The 7 Most Accurate Email Lookup Tools | Tested And Reviewed

Finding the targeted person's email address is a more significant part of the cold email outreach. Leaving a call, message, or reaching the prospects through the social media platforms LinkedIn, Twitter will have a lower response.  Email outreach with the exact prospect's email address will help your business land your emails to the targeted customer inbox and easily track the email opens. 

Finding target person email addresses from their website or through social media requires more work. But with the right email tracking app, you can find the target person's emails more accurately. This article will look into the most popular email lookup tools that help you source and reach your targeted customer more easily. Take a look!

What Is an Email Lookup Tool / Email Finder Tool?

Email lookup is a tool that shows a person's email address based on their name, phone number, or personal data. Thus, it is also known as the email finder. The purpose of the email finder tool is to find the targeted person's personal or business email ID from multiple web pages. For example, suppose you enter the prospect's first name, last name, or contact details. In that case, the Email lookup tool will automatically prove the email address associated with a particular name or phone number.  The majority of the email lookup tool or email finder works as a web application, Chrome extension, or both.

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

On the other hand, the reverse email lookup tool provides other information such as device, IP Address, Location, educational information, addresses of person, employment history, etc., from someone's email address. With the email address you provide, the tool will search the various databases and online sources and provide the information associated with the email address. 

The Top Email Lookup Websites Are


CocoFinder is a public record search service firm that helps find the email-sender in a second. CocoFinder is a free reverse email lookup application that gives the relevant information of the targeted person using the emails. 1M+ people across 195+ countries use this CocoFinder software. This application has a good term from the top brands such as Forbes, TechRadar, etc. 

CocoFinder offers the targeted person information that includes names, relatives, alternative phone numbers, social media accounts, educational institutes, background history, employment history of the targeted person. In addition, the CocoFinder provides a maximum background report of the person that is up-to-date and genuine.

TruthFinder - This reverse lookup tool reveals the details of the email spammer or any individuals. TruthFinder is the most popular background checks service provider in the United States. You can easily look up the criminal record of any person online. TruthFinder performs advanced search and provides information that includes Birth, Death records, Relatives, Detailed location history, Education, Jobs, contact information, criminal records, traffic records, social media profile information, and more.

TruthFinder has thousands of happy customers, and it has nearly 9.5 million sessions every month. The software compiles public records such as country, state, federal records, web information, and social media data and provides detailed information of the target person.  

Intelius - Connecting with a large database, it offers individual information. Intelius offers unlimited searches and provides the information of a person. By entering the name, address, or phone number in the search bar, you can instantly get the person's information. Intelius was founded in 2003 and offers the most reliable site to find any individual's telephone numbers, background checks, addresses, criminal records, and more.

Instant Checkmate - Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that provides individual background checks, civil judgments, contact details, police records, social media, etc. By adding the first name, last name, and location, you can begin your search, and the tool offers accurate information and in-depth reports.


Importance of Email Lookup Application?

The email lookup tool or the email finders are the most important tool to grow the business and communicate with more individuals. Here are some of the core reasons why your business needs to use email lookup software. 

Generating New Quality Leads: The email lookup application is the lead generation tool that enables your marketing leads and converts them into your customer in the future. 

Increase Business: With the help of the email finder, you can easily discover the investors or influencers to market your brand to the targeted audience. The FollowerWonk software enables you to find the influencers who are following your competitors but not yours. The keywords search on Twitter helps to find top influencers. Similarly, Klearis is a freemium tool to find the influencers for marketing across various social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. 

Helps In Job Recruitment: You can easily find the specialist's email address from the particular niche, reach out to the right person, and schedule a job interview. The email finder tool will speed up your hiring process and save time in souring. As a result, you can promptly find the right person for the right job more quickly. 

Improves Marketing: The sales and marketer teams can easily find and check the email address for your cold email campaigns. The accuracy of the email address will reduce the email bounces. Increase the effective email marketing with more valid emails of the decision-makers. 

The 7 Most Accurate Email Lookup Tools For Email Address 

Automate your online marketing with this top email lookup tool. Find the accurate email addresses, find contact information, discover email history, and more. In addition, find email tools to help you to find any targeted prospects email addresses.   Millions of marketers rely on email finder tools every day to connect with their targeted customers, send email newsletters, and more. Here are my favorite email lookup tools lists that help to find a prospect’s email address.

