, if your email aim is to offer a free demo to your potential client, share the purpose in the early part of your email. It will hook the  cold email recipient to read the email further.  Include the pain points of the people along with the purpose of outreach. This will motivate, and email addressing the pain points will show that your business recognizes the client and has a chance to hook them emotionally. Finally, in detail, explain the solution (Share how your business product/service will overcome their problem). The potential client will happily reply to you if the offering helps them overcome their existing pain points.

7. End Email With A Call-to-Action (CTA)


The final and essential step in the email campaign is to add a strong CTA. From my experience, the thoughtful CTA in the email will lead a clear path to your  cold lead. There are many techniques to craft a cold email call to action (CTA). For instance, your business can provide a calendar link, demo, specific date and time,  Yes/No confirmation, open-ended questions, etc. 

Pay closer attention to your email subject line, Email Intro, and CTA. These are key elements that play a major role in your email success rate.  CTA here gives easy understanding and makes the prospects respond. According to the study, the emails with one CTA increase 42% in click-through rate compared to emails with more CTAs.  So it is good to have a single CTA on the cold email campaign. 


Wrapping Up

As a small business, you know that getting started with cold email can seem like a challenging task. Honestly, it’s not easy, even when you know what you’re doing. Hundreds of small business owners failed at cold email by thinking the results are easy or guaranteed. 

Cold email is an effective way to grow your audience and enhance your relationship building.  With the above cold emailing strategy, you can launch well-crafted successful cold email campaigns. Start by targeting people with influence, thanks to a tool like Smartwriter tool. Discover a way to add value to potential clients before asking for anything in return, and be cautious in using your email limit and avoid the spam filter. With the above cold emailing strategy, you can launch well-crafted successful cold email campaigns.

Even if you plan to have cold email templates, always maintain a personalized tone in your emails that helps you get replies. Execute an outreach campaign with extra attention before you hit the send button. Start your free trial today and maximize your cold email response with smartwriter software. 

Good luck!

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