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LinkedIn is an amazing networking platform that helps us connect with almost anyone. Not only networking, but it is also the best place to do sales prospecting. However, to take LinkedIn networking to the next level, we need to find the prospects' social profiles to reach out and convert them into leads. With over 500+ million users on LinkedIn, finding email addresses can be daunting. But with some extensions, we can find the prospect's details with a button click. 

Enter the person's name to look for, and the tool will do the rest. We'll have a list of verified mail contact addresses in no time. So to expand the network or stay in touch with prospects, the LinkedIn extractor is the best option. This blog post will guide how to find any LinkedIn contacts easily and how effectively we can do LinkedIn prospecting. Let's get started!


What is Linkedin Prospecting?

LinkedIn prospecting is a way to connect with potential customers, experts, and partners on LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn to find leads can build relationships with potential clients via networking and increase sales. It involves doing bulk searches to find the right customers, connecting with the people who fit our target market and building relationships with them over time. Using LinkedIn connection request messages or the Inmail feature, we can directly connect with potential customers and partners more than ever before.


The best way to get prospects on LinkedIn:


The best way to get prospects on Linkedin is to base the approach around the people we know or could know us personally or professionally. We can offer a fresh approach to prospecting on Linkedin by actively generating new opportunities instead of waiting for the customer's reply. LinkedIn is the most powerful tool available in the quest to skyrocket any business. So here are some tips and learn how to use LinkedIn to get more sales.

  1. Find the target audience – This is something that every business owner and sales professionals should do to determine their niche market. Once we find our target audience, we should find them on LinkedIn and connect through the right media.
  2. Connect with clients – The best way to expand business relationships is by taking them off of the internet. Make an effort to connect with prospects through networking events such as industry get-togethers or business conferences. 
  3. Build a following – cultivate some connections through sharing useful information or creating a series of content that maintains a high level of engagement while reaching new people in related areas of business 4. Stay active - Once you start connecting.
  4. Create a good connection: Ultimately, LinkedIn prospecting is really what any network-focused marketing or sales engagement is all about. We need to connect and engage with people online in the right ways. The strategy should focus on the customers and help you build meaningful connections that can lead to a sale. 
  5. Automate outreach: Using the LinkedIn email finder tool, we can find prospects to connect within no time. We can automate the LinkedIn outreach opportunities and improve productivity.


Why should we use a LinkedIn email finder?


LinkedIn is a great way to network with experts in the industry. However, finding the right contacts in bulk can be tough, and sending them a personalized introductory message may seem too much work. But we have our LinkedIn email scraper to the rescue. It will find any number of potential prospects' valid emails in bulk based on their job and social profile. The LinkedIn email lookup tools are available in chrome extensions or applications format. Finding the company websites, contact details, individual profiles, valid emails of potential buyers is no longer a difficult task with Linkedin extractor.


How to use LinkedIn Email Finder to find a LinkedIn contact's email address?

LinkedIn's Email Finder tool is a fantastic way to find the valid email of potential customers from any of our LinkedIn contacts. All we need to do is enter their name and then click "search," which will give immediate results that include the person's current profile photo, education history, job titles, business mail address, and other information such as company domain and locations or phone numbers. We can even sort the contact details by industry if needed, so there won't be anything left out when looking for someone specific in the database. Let us discuss how does it work in detail. The Linkedin email scraper chrome extension works like this:


1. As a first step, find the personalized Linkedin lead gen chrome extension and install it in the browser.

2. Once the extension is added, instead of finding the lead's details manually, we can perform a bulk email search inside the Linkedin sales navigator and create the lead lists of the prospects in bulk.

Smartwriter Personalized LinkedIn lead gen AI Tool

3. Type the search criteria into the sales navigator search box. For example, VP of sales and Click the "Search" button. It will list the social media profile of the ideal prospects.

3. To find the list of prospect details, we have to select the "find verified email" option in the extension.

4. Choose the one wanted and or export the lead list.

5. We can also Copy and Paste the link into your browser

6. In the exported data, we can see the full contact lists, including company website, active email addresses, Linkedin profile details with profile picture, bio, recent post, etc.

7. We can also download the CSV file of the leads by clicking the Download button.

9. We can easily send personalized Linkedin connection messages to all the leads to more conversions.

10. Following up is also made easy. With the tools' help, we can automate and send the Linkedin follow-up messages to the leads in bulk in a button click.