1. Smartwriter

Smartwriter is one of the best prospect searching online tools. You can find and verify a person's email addresses based on the current information available to you, like prospect name, domain name, current position. 

You can also begin your email hunting individually by entering the domain URL and prospect name or position. Similarly, you can find emails by uploading a CSV file with respective fields of Domain URL, Firstname & Lastname, or position. So you can create an email list for your list of businesses you want to reach out to. 


From this email lookup tool, you can find the email address of decision-makers like CEOs, COO's, Founders, Head of Sales, Account Managers, VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Directors, and more. Get meetings or connections with any decision-maker you want by finding anyone's email in seconds using Smartwriter

With the personalised cold email outreach & personalised LinkedIn outreach solutions, you write a personalized message for your cold email outreach. The AI Engine of the Smartwriter will analyze the prospect's entire LinkedIn profile and their activity and create unique contents that are non templated, which gets maximum replies. 

Smartwriter exclusive 5 step search algorithm helps you find the email of any person you're trying to reach out to. The software also offers an email quality check where you can freely check the email quality and write high-quality emails that get more opens and replies. 

Upload a CSV file with the email address, and you can spit out the verified email addresses based on the email status as shown below. You can quickly export the sales leads as CSV files and begin your email outreach instantly.

Top brands have reviewed the application in good terms, including AWS, Twilio, and more. In addition, 4k+ businesses use the Smartwriter software. Start your Smartwriter 7-days free trial with 25 Credits today. Here are the detailed pricing and plans of the Smartwriter tool. The monthly plan range starts from $ 59 / per month. You pay for only the verified leads, so it is a more cost-effective tool for your lead generation process. 

2.  Hunter

Hunter is the most powerful email-finding software. The Hunter comprises domain search, email finder, author finder, and email verifier tools. The domain search allows you to find the email address using the domain name or the company name. The domain search is perfect for finding and connecting with any individual in the business more rapidly. It lists the email available on the website with the trust scores, sources details, and department in less than a second. 

The email finder tool is to get the verified email address of any professional with their names (first name or last name) along with the domain name or company name. 

Similarly, the marketing team can also get any author's email addresses using the author finder. Outreaching the bloggers and journalists becomes easy with the help of the author finder. It acts as a bond between your business and the online authors. To find the author, all you need to do is enter the article URL. The software gets the contact details of the author from the unique database of Hunter's.

Email verifier in the Hunter allows you to validate the professional email addresses before your cold email outreach. So take advantage of the tool to find and verify the emails for your cold email outreach today. 

If your business wants to generate an email list for a specific business, then utilize the domain search tool by entering the company name and generating a list of available emails under that company. The software assures 95% email deliverability of the verified email addresses. In addition, the tool offers a free plan with 150 credits / per month.

You can make new connections with the professional email address using an email finder. You can find the right person for the specific company in a second. enables you to discover the email address individually and in bulk. By uploading your file with a list of names with domains or companies in the bulk email finder, you can get the specific person's email address with the verification status and high matching rate. The tool uses a powerful algorithm to find the data from 67M+ domains. 

Your business can find the email address of any professional using simple API calls ( Email Finder API ). In addition, Hunter's also has a chrome extension that allows you to find the email addresses behind any websites where browsing.

Hunter's Email Finder provides 95% data accuracy, and verified email addresses in this app are 95% deliverable. The tool utilizes the complete database to find the right contact information. The email verification feature verifies all the email addresses before it is delivered. So the tool helps you to reduce your hard bounces in cold email marketing. All the email addresses with a green shield indicate that they are verified and email deliverable. So you can include those emails on the list safely.

The confidence score indicates the email address accuracy and helps choose the most accurate email address from them. Nearly 3 million people trust and utilize the tool for their email outreach. The tool provides a monthly plan with 25 free searches / per month and 50 email addresses verification/ per month. The Hunter comes with 4 different paid plans (Starter - 49$/ month, Growth- 99$/month, Pro- 199$/month and Enterprise -399$/ month). It also offers custom plans

3. LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is the sales tool for lead and customer intelligence. You can identify the quality leads and customers for the business. In addition, the sales teams can get more valuable insights such as website visitors, page, video views, document downloads, traffic sources. With this valuable data, the business can improve its sales workflow. 

