11 Proven Techniques To Generate Sales Online in 2022

For generating more sales for a B2B or B2C business the qualified lead or prospects plays a crucial role. This qualified sales lead list allows the sales reps to them for selling. If your business generates more quality leads or a customer base, there would be more chances of sales conversion. If the lead qualifying process is done correctly, then your business grows more. 

To stand out from the industry competition, you need to generate high-quality leads which are more likely to convert them into clients as quickly as possible. For high B2B sales, the quality of the lead is more important than the quantity of the lead. You can make more revenue by increasing the volume of leads without decreasing their quality.

61% of B2B marketers reports that lead generation is their #1 challenge factor on their sales journey and 55 percent say that it is made faster with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This article gives you some best strategies and techniques to gain more sales. 

11 Creative Ways  & Strategies For Increasing Your Online Sales

1. Request Existing Clients for Referrals

Many businesses fail to reach out and thank their current customers for their provided business. Beyond providing support, they are neglected, and the sales & marketing team started to focus on generating new revenue streams. Referral marketing will help them grow the business in this competitive market. 

The most popular way for B2B marketers to get new sales leads is through email referrals, with 38%. Similarly, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly important to gain new customers.

Customers are the best source of sales because they've purchased the product from your brand before, so the customer knows how your products and services work best. Your current customers are an integral part of attracting new customers. They act as a brand abstract of your business. 

The best way to make a connection is through someone you know. Warm customer referrals are more powerful than b2b cold emails outreach or cold calls because they carry the personal touch &  customer experience, making them seem less formal and more trustworthy. 

Referral messages are a great way to get your business in front of potential new clients looking for what you offer. All it takes is one referral email from a happy customer with their buying cycle, and now they can refer to other people as well. Take advantage of finding quality b2b sales leads from your current customer personal network through customer referral programs. 

2. Identify Your Target Customer 

The first step of generating sales is identifying your target audience. By defining your ideal customer profile (ICP) / ideal prospect profile and buyer persona, the sales reps can avoid reaching out to the wrong person so that the salesperson can't close the deal. If they identify that their ideal prospect belongs to the ISFP personality, they should tailor their approach to align with ISFP traits and preferences, increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.

You can't successfully outreach and sell your product or services to your potential buyer customer if you have not done any research. Researching your targeted audiences will give a clearer picture of the age, company size, gender, education level, occupation, location, job title, income, and more. Identifying the targeted audience would be useful in targeting them with marketing campaigns such as Facebook lead generation ads etc.

To make your sales outreach content more compelling and engaging and convert sales, people must know what you're offering and to whom you are offering. Businesses need to have the best sales strategy and marketing plan in place to improve sales. 

With these customer data, you can determine what your customers need and are willing to spend on your business. Beyond this consideration of their needs, your sales reps can also decide the best way to reach out with your offerings, like by emailing them, putting up posters on the social networks, or advertising on the upcoming sales events/industry events, etc. 

3. Choose Your Promotional Techniques Wisely

To increase sales, you need to find ideal b2b leads as much as possible. To get the most out of your promotional efforts, you will need a marketing plan that identifies which techniques & platforms are best for generating quality b2b leads & promoting your product or services. 

There's no one-size-fits-all for promoting products and services, so make sure whatever strategy works in this instance is tailored specifically towards meeting those needs with ease. Partnering with a B2B SaaS marketing agency can help fine-tune your strategy to acquire new users, build awareness, and reach your targeted audience.

Marketing ideas include an informative website, blog post, social media campaigns, and networking events to get people talking about your business. (Creating brand awareness and drive organic traffic to the website. Additionally, create a poster and flyer to promote your business on your social networks)

If that isn't working, maybe try some pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, SEO allowing customers to search on Google-specific high intent keywords related to products/services.

4. Customize your cold emails

Never neglect the power of personalization in your generation strategy. Sending a mailing list with personalized emails is more likely to get a response. The merge tags in the email marketing tool will allow you to customize the name, website, or company of each prospect in the email to give a completely personalized feel for each recipient. 

Similarly, you can create a hyper-personalized email using the Artificial intelligence (AI) tool Smartwriter. It generates a personalized email and best Linkedin connection message for each lead with a few clicks. The sales tool uses prospects data like LinkedIn profiles, business Case Studies, Blogs, Google New to create a unique outreach message. 

Personalized emails are key to hooking your potential clients. They're a great way to impress potential clients and show that your business cares about them. Customized emails have more opens and responses with the email that has not. 

5. Utilize Marketing Automation

You can start segmenting customers to target them with specific messages and get the conversion using marketing automation. Lead in your sales funnel are sales qualified leads (SQLs) by the sales team, and then there will be more sales conversion guaranteed through this email marketing automation process. 

The use of automation to send personalized emails enables you to scale and analyze your email campaigns excellently and improve your next sales cold email campaign with the best email subject lines and personalized outreach messages. 

Start a drip campaign and nurture your leads by sending them timely information. As soon as they sign up or enter their email address for an email subscription. Then it is the right to take the next stage of conversion with potential customers through a series of emails. 