11. We can get emails from Linkedin. Likewise, we can also verify it with the built-in Email verifier. It reduces messages' bounce rate and improves our cold outreach campaign performance.


Benefits of Using the email finder Linkedin:


Linkedin email scraper is a nifty Chrome Extension that allows getting the email addresses on Linkedin based on the company they work for, bio, and social profile with just a few clicks. It can be an extremely valuable tool for sales professionals and business owners looking to connect with potential customers or partners. The extension is free to use, and it's easy to get up and run at a competitive pace. Let us share some benefits of using the LinkedIn Email Finder:


Increased Connections: With access to more email addresses, we can connect with more people on LinkedIn, leading to more opportunities for sales and partnerships.

Improved Efficiency: The time it takes to find contact info is significantly reduced with the email extractor.

Initiate Conversation: It makes it easier to initiate contact with potential business partners and helps in improving the cold email outreach process.

Stay Connected: It allows you to stay connected with ideal prospects and keep track of their social activities.

Unlimited lead scraping: Extracting emails from Linkedin is made easy. We can scrap any number of leads and choose what details we need for our databases like email addresses, company websites, designation, and far more. All our data are a button click away.

Personalized Linkedin Outreach: like creating a layout, it collects the needed data used for personalization. A study states that on average in a day a person receives 80.5 mails per day. So to stand out we should prefer personalized Linkedin connection request messages rather than the normal request. Because they get impressed by the linkedin connection request message template, we craft praise messages like congratulations on the job change or recently saw a recommendation about you. These networking subject lines give a personal touch and help in the reply rate. 

Personalized LinkedIn connection request WIth Smartwriter

Flood with leads in the sales pipeline: Get in touch with the contacts on the network to boost sales by sending them messages or inviting them on social media platforms for polls or events.

Budget-friendly: It is cost-effective when compared to the Inmails options.


After the benefits, it's time to check out some useful hacks to do a fine search on LinkedIn to improve the prospecting standard and improve sales.


Useful hacks for marketers on Linkedin email search:


LinkedIn is a powerful networking site for connecting with potential customers, partners, clients, and suppliers. In addition to the standard search functionality, we can do a fine email search to find people interacting with your company via direct messages. It can be valuable for marketers looking to connect with potential leads. 



1. Use the Advanced Search option on LinkedIn sales navigator to find contacts who have worked at the target companies. We can filter the results by location, title, industry, and other criteria. It will help us identify the right person to reach out to.

2. Find the best way to make a connection. There are many ways to approach customers on Linkedin. For instance, we should try to send personalized messages instead of a generic "Hello" message to all the connections, or We can focus on particular groups within LinkedIn based on prospects' interests. And we can find the best Community that matches both parties' interests and field of work before reaching out to anyone else.

3. Reach out to someone who has already expressed interest in working with you. It is called a warm introduction. When people start a new position, they'll often look for recommendations from previous colleagues. By introducing yourself as someone who knows already and providing those recommendations, you may gain their trust and earn a referral.

4. Mobile optimized approach: A study states that 1 in 5 outreach campaigns are not optimized properly for mobile devices. So we should create mobile friendly stuff to grab the eyeballs of the customers.

5. We have to ensure that the email body is accurate and intent. While crafting the connection request message, there are certain things we should consider starts from email etiquette to closing lines. Avoid being too formal and spammy, and don't send the same email to everyone in the network. Instead, only send it to the right person.

6. Similar interest lets users view other members' profiles who share similar interests as yours to search them out more easily, so start sharing posts and content to grab the customer's attention.

7. Content Marketing is the key to creating brand awareness about the product or services we offer. To create a perfect content plan and hit the market.

8. Actively keep track and participate in the Linkedin Community and group interaction. It helps to build a trustworthy relationship with prospects. When you approach them, they won't feel that they didn't know you at all.

9. According to statistics, 650 million user signups to linkedin. So it is high time for b2b companies to create marketing strategies and make use of the lead gold mine for massive results.




LinkedIn is a great way to find prospects. One of the best ways to use it fully is using the Linkedin email finder tool. It's easy and helpful. The manual prospecting is tough, so try switching to automation tools. We have to type in keywords that describe who they are or what industry they work in. Then the tool will populate the lead list with all their information. It makes it so much easier and hassle-free with automation. Make your way to reach the dream prospect already waiting for you on LinkedIn. Your clients are an invite away. With useful hacks, find your way to get prospects on LinkedIn and prospectively utilize your network.

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