The software is specially designed for sales professionals to identify and segment their leads and customers. The lead generation software LeadBoxer is suitable for both the small and large B2B sales teams. It helps the sales team to understand their potential customer interest before reaching out to them. 

The software automatically captures the website visitors and creates the lead's profiles. It also captures the online behaviors and interactions of the leads with the website. Then, with the help of a lead score, you can assign the leads to the account manager. LeadBoxer reports notify the salesperson responsible when a lead is ready. The appropriate sales professional can reach the leads directly through the app, where the leads can be assigned, removed, and analyzed at any time.


LeadBoxer software allows many integrations with the advanced API. The software integrates with CRM and sales tools like Nimble, Slack, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Marketo, Gmail, Google sheet, Mailchimp, Facebook Lead Ads, Salesforce, and more.

LeadBoxer is suitable for B2B businesses. Increase sales by understanding user behavioral data with actionable insights. The pricing of the LeadBoxer tool starts at $ 195/month. It also offers a free trial.

4. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a virtual assistant software developed for salespeople to find valid business email addresses. You can find the emails using the plugin or web app. In Viola Norbert, you can find the corporate email address using your current information, such as first name, last name, and domain. 

  • You can also check your list of email addresses in real-time. It will reduce the bounce of your email messages. 
  • You can also autopilot your email outreach using the Mailshake email campaigns. Finally, turn your cold leads into warm leads with email outreach, cold calls, social media outreach. 
  • Norbert software sends signals to the mail host to verify the emails. So, you won't have to worry about the wrong emails. The best part of the tool is you can find email addresses free of charge.

Voila Norbert paid subscription plans to range from 49$ to 449$, and the free plan provides 50 lead search credits. Your business can perform a maximum of 50,000 search credits. It also provides integrations for numerous tools like Zapier, Salesforce, Drip, Pipedrive, Mailshake,, Hubspot,, SendGrid, JotForm, and Formstack.

5. is the fastest and affordable sales automation tool. This is all in one cold outreach platform to collect the potential leads data in a few minutes. With the help of this software, your firm can automate lead nurturing, email follow-ups, blogger outreaches, and close more leads than ever before. 

Sending cold emails and follow-up email sequences is a time-consuming process. The email drip campaigns let your business build personalized drip email sequences and quickly control your workflow.

Email Verifier of comprises both the individual email checker and bulk email verifier. You can verify each email address individually via app or extension, or you can verify the emails in bulk by just uploading the list of emails to verify. The tool cleans the email and gives you a valid email address list that your sales team can readily use for email campaigns. 

The key feature of the software is 

  • It gives various search options like before I mentioned. It offers both the single and bulk email search based on the name, domain, company profile and names, single and bulk domain search, company profile search, and social URL search. 
  • browser plugin helps to scrap the relevant emails from the website you visit and also helps to scrap the leads from social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter. 
  • The tool gives the complete data of the prospect profile, including the name, job title, company info, social profile, location, etc. 
  • The API enables you to integrate your email search with your mobile app and with your CRM.
  • You can export the targeted Prospect list in CSV, Google Sheets, XLSX formats.
  • The team provides customer support through live chats, emails, or support calls. provides a 14-day free trial with up to 1,000 checks. The software comes with three different options when it comes to subscription plans & pricing. The sales suits pricing begins at 33$/mo and Drip Campaigns price around 28$/ month. For more pricing and plan detail, visit here. Even annual plans available on the tool.

5. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is a lead generation tool for B2B business. It is a great source for account-based sales. Enter the company domain URL in the search bar to find leads and perform advanced reach based on specific audience segments using location, keywords, and more.

The tool helps your business to acquire more new clients through cold emails with qualified prospect lists. You can also grow your paid ads with prospect lists made from FindThatLead based on industry, company size, location, and keywords. 

The tool also offers a chrome extension installed option that enables the sales and marketing team to scrap the email addresses from the website, Linkedin profile, Twitter, etc. In addition, using this tool, you can find all the emails associated with the business just by entering the search data with the company’s URL.

There are three main features you can enjoy on FindThatLead.