The outbound automation solution helps you nurture the sales-qualified leads from your ecommerce landing pages and send personalized emails to establish a connection with your potential buyers.

6. Implement  Live Chat on Your Landing Page

According to a Hubspot study, nearly 60% of customers expect an instantaneous response and prefer a live chat channel for their queries. Around 74% of B2C & 85% of B2B businesses utilize live chat for sales. 

Here are some top 5  core benefits businesses can get through the live chat software.

  • It will give the user timely responses
  • Increase the conversion and boost your sales 
  • Maximize the availability & accessibility
  • You can get insights into customer behaviors. 
  • It will help to overcome the language barriers. 

Live chat software like Drift, Intercom, LiveChat, etc. It will help businesses engage their potential customers immediately and help you collect the ideal prospect data like name, email address, and more. A business can nurture and generate more B2B leads through live chat to improve overall business sales through live chat. 

7. Get Your Business Listed on To Directories

If you are a specialized B2B enterprise selling a product or service, then use online software directories like G2Crowd, Capterra, GetApp, SaaS Genius, and more. It will enable you to drive leads towards your website looking for similar products or services. 

To improve your company's online presence, make sure you're listed in directories. If you are a B2B enterprise selling a product or service, then use online software directories like G2Crowd, Capterra, GetApp, SaaS Genius, and more. This will help drive leads to the site who are looking for a product or service similar to what yours offers. 

To increase your lead acquisition efforts & improve your inbound sales make sure you are listed in online software directories. This will help drive potential clients towards the products.

8. Create a Sales Funnel

Once you have identified your targeted audience, the next stage in the b2b marketing funnel is to determine the most promising way to reach them out, either cold emails or LinkedIn outreaches. The 1st stage of the sales process involves filling your sales pipeline with qualified potential leads. 

You should create an email list based on verified, qualified leads using lead capture software like Smartwriter AI, Hunter, etc. This will allow you to collect leads and send emails to people interested in what your business is selling. A good CRM system will be useful to store leads and follow up with prospects.

The targeted audience will pass the 4 stages of the AIDA sales funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action. When a prospect first learns about your product or service, they will go through four stages: awareness to interest and purchase. Optimizing your sales funnel can make you more sales and revenue. In these four stages, you can understand your prospect's mindset and employ the different approaches to sales.

AIDA sales funnel

The standard sales process undergoes awareness, interest, and decision, leading to action from the prospect that becomes either the buyers or non-buyers. Find an optimal way to maximize conversion rates through b2b sales strategies and tactics

9. Utilize Email Newsletter To Build Relationships

Make sure that you are sharing rich content with your prospective customers. In today's modern b2b business, the enterprise has a different audience with various needs. You can't expect that all the content or blog posts you send to your potential customer will get them to engage. 

If you want to boost your b2b sales, you need to segment your prospects based on the position, industry, and prospect's needs. Choose and outreach the relevant content that interests them personally. 

You can connect and cultivate a relationship with the prospects through the email newsletters throughout all the sales stages. Sharing valuable content with the customer is the best way to communicate with your potential buyer over an email newsletter. 

Before preparing for email marketing, ensure that your sales and market team knows and follows the CAN-SPAM Act

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10. Make Use of Social Media to Warm up the Leads

 Social Media to Warm up the Leads

The goal of this step is not only to increase the number of sales conversions but also to build a strong base for future business relationships. When using social media posts, you should never expect every lead will go through your sales pipeline. 

Social media marketing for a B2B business is important for increasing brand awareness and improving online presence. This includes creating content that will help you reach out to more potential customers and share information about your products/services offerings so they can make informed decisions when it comes time to purchase from you. Social media platforms will increase interaction with potential buyers, improve your website traffic, and increase conversion rates. However, when creating your presence on different social media platforms make sure to use social media management tools to streamline your efforts and effectively manage your accounts.

Video content helps to generate more sales than text content. Youtube is the second-largest search engine has over 2 billion active users. It offers its users an opportunity to view or upload videos as well. Using ai generator you can create a customized & engaging YouTube title and description that attracts users to your business page. 

11. Create Case Studies & Showcase Successful Business Collaborations

According to the DemandGen report, nearly 73% of the buyers utilize case studies on their purchase decision. Case studies are social proof of your product or service and give unique values to your client to make a possible partnership with your brand. It benefits both sides. The benefits of a case study are clear. You can show off your product's unique value and prove that it would benefit both parties involved in an arrangement with you to do business together. 

Add your new and interesting cases to your case studies and customer testimonials on the website. These featured case studies on the website will help inspire your potential customer through your success story. 

Case studies are the most powerful sales tool to increase your sales and improve conversion. It gives a real-time example of how your business has helped others achieve their goals. An in-depth case study will highlight your business success and show your potential customer how your product or service helps your existing customer achieve their goal. 


As you can see, there are many proven techniques to generate sales online in 2022. You have the opportunity to improve your business by using these tips. By following the above-proven technique, you can start to generate more sales online. But remember, it takes time and effort to see results. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t experience an immediate increase in revenue. Be patient and keep implementing these techniques until you accomplish them. And finally, don’t forget to ask your existing clients for referrals are a great source of sales leads who would benefit from your products or services.

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