Lead search: Email search is made easy with FindThatLeads. You can find the real email addresses of a specific person using the name or website domain.  

Email verifier: If you want to send emails to accurate addresses to avoid bounces in email campaigns, the software lets you verify your list of email addresses in a second. 

Email sender: With these Email sender options, you can create solid email campaigns. It also gives a detailed analytic report of the email campaigns to evaluate performance and improve sales conversion. 

The free plan gives 300 credits/ per month. The paid plans range from $49 per month with 5000 monthly credits and send 400 daily emails (GROWTH). The SUITE costs $ 399 monthly, provides thirty thousand monthly credits, and sends 750 daily emails. 

6. Wiza

Wiza is a  browser plugin to generate prospects lists from LinkedIn. This email lookup tool is especially for LinkedIn, and it is a more user-friendly tool for collecting bulk email addresses. You can easily scrap the accurate email addresses and contact details of more than 700M+ LinkedIn professionals.

While browsing the LinkedIn profiles, just by clicking the "Get Email” button, you can obtain anyone’s emails. The software comes with three major solutions - LinkedIn prospecting, LinkedIn scraping, and email verification. 

LinkedIn prospects provide more accurate emails and phone numbers. The software assures 97% accuracy and 86% of the email matches. In addition, you can find direct dials and mobile numbers 500M+ phone numbers. Using LinkedIn prospects, you can create email lists for your campaigns from LinkedIn. 

With the email verification solution or bulk email checker, you can verify emails in bulk cost-effectively. In addition, it assures email deliverability and reduces bounces. As a result, Wiza software improves the sales team productivity and generates new opportunities for the business, and today more than 30,000+ businesses trust Wiza. Here are the pricing details of Wiza, and you only pay for verified email addresses.

7. LeadGibbon

Using LeadGibbon, you can easily track the verified emails with a single click.  LeadGibbon is a LinkedIn extension to find anyone's email. It is all in one B2B lead intelligence platform to find any individual's email address using LeadGibbon’s LinkedIn Extension. 

Your sales team can obtain email addresses from LinkedIn with a single click using the LinkedIn plugins. It is a great way to get emails from the LinkedIn sales navigator profile or search. 

The tool has a built-in email verifier. Once the targeted personal email address is found, they are verified, and the tool gives the exact email’s status. Therefore, this LinkedIn extension is more suitable for developing a clean contact list.

Your business can get leads' emails based on the positions and industries from the lead database. The tool enables you to search leads by industry, location, job title, company size, and more. Sales and marketing teams can export the collected data in Google Sheets. In addition, LeadGibbon possesses a huge database that provides 99% match accuracy on the data. 

In LeadGibbon you can find email addresses in three easy methods 

LinkedIn Extension: With this LinkedIn extension, you can find and validate your sales leads. Start the extension while browsing profiles in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and with one click click you can collect the email addresses from the Sales Navigator profiles.

Advanced search:  You can perform an advanced search and find the email addresses based on the prospect's position, industry niche, location, and more. 

Validate emails: You can also find the email address of specific individuals based on their name and domain. You can upload an email list in CSV format, and LeadGibbon will validate all email addresses in half a second. 

You only pay for verified leads. Using the LinkedIn Extension or Email Enricher, obtain the email addresses that are 99% deliverable. Here are the pricing details of LeadGibbon software. The tool offers three paid plans Basic - 49$/month, Pro - 99$/month, and Business 199$ /month.  Sign up for your free trial today. 


One of the easiest methods to find emails is achieved by utilizing email lookup solutions. All you need is to enter a prospect's name and/or website URL and designations. These tools will search the relevant address for you and provide more accurate emails and contact details. 

Finding the correct email is a crucial part of any cold email outreach. Now you have the best tools lists to find email addresses from social media accounts or websites. So send out that perfect pitch with an email finder. The email lookup tools are incredibly useful that guarantee successful results for your email campaigns and cold callings every time. 

The good news is that almost all  powerful email lookup tools are web apps with chrome plugins, so you can find the email while browsing the websites. So it saves the sales team time. All the email lookup services work similarly with the input of a person name,  company domain URL. So you can best email for the outreach, the only difference is pricing options and kinds of tools available. From the most popular email lookup tools lists you to get started.

Good luck!

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